Thank you

This podcast has been so helpful. It’s real & raw and so relatable. He helps my perspective and pushes me to do the work because it’s hard but what I need to grow. I also enjoyed Unbroken Con. Thank you!

Unbroken 4 Life 💛

Love, Love, Love Think Unbroken, Unbroken Nation and all the amazing hard work, dedication truth and honesty from Michael ❤️. This has been the motivation, inspiration, hard truth of love from a true caring best BEST friend I needed years ago. But bey are able to put language to the thoughts and feelings I’ve had, Michael breaks it all down, lays it all out for you in ways that make sense and helps give you Tools, words of wisdom from their personal experiences and give you that encouragement and motivation that truly makes you feel seen and heard and understood and want to be who you want to be🙂💕. It’s been truly life changing learning from this inspirational man and his guests 💕 Much Love and appreciation for you My Friend and all the Unbroken Nation 💛

I'm All In :)

I cannot stress enough how transformational Michael Anthony and his outstanding Unbroken Nation - this podcast, his books, youtube videos and the Unbroken.con live conference are all life changing AND truly will get you psyched to be a better YOU! Michael and his team bring to us exceptional content and in turn you will be armed with inspiration, and, the desire to learn, grow and thrive in every aspect of your life. I feel this way and I am really pretty new to Unbroken....I learned about the UnbrokenCon Event as I am a frequent listener to the Inner Child Podcast w/Gloria Zhang. Gloria spoke about Michael and his UnbrokenCon that was about to start, I signed up right away, tuned in to the conference, live and signed up for his weekly coaching....and I am just energized and thinking about my life differently-i'm a more focused way and thinking in a much more positive way one where I am looking to get out of my comfort zone and be all in ! Much respect, appreciation and thanks to Michael and his team!!!

Former addict is addicted this

Im so happy to hear this show because it is changing my life

My favorite show

Its amazing to see these world changing people share their fears and healing after abuse


Lovely show

Great action based recommendations!

Love the quality and explanations of why I may place certain limits on myself or have certain belief systems.

Love these podcast

I love these and I share frequently with clients who are suffering from trauma. Thank you so much

Real life credibility

I enjoy your podcast. For those that ask you what your qualifications are to advise, I wonder if they’ve noticed how often authorities with phDs have been so wrong. You share practical advice and insightful observations drawn from real life experience. This is invaluable.

Down to Earth and highly relevant

Incredibly inspiring. Straight forward practical advice to improve all aspects of your life

In Awe

Meaningful podcast-nothing out there really like it. We are destroyed by reality if we are unwilling to live with the good & bad-accept how it is & learn to course correct. Thank you for devoting your life to helping others see reality & navigate through it. Your topics are powerful & necessary to discuss for real health & healing. Many blessings 🙂

5 stars aren’t enough

Michael is a powerful voice for healing, motivation, and change. I was fortunate to bee on both sides of the mic with him and always learn something from him or his incredible guests. This is a must listen/subscribe!

Must follow this podcast !!

Michael has an amazing skill to share in words deep thoughts His commitment to his mission, and the people that he helps with this podcast and his work is very needed. Must follow this podcast and Michael!

A great podcast for trauma survivors

I discovered Michael and his work a couple of months ago and feel like listening to his podcast is helping me heal my childhood trauma, along with the CBT, journaling, yoga, and other things I’m doing to heal. His style is down to earth and relatable, and his guests have a varied knowledge base. And although the subject of trauma is, well, traumatic, one thing I really appreciate is his positivity (which isn’t sugar-coated, it’s genuine) that with the right mindset and work, we can heal. Highly recommend for anyone wanted to do self-healing work.

Life Changing and Transformation

Michael is a superb coach, teacher, motivator and inspiration. He is able to vocalize the emotions that trauma shut down in me and has helped me to face my fears. His podcasts have helped me to find my identity and voice again. Michael has the wisdom to articulate the steps one needs to take to move through the trauma. He does it on a much higher level than other coaches I’ve heard. l love his in-depth teaching and his guest interviews. Michael is able to gather and show diverse perspectives on how to overcome and to move forward. He has helped me to overcome the destructive scripts in my head and to reframe my perspective. Michael drills down to root issues and gives his audience practice strategies on how to make incremental changes. He is authentic, intelligent, emotionally aware and shoots straight. Michael speaks truth in a way that is life changing and transformational.


What you think they call me Mr Glass! Michael “Unbroken” Anthony does an amazing job navigating the amazing stories of his guests and their trials and tribulations. Great journey, great podcast!

Powerful Podcast

Think Unbroken podcast is incredibly powerful and Michael Unbroken has overcome so much and I love his mission to help others heal from their childhood trauma. Michael also brings on guests that are top notch! Definitely give this podcast a listen and subscribe, especially if you have experienced any level or amount of childhood trauma.

The Think Unbroken Revolution was my light when I was lost in the darkness!

The impact that this podcast, the Think Unbroken Book, and the Think Unbroken Community is the first pilar in my foundation that I am building for the rest of my life! I am so grateful for the countless breakthroughs I have made because of think unbroken. If you experienced childhood trauma, and now your struggling in your adult life, if your life feels meaningless and unfulfilling, think unbroken could be your lifesaver, if you take that scary first step towards believing in yourself and your worthiness of the future you dream of. It’s not going to magically appear you have to take the initiative you have to show up for yourself and do the work, take the risks, cry the tears, feel the anger you’ve been stuffing inside, with with your grief feel the loss of the things you missed out on because of your trauma. Nobody else can fix you, only you can fix you, it takes time and energy there’s no way around that!! There are no shortcuts!!


Such an amazing resource to have. Thank you Michael! You’ve motivated me to start my healing journey.

Recovery is life

Michael has created a wonderful podcast for victims of abuse and/or neglect, and other adverse life events. His in-depth interviews are thoughtful and helpful. He talks with folks from all walks of life who have been traumatized and are healing! Listen to these conversations.

Better late than never

I discovered Michael and this podcast a few months ago. I wish I knew about it years ago but I am thrilled to have it now. I use to think my thoughts and feelings were wrong because I'm 40 still struggling with events from my childhood. Thank you Michael for sharing your journey.

Michael goes above and beyond

Wow, was the first thing I said (actually much more than wow but keeping it PG here) when I heard Michael’s story. His work here is saving countless lives. He shares his story openly and has so many amazing guests who have also overcome great adversities and excelled in life. If you are feeling lost and down in the dumps, listen to anyone of Think Unbroken with Michael and you will find something to look forward to. Way to go Michael. Keep up the amazing work you do for your audience.

Just Wow

Michael is amazing! Honest, encouraging, and straight to the point. Cannot thank you enough Michael for sharing your journey, your education, and your healing for free for all of us out there struggling with our own unresolved trauma so that we too can be educated, heal and be the best versions of ourselves 💕

Life changing

This is journey like no other!!!!!!! Real impactful education.

How to work through trauma - August 30, 2022

Michael points out the basic definitions of How to work through trauma vs. getting over trauma. I love how he explains that childhood abuse is not the fault of the child. “Yes, these bad things happened to me, but I am not responsible for those bad things.” But Michael points out that our response is my responsibility. I need to be able to declare that I love myself and can move on. Let it go and be free. Amazing message!!

Love the “raw-ness” of the TU podcast

Michael does an awesome job genuinely informing, connecting, and inspiring those who have experienced trauma in their lives. He encourages people with first hand experiences to come out of the dark and into the light for healing. With this podcast, Michael creates a safe place for people to come together.

Michael is a powerful person with true passion!

I love the true conversation on the podcast. Power is in finding yourself, Michael will help you see that you are not alone. Very powerful!

Loved episode 366!

Wow what a powerful topic and discussion, finding your why, your purpose in life is such a potent thing that can truly transform our lives and Michael speaks so intelligently on this idea and gives practical tools. Love it!

Michael is Magical

Wow! Michael’s words carry such meaning and purpose. This podcast is changing lives on the daily! I HIGHLY recommend you tune in!

Amazing show and person

Each episodes is jam packed full of energy that will motivate you. It’s a great podcast to listen to for motivation and powerful stories.