What a great Podcast

Trauma is still such a taboo in our society that there can’t be enough resources like this podcast to help people heal. Thank you so much Michael from giving resources and bring this topic into the light so that we can break the cycle of trauma and re-traumatization. You’re and amazing host and human being!

Hope, Heart and Healing

Michael is a voice of hope, healing, and empowerment. My first thought is for every podcast that I have listened to: "I have to share it with "x" person; they have to hear this! I know it will make a difference in their life.

Incredible show!

I had such a great time on the Michael’s Think Unbroken Podcast. I love the idea of "thinking unbroken" and coming to terms with what it takes to truly transform your experience. Michael is really an amazing host, an inspiring person, and a phenomenal interviewer! More power to your show, Michael!

The best mental health podcast

If you are ready to take massive action and achieve the life of your dreams by recognizing that mindset is everything and we have the opportunity to move beyond past trauma- this is for you. Michael Unbroken teaches us to be the hero of our own story. To learn and teach others. To dare to dream (and create!) a better life. We can overcome the past to take back our power and create a better future. It’s time to get out of the vortex, and this podcast is your guide.

I'm obsessed with this podcast! Such an empowering podcast. It's straight talk, real raw truth and helpful, impactful conversations and advice I love to listen to. Thank you!

Really Moving!

Great podcast to get inspired and learn how to overcome adversity!

I’m obsessed with this!

Such a empowering podcast. It’s straight talk, real raw truth and helpful impactful conversations I love to listen to! Thank you.

Incredible Safe Space for Healing & Growing

This is a fantastic podcast! Every episode offers genuine lessons, tools, and resources for finally healing past traumas. What a gift! And the Think Unbroken mission and community creates such a safe space - one that fosters clear practical growth - unlike any other I’ve come across!

Get up and take action

After hearing Michael on a friends podcast I went on a binge of his recent guests and episodes! Holy moly am I fired up! A must listen to get out of your own way and be the person you want to be!

Debt, Family, Money With David Mulonas

Very happy to see someone realizing that kids need more practical life education, like budgeting.


The name says it all. Think UnBroken. This podcast turns the attention to the solution and it all comes from within. It empowers the people who may have lost their power along the way. Great Job!

Very helpful and targetting very important topics

Childhood traumas are a huge deal in our lives so we really need this kind of podcasts to help us just move on and heal those wounds. Your podcast is amazing Michael! keep on doing the great work.

Unapologetic and Beautiful

Michael not only models what authenticity and vulnerability look like, he invites guests who do the same. The conversations are good medicine.

Real Talk, Real Lie

Michael goes on a deep dive in a way that engages the audience without intimidating them. Real talk about things we may think but fear verbalizing. Michael helps us realize we're not alone..."you too?" Think Unbroken provides a place to rest, reflect, and renew ourselves to take the ne xt step on our journey.


Michael you are a very gifted man thank you for sharing your energy that fullness and most of all your faith thank you Erin’s


I love the transparency of this podcast. We people are transparent healing happens. You definitely want to tune in🎙🔥🎙

Wonderful in every way

What an incredible find! This podcast and its host are so positive and healing in its message energy and delivery. I highly recommend. Thank you so much for your service!

Never a dull moment!

Michael has a way of bringing honesty, compassion, a quest for truth, and often stark and raw emotion to his show. His guests often talk about their trauma, or how to overcome trauma, or how put life into perspective…so much. Most importantly, Michael is on a quest to help his listeners move forward to become their best selves. Keep it up Michael!


Your dedication and vision is so inspiring! Thank you for this podcast which has been so helpful on my journey. Much love and light

Raw, authentic conversations

Michael will open up your heart with these topics of life that challenge who you are in today’s world. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to dive a bit deeper than the surface to find their gifts hidden in their wounds.

Michael is awesome!!!

Great content!!


Michael consistently puts out shows that are relatable and offers something positive that his audience can take away from each episode.

Straight forward and practical

Michael’s no nonsense approach to healing is a must hear for people of any age in the world nowadays, but especially young people. His authenticity shows in the passion he speaks with, and like he says his advice works and he gives it to the viewer with a step by step plan that listeners can apply today!

This is SO NEEDED right now!

Michael’s authentic approach, direct questions, and willingness to have deep and challenging conversions is exactly what the world needs right now. Highly recommended!

Is it possible to add a 6th star? :)

I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready the teacher arrives. I wasn’t really sure if this was true until a friend introduced me to Micheal Unbroken. After spending over 10 years of my life attempting to heal from childhood trauma, I found myself in a slump. I couldn’t seem to find much motivation and I truly thought my life was destined to be met with continual roadblocks, challenges, setbacks and disappointments. I hated my story and I hated my childhood. I am a people pleasing, high achieving individual who deep down felt significant anger and rage. I was terrified of myself. It was at one of my lowest moments where I was literally praying for a miracle that I was introduced to this podcast. I re-discovered the passion I have for helping people and am now pursuing a Brain Health Coach program so that I can give back by showing people how they can heal the short and long term impact of trauma on the brain. Michael has a gift. He tells it to you straight and he truly does the work. I now tell myself every day “If Michael can do it, so can I.” I’m thinking of putting that phrase on a Tshirt :)

Get to Work!

Michael tackles an unfortunately huge issue with a unique combination of empathy and ownership. ‘Be the hero of your own story’ is exceptional advice!

A Voice In My Head When I Feel Like I Can’t

Michael changed the course of my life. I was broken and off course. I had a push I needed to make. I got confident to do it until I wasn’t. The voices in my head told me I was going to fail and be standing alone. I think I drew Michael into my life by looking for an answer. Michael gave me the courage that day to keep going. He told me that no matter what happened I wouldn’t be standing alone. He was so RIGHT! It didn’t matter what happened because I had Michael and his supper inside my head and with that confidence I created something beautiful. At first there was no one and I was terrified but still resolved that I wasn’t alone. That night, 5 people showed up! The next month I did it again and I was again afraid that no one was coming. Michael was still there. My attendance doubled! The next month there were even more people and they asked if we could do this once a week instead of once a month! I learned that I have value and courage to do what others wanted but wouldn’t do! These people are now very dear friends of mine and they look at me to lead them. They thank me all the time for creating this. From there I had the courage to branch out and do so much more with so much more confidence. Thank you Michael for giving that to me. I continue to listen and gain courage to become the best version of me. Michael is where it started and I made it happen! Thank you my friend!

Inspirational, Direct, motivating!

I am always uplifted when listening to this podcast. It is inspirational and vulnerable. The directness Michael brings to the world of healing and CPTSD is much needed and appreciated. He delivers beautiful messages with concise actions to help you foster a relationship with yourself and to motivate you to do better. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking to better their life, with or without a CPTSD diagnosis. Absolutely wonderful.


I have not drank in 900 days and I was getting very restless until I heard you podcast with Casey from someday. I have sent it to a few friends you are amazing thank you


Thank you! I wanted to give up today. Now I’m listening to you and taking your course.

A sense of calm

Right out of the gate with each episode there is a sense of calmness in Michael‘s voice. It immediately puts the listener at ease that he or she is in a comfortable space. This show allows people to feel like they’re part of a community even when they’re just a listener. There’s no judgment and or bias and there is true value that people can use to implement positive changes in their lives.

Practical steps to heal

As someone who has experienced every kind of abuse- I can testify that the advice given here are real practical steps anyone can take to heal. I love the real talk and mission to heal. Love it!


This podcast is a source of incredible information. I have really enjoyed several of Michaels guests. Hearing his story has been inspirational, and truly motivating. Michael is easy to relate to as he shares his struggles and provides a positive approach to healing work. If you think your problems are different, have a listen and see that you are not alone.

Practical advice about finding your Superpower

Michael is a powerful creator that is leading the way for anyone who wants to begin to create their life rather than to stand on the sidelines and let life happen without harnessing mindful awareness and intention. This content is what the world needs. It is critical for people like Michael to get their message out. I plan to tell anyone about this who has been missing this information and is ready to step forward as the primary creative force in their own life. Great stuff! Very real and very actionable explanation of the secret keys to unlocking the path of least resistance to your desired life experience.

I’m lovin the this and thank you

Real issues and not holding back. Thank u

Appreciate this podcast!

Honesty and transparency can be rare in today’s world, and both are found here. Appreciate this podcast and it’s empowering mission!

Just One Thing to be Unbroken

Michael Unbroken is on a mission to help the world grow into wholeness. Whether he is reading from his book, or interviewing a qualified guest, Michael seeks to give tremendous value to his audience!

Appreciate Think Unbroken So Much!

Michael’s honesty and vulnerability is beautiful. I appreciate his exploration into healing trauma and dedication to helping others heal. I particularly appreciated E124 The Impact of Intergenerational and Historical Racial Trauma with Milagros Phillips. This topic is so important to keep at the forefront of our minds so real and lasting change and healing can take place.

Think Unbroken

I really enjoyed episode 116 with Travis Chappell. He and Michale talked about taking personal responsibility, accepting failure, learning from your mistakes and how to gain confidence through the process. Very inspiring to hear from others who have had the same challenges in their own lives.

Empowering and Inspirational

Really love everything this podcast stands for and Michael’s truly inspiring story. Just scratching the surface and I’m already blown away by the quality and heart that has gone into this. Can’t wait to dig in deeper!

Gold in a time of many distractions!

Had the chance to listen to Michael the last couple of days and very impressed with the quality of conversations and actionable steps on his show! Love the brand and what it means. Will be tuning in regularly! His episode with John Lee Dumas inspired action after listening how he was almost fired by his coach! Adding to my rotation! Keep up with the great work Michael! LuisDa - BIZBROS

YOU have the power, no matter what!

I love the way Michael empowers listeners to take positive action - to surround themselves with positivwe people, messages, and beliefs. Yes, terrible things happen, yes, you feel bad, but OMG, showing up for yourself can change everything. And it's not just flyffy talk either. He has been through so much and has learned how to thrive. I love the balance Michael strikes between acknowledging how hard and painful trauma is, while at the same time showing listeners how they can overcome and change the rest of their life. Well done!

Real, Raw, and Powerful

Michael’s incredible triumph over the trials and traumas of his past is more then just inspiring, it is like looking thru a window of what is possible when your world is crumbling all around you. Unlike others in then self help space, Michaels ideas are grounded and tangible, not emotion fueled “positivity” talk. Highly recommended to people who hungry for REAL change.

A Clearer Way of Thinking

Michael’s perspective on the world shines through each episode of the Think Unbroken podcast. I love the realism and how truthful he is with the audience. Each episode has REAL gems and is boiled down to quick, easy, and retainable info! It’s easy to see this is someone that has done true work on themselves internally over many years and can be fully trusted to guide others regardless of their status or level in life. Much love Michael!


Overcoming trauma of any sort isn’t easy to do, and many live far too long with the traumas of their childhood. This podcast does an excellent job of teaching others how to walk in freedom. Great listen!

Agency and Accountability

This is a great podcast that emphasizes using high character traits like agency, accountability, and personal responsibility to build a foundation on which we can create change. It's not focused on being a victim but on creating a life that puts you in control. It's definitely a must listen.

Helping people live the life they are worthy of!

This podcast helps anyone who has endured childhood trauma. It makes the uncomfortable conversations, comfortable ! It helps to make people feel worthy of being loved and regain the strength and confidence to live their lives empowered!

Outstanding podcast

I really enjoy the insights and knowledge that Michael shares. Keep up the great work!!

Real Conversations

Michael has a soothing, calm voice that puts the listener at ease. I love how he creates space for his guests to talk and how conversational this podcast is. He and his guests are very inspiring. Michael offers hope and I appreciate his candor and authenticity. Love this podcast!

Excellent podcast about healing trauma!

This is a terrific podcast that I recommend to a lot of my friends. Michael does a great job exploring many different manifestations of trauma, and gives practical solutions to help deal with them! I highly recommend it!

Wow! Michael rocks

I am so impressed by Michael. To say I’m excited about this podcast would be an understatement. Michael talks about some of life’s most difficult subjects with grace and ease. The way he inspires us all through his social content and weekly show is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for! Appreciate his transparency especially when it comes to mental health. I’m so glad I got to be a guest on his show and can’t wait to listen to more episodes. CLL

The real deal

Think Unbroken is an amazing podcast for anyone who has any short cracks or shattered peices in your life. There is something in every single episode for you. As Michael says, "It may just be one thing that will make you unbroken." Michael is vularable, shares great value and provides the space for you to learn, process and become unbroken.

You are not alone in your struggle!

If you’re dealing with past trauma or mental health struggles, you are definitely not alone. And there is help. Listen to this gem of a show and learn how to live a more unbroken life.

Great for Those Committed to Growth & Change

If you're ready to get past a fixed mindset (old ways of thinking) and move forward with a powerful growth mindset, you will really enjoy this show.

Healing from Trauma is so important!

Please listen to this podcast, men, women, and everyone! We’ve all experienced some type of trauma in our lives and we may not think it is affecting us, but once you start working on it, you’ll realize how much it really was holding you back and how much stronger and healed you can be! Thanks for sharing your experiences and growth with the world! 💜🖤 @sexybizbabe

Great Information and Amazing Vulnerability

I love the way Michael shares his journey, growth and insights so vulnerably and honestly! To hear him say I needed to take time off to care for MYSELF - that’s so crucial for us to hear as it’s been drummed into us to push until we’ve burnt the candle at both ends. This is a great place to learn habits, processes, and tools to heal and continue growing ourselves from the trauma we’ve experienced. So take some time, tune in and allow yourself the space to invest in yourself.

My go-to

I always prioritize listening to Think Unbroken as soon as a new episode drops. Each one is relatable, informative, and applicable to anyone who’s experienced trauma or knows someone who has (so basically everyone 😉).

Life Changing Discussions

Michael is an incredible human being doing important work in the world. If you want to learn what it takes to live your life at it’s fullest capacity and break through life obstacles this is the show for you. It’s run professionally and Michael asks important questions. 👊

LOVE this podcast…

Michael’s unique way of addressing trauma and taking that old energy related to trauma and transformingit into purpose & power is so motivating.

Raw and honest

I love this podcast. Michael delivers his experience and message of hope authentically and without fluff. Applying the tools from his podcast & book has given me a whole new level of freedom.

Incredible Resource!📚🌿

Michael gives amazing insight and provides numerable resources to help all who are working through lifelong trauma! His life experience with recovering from childhood trauma gives the podcast and his work a unique, vulnerable and personal touch. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share your expertise with the world to help all reconcile their confusion, chaos and dis-ease in order to heal. 🌿 @theplaceofrest

Killer Podcast & Insights

Michael is not only a great dude, but his podcast is next level on how to properly think, act and conduct yourself in the world. He always has amazing guests and insights on the show! Highly recommend.

Michael’s mission is incredible

Everything about think unbroken is great. Michael has walked the talk and teaches real and practical ways in which to overcome childhood challenges. Love this podcast!!

Incredible Content

This podcast always gives me what I need to move forward and have success in my live. I love being part of this movement!

Real deal

Having met Michael in person at a speaking event in Miami, hearing his podcasts and story this man is working towards bringing you the best version of himself to help cultivate the best version of you!!! So thankful for dedication to all of us!

Amazing motivation

Love the dedication to help those with a scarred past overcome it to have the future that everyone deserves. Keep it up brother!

Excellent resource to heal from childhood trauma

Thank you for sharing all this wisdom and processes of how to heal from trauma. I’ve especially enjoyed the episodes where you breakdown your step by step processes for specific traumas, like nurturing your inner child. Grateful for this podcast!


Michael, your genuine authenticity can pierce every single soul that comes across your voice. I’m so glad and thankful we’re connecting within this 10❌ community. Your journey is amazing, and I just started to learn about a few fragments of the whole picture of your life. You’re making such a powerful impact on others. I appreciate the knowledge and experience you share and inspire the world.

From the heart

Michael speaks honestly and openly about his history. His mission speaks to the heart. So inspirational!!

A guide to healing and transforming your life

If you truly want to understand how to heal your brain and nervous system this is the podcast for you. Michael fully grasps that real healing isn't found in a pill but in the awareness of what our brains are capable of and in the investments that we make in ourselves. This podcast is transformational for anyone dealing with medical, mental, or neurological disorders; or anyone inspired to change their life for the better.

Love this show!

Great show! Please keep up the excellent work.

Important voice in healing! Inspiring.

So grateful for this podcast. It is so real, experience-based but also built on Michael’s deep education in trauma resolution. I appreciate so much the voice of healers who have started by healing themselves, who live the work. Michael’s voice and perspective are so valuable, such a gift, and practical resource. Thank you!

The truth will set you free

Great information! Loving life the way it is takes practice. I’ve learned new ways to see the world. Inspiring perspective to those of us who still struggle with being good enough.


Michael gets it. He understands what a growth mindset it. Binge listen to this podcast.

Amazing show!!

Had the honor of being a guest on the show. Refreshing experience as a guest compared to others shows. The conversation and questions were high level and entertaining the whole way through. Definitely move this to the top of your podcast listening list!

We've All Been Hurt, Now It's Time to Heal

There's only ONE Think Unbroken podcast out there and this is it. If you've been emotionally wounded in life this is THE podcast to subscribe to. Michael has been there, done that and only brings on guests who contribute information that helps towards healing of others. The discussions in Think Unbroken will help you or someone you know. I recommend you listen to all of them and then listen again. Sharon Valenti

I’ll be back for more!

This show has become my new favorite podcast to binge. It’s a great space for important conversations to happen.

I’m finally taking charge of my own life!

Since starting Michael’s Podcast, reading his book and investing in myself, my whole life feels different - and in the best possible way. Michael is raw and real and won’t sugar coat issues. Overcoming major trauma means we walk through it not tip toe around it. I feel more energy, confidence and in control of my decisions. Give this a listen and if you’re ready for action, this will resonate.

Must Listen

Michael is raw and honest and this show is a must listen for all people looking to heal and move forward from trauma. Give it a listen and I guarantee you will be inspired.

Unbroken Resilience

I had the opportunity to meet and hear Michael share his story at an event in Dallas. We were also able to spend some time in a heart to heart conversation, sharing from each of our life journey’s. Since resilience has played such an epic role to overcoming adversity in my life and journey, I could hear it resounding in Michael’s story as well. I feel you will benefit from that theme from the guests he brings onto his podcast and am honored to have been given the opportunity to share my story as well here!

Healing and Helping

A podcast with Powerful insights that equip us with healing techniques which allow us to show up the best version of ourself and make a true lasting impact in the world.

My 1st time listening in

Michael I love your re-introduction which is an intro for me. There are so many broken people in the world. Looking at your stats here on Apple, the stats verify the dept of hurt felt globally. Thsnks for what you do! I too moved from broken to whole and I am glad. Shalom to you - Margo Lovett!

The Key to Shattering Stigma

Michael gets it. This is the podcast for you if you are someone who wants to learn more about mental health, especially overcoming childhood trauma. Michael is not only resilient but a phenomenal advocate for others. This podcast will help restore the hope back into you if you feel it has been forever lost. You will walk away after each episode feeling more inspired and a lot more hopeful about the future. For anyone out there who has ever struggled with their mental health, this is the podcast that will help you unlock the key to shattering that stigma.

A powerful punch of reality and hope.

Michael’s authenticity and passion shine through in his interviews. So thankful for his show and mission to heal the world.

Must Follow for CPTSD and Abuse Survivors

I’ve been following Michael for years on Instagram and was elated to find he has a podcast. He’s been a massive source of knowledge, insight, understanding and guidance. He knows first handle the struggles we go through after overcoming childhood abuse and has done the work to not only heal his wounds, but to help us heal our’s. His mission inspires me to speak boldly without shame and walk in the comfort of knowing I am not alone. Thank you, Michael, for leading the way you do 🙏🏼


Michael is a powerhouse and is naming a massive posits difference in the physical, mental, and emotional health of others. Outstanding podcast guests!


To listen to this podcast and the realness represented here is truly refreshing. It’s not easy to talk about the hard stuff or even confront the things that we are responsible for in our own lives. Micheal does a great job of communicating these things though in a way that at least in my opinion does not cast judgement from someone who has truly been there. Definitely worth listening to. His book is good as well very helpful.

Great Tool to Heal Trauma

This podcast is just another way Michael Anthony is extending his helping hand out for trauma survivors everywhere. He breaks everything down into simple and actionable, yet deeply profound and life changing, steps that anyone can take. Love how he makes anything seem possible. We really need the positivity and no-nonsense optimism right now. Yes, it will be hard...but it’s still doable. Thanks Michael!

Powerful and empowering

Wow. To have the oportunity to tune into these beautiful conversations about such challenging things and be uplifted and unpowered is pure magic. I’m grateful for the gift of this podcast.

One of my favorite podcasts!

Extremely helpful, informative, engaging, and comprehensive podcast for me on both a personal and professional level (professional counselor!) I binge numerous episodes at a time and feel like I could listen all day!

Blows my mind everyday!

Michael breaks things down and explains them in a way that just literally....makes perfect sense. Sometimes he says things and I literally have to pause and just sit in it. Because it just is so real, raw, validating and true. It’s a breath of fresh air to know people feel the same way. Thank you for sharing this with us

Best thing I’ve heard in a while

I like that he is real raw and honest.This podcast really speaks to me myself my inner self and all the broken pieces then I feel like I’m trying to put back together. I’ve been struggling with depression lately and switching medications and trying to overcome this inner self voice that I feel keeps sabotaging me. I love that this podcast just helps me navigate my negative thinking and know that it’s OK to take care of myself and then it’s OK to set boundaries because previously I felt like it wasn’t. Thank you so much for sharing your truth and being open and vulnerable and it’s really helped me be able to find a starting point in myself to work on and navigate this echo of abuse and trauma that hangs over me.

Favorite healing podcast

I love listening to Michael, and this podcast has been an integral part of my healing journey.

A must listen to Podcast

As a survivor and now a therapist, I can’t even been to share with you the powerful was behind this podcast. #powerful

listen to this if you are on a healing journey.

Real, authentic and no holding back. This is what trauma healing should be!❤️

New listener - 100/10 would recommend

My mother has sent me @michaelunbroken posts on IG for a while now. I finally decided to follow him because his posts encourage you to remove the victim mentality, to heal, put things in perspective, etc. Then I found his podcast!! I have only listened to 2 episodes and I am in such awe of how he teaches and encourages those who suffer from CPTSD and PTSD. It’s real, it’s heartfelt, its relatable, it’s uplifting. Definitely recommend!

I’m not alone

I stumbled across this wonderful podcast when searching for “trauma healing.” Every single show and every guest he has on resonates with me and my childhood, hurts and my past. It makes me feel less isolated in my experiences and understand it was never about me. Michael has come so far and has been through such a horrific abuse that I know it’s possible for me to heal. He has wonderful insight, a truly gifted person and wonderful coach. I can’t stop listening!

Love this podcast

Absolutely love Michael’s honesty, powerful conversation and drive to help others. It’s both educational and inspiring! We need more people like him!

Truth serum!

I love this podcast because it tells some of the hard truths we don’t want to acknowledge in our lives. Sometimes I get stuck in “victim-mode” and this podcasts helps me to snap out of it. It sheds the light on a pathway to a brighter future

Listen & Subscribe to Michael Unbroken!

Michael has a way to uplift, inspire, and motivate you into believing in yourself and your potential for growth. He’s so authentic, relatable, and genuine and actually gives you attainable next steps to achieve your goals and change your life. Thank you, Michael!


Michael’s message, rooted in reality and full of power and hope, comes from deep personal learning that he freely shares. Few people make the daring choices that he’s made then follow those choices up with dedication and hard work. If you work to surround yourself with powerful, positive people, Michael is a great addition to your team.

Inspiring and relatable

Michael has such beautiful wisdom to share with the world, and his podcast is a wonderful platform. It’s so inspiring and relatable. Definitely a must listen!

Best Podcast on the Air!

Michael Anthony is amazing and has overcome trauma that most would break under. He helps people to move through trauma and I have shared this with many of my family and friends. Living unbroken is absolutely amazing!

This is my favorite podcast!

I listen to this podcast almost everyday. Michael is relatable and you can tell he really wants to help other people. I throughly enjoy listening! Thank you for all you do!

A reminder that you aren’t alone

I am so thankful that I discovered Michael and his Podcast. Informative, Constructive and Healing - all in one place. Most survivors of trauma tend to feel alone, Michael reminds you that not only are you not alone - but you can heal from your trauma. I appreciate his vulnerability in sharing his own stories, his transparency is incredibly reassuring. I highly recommend to anyone who has experienced deep trauma or who loves someone that has.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe now

Michael isn’t scared to talk about the uncomfortable truths and his courage is moving this conversation forward. I’m so glad to see him take leadership in this space and this content is super valuable for people all over the world.

If you wanna fix yourself listen to this show

Raw, emotional, powerful and healing. Michaels willingness to share his past and how he went from a broken abused child defined by his trauma to a successful compassionate advocate and mentor for other survivors with his audience is fascinating. If you’ve ever been affected by any trauma. You need this show