May 14, 2022

E300: Discovering Mind Method and creating your future through mindset | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, I combined all the powerful and amazing guests on Think Unbroken Podcast and talked about Discovering Mind Method and creating your future through mindset. One of the best things that you can do in your life gets clear about big things.
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In this episode, I combined all the powerful and amazing guests on Think Unbroken Podcast and talked about Discovering Mind Method and creating your future through mindset.

One of the best things that you can do in your life gets clear about big things. There's something to be said about stubbornness in the power that it can have in creating change in your life, but it can also hinder you. It can also be the idea that you would make up your mind about everything before having all the data that will hinder you. It will stop you from progressing and not being successful; having a fixed mindset is so much about this idea that you have already predetermined what will happen in your life.

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 -------- GET YOUR IDENTITY --------

Michael: And you hear that terminology fake it till you make it, I abundantly disagree with that. I think you have to make it until you make it until you get to this point in life, in which your actions, thus then become your reality and within that what starts to happen as you realize your goals. But there's a part of you and I want to go a little bit deeper here where your identity doesn't want to change and it wants to create and resist your goals. And I love what you said about pushing through that but I really want a deep dive into that, what does that really mean to like, get your identity out of your own way?

Gunther: So that's the fourth step of the magnetic mine method and we call it a mental magnetic mind method recoat. So, it's a recoating, what you think, about Windows 10, right? Windows 10 or iOS, runs your computer, your iPad, your laptop, we have no idea how these devices work, there's an operating system. We push the power button, they come on, we hopefully do some productive work with these devices every once in a while, they push an update down to that device, you install the update, your restart the machine and now the machine is going to work in a different way.

Our subconscious program is the same way, we need to do an update and what I'm suggesting in the magnetic mind method is that we come from the super conscious side. And we have to create step two is a structural tension between what we want and the way it is now what we'd love and the way it is now and it's not judgmental, this is what I'd love to have, this is the way it is now because the mind likes to resolve tension. So we create a structural tension in the mind between our true choice and the way it is now, we get into the emotion of the end, that's step three meaning, what does it feel like to have what you would love to have? And I didn't say, what are you going to be doing? I asked what it felt like, this is the emotional end result.

What does it feel like to be that person that person that's taking that action, that person that's doing those things? Like, some people say, well, I want to drive for, I'll be driving a Ferrari, if I had all the money in the world. Well, I don't care about the Ferrari, I want to know what it feels like to drive the Ferrari, right? So getting into that state and then step four is we're asking super conscious. Do you see what we want again? This is that highest version of yourself that has been with you all of your life that is connected into the infinite field of possibilities, knows all things, has all wisdom, you don't have to inform it of anything that's ever happened to you because it was there when it was happening, it knows everything. This highest version of yourself that I'm going to refer to as superconscious we asked superconscious, do you see what I want? And then do you see the resistance that's in the way; the resistance is going to be the identity that aspect of your personality, the aspect of your identity that you're either conscious or unconscious to that is in the way of you having what you want. We asked superconscious to do a recode, to do a massive change history in the perfect way in the perfect order to just recode those decisions that have been made in the past that control the current reality today. And when we do that, the identity shifts, so, from not being good enough, moving towards being good enough, for not being worthy, to being worthy, from not being capable to being capable insignificant to significant. Perfect, you're not perfect enough to being perfect enough to from not belonging to belonging, any resistance and we go through the family history, we go, you know, the science tells us that family history can be passed down up to seven generations through the DNA and it can affect, our current reality. So again, this seems super psychic and woo-woo and out there, I just need you to park your skeptic mind for a moment and just say, could this be possible? I can give you all the resources of the science that have been done, you can explore that to your heart's content, but for the purpose of this conversation right now, just think for a second that it would be possible and your super conscious with the help of a coach, with the help of some guidance can recoat that subconscious where you actually feel the shift and it feels like just being lighter less resistance to the true choice and then the fifth step after you do a recode is to think what is the next obvious action I need to take now?


-------- HOW TO LISTEN TO YOURSELF? --------

Michael: In the consideration of the inundation of all the chaos of the world that we live in right now, with all the information, all the data, all the everything. How do you get quiet enough with yourself to learn how to listen to yourself?

Matthew: That's a really great question. And kind of do a sidebar on the answer. When I wrote Zen athlete, you know, I done peak performance and mindset and work with all these top-level athletes. And my thought was, well, I can kind of Trojan Horse self-mastery and educate children because if they know this as kids, if they know the power of all this stuff is children, they're going to be able to take that into their lives. And so when I was thinking about how I would educate, grade one class or a grade to class, I broke it down into this example and I said, okay, you're going to do a free throw, well, the first thing before shooting the free throw is to take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. A person who knows how to calm and quiet their mind, it is a fundamental and monumental distinction in the quality of your consciousness and the quality of your life to be able to have that tiny little gap there, it is massive. And it is a massive difference in your free will and massive difference in your freedom and how you navigate life. The second thing is teach them to visualize a shot going in and what that does is says, hey, you influence your reality, your powerful, if you intend something, if you visualize something you're going to increase the probability of your success, you have this force, that's around you. Number three, is you miss the shot, so if you miss the shot, what's the most powerful and positive perspective you can have? So, it's not always going to be life is not successful it's a series of infinite failures by how do you respond to those failures and finally the lead the Zen aspect or the Mastery aspect is, can you be whole and complete and so full of self-love and harmonious in the process? And so, one of the examples I give is like, you know, my daughter's to now is she good enough when she's two or she good enough when she's four, she good enough when she's ten, you know, she good enough when she goes into high school, is she good enough when she gets into university? Or when she graduates is she good enough when she starts her first business, or gets her first job, or gets her first race? And somewhere along these, by this line were supposed to be adults, right? We're supposed to be, oh, well, now we've got to figure it out and we're no longer children but really, we are children. I've interviewed people who are ninety years old, had tons of life experiences and where eternal students and, you know, the wiser you get the less you actually know you only know a little bit of a little bit. So it's can you be harmonious with wherever you are in the process? Whether you're twelve or twenty-five, forty-six or fifty-four? Whatever the case is because it's going and it's never ending, we have this impulse to grow. So, as far as quieting, the mind there are so many ways to do it, there's infinite courses, just do three deep breaths, that's one thing you can do, just do three deep breaths, if you want to go out and nature, go for a walk somewhere, quiet. Your mind is going to kind of go nuts, but that's okay to you, there's so many breakthroughs in music and binaural beats and all these different tools you can use. Sit down, get on some Silvio sound bowls, right? You can find them up, you know Tibetan gongs. I remember actually being in Nepal and I got to sit I wasn’t; I didn't know if I was allowed to sit in because they were doing ohms so they said, sit in and so they have these gongs and these, I don't know, maybe one hundred or two hundred of them, they were doing these ohms and the reverberation of the sound was so intense it felt like from the center, like your solar plexus, you know, how you kind of got that winded or that if you go over a whoop, like, you have that scared, feeling that kind of goes up, it felt my body was dematerializing and then materializing not in like fallen, but like in a light way, like I felt like I was vibrating into nothing and then coming back in as I've, oh my goodness what is going on? This is amazing and so you could just do something like that. So, we don't need to overcomplicate it, it's not about going into some mystical land although it does happen if you practice quite a bit, just use something nice and simple that you resonate with and do it as a practice, but you need to learn how to quiet the mind and have this little space before you respond and that's what separates us from animals. Animals are just instinctual, but for us, we have this gap of choice, right? Somebody says, hey, you're a bearded fool, I hate you. You know, I could be like well if you, you know, whatever and throw a stick at them, or I can just wait a second, have a breath and then choose my response in that scenario.

-------- PHYSICAL ENDEAVORS -------- 

Michael: And I'm wondering how much of these physical endeavors that you've put yourself through is based in that and if I'm off base I'd love to talk about it because I wanna know what that is? Like what is it that drives someone to suffer in the way that you have physically?

David: Yeah, it's a great question, it's a great concept and it does really resonate with me because you know I'm sure that everyone has this to a certain degree and everyone this listening if you don't agree with me then you're living in denial but we oftentimes we beat ourselves up at work and relationships with friends and whatever situation because we think it's what we should do or we think it's what's expected of us or we or we've been told we need to do it that way by our parents or our boss or spouse or whatever, right? And it's like if we're over achieving, if we're driven, even if we're driven out of fear or a failure or whatever then we're gonna try to accomplish that thing whatever that thing is but in the end it is a little bit empty because unless it's the thing that we really wanted, like where you could say it's not for a charity, I'm not getting a sticker, I'm not, nobody's watching me you know, he's taking my picture during posting it on some websites saying like, what you know look what Michael did, right? If you're just doing it for you that's a very powerful, empowering, wonderful thing because like I wrote about this in in my book winning in the middle of the pack, how great is it to know that nobody's watching and nobody cares. I mean that's a very freeing thing because then it means I'm doing it for me and it's not important and not don't do it this is fine because nobody cares nobody's watching anyway. But if it's important to you to find out what you're made of then it's like it's freeing that nobody cares, that nobody's watching that you don't get a medal, there's nothing other than to see what I'm made of and its mind boggling, for me it's a little more like, for you it's more power and strength and endurance and fast twitch and that kind of stuff.For me, it's I found a little more meditation in the longer slower stuff and I remember I had to rewire my brain to be able to settle into that mindset so super quick, I'm getting ready to do a fifty mile run one of the first fifty mile runs that I've done and it's held the last weekend in June in Vegas, it's called rang with the devil, okay? Hundred and twenty-one degrees that's what the high that day was gonna be and I raced in a start line, I'm a few minutes late I'm cursing myself, I'm such an idiot, I jumped out a car, get to fit a start line and I start running in the first quarter mile is like straight uphill and I'm like really like seriously you're gonna make us run uphill for a quarter mile? And then I look at my watch and it's like ninety-one degrees at 6 A.M. and I'm like six zero, 5 A.M., I'm like really like what has to be this hot and I started did nobody page you to be here like change your attitude like get a different perspective because honestly if you go home nobody's carrying, no nobody's gonna care, nobody's watching you, stop being whole bitch and just do it if you wanna do it change your perspective. And then, I said to myself, Michael aah, perspective, why that mean to change your perspective? And I had the self-talk with myself super deep meditate self-talk myself and about four hours later Michael I hit the turnaround twenty five miles and I went holy shit, I just spent like four plus hours thinking about one word perspective and how you could change it, how you could apply it to yourself and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I had this like beautiful self-talk thing where I go oh, man you know you could accomplish whatever you wanna accomplish if you're doing it for the right reasons.

-------- THINK BIGGER --------

Michael: who are listening right now to join a conference, join a group, get a coach, be a part of something that you're uncomfortable in because that's where you're gonna grow. And I also think like, you build diverse relationships in that. What kind of relationships have you built over the years, so your willingness to think bigger?

Karl: Oh, my god, I mean one of the things that I'm most proud about is the fact that every single day I get to build this incredible company that we call streamline podcast with three other cofounder and then very dear friends of mine and that came about as a result of really moving on this person development journey, right? So, I discovered the podcast platform in my corporate career, being a sales rep, there's a lot of windshield chill time and one day I was like, alright there's only so much rap music it was always so much of this future mixtape, I can continue to listen to like, let me try to expand upon the possibilities out there, to try to get some knowledge while I'm driving all over the country inside discovered podcast and I was consuming and consuming and consuming.

I learned about what success really means and I define success based upon how many people you can serve and coincidentally man, I became recognized within the organization at that time as somebody that you know was doing well and I was given opportunities to train some of my colleagues and counterparts in sales because I was just consuming all this information. And so, I got to a place one day where I was like, man I can only do so many of these one-on-one calls, why not launch a podcast and start to put some of this information out there just to make it more readily available and accessible. The problem was I didn't really know how to do my own podcast. So, what I did was I went and found a coach who had a mastermind and brought people together that also aspire to learn how to podcast in order to learn some of these intangibles that probably just take me exponentially that much more time and so, boom! Dropped into a new room, I'm feeling the discomfort, I'm feeling the impostor syndrome, all the things that you just talked about. But I'm sticking with it because I see this vision of what a greater version of Karl Sona could be. And just being myself and staying plugged in, I met a couple of that I just really hit it off with man that were also trying to figure it out and we started to support each other, we started having more and more conversations, you know, this goes back to my previous point of changing your circle, getting this in new rooms of folks that are also wired the same way that you are because what happens is momentum starts to really sort of accelerate and we started to figure out oh, wow, like, we're having some similar type challenges around launching podcasts, we're having similar challenges around actually getting them produced and edited in a quality manner. I wonder if there's something we can do together to create a solution that helps other people like ourselves and that's where streamlined media was birthed and I always tell my partners that if we are all weren't willing to put ourselves out there in terms of finding other people that were interested in the things that we were we wouldn't be able to serve all of the incredible creators and business owners that we now do today. I mean here's a more practical example Michael; you and I were introduced through our mutual friend Jerome Myers, (shout to him) I met Jerome because he was a client referred to us for back end post production work of this podcast and so again if I didn't take the leap of faith for myself to try to figure this thing out the company would have never been formed because I wouldn't have ever met my partners, I wanna ever met Jerome who's has not become literally one of my best friends, he's literally standing up in my wedding, right? And I wouldn't have been in introduced to you and all the other incredible people that are now part of my network. So, I say that story because it's all about one domino that sets off this chain effect, we all know the domino effects sort of analogy. But you don't ever get to see how the chain creates real significant value that sets you up if you're not willing to lean into the fear or lean into you know what it is you need to do to position yourself or something different, and it goes back to that conversation that I had with myself in the mirror Nashville. So, that's just one quick example know I could talk your ear off but hope that straight it.


David RichmanProfile Photo

David Richman

Author, Endurance Athlete, Speaker

David is an author, public speaker, and endurance athlete whose mission is to form more meaningful human connections through storytelling. His first book, Winning in the Middle of the Pack, discussed how to get more out of ourselves than ever imagined. With Cycle of Lives, David shares stories of people overcoming trauma and delves deeply into their emotional journeys with cancer.

He continues to do Ironman triathlons and recently completed a solo 4,700-mile bike ride.

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Karl Sona

Who is Karl?

I am a synergist between Minority Owned Businesses and Corporations.

Karl Sona has been a rainmaker for small to mid-sized companies for nearly a decade and has never missed an overall sales plan. As CEO and Founder of The Kas Company, Karl and his team use the same business development strategies that made him successful, to help minority owned enterprises scale and grow revenue profitably.

As a first-generation immigrant from Cameroon, Karl quickly learned the values of opportunity and hard work backed by a determined mindset, as he watched his parents navigate a new country in search of a better life for the family. However, it was only after seeing a privately held company where he was the top salesperson for years sell for 9 figures, that he realized the unmet needs of minority owned enterprises and large corporations that want to do business with one another.

Karl believes that there is tremendous profitability in economic inclusion and that the current economic disparity is not just a black versus white issue. It's a significant problem that affects all of us as Americans, and our ability to remain a competitive power in the global economy. As minority owned firms grow, our local and regional economies grow. This is why Karl is committed to helping minority owned firms grow into larger enterprises through the development of partnerships with large companies he has built relationships with around the globe.

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Gunther Mueller

Founder & CEO

Optimal (Physical & Mental) Health Strategist, Gunther Mueller, has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again.

Gunther enjoys living in Anthem, AZ and loves to Ski (water and snow), kite surf, hike, bike, read, and experience the life he loves in the American Southwest.

Gunther delivers the education, insights, understandings, and sometimes complex information in simple, easy to understand conversation that inspires people to act and take charge of their own life now.

Today, Gunther is extremely excited to be sharing the revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method that is taking the personal development movement by storm so that his clients can learn how to turn “Thoughts Into Things” and become Conscious Creators so that they also can live a life that they absolutely LOVE!

Having the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” for the past 30 years, Gunther has been involved in several different industries, created, bought & sold businesses, and earned millions of dollars in the process which gives him a unique perspective and ability to see things differently and to coach his clients through sometimes daunting problems and life situations.

It's time for you to Create The Life You Love... please join me and immerse yourself in the 5-Step Magnetic Mind Method today.

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Matt Belair


Short BIO:

Matthew Belair is the host of the Master Mind, Body and Spirit show that has reached #1 in over 20 countries. He is the creator of the Soul Compass Program, The Quantum Heart Hypnosis Technique and best selling author of Zen Athlete.

Matt has trained with 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Monks in China, Trekked Mount Everest, studied meditation with Tibetan monks, explored Egypt with the resonance science foundation and traveled the world in pursuit of truth and self-mastery.

As a podcast host, coach, and speaker Matt is an avid researcher and experimenter in exploring human performance and conscious evolution.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.