Sept. 29, 2022

Education is everything in the healing journey | CPTSD and Trauma Coach

In this episode, I talk about what it means to close the gap and how education is more important in your healing journey. Today you need...
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In this episode, I talk about what it means to close the gap and how education is more important in your healing journey.

Today you need to learn something that can be the cornerstone and the very thing that differentiates you from where you are to where you want to go.

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What's up, my friends, good morning! I'm coming to you live from the car.  Good morning, guys, it is the sun's not even all the way up yet, right? You guys are already up. You're already getting it. You're already getting after life. And I'm looking at the people in the world who find the most success, and they're the ones who get after it. Now, I'm not saying you gotta wake up before the sun comes up, like I don't think that's a prerequisite to success. Anyone who knows Tony Robbins knows that he's one of the most powerful men maybe in history and especially in personal develop, and the dude does not get up before, like 11 o'clock in the morning. So, let's dispel that myth right now about what it means to be successful. You do not have to get up early. I choose to get up early and that is because I have so much that I know that I want to accomplish in the mornings before anyone else gets anything else done.

And that's my own competitive thing, right? So, you need to figure this out for you because for a long time, like I would wake up at 10 o'clock in the morning and I would be executing, and then the more and more stuff that came along, the more I was like, Oh, I can't do 10 o'clock in the morning, this isn't gonna work for me, I actually need to get up a little bit earlier.

Here's the thing, that doesn't matter what time you wake up, it really doesn't, Guys, I cannot stress this enough. It drives me crazy. I see these guys are good up at 4:00 AM and run 36 miles, like, nope, fucking doesn't matter, get up whenever you need to get up with clarity about how you plan on spending your day. Get up when you need to get up with massive, massive action. Get up whenever you need to get up, knowing that today you need to learn something that can be the cornerstone and the very thing that differentiates you from where you are to where you want to go.

I talk about this idea of closing the gap a lot, like what does that mean? How do you close the gap? How do you show up? How do you live life on your terms? And ultimately it comes down to education. It comes down to your willingness to learn. It comes down to putting yourself in a position where you can find the answers to the problems that are happening in your life that you didn't even know that were happening or that you do know are happening that you need a solution for. And that's really what it's all about. Learning. I was not studios as a kid was not studious in any capacity. Part of it, the biggest part of it was growing up in trauma and knowing that every single day, like, and I mean this literally at times, my life was on the line, and so to be focused on school felt seemingly impossible when every single day I was worried about, Yo, am I gonna die today? Am I gonna eat today? Am I gonna walk through my front door? Am my step dad's gonna put me in the hospital? Am I gonna walk through my front door? Am my mom's gonna be overdosing and having a seizure and I'm gonna have to call 911 again? And you know, that's the thing about it. When you grow up in a traumatic environment, when you grow up in a place where adverse experiences are happening, education is the furthest thing from the thing that you care about.

Let me tell you, I know at first hand and so, what I decided to do when I hit my mid-twenties, you guys know about my rock bottom moment, 350 pounds, smoking two packs a day, drinking myself to sleep. One of my brothers has never talked to me again. I was 50 grand in debt. My life was a freaking disaster, and I had this opportunity, it was wild because I remember, I was just on the internet I saw this ad, like we all see ads now, we all we're used to it, right? But I saw this ad from Brendon Burchard, if you don't know Brendon; Brendon is the high-performance guy. He is the guy that people come to when they need to go to the next level. And when I found this ad about a decade ago, I had just really kind of started, getting into this journey, I've really just kind of started learning, and the ad was for a $49 course. Now, guys, let me tell you where my mindset was when I did that. When I saw that ad, when that came through on the internet for $49, Brendon said, Guys, I will change your life. I have the tools right here that can change your life forever if you're willing to accept them. And I remember being like, Man, this dude can't help me and this is literally my thought. Now you guys have to understand something, I'm a biracial kid from the hood with no high school diploma. I was like, what is this white guy that went to college gonna do to help me? Like the ultimate fixed mindset, right? I had already predetermined whether or not I was gonna have success by the very words that I was using. And so, I'm sitting there, I'm looking at this, I'm reading it, and it was like, discover things about yourself that'll change your life, learn the tools that all these other successful people have learned, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, Yo, well I'm already 50 grand in debt, what's another 50 bucks? And I took out my credit card and I bought that program and that was a decade ago. And that one singular decision, guys, I'm not even playing with you right now. That one singular decision changed the trajectory of my life forever because I realized something as I was in that course that for the first time, I was betting on myself. I was looking at my life and I was like, Yo, wait a second, I did something for me that wasn't about cars or clothes or drugs or parties, I did something for me that was about making my life better, making my life different, learning something going forward.

And as I went through that course, it was online and I'm like, in my head, I'm like, Man, this is wild because at one point I looked down at my shoes. Now if you know anything about me, I'm a Jordan's guy, that's how we, you know, flexed when I was a kid to this day, like if I go somewhere nice, I'm pulling out these nice grips, like I'm not even joking, I'll bring out the JS that are in the box that have been worn like four times. Go watch the video. There's a video of me speaking in Dallas, and these are what I'm talking about, these Jordans, they'd been worn like one time ever. And I was like, Oh, I'm getting on stage. I'm gonna put these on cuz I'm not, I mean I'll wear suits sometimes, but I don't wanna wear suits while I'm speaking. Same thing in New York City, different pair of Js, another jacket, backwards hat, like the whole nine. And so anyway, I'm looking down at my shoes one day and it dawned on me. Guys, if you hear what I'm about to say, this might change your life, it was dawned on me I had spent more money on my shoes than I did on my life.

Think about that. More money on the car, more money on the clothes, more money on the going out to eat than I spent in my life. When I was 20, my friend's girlfriend gave me a copy of Eckhart tolle, a new Earth. Now I'm 20 years old, she comes up, she's on the upstairs, she knocks on my bedroom door. She says, Hey, can I come in and talk to you for a second? And I'm like, Yeah, whatever. Like, I'm sitting here. I’m distinctly remember this, like I'm stoned off my ass. I'm sitting there like, what do you got? What do you want? I'm doing stuff. And she goes, this book might be something that could change your life. Now, look, I'm 20-year-old me, you can't tell me nothing like I'm not even playing. You can't tell me nothing. Sorry. All right, cool. I take the book. She walks out. Literally that night, that night, y'all. I threw that book in the trash can. I wouldn't even take free personal development. And the irony about that book, I'm 36 and I go into a Goodwill and there's a brand-new copy of Eckhart tolle book, a New Earth. On the shelf in the books for like, I think it was like a dollar $2. And I open it literally, you know when you open a new book in the spine cracks, that's what happened. I opened the new book in the Spine cracked, and I was like, Oh my gosh, This is the book from 16 years ago. It had to be. Right. It traveled all these years to me, to that moment to be there for me. It's something I'm still thinking about, even though this is a while ago. And so, I buy that book obviously, and I remember that moment of being like, Man, even when it was free, I wouldn't take it. When it was $49, I had to battle myself, but I had tens of thousands of dollars of shoes and clothes and car that cost almost a hundred grand, but yet you go look at my life and 350 pounds, I'm smoking two packs a day, I'm drinking myself to sleep, my brother's like, don't talk to me, my girlfriend's like, I hate you. My best friends are not supportive in any capacity. And I'm like, okay, wait a second, what's the disconnect here, right? Some of us, we put more emotional investment into the things in our life than into our life, right? We look at it and we go, Man, I'm not spending $47, $49, $99 a thousand dollars, why would I do that? This isn't gonna help me because we've already been predetermined. We've already told ourself, I'm not worth it, I'm not worth $47, I'm not worth $97, I'm not worth a thousand dollars, we tell ourselves this, and yet you look down at your feet and you have one $300 shoes and a $500 pair of sunglasses. And a $2,000 suit and a $10,000 a month apartment, speaking to myself, going, Okay man, what are you doing? What are you really doing? Do you love yourself? Do you care about yourself? And at that time, y'all, the answer was no. I didn't. I had no self-love. I had no self-belief. I carried nothing but shame and guilt about being abused as a child. I carried nothing but hatred for the world because of the pain and the suffering I went through. I carried nothing but disdain for people because of how bad it was. You know, and it's reasonable, I look at it and I stand now looking back on, I go, Okay, yeah, that makes sense. I get it. You know, my mom cut my finger off, my stepdad put me in the hospital, my real dad never showed up one time. I sat here and had to steal food to survive. I lived in 30 different houses, 30 between eight to 12 years old, and worst of all, I had straight F's in high school and middle school and elementary school. And so, education for me meant nothing. Nothing.

And remember one time I get kicked outta school and it was my freshman year. Freshman year. I'm sitting here, I go to this school and I'm sitting there and the dean calls me over the whole school, heard my name, get me a call. Michael, please come to the office. And I was like, well, I just happen to be here today, so I guess I will because you gotta understand, most days I didn't go to school cuz I was outselling drugs and I was getting high and I was stealing stuff and my mom was in and out of rehab, so, I was living alone. And this day I go to the office and I'm sitting there and the dean goes, you don't want to be here. Clearly. And I go, Yeah, I know. And he says to me, well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. You know how like adults be like tripping like, well, guess what? You're gonna get what you want. I'm like, Yeah. What I want is stability. What I want is love. What I want is compassion. What I want is connection. What I want is empathy. What I want is someone to help me, right? And he goes, well, you're gonna get what you want. And he could kicked me outta school and I had to leave. And I remember being like, all right, cool, I don't wanna be here anyway, same thing happened in another high school, two years later, straight Fs get, caught selling drugs, get taken to the dean's office. Now, luckily, and I won't get in the whole story now cause it's too, I take the drugs that I have on me and I throw them so I don't get caught with them on me. But you know, without possession, I can't go to jail. Very lucky. Very long story. I'll get into it another time. So, I'm sitting in the dean's office in handcuffs, thinking to myself, Great, great, I'm gonna be like everybody else in my family. I'm going to jail. I'm going to jail. And then I'm not gonna graduate high school. And then I'm be like everybody else in my neighborhood. And so, I get taken, I'm sitting there, across from the dean. He writes up the expulsion report. He's like, you're out, man. You're out. All you do is fight. You argue with your teachers. He goes, we know you're intoxicated when you come to school, which I 100% was and he goes, you don't want to be here. And so, just like the other teacher, he goes, gonna give you exactly what you want. And again, I'm just thinking to myself, you know what I really want? I wanna not worry about going home and not having electricity. I wanna worry about not going home and being threatened with a phone call that my mom has finally done it and she's dead because she OD'ed. I want to go home and have peace. So, yeah, you know, maybe I will get what I want in a different way. So, I go home, I'm just chilling out, running the streets, trying to figure some stuff out, and the school calls my house and my grandmother comes to me. It's like five days later, six days later, she goes, you need to go to the school they wanna talk to you. I'm like, Nah, they don't wanna talk to me. There's nothing. I'm like, what do they want to say they say gonna kick me out what's to talk about, you know what I'm saying? And so, I go to the school and they're like, Hey, we're gonna give you an opportunity, an opportunity to get into this last chance program. And the only thing that we're gonna tell you right now is that if you miss one day, you are out. You don't do an assignment, you are out. You fight with people, you are out. You argue with the teachers, you're out. You don't show up and play all out, you are out. And I was just like, yep. Well, if I don't do this, I'm gonna be the only person in my entire family even though my family is chaos, I would be the only person in my family not to get a high school diploma. My uncle who's in prison for life has a high school diploma, and I was like, Okay, wait a second. Let's switch this up. Let's change this game.

So, I start going and I start learning, and I start showing up, and I start investing the time, the effort, the energy into being studious. The next thing you know, for the first time in my life, I got straight A's. I'm dating a cheerleader. I'm captain of the wrestling team. I'm on the football team, the baseball team, I'm making friends, and I realize something really important in that moment, like education was the key. But my thought with education had always been like, as long as it points me to a goal, as long as it puts me in a position to get something I want.

And so, when I got into my twenties, I was like, you know what, I just want money because money's gotta be the solution for poverty, for homelessness, for abuse, for all the pain that I went through. Like it's gotta be money, right? Cuz it's the one thing we always argued about as a family. We were like, can't pay the electricity, gotta borrow money from the church to pay the rent, water is getting cut off, getting evicted, all right, cool. I'm gonna go make money. And so, I learned the skills to go and make money and sure enough, by the time that I was 20 with no high school diploma, cuz I end up not graduating cuz they just gave it to me and they were like, Dude, we're tired of you. You're out. Yet again got what I wanted, they're like, we're gonna give you your diploma. Do not come back to school. We are done. Now this is a different world because you know, 20 years ago you could do that, they don't do that no more. And so, I start learning these skills, I end up landing this job with a Fortune 10 company and I start making six figures. I did it. I did it because I learned. I was like, Oh my God, this is the thing. Well, guess what happened? I told you this, fast forward a few years, my life on paper looks great, but in real life as the person living it, it was an absolute freaking disaster. Nobody would talk to me. I was morbidly obese. I was desperately sick. I could not in any capacity, find courage or strength. I had no love for myself. I did not care about other people, and my life was imploding around it. Why? Because I'd only educated myself on one thing. I said to myself, make money, and that is a dangerous thing to be focused on because what I had to do was live a life, that was about one thing. Money. And here's what happened, yet again, I got exactly what I wanted. We always get what we want. I'm telling you right now, whatever you focus on, you will always get, that is the way the universe works for you, that is the way God's, spirit, mother, nature, whatever you wanna call it, works for you, that is what it happens when you live in the matrix, you will always get what you focus on. And I focused on money. I did not focus on self, relationships, friendships, growth, none of that. Okay? And so, I got what I wanted.

And some of you right now, you're getting what you want because you're only clarity is about the thing that you think that you need that will make your life better. When in fact, what I have come to discover is more often than not, the thing that we need that will make our life better or different is getting massive clarity about the life that we want to have and moving towards that life every single day. And so, all these years have just been educating myself about the wrong things; things that did not make my life different, things that did not empower me, things that did not help me grow, things that did not make me be a better leader, a better communicator, a better friend, partner, brother, business owner, speaker, coach, right. And so, what happened is I made a decision, I made a decision on that day when I saw that ad from Brendon, and I looked at my shoes and I realized my shoes cost more money than I had ever invested in myself literally ever, that a hundred dollars, $200 pair of sneakers cost more money in totality than I'd ever invested in my own journey.

So, I said, not today, man. You're gonna get what you want. And you know what happened right before that moment? I'd been thinking about this life. And I was like, what do I really want? Like I want power. I want greatness. I want to look in the mirror this is the most important of all of it. I wanna look in the mirror and I wanna be okay with the reflection on the other side. I want to love myself. I want, that's it. That's the game. That's what I want. I wanna have those things and I want to live my life on my terms and not die with regrets. Like so many people, so many people, guys, if you're paying attention to this and you're watching this and you're hearing me today, know this, the many, many, many people around you are going to die with regret because they're terrified to take the first step to become who they're capable of being, that's just the truth of it. And look to become who you wanna be, you don't have to be like me, you don't have to get up at 5:00 AM, you don't have to run multiple businesses, you don't have to coach thousands of people, you don't have to be anything but who you want to be, that's the truth. Who do you want to be? How do you wanna live? What do you want? How do you want to show up? How do you want to exist? And get clarity about that because when you get clarity about those things, you'll move towards it and the universe will give it to you. I said to myself at one point, this is a really crazy story. I said to myself at one point, I'm no longer gonna be morbidly obese, right? Because I used to be 350 pounds. And I said to myself, well, okay, what do I have to do to get there? And it was just this process of every single day, taking these small steps forward towards the goal, that's it, that's how this works, every single day you take a small step forward and towards the goal. Once you do that, something incredible happens. You start to see transformation, but that transformation only comes with you making clear and concise decisions about the life that you want to have because everything you focus on will come to pass. I've seen it time and time and time and time again in my life, in my client's life, in my businesses, with the people I work with, with my friends and for you, it's going to happen. And so, if you focus on negativity, if you focus on stuckness, if you focus on, you're not enough, I hate to break it to you. But that's gonna be your life. If you focus on abundance and hope and possibility and choice, that's going to be your life. And it often starts with a decision, you have to look at your life and ask yourself, who do I want to be? This is a hero's journey. Like whether, whether or not people talk about this or not in a way that I think is practical, I don't know, I don't think it is, and that's probably why I'm bringing it up. But a hero's journey is very simple. We start somewhere and where we start is not where we finish, but where we finish in order to get to that in a way that we want with clarity, with the life that we wanna live, there are battles, there are ups and downs, there is learning that must take place, education that must take place, skills that must be brought into your life. And you have to also recognize in that journey at some point, the biggest thing that you're gonna have to do is to face yourself. And most people do not recognize that facing themselves is more often than not the dragon that is right in front of the treasure that they desire and I didn't realize that either. And so, I'm looking at this $49, guys, most of you are gonna spend more money on your lunch today then I had spent in my entire personal development journey a decade ago.

And so, I'm looking at this $49 from Brendon and I go, Oh man, I'm already in 50 grand of debt. What's 50 more bucks? And here's the crazy part, I don't think I've ever publicly shared this. At the time I was living with my girlfriend and I was so broke that I had to borrow money from her to pay our rent. And so, people always be like, Yo, man, I don't have $49 for the program, I don't have $10 for the book, I don't have a thousand dollars for, I don't have $10,000, I'm like, yeah, I get it. I was homeless as a kid. I stole food to survive. I literally, at one point, when I was 29 years old, sold everything I owned to go and work with the number one trauma therapist in the United States. I get it. I know what it's like to be broke. I also know what it's like to waste money on Starbucks, to waste money on Netflix, on video games, I'm going out to eat on expensive stuff that I don't need, on sunglasses and shoes and suits and cars. I get it. Priorities, man, priorities. And I always tell people like, when you come into this stuff, like it's just simply an opportunity. What you do with the opportunity is up to you. And as I sat there, I looked at it and all right, here's Brendon, here's me. He's given me an opportunity. This is the thing that I've been looking for, just somebody to help me, somebody who has figured it out in a different way. Cause at that point, I mean, I was going to therapy, I was doing other work. I was going to group stuff, but there were some life skill things that I just did not have. I didn't know how to be courageous. I didn't know how to have confidence. I didn't know how to write goals. I didn't know my values. I didn't know just what I believed to be the most simple frameworks of the human existence. And he did, and he was giving it to me, a lifetime of education for a lunch. And I was like, all right, bet, bet. I'm showing up for this, I'm doing this, I'm gonna make this happen. And so, I invest it, that $49, even though I was already in debt, I was like, screw it, let's go. And so, I invested it and I said, I'm going to do something with this money. I'm gonna do something with this education. I'm gonna do something with this opportunity. And so, I kept just showing up to it every single day, learning it, stepping into it, reminding myself like on a long enough timeline, I could figure this stuff out. And that singular decision became what has catapulted me into over a decade later where I'm at because I realized something I was never going to own a pair of shoes that made me love myself. I was never going to own a car that made me love myself. I was never going to go to a dinner that made me love myself and, in this society, we are told it is the external that brings us value. We are told, get the nice car, have the nice house, wear the nice clothes, buy the nice shoes, do all of this, and you will love yourself. You know as well as I do, that's a lie, but we've been programmed, literally like robots in the Matrix, we have been programmed that consumerism is the key to helping happiness, and it's not. I do believe investing in yourself, I believe that more than I believe anything, because I learned something really important about my life, this is a me thing. If I don't pay for something, I don't pay attention to it. I just don't. Right now, literally right now on my computer are probably a hundred free courses. I can promise you; I've never done anything with them. And you hear that old adage, those that do not pay, don't pay attention. I am that guy. I am 100% that guy. I'm like, Oh, I'm personal development guy. I'm number one coach in the world. I'm gonna go learn all this stuff. And then it's like, there, but I can guarantee you this, that $49 I paid Brendon that I spent a lot of effort on that $97 that was next, that a hundred dollars, that $500, that thousand dollars for my first conference. You better believe I took notes the whole time. I didn't miss a session. I showed up start to finish, and as I've gone through this journey, that number's gotten higher, right? And look, and this is the reality, start where you are. People will hear this like; I don't have a thousand dollars. I get it. I was homeless, borrowed money from my girlfriend. I'm not saying you have a thousand dollars. What I'm saying is you have to look at the way that you invest and what you do with your time.

And so, as of today, like I think about this, the most money I've ever spent at one time, and I'm gonna share this with you guys because I want you to understand where this journey started. I wouldn't read a free book 20 years ago, over 10 years ago it was a $49 program when I was in debt, and then I spent 10,000 to get coached by Grant Cardone. Think about that for a second, that is a huge, the difference between zero to $10,000 is a huge difference that took me 20 years to change the mindset around my money trauma to be able to understand that the investment in yourself is an ROI that is incalculable, that you cannot put a monetary value on.

And so, I sat down recently and I did the math because I was really curious. I was like, okay, hold on a second. Let me look at this. If I spent that money then, and I'm spending this money now, but I spent that time then and I spent this time now, well then how much time and money have I spent in this journey? And I literally brought up a spreadsheet and I went back through all of my bank statements for over a decade, almost 15 years, and I added up all the therapy, all the group therapy, all the coaching, all the seminars, all the conferences, all the summits, all the events, all the retreats, all the courses, all the classes, I added up all the money that I'd spent on all of them and y'all, this blew my freaking mind, $265,000. I was like, whoa, that's a crazy amount of money. And there's no monetary ROI on that money and the time I was like, Yo, okay, cool. Let me just estimate the time part was harder because there's a lot of courses, a lot of things I did, again, a lot of Saturdays at groups and I was like, I'll estimate it. I'll do my best. I don't think it's 10,000 hours, but I know it's not a thousand. And so, I just kinda like took a calculator, I was like, blah, blah, blah, blah, this took a long time, this was a long exercise, and it turns out roughly 7,000 hours of education time have been invested into my own personal journey.

So, you're talking about $265,000 and seven thousand hours of education. And then I thought to myself, well, what if I multiplied it times all of the people that I learned from and the time that they invested and the time of money that they invested in themselves, and it's incalculable we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of education that I've gotten from them and 10 million lifetimes, like I have no idea, it's absolutely incredible when I look at that number and I'm like, whoa, that's insane. And yet when I started this journey, I wouldn't spend $5 on a book. The reason that I'm telling you about this and talking about education is because I truly and foundation believe in my soul that it is the key to everything, it's everything because when I was not educated, when I was ignorant, lacking education about all the things that it is that created make our lives, I didn't show up for myself, I didn't believe in myself, I didn't trust myself, I didn't give myself the permission to be successful, to be great, to be unbroken. And every single day that I was not learning, that I was not showing up for myself, that I was not doing what it took to be the hero of my own story, I was living into what other people had told me that I wasn't good enough, that I wasn't strong enough, that I wasn't capable enough, that I was never gonna matter, that I was a loser, that I was dumb, that I sucked and that's the way I felt. And when I started learning, that's when everything became different.

And so, Unbroken Con is coming up, we're right around the corner. It's an amazing, amazing four-day conference with some of the greatest speakers in the world right now showing up to be a part of this. And you got two options to join this and it takes a small investment and it's time, right? How much do you want? What's next in your life? Cause again, I remember being the guy who like borrowed money from his girlfriend to pay rent, to steal food who had to literally call creditors and be like, Yo, can you stop calling my sister? I'll get you the money when I can.

And so, the conference, if you watch live, is free, just go to You can sign up. If you're on the webpage, sign up. Just click the button. It's free. You can for four days in November and watch me then all these incredible speakers give you our lifetime of information for zero freaking dollars. I would kill to have had this 10 years ago, I built this cuz it's the event that I want, right? I built this because I'm gonna be there learning right beside you with my notebook out. I promise you I'm gonna take more notes than all of you combined. And I'm gonna be teaching and I'm gonna be hosting it, right? And so, if you can show up and you can watch live, it's free because I always believe in education being free. Now if you can't and you've signed up for these things all the time and you're like me, and life happens and you miss it. Now, I don't have kids, but if you have kids and they interrupt you and you got work responsibilities, or maybe you already had something planned, you can get the recordings. So, grab the recordings and you gotta keep those for life when you get them. You also get a bunch of other bonuses, including a masterclass that we're doing and access to VIP and some behind the scenes stuff that people who watch for free just aren't gonna get. A put together the numbers on the VIP and the value on that is over $2,500, it's incredible what we put together, what these amazing speakers were willing to contribute.

And so, check it out. And right now, you need to know that the price on this is gonna go up because we're filling the room and the more people we put in, the more money it costs. So, it might be free to attend, but it's not free for Think Unbroken and us as a company.

And so, the more people that attend, the higher that it costs ‘cuz you know Zoom be like, Yo, you got nine people, it's $800 a month. Like, Yo, come on, Zoom, chill man we're trying to help people. So, we do have to raise the price and we are going to raise the prices. And there's a countdown timer here that's gonna show you the prices being raised.

So, act now, don't miss out on this. Don't sit on the boat. Don't wait. Because if you wait it's gonna go up and then you're gonna be like, Oh, I should have bought it then and now I'm not gonna buy it at all. And it's like, well you could just watch for free. You don't have to buy it. That's why it's free. I'm gonna wrap this up cuz I know you guys are busy. But I appreciate your time and I actually need to go into the gym. I've been sitting here talking to you for a while. I was supposed to start working out earlier, but I felt really called to share this story this morning because I was just thinking about how the willingness to invest in myself and to learn has become the catalyst for the difference in my life. Everything is different in my life, literally because of one decision to spend $49 a decade ago, and my hope is that you will understand and that you will recognize that your life can also be different. And you don't have to invest money to do that, but you do have to invest something. You've probably heard me say the acronym TEEM before, Time, Effort, Energy, Money, to change your life, to invest at least one, but to make your life unbroken, you're probably gonna have to invest all four. And there's a timeline to this start where you're at. My first event ever that I went to, I literally sold my Xbox, that was back in the day when you could still sell an Xbox and they were worth something but I sold my Xbox, I sold all my games, I sold all my blu rays, man, I really just aged myself. So, some of y'all probably don't even know what a blu ray is, so I sold all that stuff. I got a ticket to the event and that was the moment, that was the moment where it really solidified, right? Because it was like, I looked at this and I said to myself, Let's go. I believe in me. I bet on me. I know I can be successful. And now my friend, you have to ask yourself, do you believe that you can do the same? Do you believe that you deserve to show up for yourself? Do you believe that you are capable of being the hero of your own story? Are you willing to take an opportunity to bet on yourself, to trust yourself and to know that you to my friend can be unbroken.

So, appreciate you. Thank you for hanging out with me today. This went a lot longer than I had initially planned, cuz I didn't have a plan. But just know that I love you and I support you. We're here for you whether you do VIP or not whether you just watch this and you don't even show up to the conference, just know that we got your back.

Think Unbroken as a communal move, it's about the world, it's about ending generational trauma, and just by you being here with us today, it just shows that you are one of those people who are willing to invest at least their time and that matters, trust me, it does.

So, with that, my friends, go be great today.

Go make a decision to put yourself first.

Decide today that you are worth it.

And Then Until The Conference.

My friend, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.