Michelle Chalfant

Michelle Chalfant, MS, LPC, CHC

Michelle Chalfant is a licensed therapist, holistic life coach, author, podcaster and developer of The Adult Chair, a transformational model of self-realization. Her extraordinary work has helped people all over the world improve their relationships, become unstuck and develop healthy self-love.

With over 5 million downloads, The Adult Chair podcast is where simple psychology meets grounded spirituality. Michelle’s audience receives practical tools and techniques they can use to access their personal power and transform their lives.

Michelle brings a sense of passion and over 25 years of experience to all areas of self-healing. To learn more about Michelle and her transformational model, visit theadultchair.com.

Jan. 12, 2022

E177: Healing your Inner Child with Gestalt Chair work with Michelle …

In this episode, I'm very excited to be back with you with another episode with my guest Michelle Chalfant, and we talk about hea…

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