Dec. 11, 2022

Manifest Love and Happiness with Jaime Bronstein

Are you struggling to manifest love in your life? In this episode, we sit down with Jaime Bronstein, a relationship therapist, coach, host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio, wife, and mama. Jaime shares her....
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Are you struggling to manifest love in your life? In this episode, we sit down with Jaime Bronstein, a relationship therapist, coach, host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio, wife, and mama. Jaime shares her personal journey of overcoming trauma and using the power of manifestation to attract love and happiness into her life. She also offers practical tips and tools for listeners looking to courageously manifest love in their own lives. Tune in to this inspiring and informative episode of the Think Unbroken Podcast, your go-to resource for trauma healing and personal growth.

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 Michael: Hey! What is up Unbroken Nation! I'm super excited to be joined by one of our Unbroken Con speakers, Ms. Jamie Bronstein. Jamie, how are you, my friend? What is happening in your world today?

Jaime: I am doing very well and just really busy, as always.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I see you blowing up you're on newspapers and in magazines and on television shows and everything, talking about this thing that we're gonna get into deeply during Unbroken Conference. And one of the things that I think is unbelievably important in the healing journey, and that's this idea about how to courageously manifest love. So many people have been through trauma, myself included, struggle, and have struggled or struggled with this idea that they are worthy of love, that they can find love, that they can be loved. And so, I'm very curious, what does it mean to courageously manifest love?

Jaime: So, I would say that to courageously manifest love means that you are on a manifesting journey of love regardless of what has happened in your past, it's like, you know, you hear it all the time. You have the fear and you do it anyway. Or let's say you feel the unworthiness, but you do it anyway because there's something inside of you that knows that you are destined to have love just like everyone else, it is everyone's birthright. So, it's taking action, it's going out there and getting what is meant for you, what is your birthright, what you deserve, what you desire, regardless of what happened in your past ‘cause I always say your past does not need to be a predictor of your future. And I can get more into victim mode, which I'll get into in my speech. But you know, it's all about not staying in the victim mode, that's the courageous part of it.

Michael: And that's so incredibly important. One of the things that people know I talk about all the time is do it scared. You know, there's rarely a time in my life where I'm not terrified, where I'm not in my head about something. And it's really interesting cuz I'll just stand on like the edge of the cliff and I'll look down metaphorically, of course, I'm like, I'm jumping. If I fall, I fall, I'm gonna figure this out. And I think that so many people just get transfixed in this idea that because they're falling, they can't ever grab the ledge and hold on or pull themselves back up or be able to do it anyway. And one of the things that I'm curious about you wrote this really beautiful quote, I love this and we put it on the website actually, cuz I thought it was so powerful. I wanna know what this means to you because I think people feel like what I'm about to read isn't true and I wanna know your thoughts. Okay? And you wrote this, we put this on the website. If you have not signed up guys before I read this, go to We are just a couple days away from this amazing conference. We're gonna help you transform your trauma into triumph, it's absolutely $0 to watch live starting December 13th. And if you cannot make it live, or if you're like me and you go to live events and you always have a million things happening, you can join our VIP experience and keep the recordings for life. So, all that information is on So, make sure you go register while we still have spots available. So, Jamie, you wrote this quote and when I read it, it hit me and I was like, oh man, I really love them, you sent this to me and it's “healing is available for everyone, my goal is to teach people they don't have to suffer and they can have everything they desire in life.” I know that people may be feeling like that's not true, or you're full of shit, or, who does this person think they are especially saying they don't know where I've been. What does that mean to you?

Jaime: Yeah. When I say I don't care where you've been, that doesn't mean I don't care. I mean, my heart. First of all, we've all experienced some sort of trauma in our lives, every single person has experienced some sort of trauma. And when I say I don't care where you've been, what I mean is it doesn't matter where you've been. This is about what are you going to do with the rest of your life, you know? My dad said something to me recently, which was so interesting and it applies to this, it's the fact that people that feel that they have died or they've lost their soul, you know, because of trauma, etcetera, or because of anything, or just they're depressed. The question is, did it kill you? It didn't kill you, but will the future kill you? Yes. So, you will literally, your life literally will be over in the future. But what are you gonna do until then? And life is short. Sometimes people feel like giving up, they feel unloved, they feel unworthy. So, my job is, and it's always been when people say, what do you do? My first answer is always I help people not suffer anymore, and I help them see what, like I said before, what is meant for them.  First of all, love is why we live, and I will definitely get more into that during my talk, but love is why we live, and I don't care if you haven't had love yet, it's still destined for you and I will help you get there.

Michael: I love that. And we will help you get there. And I think that's kind of the thing people felt to understan­d, it's like, this is communal. Right. I mean, I remember sitting and reading one of Dr. Esther Perez's books and being like, oh, okay, this is an interesting way to think about the possibility of life, love, relationships, and then getting into other people's work and just realizing like you hear that old adage like, it takes a village. I'm like, yeah, that's true but it takes the right village. And I think one of the big mistakes people make in this journey is they're just like, I read one thing one time, I listened to one podcast, I found this one person and it didn't work. And I'm like, good, that means they weren't the right one for you which is funny because I think you would agree that's probably true about relationships too, right? And so, I know we'll get into all of that. What I'm curious about as we look at this upcoming week, what do you think that people who are attending need to do ahead of time now that we're just a couple days away to be prepared to really take this in?

Jaime: I would say the best thing that you can do is to be ready to receive, to be open because we don't want those walls up that have been up already. Let's do something different this time. Let's be open because there's so many aha moments ahead of you in this conference and in life, and so you want to be open to receive that wisdom and those life-changing moments. And this is gonna be one of those conferences where it's not like you attend this conference and then you go back to your life like there's gonna be no going back, this is going to catapult you forward. So be open to receive that. Get excited to know that your life is gonna change. There's gonna be so much content, so much wisdom that is coming, it's all coming through us, all of the speakers, it's going to be coming through us as a gift to you. So just be open, have an open heart, and know that this is a gift to yourself, any time that we invest in ourselves is a gift to ourselves.

Michael: Yeah. And you know, one of the things I was thinking about as you said that is we're committed to your success because we all have had somebody committed to our success – our mentors, our coaches. I mean, that's how Jamie and I met, we were in a room with one of our mentors, learning. And you know, even though people may look at us and be like, oh, these people are successful and they've got it all figured, I'm like, I'll know anything. I'm figuring it out like you guys, I'm you a step ahead. And when you are working with people who are just a step ahead of you, that's where the real power comes because I dunno about you, but I've come to find, like when I work with people who are like 25 steps ahead, I'm like, does not compute, does not compute like this doesn't work for me. And so, I always tend to be very, very mindful about where I'm going to get my knowledge. And I think Jamie, one of the best things about this community and this group of speakers especially, and I handpicked every one of you, I remember, I picked up my phone and I just started calling my friends, my community and the people who are speaking at this event are the only people I called. Every single one of you said yes, it's not like I had this laundry list of 75 people because I was asking myself, how do we serve this community in a way that shows our commitment? And I knew that the only way that was gonna work is by doing it with people who I've been in rooms with who are committed to their success. And so, I'm super excited. We're only a couple days away. What do you think your most, let me ask you this question, cause I think this'll help set the framework for people who maybe haven't made the decision yet, who are on the fence, who don't want to take the risk of investing in themselves because they're scared? What do you think happens in someone's life and you can even share your own story if you want. What do you think happens in someone's life when they face the fear of investing in themselves and making a decision to show up and play all out?

Jaime: Well, of course the reason why people don't do anything is because they fear it might be a waste of time, they fear what's the point, whatever it is. So, what I would offer to anybody watching this is, and this is different than have the fear and do it anyway, this is about taking action. So, I'm a very spiritual person. I believe that Spirit meets us at our point of action. You can either do nothing and stay where you are, or you can take action and take that chance to a spiritual experiment, as I call it. So, this is about taking action, and I would also say that, if you are feeling vulnerable or in like a low vibrational place, negative, maybe depressed, however you're feeling, that's also the time, it's kind of like if you're not feeling like in the mood to go to a party or a social event and then you go and you end up having a really great time, it's one of those times where you just have to do it, just get yourself there, press the button, whatever you need to do to sign up. And to answer your question, cuz I think it's important to be relatable and vulnerable. I don't know what I'm gonna say right now, but I'd say anything that I've done in life that was a risk has been worth it. So, and I believe that that's because I don't have a perfect life, nobody does, I do put work into what I do, they say preparation meets opportunity. There's no preparation for, you know, besides for being open, like I said, but it's really also about visualizing and believing and trusting, just trust. And this isn't even, you know, there are nobody's like selling any, like what we're selling is your life changing for the better. So, like who wants to sign up for that?

Michael: Yeah. How stupid would you be to do that like that'd be the worst decision you've ever made like, no like in fact, I wouldn't even come at all. I might not even come now because it sounds like a terrible idea.

Jaime: And also like the thing is, you and me and any of these other speakers and anybody who does this for our lives, yes, this is our career that we've chosen. But the thing is, this comes from our hearts, we do this work because nothing feels better than helping someone period, in any way possible. And so, we are so passionate about our work, and so we just wanna share it and help as many people as possible, it sounds so cheesy, but I'm serious.

Michael: Yeah, no, I mean, I get it. And you know what's funny is the thought that goes to my head as we're having this conversation is I'm like, man, we are just one of us, we are us, like our speakers, every single one of you. The reason I know this, cuz I've interviewed every single one of you on my show. I've been in rooms with every single one of you. I've spent time with every single one of you and you all have had trauma. I've had trauma, we've all been there. So, it's not like we're sitting here where these people who are like, my life was great, I had fucking silver spoon as a kid, nothing bad ever happened to me and I'm gonna help your life be better and that doesn't work. And every time I see that, it drives me crazy because that's like going to a mechanic who's never driven a car before like it just doesn't even make sense to me. And so, guys, trust me when I say that we are committed to your success. We are committed to our success. We're gonna make this the most important event you've probably ever been to in your life. You have not joined us, come to, join us live December 13th. Absolutely free to watch live. If you wanna grab the recordings, grab the VIP, it is there, Jamie, my friend. I will see you in just a few days.

And Until Then.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

We'll see ya.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.

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Jaime Bronstein

Licensed Therapist/Coach, Author, Radio Show Host and Speaker

Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, relationship coach, author, and speaker, hosts Love Talk Live on LA Talk Radio. Jaime has shared her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC News, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, and Thrive Global. Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master's degree from New York University, and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Jaime's education and over twenty years of experience enable her to help her clients heal and see each challenge as an opportunity to evolve, turning pain into purpose. As an expert, Jaime is a trusted guide to manifest love and to live a fulfilled life. Jaime's mission is to create a positive impact while changing lives worldwide.