Aug. 6, 2022

E384: This community and coaching group is helping trauma survivors to heal, get unstuck, and be Unbroken

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Learn how to heal and overcome childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, ptsd, cptsd, higher ACE scores, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues and illness. Learn tools that therapists, trauma coaches, mindset leaders, neuroscientists, and researchers use to help people heal and recover from mental health problems. Discover real and practical advice and guidance for how to understand and overcome childhood trauma, abuse, and narc abuse mental trauma. Heal your body and mind, stop limiting beliefs, end self-sabotage, and become the HERO of your own story. 

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Hey! What's up my friend. And welcome to Think Unbroken Academy, I'm Michael Unbroken – I am author, speaker, coach podcast host and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.

If you do not know about, Think Unbroken, our mission is to help trauma survivors transform their trauma into triumph, to let go of the past, to get unstuck, to learn to love themselves and to become the hero of their own story.

I created Think Unbroken Academy because I wanted to bring the community of trauma warriors from around the world together to not only talk about the tools that we learned through Think Unbroken, but also to discuss the brand-new aspects of psychology, neuroscience, healing, the journey to being the hero of your own story as well as to discuss the podcast, our guests, the books, the courses, the seminars, and a place where we can be off of the normal social media and off of the things that distract us and release dopamine in ways that are not practical for us. And instead come together in a way where we can learn to grow together.

Ultimately my mission and my goal is very simple. I want to end generational trauma in my lifetime and do that through education and information. So here, inside of Think Unbroken Academy, you are going to find many different things, including free courses, and you'll have access to communities to different topics, as well as discussion around the podcast.

I've been very much looking forward to the launch of this program to bring us together as a group, as a community and as the Unbroken Nation to change our lives so that we can change the world.

I realize, and I know that this process of healing can be difficult and daunting because I've been there as someone with an ACE score of 10 who was homeless and abused as a child, a drug addict at 13 years old and didn't graduate high school. Let me just tell you, I know how difficult that this journey can be.

Today, I've been able to speak on some of the biggest stages in the world. I've been able to have a number one bestselling book and coach thousands of people into being the hero of their own story. And my hope is that you'll join us here at Think Unbroken Academy, become a part of the community, participate, show up, play all out and ultimately recognize the number one truth that mindset is everything. Much like in the matrix all you have to do is believe, but without amorphous, sometimes that's a little bit more difficult than you may know.

My hope is that I can come and be that person for you recognize the truth that we live in the matrix, and that you have the ability to bend the world to you instead of bending yourself to the world.

Now I'll get so much more into that as you get into the courses and the podcast and join the communities. But from now my friend, I invite you with open arms and a big heart and say, thank you for choosing you, for deciding to show up in your life and for ultimately from making the decision to be unbroken.

I'll see you inside.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.