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Lindsay Mitchell is a super passionate human, lover of all things neuroscience, and the founder of Vital-Side. She works with people with chronic illness & chronic symptoms retrain the chronic stress response in the brain, so they can find freedom in their lives. Her training in medicine, work as an NLP practitioner, and experience with having recovered from Lyme disease helps her give people the tools they need to shift & change their symptoms in an empowering way. You can find free tips & tools on Instagram @myvitalside or join her Membership today at

November 24, 2022

Lindsay Mitchell - How Your Brain Can Heal Itself | Mental Healing Podcast

Most people describe stress as constantly feeling overwhelmed, tired or worried. It's an uncomfortable emotional experience that affects our physical and behavioral health. To understand why stress affects thinking and memory, it's important to... See show notes at:

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January 24, 2022

E189: Rewiring the brain after Chronic Illness through Neuroplasticity with Lindsay Mitchell | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we have guest speaker Lindsay Mitchell, and we talk about rewiring the brain after chronic illness through neuroplasticity. I have my own experiences coming through chronic illness. I had asthma as a child had massive terrible... See show notes at:

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