How to work through trauma - August 30, 2022

Michael points out the basic definitions of How to work through trauma vs. getting over trauma. I love how he explains that childhood abuse is not the fault of the child. “Yes, these bad things happened to me, but I am not responsible for those bad things.” But Michael points out that our response is my responsibility. I need to be able to declare that I love myself and can move on. Let it go and be free. Amazing message!!

Love the “raw-ness” of the TU podcast

Michael does an awesome job genuinely informing, connecting, and inspiring those who have experienced trauma in their lives. He encourages people with first hand experiences to come out of the dark and into the light for healing. With this podcast, Michael creates a safe place for people to come together.

Michael is a powerful person with true passion!

I love the true conversation on the podcast. Power is in finding yourself, Michael will help you see that you are not alone. Very powerful!

Loved episode 366!

Wow what a powerful topic and discussion, finding your why, your purpose in life is such a potent thing that can truly transform our lives and Michael speaks so intelligently on this idea and gives practical tools. Love it!

Michael is Magical

Wow! Michael’s words carry such meaning and purpose. This podcast is changing lives on the daily! I HIGHLY recommend you tune in!

Amazing show and person

Each episodes is jam packed full of energy that will motivate you. It’s a great podcast to listen to for motivation and powerful stories.

Real deal

Having met Michael in person at a speaking event in Miami, hearing his podcasts and the story this man is working towards, he is bringing you the best version of himself to help cultivate the best version of you!!! So thankful for his dedication to the world!

Inspiring motivational podcast

Happy I found a podcast with a goal of ending intergenerational trauma!

Thoughtful and Targeted

Michael is a charismatic, thoughtful speaker and listener. The topics addressed are every day and accessible. His approach to educating mental health is easy to digest and experiential. Each guest offers real nuggets of insight that can support you on your journey!

Amazing podcast and guest

I found Michael on my friends show content is profit. His episode was amazing and I started following him. The insight he brings is amazing and his guest are world changers.


He was a guest on my podcast . East to interview with a powerful story and impact

Mindset is everything!

Each episode resonates in its own way. They make me feel like I am not alone. I enjoy them and look forward to new episodes coming out. Thanks Mike and keep up the good work.

Never a bad episode!

No matter what kind of day I'm having, these podcasts always touch on something that I can relate to or even better, help me learn something new! Keep 'em coming!!! ❤️

What a great Podcast

Trauma is still such a taboo in our society that there can’t be enough resources like this podcast to help people heal. Thank you so much Michael from giving resources and bring this topic into the light so that we can break the cycle of trauma and re-traumatization. You’re and amazing host and human being!

Hope, Heart and Healing

Michael is a voice of hope, healing, and empowerment. My first thought is for every podcast that I have listened to: "I have to share it with "x" person; they have to hear this! I know it will make a difference in their life.

Incredible show!

I had such a great time on the Michael’s Think Unbroken Podcast. I love the idea of "thinking unbroken" and coming to terms with what it takes to truly transform your experience. Michael is really an amazing host, an inspiring person, and a phenomenal interviewer! More power to your show, Michael!

The best mental health podcast

If you are ready to take massive action and achieve the life of your dreams by recognizing that mindset is everything and we have the opportunity to move beyond past trauma- this is for you. Michael Unbroken teaches us to be the hero of our own story. To learn and teach others. To dare to dream (and create!) a better life. We can overcome the past to take back our power and create a better future. It’s time to get out of the vortex, and this podcast is your guide.

I'm obsessed with this podcast! Such an empowering podcast. It's straight talk, real raw truth and helpful, impactful conversations and advice I love to listen to. Thank you!

Really Moving!

Great podcast to get inspired and learn how to overcome adversity!

I’m obsessed with this!

Such a empowering podcast. It’s straight talk, real raw truth and helpful impactful conversations I love to listen to! Thank you.

Incredible Safe Space for Healing & Growing

This is a fantastic podcast! Every episode offers genuine lessons, tools, and resources for finally healing past traumas. What a gift! And the Think Unbroken mission and community creates such a safe space - one that fosters clear practical growth - unlike any other I’ve come across!

Get up and take action

After hearing Michael on a friends podcast I went on a binge of his recent guests and episodes! Holy moly am I fired up! A must listen to get out of your own way and be the person you want to be!

Debt, Family, Money With David Mulonas

Very happy to see someone realizing that kids need more practical life education, like budgeting.


The name says it all. Think UnBroken. This podcast turns the attention to the solution and it all comes from within. It empowers the people who may have lost their power along the way. Great Job!

Very helpful and targetting very important topics

Childhood traumas are a huge deal in our lives so we really need this kind of podcasts to help us just move on and heal those wounds. Your podcast is amazing Michael! keep on doing the great work.

Unapologetic and Beautiful

Michael not only models what authenticity and vulnerability look like, he invites guests who do the same. The conversations are good medicine.

Real Talk, Real Lie

Michael goes on a deep dive in a way that engages the audience without intimidating them. Real talk about things we may think but fear verbalizing. Michael helps us realize we're not alone..."you too?" Think Unbroken provides a place to rest, reflect, and renew ourselves to take the ne xt step on our journey.


Michael you are a very gifted man thank you for sharing your energy that fullness and most of all your faith thank you Erin’s


I love the transparency of this podcast. We people are transparent healing happens. You definitely want to tune in🎙🔥🎙