Dec. 2, 2022

Unbroken Conference: Healing Your Inner Child with Gloria Zhang

In this episode, Michael Unbroken sits down with guest speaker Gloria Zhang to discuss the powerful topic of healing your inner child.
At the upcoming Unbroken Conference, Gloria will be leading a workshop on this topic, delving into the impact of childhood trauma on our adult lives...
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In this episode, Michael Unbroken sits down with guest speaker Gloria Zhang to discuss the powerful topic of healing your inner child.

At the upcoming Unbroken Conference, Gloria will be leading a workshop on this topic, delving into the impact of childhood trauma on our adult lives and the importance of addressing and healing those wounds.

During the episode, Gloria shares her own personal journey and the methods she uses in her practice to help individuals heal and reclaim their power. She also provides actionable tips and strategies for listeners to begin their own inner child healing journey.

Whether you've been directly impacted by childhood trauma or simply looking to improve your overall mental and emotional well-being, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to learn about the unbroken conference and how to heal your inner child with Gloria Zhang's expert guidance.

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Michael: Gloria Zhang, I'm super excited for Unbroken Con. We are not that far away December 13th. Folks, if you have not registered, go to to sign up, it's absolutely free to watch live and you can get VIP recordings to keep for life. We'll talk about that a little bit more. Gloria, my friend, how are you? What is happening in your world today?

Gloria: Hey man, I'm so stoked like everyone is signed up for Unbroken Con and it's gonna be like the biggest thing by the end of this year and I'm just so excited.

Michael: Yeah, I'm super pumped. You know what's amazing? As I was looking at the analytics today, we already have a thousand people registered in over 35 countries, that means we're doing this thing that we always talk about. We're working on ending generational trauma. We're empowering survivors, and we're giving them the tools to ultimately transform their trauma into triumph. You're one of the speakers out in Unbroken Con, I'm very excited for you and what you're gonna be talking about, but I wanna start off with this quote that we put on the website from you, says: “In a world of wounded children walking around in adult bodies, we have the opportunity to say, this ends with me.” Gloria, like, what does that mean to you, and why is that so important?

Gloria: That's actually one of the first quotes I ever heard about inner child work, and as soon as I heard that, everything just made sense. You know? Do you guys remember back when you were in school? The students around you all had normal families and they had like normal Thanksgivings and normal Christmases. And I used to daydream about what it used to feel like to just have like a normal childhood growing up. And I think, you know, especially a lot of your audience, we never really had that experience, right? And so, what I mean by that quote is when we didn't get that childhood that we really deserved, that stays with us, like in our twenties and thirties or forties, and we literally become these wounded adults, right? Walking around with this inner child still inside. And to me, this just perfectly explains what inner child work is all about because those dreams, they never really go away. And the great news is by learning about this inner child work, you can give yourself the experience and the opportunity to live out the things that you've always wanted to when you were a kid, especially if those opportunities were taken away from you because of trauma.

Michael: Yeah, absolutely. And I think one of the things that struck me most about this, and this is the way that I think about this, right? I've had so many people reach out to me and be like, what? Why are you doing such a big conference? Why is it free? How did you get all these incredible speakers? And I'm like, because this ends with me. Right. And I think we all have a individual and societal responsibility to be like, yo, let's end this. I'm not gonna do this anymore. I'm gonna break this cycle. We are going to be the people that change this forever. And I think one of the things people get stuck on so often, Gloria, is they're like, it's not for me. I'm not gonna be the one, it's for somebody else. But you know, when we go to Unbroken Con, you're gonna be talking about unlocking the superpowers of that loss inner child. And I think that's so incredibly important. And guys, if you have not registered, you need to go right now to to sign up. You get a watch for free wherever you are in the world. And trust me when I say you're going to want to get VIP because the things that Gloria are going is gonna break down are things that you're going to need to learn more than once like you're gonna need your notebook, you're gonna need to watch this multiple times. And when you get the VIP access, you'll get the recordings for like, again, you don't have to, we made this free for a purpose, but if you're like me, I don't know about you Gloria, but whenever I watch anything the first time, I'm like, I did not understand anything major that. And so, I'm wondering, talk to us about what, not the how obviously we'll get into the how during Unbroke Con, but what does it mean to unlock those superpowers? Like what is that?

Gloria: Yeah. Oh, absolutely. And first of all, if you're the kind of person thinking that you can't be the one to break this generational cycle, if not you, then who? Like who's gonna be the one to do it, right? If the thought is in your head, it means it's meant for you. And I think where the superpower’s part really comes into play. And I really believe that all of us have a superpower that we haven't quite uncovered yet inside our inner child. So, when you think back to what the inner child is, right, it's basically the essence of you, it's the part of you that has always existed before the trauma, before the conditioning from society, like before the rules and the regulations and the conditioning and the beliefs, that's still inside you somehow. And if you think about the times in your life when you have felt the most free, you know, for some people it's after a drink of wine, right? Then they let loose for other people, it's when they go to a party or when they're in meditation or when they're in a creative flow. You literally tap into that superpower, that inner child during these moments of flow. And when you can uncover the bits and pieces of who you actually are before and without all the stuff that happened to you, that can literally power all of your creativity, that can power your passion and that can be a driving force in your life and you may not even realize yet. And it just excites me so much to talk because you know, for me, I knew that on some level, deep down there was like a little girl that was so creative and so smart and just like loved to take on new challenges, and she was so artistic. But all of that was buried by layers and layers of trauma and people telling me that I shouldn't act this way, or I shouldn't speak up too much, or I should be quieter or I should be obedient. Right. That literal like destroyed my superpower, at least I thought before I was able to work through those layers and really connect with the little girl that I still am, you know, 31, 32 years later.

And I truly believe that when you do the inner child work, you can feel more like a kid now, you know, whether it's in your forties or fifties than you actually did when you were a kid. And by unlocking those parts of you can become a full human being.

Michael: No, I mean, you know what, and that's like the high level of it, right? And you're gonna go in, you're gonna break that down into detail for us during the conference. And I think about my own journey and you know, I wrote a second book called The Eight Steps to Healing Your Inner Child, because that's such a big part of this, right? And it's figuring out how to label that inner child, how to show compassion and grace and what it means to actually live in that and most people feel like they don't have the space or the ability to become that, and I can't help but think it's only because you haven't been given the tools yet, you haven't been exposed to possibility. You know, I think about so much of my journey and what has played true for me, and it's like every single time I'm exposed to something I go, oh, wait a second. Shit. Maybe I can do that too. And that's really where Unbroken Con came from ‘cause I was looking at it, I was like studying my friends who were doing this and the conferences I was going to, and the people I was learning from. And I was like, oh, this is modeling, that's all this is. I just need somebody to show me how to do this. And that's so much about what we're gonna be doing and I know what you're gonna be teaching us during Unbroken Con. And so, I'm curious what role has seeing other people do the thing that you're trying to do? Like what role has that played in your life?

Gloria: Such a great question. And by the way, that's an excellent book, all of Michael's books are so raw and so real, so you should go check those out. But yeah, I mean, I have literally seen inner child work transform people and it's been described to me as almost that last missing piece, right? There's so many tools that kind of help us cope and kind of get through the day and sort of that surface level trauma work. But I feel like inner child work sometimes comes last because it's so very deep, because it's almost like we're working backwards, right? Going back in time to two-year-old little me, or five-year-old little me, or sometimes, you know, six-month, year old little me and it's absolutely transformational because it gives you a sense of what your authentic self really is, right? Or at least an idea of what could have been, you know, without the things that happened to you and realizing that it's not too late, that the same dreams and desires that you would've had as a little kid without the trauma can still exist today. You know, I'll just share a little personal story like, I actually just got a book deal, this year if I told you about it.

Michael: You're not, it's amazing.

Gloria: Yeah. And that has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and not in the forefront of my mind, cuz I was preoccupied with all the family stuff that was happening at the time, but in the back of my head, I would escape into fantasy novels like that was my safe place. I had no one to talk to. I didn't have cable TV. The only place I could escape into and find any sort of salvation was into books. And in the back of my mind, I've always wanted to write a book. If I hadn't gone into, you know, this little girl side of me, I would've forgotten about that dream, honestly and like I would have missed out on a huge part of who I am now. Right? And it was really only looking backwards that I was able to figure that out. And that's one of the things I'm gonna be sharing at the conference. I know there's a lot of teachers that sort of teach how to become your full potential, but if you're someone who has experienced trauma, the way that we identify with our personalities and our strength is so different, right? From someone who might have had a fairly, you know, regular life. And so, during my part at the conference, I am gonna be sharing some very practical tools for all the attendees on how they can connect with their inner child. But not only that, to figure out what those, you know, hidden superpowers are those pieces of you that have been long forgotten through all the years of adulthood, that's gonna be so much fun.

Michael: Yeah, I cannot wait to dive in. And you know, for me, even though it's my conference, you better believe I'm gonna be sitting there with my notebook learning because so much of this for me is about education. And you know, honestly, it's a little selfish cause like I'm gonna pick all my favorite people in the world who I wanna learn from to come into this conference because not only did I trust and believe in what you do, but it's like, man, you guys know stuff that I don't know we're covering relationships and money, trauma and dating and inner child and tools and I'm gonna go into the steps of being unbroken. We're gonna talk about all these incredible things and I'll tell you what, Unbroken Con is gonna be one of the greatest events ever. I literally believe that cuz like we're pushing ourselves to new levels to try to bring as much value as we can to people. So, if you have not registered my friends, please go check it out for free, just go to

Our amazing friend, Gloria Zhang will be there.

And until then.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

We'll see you there.

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Gloria Zhang


Gloria Zhang helps High Achievers break patterns of toxic relationships and attract the love of their lives through Inner Child Healing. Gloria is a Registered Psychotherapist and Inner Child Coach based out of Canada, and host of Top 100 mental health show The Inner Child Podcast. Her work on anxiety, childhood trauma, and relationships has been featured in articles such as Toronto Star.

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Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.