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Healing your body after trauma and abuse | CPTSD Coach Podcast

Healing Trauma in Your Body I was thinking about the fact that trauma can sit in our bodies and manifest in pain, sickness, brain fog, and even worse. I recently had been diving deeper into thinking about my journey of healing my body and the work …

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Finding your voice and healing trauma and CPTSD

Finding your voice and healing trauma and CPTSD  In the episode of the Think Unbroken Podcast I spoke with Grace Juba and her journey of discovering her voice despite her past. Childhood trauma can be healed with time and support. Therapy a…

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Welcome to the Think Unbroken Podcast CPTSD and Trauma Coach site!

What's up Unbroken Nation! CPTSD and Trauma Support Coach Podcast! Michael here. If you don't know me I am an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach and advocate for trauma and child abuse survivors. The Think Unbroken Podcast has been…

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