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Stephanie Carinia

Clinical psychologist Trauma & Personality Specialist ​

Stephanie Carinia is clinical psychology & post- graduate degree in Clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I'm a registered CBT, EMDR & MBT therapist, also trained in Schema focused therapy and working psychodynamically.

I'm specialised in personality disorders, trauma and addiction. Deconstructing why we behave the way we do & (re)connecting you to your intuition, empowering you, is what makes my clock tick. That’s why I studied psychology in the first place: Why do we behave the way we behave (took the scenic route though, started off studying Law..).

In our daily lives we interact all the time with each other. It is in this interaction that we will encounter our personality functioning. In our interactions we will get triggered. From the working environment, onto friendships which already becomes a more intimate area in life, up to the top of the pyramid.. romantic relationships where we will be triggered to the max as this requires maximum intimacy. The more emotions are involved, the more likely defence mechanisms will be triggered and the more likely problems will arise as a result.

I love explaining psychology, to help people understand= empower themselves. I always make sure that by the time my clients leave they will have become their own therapists. My clients often tell me for the first time they really felt understood + felt they understood themselves. Things start to fall into place and their self- confidence instantly grows. This transformation can be quite emotional: "why haven’t they told me this 10 years ago". And I agree, a lot of psycho education on unconscious psychology should be available to everyone. This motivated me to share my knowledge on a larger scale!

My Mission
My mission is to help people connect to their true selves, to trust their intuition and become empowered. This has been a real game changer for a lot of my clients. I focus on our personality, why do we behave the way we behave (the unconscious).

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