Jan. 13, 2022

E178: Change your life if you want to change your life | Trauma Healing Coach

E178: Change your life if you want to change your life | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we are talking about how to change your life. Many of us experience failure and difficulty in life, but this is not the barrier to our success. My choice dictates success for me. Success is showing up for myself, relationships,...
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In this episode, we are talking about how to change your life.

Many of us experience failure and difficulty in life, but this is not the barrier to our success. My choice dictates success for me. Success is showing up for myself, relationships, friendships, career, business on this podcast every day.

Life is entirely made up of the choices and decisions that we make. You have to be accountable for yourself first!

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! Hope that you're doing well, wherever you are in the world today. Very excited to be back with you with another episode.

So, if you notice on social media, the other day, I posted a photo of my freshman year, first semester report card. And let me tell you this, my accumulative GPA was 0.641 less than 1, my GPA was so bad, my freshman year of high school, it's unbelievable. Like, the reason that I posted it is because I want people to think about something.

Life is entirely made up in the choices and decisions that we make and look realistically when I go back and I look at being a kid in high school, I was dealing with a tremendous amount of suffering, right? I'll speak to only my freshman year, right? I just evicted from our house we were living in this apartment off of Abington in the North East of Indianapolis. I was in this weird position where I had been getting bounced around for a minute because my grandmother couldn't take me out the time and like, yes, she had adopted me when I was 12, but then I end up living with my mom again and so it's a whole story for another day guy so I don't get him that.

And so I'm dealing with the fact that I'm stealing food to survive, I'm dealing with the fact that I'm selling drugs, doing it the fact that like I'm incredibly suicidal at this age and I had downed an entire bottle of ibuprofen and as it turns out, when you're a little kid downing, an entire bottle of ibuprofen does not kill you it actually just makes you puke your fucking guts out. So that was my experience I hope that for anyone else who's had that I feel for you, I understand what that's like.

And so I posted the picture of this because I want people to understand something the way that we perceive our self in the world is going to dictate how we show up in the world, and I blame the world all the time. Like it always felt easy to do that because when you do that, you're off the hook, you're not responsible for your life and it wasn't that I was blaming the world because I could see opportunity it was and I was blaming the world because I just didn't know any better. Like it was like really learned behavior more so than anything.

And today, like I look at that report card, and I have another photo of a report card from the end of my high school years and is just as bad, same thing, nothing different, nothing changed, right? And in that I remember teachers just being like high school is so important in your education matters and this and that and I'm just sitting here thinking which I know some of you will resonate with. I'm just sitting here thinking I'm just trying to fucking survive, I'd not give a shit about math and English and tests. I was just trying to survive and what's really wonderful about life is you get to dictate your identity and for me as a child that was not true and I know that wasn't for you either more than likely especially if you're listening to this fucking show. And so the truth is now today, looking at your life, you get to dictate who you are, you get to make the determining factor in understanding of who it is that you are today. I would have never considered myself to be studious or to be educated or to be a learner.

And in fact, I spent a lot of the years of my life calling myself dumb and stupid and uneducated and all those terrible things that people do. And it wasn't until I really started to understand, wait a second, I am studious, I love learning, I love education, but I want to learn about the things I want to learn about. I don't want to feel force fed into having to digest stuff that actually doesn't bring value to my life or to the world.

And so, on one hand not only was I combating a high school in the way that I think most kids do but I was combating education in general and saying no and I want to point to something because that carries a lot of weight because by the time that I was 18, 19, 20 years old heading in those early 20s, and really even though the latter half of my 20s. I was in this position where I was not really taking education as seriously as I could, I mean, yes, I was doing stuff and by the end of my 20s, I was in conferences, I was reading books and I was doing all the things, but the truth is, I still wasn't really studious about it.

One of the things I'm always telling people about this show is when you're listening, take out your notebook, write down what people are talking about, journal this stuff, write it down because when you write it down, not only will it help you retain it, but it'll become more real for you. And when you're writing it down, guess what? You have to focus; you actually have to fucking be paying attention because I'm telling you right now, if you like pay attention to the show, your life will different.

And so as I've adapted, the realization that I am a learner that I am studious and that I am an educated person. And I go, I look through the library of all the books I've consumed over the course of the last 10 years. I've passed somewhere in the window of 500, to be honest with you I wish I would have written down every book title that I've ever read, because there's been years, where I've read 60, there's been years when I read 70, even I think the most ever read was like 71 and that would have been 2018.

And now it's like I have all this information, all this stuff and I have journals of upon journals upon journals of notes, I mean, I've shared this with you guys before I got five journals right in front of me. I'm always writing stuff down because I want to retain that, I want to remember, I want to apply it into my day-to-day life.

And so, here's the thing, I want you to think about in 2022 as we head into this year; Can you be more studious about the things that you want to be studious about? Can you learn more about the things you want to learn more about? Can you give yourself permission to become educated for whatever that means for you because it's me different for everyone?

And I want to challenge you, I'm going to tell you something that I think is going to be an incredible challenge to you as we head into this year.

The average person in the United States reads, one book per year, that's fucking insane like – I really want you to think about how crazy that is, one book a year, you have access to so much information, I don't think you have to physically read the book either, right? You can do what I do, especially now I do have books but generally speaking I go to audio because I can consume it while I'm driving, I can consume it while working out, while I'm in passing, I'm doing things that don't need all of my intention like doing the dishes or cooking dinner. I always have an audio book or a podcast in ears, trying to learn, trying to understand, trying to adapt, trying to create a massive change in my life. I mean, that's the truth about this, when you get studious about the things you want to learn about in your life, your life will be different. And ultimately you have to change the way you're thinking about education in your life.

I told you this before, my therapist told me this and it changed my life forever. Change only happens when you make change happen.

So if you want your life to be better or different or more succinct, in the future that you're trying to create, you're going to have to get serious about that, you're going to have to put in the effort and ultimately and I think most importantly you're going to have to change your mind about what you're capable of doing to get there. Stop limiting yourself. Stop not showing up. Stop not reading the book. You're going to have to give something up if you want to have success in your life.

And so with that said, my friend, want you to think about this. You can be like me and graduate high school with do GPA and they hand you the fucking diploma, their got to get out of here because we're tired of you and you can still find success in your life. And success for me is as dictated by my choosing. Success for me is showing up for myself, in my relationships, in my friendships, in my career, in my business, on this podcast every single day, were 11 days into the year, I told you we're doing 365 of these and I mean it, right? Every single day, rain or shine, I don't give a fuck like we're showing up because you have to have accountability in your life.

You have to have accountability for yourself, first, and foremost, because here's what I'm always thinking about, how can you change the world, if you don't change yourself first?

So, with that said, my friends, thank you so much.

As always for listening Unbroken Nation, tremendous amount of love for you.

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And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

-I'll see ya.



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