Oct. 25, 2022

Unbroken Con Update! | Trauma and Mental Health Podcast

In this episode, I just wanted to say a couple of things about Unbroken Con to connect with you guys...
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In this episode, I just wanted to say a couple of things about Unbroken Con to connect with you guys to get into a few details so that you understand what's coming up. First and foremost, Unbroken Con is a little bit away, but I always think it's pertinent and important to try to get in touch with people as much as possible.

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Good morning, everyone! I hope that you're doing well wherever you are in the world today, just wanted to hop on here and say a couple of things about Unbroken Con to connect with you guys to get into a few of the details just so you understand what's coming up, obviously first and foremost, Unbroken Con is a little bit away, but that said, I always think that it's pertinent and important to try to touch base with people as much as possible.

So, first and foremost, I just wanted to let you know the event is definitely happening on December 13th, we had to actually push back, I had something happen. So, if you don't know this, I actually am involved in a few different companies and I had something come up that I just absolutely, as much as I desperately wanted to not have to change this, I had to change the date. And so, my deepest apologies to you guys for having to change that date, unfortunately, sometimes things are just totally out of your hand, and I'm sure as many of you know, that is life in a nutshell, some days you have all the control, and then some days you gotta roll with the punches. You know, I look at being an entrepreneur, kind of in the same way that I look at being a boxer or being a fighter as many of you know, I've done Muay Thai for a very long time love martial arts.  and a huge part of martial arts, you just gotta roll with it ‘cause like yo shit's gonna happen.

And so, we had to push Unbroken Con to December 13th, it is absolutely 100% unequivocally without question happening on December 13th, and it is a multi-day event, December 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. It's four days. We have over 10 speakers, myself included. We have a lot of really incredible things that are gonna happen during that timeframe, so please make sure that you register. It's free to attend and watch live. We had some folks asking me about the VIP offer, and so I want to go into that.

It's $0 to watch live guys, and this part was really important to me as you know, I grew up in deep poverty. I was homeless as a kid. We did not have a lot of money, really, we had no money. And so, I know that for some people it's unaffordable to really try to get involved in anything other than just trying to make ends meet every single week.

And so, if you are on the calendar, you go to unbrokencon.com, you register, you sign up, you get the invitation. It's on your calendar. It's free to watch and attend live period. Most of the really, probably all of the online events I ever do, I'll never charge for them in terms of the big scaled ones like this; this is on as deep as like some of the masterminds and other courses that I do in terms of like hands-on diving in with you guys in the trenches, I will be, let me be clear about that. But with so many other speakers and such a big audience coming together, it was really important to me that the way that I did this was to make sure that it's accessible and all of the speakers who are coming on board know this, they knew it coming in that we were gonna make this accessible to everybody. And I just gotta say, I love that so many of these amazing humans were able to come in and support us, I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful some of these people are. If you don't know them, I highly recommend that you pop in and you go and look at their bios on the Unbroken Con website and you go and research them. You go and check out their podcasts or their books or whatever else it is that they've done, because there are absolutely amazing, amazing human beings.

One of the things that I want you to keep in mind is that when you register again, it's free, but if you choose to VIP, this means that you're gonna get a few things. And the reason why I created the VIP offer is because if you're anything like me, if you attend things virtually, there's about 10,000 other things that can kind of like interrupt your day. And I was like, okay, hold on, let's set this up so people can access it because of life and work and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right?

So, when you're on unbrokencon.com, if you choose to go the VIP route, what will happen is quite a few different things. One, you're going to get access to the recordings for life, okay? So, this means that after the event whether you took one page of notes or if you're like me and you take 50 pages of notes and you still need to come back and learn again and re-watch and have that feeling, that emotion, that inspiration, that fired up thing that happens when you do this, you'll have the recordings for life. So, if you can only watch live, like soak it in, I'm telling you right now, cause we're gonna move fast. It's a lot of information. You're gonna want to be present, but if you get the recordings, they're always gonna be there for you. Okay. On top of that, we're doing a masterclass on November 5th, we're gonna end up doing two master classes.

So, the first one's gonna be November 5th. I don't have the date for the next one, but it's probably gonna be the first week of December right before the conference. And so that masterclass, we're gonna go into the truths of being unbroken. This is a masterclass that I have typically charged for group settings, multiple thousands of dollars. Okay. And so, it's included, it's free in the VIP plus, you're going to get access too.

So, one of the things that happened when I started putting this together, I was asking people for feedback, like, what is the thing missing from virtual conferences? Where do you feel like you don't get the support? What is the thing that if you could have, you would want? Everyone, like it was 95% of people were like, we want more community. We want more group breakouts. We want to be able to connect with people and we want to be able to talk to them about what we're learning in real time. And I was like, done. So, the people who come into VIP, you're gonna get access to our VIP group that is included. It's free in the VIP offer and we're doing breakout sessions during the event that are only gonna be accessible to VIP people. So again, if you can watch for free, please show up, be a part of this, but if you want all the other elements of it, you've gotta join the VIP offer. The other thing is, we're gonna be doing the VIP workbook, and that's only for people in there and I have some secret, some really cool stuff. I'm not going to tell you guys right now because you're gonna need to be in the VIP group to get access to it. But anyone who knows me knows that when I do and I come out and I say that we're gonna do something special, like some good shit happens. So, if you are not VIP and you have $49, you need to get in there and do this for two reasons.

One, because the value of what we're doing is well beyond the $49. Not only do you get to access the recordings for life, that's effectively what the investment is, but all of the free bonus. All the amazing free parts of that that you get along with it, including the breakout groups, including the workbook, including getting to do some interesting stuff with the speakers, which I'm gonna leave it at that, so you're gonna want to get in there and most importantly when you do that, and probably the most important is we're doing an extra donation to Operation Underground Railroad. And so, if you don't know what Operation Underground Railroad is, it is a charity that Think Unbroken sponsors or supports. I guess we would, it's the charity of our choosing that we donate to and what they do is they help save children from sex trafficking.

And to date, they've saved over 6,000 kids in over 33 countries. And here's the thing about that, which this was super, super important for me is, as many of you know, my story, my backstory, I was molested as a child at sexual abuse as a child. And so, I knew a couple years ago when I first discovered them, I end up having Nick Nanton who directed one of their documentaries, Operation Toussaint at the Think Unbroken podcast. And I just, I fell in love with him and what he does and the whole freaking community over at Operation Underground Railroad. And so, every single time that one of you guys comes into the VIP, we're gonna do an extra donation of them. And so not only are you changing your life, but you're helping to save the life of a child, somewhere in the world. 33 countries, guys, sex childhood sex trafficking is one of the biggest things that is impacting the world right now and we've gotta put a stop to it.

And so, since we are live, there's a couple questions here. How at work with the time difference as I'm in the UK? Well with the time difference. So, when you add, if you go to unbrokencon.com and you register and you land it on the welcome page, there is an ad calendar link on that page. So, you need to add the calendar link to your calendar, it'll automatically block off the time for you. Okay? So that means that you're gonna know exactly where it is.

Now, if you can watch live, then whether it's 4:00 AM or you know, two in the afternoon, it's gonna make a big difference. So, if you're somewhere around the world, because we have people registered in India, in China, in Jamaica, and Mexico and Canada, almost all 50 states already. And so, if you are not positive that you can make the time or if it's at a different time, then you can be live with us. You need to get VIP cuz then you'll have those recordings for life and you'll get all the other amazing bonuses for free. I mean that masterclass alone as a bonus, I mean, there's something, that when we do thatit's over $2,000 when I teach that course. And so, it's included for free. So, you're getting $2,000 course for basically 50 bucks. So, when you go and you add the event to your calendar, it'll automatically change the time zone once you've signed up for free. Okay. And then if you want to do the VIP you do that too.

Looking at the event itself, so I'm just gonna give you high level first and foremost, I'm not telling you when speakers are speaking. I'm not doing it. And the reason why is because I want you guys to be present. I don't want you to pick and choose because every one of these people is incredibly powerful. I cannot even begin to tell you. I mean, some of these people are, some of my oldest friends in personal development Anthony Trucks is a phenomenal human being, former NFL player who went and was on American Ninja Warrior, who's arguably one of the best speakers in the country, who as a child when he was adopted and his foster parents locked him in cages, outside in chicken coops. He's been through some shit guys.

You know, when I met Anthony, I was so drawn to him because I resonated with that experience and I knew how painful it was to go through that level of childhood trauma and abuse. And so, when I asked Anthony to come on, he immediately agreed. So, I'm gonna say this, this, it'll be weird cuz it's my event. I'm more excited about Anthony being there than I am about me being there. So, make sure you check him out. We've got Leslie Logan, who's an incredible friend. She's gonna put us do a breath work, exercise. She's gonna get us primed and ready to go to dive into this, to go through all of the things that are going to happen over those next four days. We have Gloria Zhang, we have two amazing relationship coaches, and I wanted to do that because relationships are everything, guys. Not just intimate relationships, but our relationships with ourself. So, we got Gloria Zhang, we're gonna talk about healing our inner child, and we have Jamie Bronstein who's gonna talk about love and trauma. I mean these two people alone are well worth your time, your effort, your energy, and your money. Let me tell you this, I've seen the work that Jamie has done over the years, and I love her so, so much. We got Ken Honda, so he's gonna get added to the website yesterday, this just happened. If you guys do not know Ken Honda, he is a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, and he's going to teach us about healing our money trauma. Guys money, trauma. So, this hit me a couple years ago and I started talking about it, this really interesting relationship I had with money. And when I came across Ken, it changed my relationship with money even deeper than the work I'd been doing because I realized that so many of us, we carry the trauma from our parents, from our community, like, the only thing I knew about money growing up was collections, was people calling and being like, hey, are you gonna pay your damn bills? Our lights getting turned off, getting evicted, cars repoed. And you know what's crazy is as a 20, somethings making almost a million dollars, all of those same things happen to me. And it was over 50 grand in debt ‘cuz I had not healed my relationship with money. And Ken is going to teach us about that and the number one thing that he talks about is investing in yourself first. This is a course you're gonna wanna watch again and again and again and again and again and I am so freaking excited about Ken. And many, many other speakers ‘cuz I'm gonna get into all of them as we go over the weeks to come.

So, I just wanted to hit a couple of them and let you know about them. So, if you haven't registered, go to unbrokencon.com. It's absolutely free to watch live. We've almost had a thousand people register guys. It's absolutely unbelievable, almost a thousand people. And if you are registered for Unbroken Con, share it, let other people know and also, we're gonna be doing some contests for people who are sharing the event. We'll get into that later, not yet. I almost shared a really interesting secret and surprise who had to stop myself. So anyway, just share it. Trust me. We're watching, we're paying attention. And so, during the event, just show up, come and be a part of this, share it with your family, with your friends, with your community. Think Unbroken is about creating a global movement and a global change. We have got to end not only generational trauma in our lifetime, but we have to come together to heal. We have to be able to heal so that we can have better relationships, better communication, so that we can salvage, you know, things that we've done in the past that we can go and put to the side and say, Hey, it's okay. I love myself anyway, we have to put ourselves in a position to be successful, to let go, to heal, to grow, and to ultimately be the hero of our own story. You investing in yourself today, showing up with your time, effort, energy, or money, whatever it is, however it looks for you, when you come to Unbroken Con, is going to save you time. It's gonna save you effort, it's gonna save you energy, and it's gonna save you money in the future because you're gonna get to circumnavigate so many of the painful, really long and laborious steps that it takes to go through this journey, cuz we're gonna give you decades and millions of dollars’ worth of education for nothing. I mean, if I had this conference. When I started this journey 12, almost 13 years ago, holy shit, how different my life would've been, how much I could have avoided some of the pitfalls and the sand traps. How could I have not wasted money on doing the wrong things? Like, how many of you guys have done the wrong thing you're like, ah, this didn't work again. My goal is to help you avoid that. My goal is to help you make sure that by the end of Unbroken Con, you are on a trajectory and then what is next to the growth, to what is going to change your life.

You know, I look at being at rock bottom, having been 350 pounds, smoking two packs a day, drinking myself to sleep, 12 years ago, having a brother tell me, you're not my brother. Don't talk to me. Having friends tell me, you're not my friend. You're a loser. And then looking at my life today, all of the work in between there, hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost 10,000 hours, like just going in it again and again, and again, and again, and again. And knowing now that I can give you the tools to not only save the time, but to save the money and especially in probably more important to love yourself faster today, right now, immediately to get into this place where you're giving yourself what you deserve. And hopefully, and if you're paying attention and if you're paying attention, know that you have the power to do anything.

And that's the thing that people miss in this game. They think that so much a personal development is just like, oh, I'm gonna be happy. No, no, no. It's about can you have everything? Can you 10x your life? You know, even I'm wearing Grant Cardone's hat, right now, you know, he invested in to Think Unbroken. He trusts my mission. He trusts what we do.

Look real talk. I'm one of the only people on planet Earth Grant Cardone has ever given money to. So, if you don't know Grant, go and research him. He's a Playboy billionaire like fucking Bruce Wayne in real life. He's very interesting dude. But he's a guy who seeks money. He has charities. Let me be clear, I want to rephrase that. He has an amazing charity where he helps children become financially literate. And he's donated millions and millions of dollars, but to other businesses, he doesn't normally give them money. So, you know, it's quite an honor to know that somebody like that believes in me and believes in this mission.

You know, people like David Meltzer. You know, having gone and been on his show in Las Vegas on Thursday, that'll come out on Apple TV. He believes in me. He invited me to come and be a part of that. Right. And the reason that these guys, Tom Bilyeu who is my mentor, who's my coach, who has done so much for my life. You know, these people, they believe in me, but I had to go and seek them. I had to be willing to go and find coaching, to go and find support, to show up, to say that it's okay that bad things have happened to me, that I'm not culpable for them, but I will be the change that I want to see.

And so, if you are the change that you want to see, your life is going to be different because other people are gonna believe in you even more than I already do. And I believe in you, and that's why we're putting together Unbroken Con, because I know that there are going to be people who come into this where on the other side, everything will be different. And there's gonna be people who come, I'm just gonna call it what it is, guys. You know me honesty's my number one value and it's followed by integrity. There are people who are going to sign up, who are not going to come, who are gonna be like, oh, this isn't gonna help me, and their lives will not be different. I can promise you, as much as I know the sun will rise in the morning, the people who do not show up, who do not play full out, who do not actually come through and execute on all the incredible information that you're going to be getting, their lives are gonna be the fucking same a year from now.

And if you are one of those people and you're like, I don't want the same, I want to grow, I want to be different. I wanna live life on my terms. I want to heal this trauma. I wanna be able to look in the mirror and love myself. I wanna show up for my family, my community. I wanna stop being in bad relationships. I wanna stop having money problems. I want stop not feeling like I can take on the world. Well, then you come into Unbroken Con, that attitude, and you say, it's my time. I'm gonna do this. Yo, the things that are gonna happen in your life are gonna be incredible. But it starts with you. We're here to support you. We're here to help you grow, to change, to heal, to transform your trauma into triumph. I've seen it time and time again. We've coached hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The podcast almost has a million downloads. Thousands and thousands, and thousands of books sold. And the reason why is because of this works, but it only works if you do the work, right? Life only changes when you make changes. Okay.

So, that said, my friend, I know it's Sunday morning.

Thank you for being here.

I'm going to go, I just wanted to touch base with you guys quickly.

Go to unbrokencon.com to register to sign up, free to watch live.

Grab the VIP. Trust me, you're going to want it.

There's thousands of dollars of bonuses that you get absolutely for free plus, and honestly, getting the recordings for life or worth their weight involve.

And so, one thing that you do need to know, the price on the VIP is going up because we have more people and truth be told, it costs money to make sure we can maintain that community, to add it, to grow it.

So, the Unbroken Con VIP is going to increase in price on November 1st. So, if you are on the fence about it, do it now. I promise you that price is not gonna be the same on November 1st. I'm just letting you know, in advance, full transparency, because if you're like me, one of the things that I've always done has been a fucking procrastinator on in doing things. And then it's like, oh, I knew they were gonna raise the price. I'm just telling you now, there's gonna be no surprises. November 1st, VIP price goes up, and then again, on December 1st, VIP price goes up. So, make sure that you grab it now, guys!

I love you. Have an amazing, amazing Sunday.

And if you have any questions, let us know.

You can email coachingunbrokencon.com

And tell then my friends.

Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.