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Gloria Zhang helps High Achievers break patterns of toxic relationships and attract the love of their lives through Inner Child Healing. Gloria is a Registered Psychotherapist and Inner Child Coach based out of Canada, and host of Top 100 mental health show The Inner Child Podcast. Her work on anxiety, childhood trauma, and relationships has been featured in articles such as Toronto Star.

December 31, 2022

Practical Strategies for Healing from Trauma and Reclaiming Your Life on the Think Unbroken Podcast

Today, we explore the journey of healing from trauma and reclaiming your life. In this episode, we will be discussing practical strategies for how to heal from trauma and take back control of your life... See show notes at:

Healing Mental Health Trauma Coach Self-Love

December 02, 2022

Unbroken Conference: Healing Your Inner Child with Gloria Zhang

In this episode, Michael Unbroken sits down with guest speaker Gloria Zhang to discuss the powerful topic of healing your inner child. At the upcoming Unbroken Conference, Gloria will be leading a workshop on this topic, delving into the impact of childhood trauma on our adult lives... See show notes at:

Coaches Healing Inner Child

November 28, 2022

Healing from CPTSD and Inner Child Trauma: Strategies and Techniques with Relationship Coach Gloria Zhang

In this episode, I speak with Gloria Zhang, a Relationship Coach based in Canada, and host of Top 100 show The Inner Child Podcast, as she shares her personal journey and professional insights on healing from complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) and inner child trauma. Gloria shares valuable... See show notes at:

Dating And Relationships Healing Inner Child

October 02, 2022

How You Can Start Healing From Trauma TODAY | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, our amazing guests TL Durand, Sondra Shannon, Gloria Zhang, and Stephanie M. Hutchins,... See show notes at:

August 03, 2022

E381: Gloria Zhang - Finding LOVE after toxic/codependent relationships and trauma

On Today's Episode: I am joined by my friend and guest, Gloria Zhang, a registered psychotherapist and the host of the Inner Child Podcast. One of life's most challenging aspects is forming healthy bonds and relationships with others... See show notes at:

Dating And Relationships Healing Inner Child