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Samantha Roberts

Host and Author

After 12 years, mute and non verbal, following back-to-back car accidents and narrowly escaping death upon flipping a quad down a rock quarry, Samantha reached her own personal rock bottom.

Through the power of Community and Mentorship, she found her voice again and her conviction to live a life of contribution and service.

During the quarantine of 2020, she became a Grant Cardone Licensee and launched her podcast, Storytelling by the Numbers, and the Proximity is Power Summit Series.
She is committed to lifting 1,000 voices in Courageous Conversations in our newly invigorated virtual economy.

July 06, 2022

E353: Use these TOOLS to find your VOICE with Samantha Roberts | CPTSD and Mental Health Coach

In this episode, I'm very excited to be joined by my friend, Samantha Roberts, today, who will talk about the power of using your voice. Samantha went through quite a journey at one point after multiple accidents and concussions, actually losing... See show notes at:

Community Personal Development Trauma Coach

May 04, 2022

E290: Courageous Conversations | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I am a guest on Courageous Conversation. When I sat down a few months ago; not only did I share a lot about my background, my story, and also some things that, unless you listen to a lot of me as a guest, you probably haven't heard,... See show notes at:

Community Healing Trauma Coach