Dec. 12, 2022

Unbroken Conference: A Gathering for Healing from Complex PTSD and Trauma

Join host Michael Unbroken as he discuss the upcoming Unbroken Conference, a gathering for individuals seeking support and resources for healing from complex PTSD and trauma. In this episode, Michael Unbroken will share important details about the conference, including...
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Join host Michael Unbroken as he discuss the upcoming Unbroken Conference, a gathering for individuals seeking support and resources for healing from complex PTSD and trauma. In this episode, Michael Unbroken will share important details about the conference, including keynote speakers, workshops, and activities. They will also speak with a certified trauma healing coach about the importance of addressing and healing from complex PTSD and trauma. Don't miss this informative and inspiring episode of Think Unbroken Podcast.

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! I hope that you guys are doing well. As you can tell, if you've been following me on social or if you've been seeing anything I've been posting the last few days, I am definitely under the weather, been sick for a little bit over a week now, dealing with bronchitis, today's the first day I've actually had any voice. And so, I want to keep this very quick, but there are some very important things to put you in line with for Tuesday for Unbroken Conference. So, I just wanted to hit some FAQs real quick that are super important. So please bear with me. I know this isn't the usual episode, but we're a couple days away from the conference and wanna make sure that we can give everyone all the information that they need.

So first and foremost, if you did not register, go to to register. We are going to be closing down registration very soon, so please, please do not miss your opportunity. If you've been on the fence about this and you're worried about not having time, get the VIP, keep the recordings for life, get access to the breakout rooms. I'm telling you like I've done so many of these events as an attendee in my life. I looked at all the things that I wanted to do for my attendees. So, guys, I'm telling you right now, VIP is the way to go. We start at 3:00 PM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 13th. We will go through Friday, December 16th. We start at the same time every single day.

Now people ask me about the ending times. So, here at Think Unbroken, we operate on this thing called Michael Time, and that means that we end, when I say so. Now, that's not to be crass or anything, but you know, I always want to deliver extra value, I always end up speaking to the VIP groups longer. I remember one time in Bali I did a workshop and we ended up being there till one o'clock in the morning. I was just teaching and teaching and teaching, so, that probably won't happen here, but I never know, so, keep that in mind.

When will you get the link to watch? If you are on the VIP groups or the general admission groups in Think Unbroken Academy, the link will be posted there. We will also email only the people that register. So, if you have not registered, you're not gonna get access. I'm telling you right now. And so, we'll send all the links out to you guys.

People are asking about the schedule; I don't release schedules. And the reason why is because schedules end up making people distracted. Schedules end up making people not focus. You need to show up, come ready to play all out. If you're VIP you gotta rewatch the event, that'll be in the groups immediately, but then you'll get access for life, for the recordings. And then when you're in VIP, we'll put you in the breakout rooms. If you want to ask a question during our Q and A with me or the speakers, you must be in VIP because that is the only place we're doing this.

Also, for the workbook, we just finished that this weekend. I mean me, I don't know why I said we. And that will be accessible to everyone in the VIP as well. It's amazing. I love it. And I showed it to a couple of the speakers and they absolutely love it. If you wanna win prizes, everybody knows I put some posts about prizes out, we're gonna be doing that, again, you gotta be in VIP.

Now one of the things that you can do to sign up, go to, that's where the VIP information is.

One question I want to hit, and then I'm gonna wrap this up cuz I'm gonna start a coughing fit, I can already tell.

If you are feeling triggered, if you're feeling nervous, if you're feeling dissociated, if you're feeling outside of your body, please understand this is the conference for you to be at, to learn the tools to navigate those feelings and those emotions, right? Some of our speakers are gonna be going deep into this and these amazing modalities that will help you. We're gonna be learning about breath work. We're gonna be learning about the neuroplasticity of healing and changing our own brains. We're gonna be learning about what it means to heal the body along with the mind. And I'm gonna be teaching you guys some of my favorite tools and exercises for how I have been able to overcome an ACE score of 10, massive abuse, being homeless, being a drug addict at 12, and all of those things. You know your body, you know your mind better than I do, and what I will tell you is that I want you to honor that, but I also want you to try to push through the discomfort because when you push through the discomfort, you get to find a new level of what you're capable of doing and what you're capable of overcoming and what you're capable of learning and healing. You know, one of the things I used to do when I was young is the very first sign of any trouble, the very first sign of any discomfort about my identity. I don't want you guys to run. I want you to show up. I want you to stay present. I need to go conserve my voice. Go sign up and I will see you there, my friends.

Until then, Be Unbroken.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.