June 19, 2022

E336: This secret changed my life forever | Mental Healing Coach

In this episode, I'm going to share with you a secret that changed my life forever – by Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth Awakening To Your Life's Purpose.”
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In this episode, I'm going to share with you a secret that changed my life forever – by Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth Awakening To Your Life's Purpose.”

How did a single book change your life?

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! Welcome to the Think Unbroken podcast, Michael Unbroken here very excited to be back with you with another episode and I'm gonna get right to it, I'm gonna share with you a secret that changed my life forever and that secret is a book that I'm holding in my hand right now by Eckhart Tolle called “A New Earth Awakening To Your Life's Purpose”

You might be thinking like, how did a single book change your life when you always say that it's never one book, it's never one podcast, it's never one course, it's never one conference, I'm gonna tell you why and this is the secret because this book what happened is it made me realize the truth about something. I was unwilling to pay attention to what other people were reflecting to me. And I think one of the things that we suffer through so frequently as survivors is this place where often people are showing us something that we need to see but we cannot see it, so what does that have to do with anything?

So, it's twenty years old and my roommate girlfriend had come upstairs to my bedroom, she knocked on the door, she said, hey, I have a gift for you and we had been hanging out drinking that night, as we pretty much literally always did and she hands me a copy of this book literally this book right here not the same one because I would actually throw that book in the trash later that night and she came up to my room and she knocked on the door and she said hey! (I'll never forget this) because I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I think this might help you.

Now you guys have heard me say this before my greatest attribute is my stubbornness, my greatest flaw is my stubborn and the lack of self-awareness that I had when I was younger is the singular reason why where I could have been took me decades longer to get to, and self-awareness is everything. When she handed me, this book looked at it had to Oprah’s book club sticker on it literally just like this copy part of me wonders, (I know this is gonna sound weird) but part of me wonders if this book traveled through space and time and ended up in my hand today. I wonder that something, I know it's a weird thing to say but it's true. This book came out in 2005, it's twenty years old and she had given me a copy of it. So, I sat there, I looked at it and I read this, (I’ll never forget this) it's about the authors Eckhart Tolle is a contemporary spiritual teacher who travels extensively taking his message throughout the world. And when I read spiritual teacher, I sat the book next to my bed and I looked at her and I said, thanks. And then we went back to partying and drinking and that night, I took this book and I threw it in the trash and for the next six years, I don't think I looked at a book.

And a moment of being willing to face the reality, sometimes people wanna help you and having the courage to accept that help can change your life forever and that's the secret my friend.

So many of us are so terrified to ask for help. We feel selfish, we feel guilty, we feel shame, we feel like we don't matter, so why would anyone help us, we feel like we're losers, we feel like if we ask for help where we're soft and more less than but that's the biggest lie ever said, the greatest lie ever told and most importantly it's the worst lie you'll ever tell yourself.

One of the things I want you to keep in mind and this may not always hold true and this is why self-awareness is so incredibly important will preach know thy self until the day you die because self-awareness matters because if you are self-aware you are paying attention to your environment and the truth about what is actually happening is you're going to look at what is happening and you're going to be able to remove yourself from for a moment and ask, is this real? Is this true? Is what is happening right now for the betterment of me or not?

And so, for a long time, I didn't read books, I didn't pick anything up, I did not invest in myself in any capacity and you're probably wondering like, did a book really change your life and and this hyperbole, right? Maybe it's an anecdote and this singular book did not change my life but that moment did because that moment could have been the difference between a lot of success and failure that was going to follow that moment. And so, looking back on that and sitting in that truth what I was doing, I was avoiding someone who was willing to have the courage to tell me what no one else would tell me. And I ran and I got very pompous in that moment and I was like fuck you, I don't need this book, I didn't say that to her but I said that in my head. And as you know, now fast forward seventeen years later, not only have I read this book but hundreds and hundreds of books because I realized the truth; the secret you wanna change your life as about paying attention, is about letting other people speak into you, is about having the willingness to put your guard down for fucking thirty seconds and pay attention to what is right in front of you.

Now again that doesn't always mean everyone is in your best interest is in their interest like, that's the truth of life and you've gotta get really clear and understanding that. But what I will say to you, what I think is incredibly important that you need to hold on to and that you need to understand, is that the difference between success and failure in life is leveraging those moments in which someone is reflecting something that feels true that makes you throw your guard up. Now there's the guard of safe right i.e., I need to protect myself, I need to be weary, I need to make sure that this person is not after me and then there's the guard of, I am going to make sure no matter what nobody gets in because I'm quote unquote strong, right?

So, if you're watching me on YouTube right now, if you're on the Think Unroken YouTube Channel, I'm doing air quotes for strong because that's a mask that's not real, that's not true, that strength that you have that keeps people out as a fucking weakness and it's stopping you from being able to tap into what's great. If I go back in time, I would smack myself in the face and be like ‘hey, dummy, pay attention. Someone here is being tying to you and that kindness and accepting that kindness that is not weakness’ and that's one of the greatest lies we tell ourselves.

So, today as I sit and I look at this book, when I found this book, it was sitting on the shelf of a goodwill and I'll go grab books at goodwill all the time because I mean they're like a dollar sometimes, right?

The spine of this book has never been cracked, there's no highlighting, there's no dog geared pages, there's no writing in it, it wasn't dedicated to anyone and it has the Oprah book club sticker on it that looks fucking brand new and it's not the revised version, it's done original version and I know this is gonna sound woo-woo but maybe the thing that I needed found itself to me anyway. And I think that's one of the really interesting aspects of life, the thing that you need it's right here, it's waiting for you but you have to have the willingness to accept it and you have to understand that secret that will change everything for you is about simply letting that wall down, my friend. You deserve it, you are allowed to have it, you not less than because other people speak into you, because they want you to be great, because they see power in you and you are not weak because you accept it and in fact it's just the opposite.

I hope my friend is that you will awaken to your life's purpose, that you will follow through and that you will ultimately of course be the hero of your own story.

Unbroken Nation, thank you so much for listening.

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So, with that said, my friends.

Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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