Sept. 3, 2022

I believe in you and You should also | Trauma Healing Coach

Join our FREE COMMUNITY as a member of the Unbroken Nation:   Join and pre-register at Unbroken Con at: In this episode, I talk about how to believe in yourself. I believe you are strong enough, capable enough to change the world through...
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Join our FREE COMMUNITY as a member of the Unbroken Nation: 

Join and pre-register at Unbroken Con at:

In this episode, I talk about how to believe in yourself. I believe you are strong enough, capable enough to change the world through your vision. You are in control of your life; you are the hero of your own story; you are the leader of your life; you will do whatever it takes within to have the life that you want to have.

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What's up, Unbroken Nation. Hope you guys are doing well wherever you are in the world today. Super excited to just pop on here, y'all say what's up, see how you guys are doing, drop some love with you. I'm in the studio, just got done recording. Arguably one of the best podcasts that I've ever recorded. And you know, I got to thinking about a few things as I was in the middle of that recording. And, you know, predominantly the thing that came to mind most immediately was looking at life and recognizing that where we start does not have to be where we finish. And I think people who suffer traumatic experiences, myself included start in this place where, like I have the world against me. Like if you've ever had the world against you, you feel like you have the worst parents, the worst economical situations, the worst health, right? Like that is part of the nomenclature for a lot of survivors that was a nomenclature for me, growing up homeless, being a sick kid, having no wealth, having drug addict, alcoholic, parents, having trauma and abuse.

And, you know, I think one of the things that we have to really, really get in tune with is recognizing that we actually are the ones who control our future and that's why I've created UnbrokenCon. So, I started thinking broken conference it's at, and I started this because I want to be able to not only give you the tools that I've learned that have drastically changed my life, but many of the tools that I've coached thousands of clients with, and a bunch of guest speakers who are gonna come on and share the things that they've done.


And you know, I think about this a lot. We can turn our trauma into triumph. We can turn our pain into purpose. We can take all of the things that have happened in our life that make us feel stuck, that make us feel less than, that make us feel not good enough, not strong enough, not powerful enough, not capable enough. And we can turn those things on their heads and go, you know what? No, I'm not broken. I'm not a loser.

I'm not a piece of shit. I'm not what everybody told me to be. But guys, you gotta hear what I'm about to say, this all starts with belief. If you do not believe that you are capable, I'm telling you right now, it's the hardest thing that I could ever teach anybody. If you do not believe that you are capable of changing your life, then you're not going to.

Mindset is everything. I mean that, I mean that to the fullest extent that you can possibly comprehend those words. Mindset is everything. And that means everything that we think, everything that we think become the things that we speak and everything that we speak become our actions and all of our actions shape, turn and create our reality.

Think about that. So, if you're sitting here, you're looking at your life, it's hard like I get it. Guys, I was freaking homeless when I was 12 years old. I was a drug addict by the time I was 13 at 25, I was morbidly obese over $50,000 in debt like I understand and that's the thing, I hope and I pray if anything that you guys connect with is recognizing, like, I'm not trying to preach at you. I am you. I've been there. I have suffered a lot. Like I've been through hell and back. And I can tell you that the other side of chaos is beautiful, my friends. This place over here, where you're willing to show up for yourself where you're willing to figure it out, where you're willing to literally do whatever, it takes to be the hero of your own story, that is what it means to be unbroken.

There are times in our lives and we all face this where it's massively difficult, where our backs are against the wall, where the only thing that we think is, God must hate me, the universe doesn't like me, everybody in the world thinks that I'm a loser. Right. We've been there. I've been there, but it just isn't true. Right. But that's the nomenclature, that is the vernacular that has been embedded and ingrained in us because of the parents, the teachers, the community is the friends, the peers, the people that we grew up with telling us that shit. Right. I mean, I know all of you watching this right now. You've had that moment where it's like, is it true? Is it true all the things that they're telling me, that I'm not good enough, that I am a loser, that I'm dumb. Is that true? And you start convincing yourself. And when you do that, you start getting small, you start getting quiet, you stop using your voice, right? You pretend to be whatever it is that other people want you to be because you're terrified to be yourself. You know, talk about this all the time, like trauma to me, it's not abuse, it's not homelessness, it's not most of the things that I suffered, it's the theft of identity ‘cuz think about this in your childhood. How often did you try to be you? And because you were you, you suffered for it. That's painful. That's the truth we carry. That's why we as adults, we remain silent, we hide, we be quiet, we don't raise our hand when we know we have the answer and the solution, we let everybody else tell us who we're supposed to be. This is causation and correlation. This means that when you can literally rewind your life to second grade, take kindergarten, to when you had your 10-year-old birthday party. And you remember those incremental small minute moments, these nuance times that impacted you forever when you can actually look at those, understand them and acknowledge them, not culpability. Right? I don't want this to get misconstrued. Abuse is not on you, suffering the pain that you went through in childhood, that's not on you. Right. And nobody gets out of this unscathed.

Think about this. People will look at rich people or rich kids, then they'll go, oh, they have it. So great. Maybe. But you don't live in their shoes. And sometimes those kids are looking at you and going, oh, they must have it so great. But none of us come out of this without having something that we have to address and deal with. And if you want freedom, freedom is taking your identity back. Freedom is figuring out who you are. Freedom is giving yourself the ability to go and look in that mirror and getting to the point in your life where you can say, I love myself for who I am. It's the most terrifying thing I've ever done, right? Learning that, learning how to be a human being, learning how to let go of the past. Some of us are set up for failure. You have to acknowledge that. Like it's not fair. I'll never take that away from you. Your excuse is like, this is what's so crazy, the excuses that we have for not living into our power are 100% valid. Think about that for a second, 100% valid. The things that we have suffered are absolutely reasonable things to blame the world for and to not live into our potential. But you guys all know, we all know, and sometimes we are that person. We all know that person, when you go, they have so much potential, but they are too scared to face the truth that they can be that great. And that's what I wanna do, that's why I've created Unbroken Conference, right? If you wanna register, it's free. It's five days of trauma transformation information with myself and multiple guests. Some people who are so powerful, it's gonna blow your freaking mind. But often what we need are to recognize the tools. We have to be given them; we have to be shown the way.

You know, I think about this. One of the things I try to teach my clients, when you are walking down a tunnel and it's dark often, you can't see the light, like, you know, the light is down there. Like, you know, eventually you'll find it, it'll be there. And some of these tunnels they're short, some of these tunnels are long, right? Depends on the tunnel. And you can walk down that tunnel by yourself or you can reach your handout to somebody who happens to be a step in front of you who has a flashlight and is like, I've been down this road. And when you walk down that tunnel with somebody who's been down that road before, the amazing thing that happens is you get to avoid all of the places in which they fell in, where they got stuck, where they hit a block, but you gotta be willing to say that I'm worth it. I'm worthy of walking through that tunnel. I'm worthy of asking for help. I'm worthy of finding light. And for many of us like the truth is, and this is what really sucks. We have been told you're not worthy. You're not good enough. You're not strong enough and that becomes a belief. And until you start to reframe that belief, nothing in your life is gonna be different. And so, that's why I decided to create Unbroken Conference. Right. And so, if you go to, we're gonna be able to give you the tools to help you figure out how to step into those beliefs. It's five days, it's me, amazing speakers’ education. Right now, the registration page is up, that's all you're gonna go on there. Put in your email. It's gonna say, thanks for registering more information to come, cuz there's more information to come.

And let me tell you this. I made the decision to put on this conference because I understand one empirical truth about this journey, that every single time that I've been able to look at people that have done the thing that I'm trying to do, it has reinforced in me the truth of the belief that I can do it too. And one of the things that happens so frequently is that we fail to understand that if somebody else can do it, we can do it. So, think about this. You've had major victories in your life, but we always get stuck in the negativity. We get stuck in catastrophe. We get stuck in the worst case where some of us are more afraid to invest in ourselves than we are anything else we're rolling around. And I've been this guy. So let me be very clear. Like we're rolling around in $50,000 cars with $400 shoes on, we are subscribed to all of the channels where you can watch all of the TV and we sleep in and we play video games and we eat candy and we get high all day and we drink ourselves to sleep. I have been there and we believe that is what life is supposed to be, but that is not true, that's the life that society has built, that is the life that the structures of the economics that we live in has built, that is what trauma has built. And I don't know about you, but I don't wanna live in the house that trauma built. I wanna live in the house that I built, the house inside of me, the love inside of me, the thing inside of me that allows me to show up every day with authenticity, with love, kindness, empathy, honesty, self-actualization, awareness, and power. But you gotta be willing to recognize that nobody's giving you that. You're not gonna get it by any other way than showing up, but sometimes you need that person with the flashlight to tell you it's okay. I needed that person too 11 years ago now almost 12 when I started this journey. And that's why I started think Unbroken Conference. So, if you go to, you can sign up right now and register for free. There's so much more information to come. I'm gonna announce the speakers in the coming weeks. I'm gonna announce amazing prizes. I'm gonna announce so many things for this conference. And in fact, I just now told people about over the course of the last 48 hours, we already have over a hundred people from around the world registered. So, now's your time, it's free. So, you don't have an excuse. The only investment that you have to make right now is a decision.

And so, I'm gonna leave you with that, my friends, thank you for being here. Go and check out, register for free.

And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.