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I am a multidimensional entrepreneur who owns 3 businesses, with a strong passions for corporate social responsibility. I have been a real estate investor in NYC (born and raised) for 10 years, I own one of the largest car rental companies in NYC, and I am an Allsate Agency owner. I have gone through mountains of adversity on my life's journey and became a 1st gen millionaire. I had every reason to give up and quit through my journey. Over the past year, I started teaching aspiring real estate investors how to build lucrative portfolios through Landbank Properties without having years of experience or a perfect credit profile. I currently live in Downtown Brooklyn NY.
forced to think unbroken in order to change the impoverished circumstances for my family!

Note- Allstate Website link is listed in the wiki page space because I didn't see any room.
As a brand ambassador for one of my vendors, I was recently featured in an article about an app launching in NYC. Link below.

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