June 18, 2022

E335: Radical Confidence | CPTSD and Mental Health Coach

In this episode, I'm very excited to share with you an excerpt from a book that recently came out, and it's called “Radical Confidence” by Lisa Bilyeu. I want to read this excerpt from the book because it was moving to me, and I think...
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In this episode, I'm very excited to share with you an excerpt from a book that recently came out, and it's called “Radical Confidence” by Lisa Bilyeu.

I want to read this excerpt from the book because it was moving to me, and I think that when you sit in your truth, you discover that sometimes the very person in your way is you, and the book is beautiful if you haven't read it, please do.

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What's up, Unbroken Nation! I hope you're doing well wherever you are in the world today my friends. I'm very excited to share with you an excerpt from a book that recently came out that I've just been involved with, then it's called “Radical Confidence” by Lisa Bilyeu

You now, Bilyeu happens to sound familiar, you may have heard me say the name Tom Bilyeu you once or twice here on the show. Tom also pretty guest on the show, I hope is in the future we'll also have Lisa the author of this book on the show but in the meantime I wanted to read this because as I've been reading the book since it came out a couple of weeks ago they've been really for me written from the perspective of someone who did not believe so who did not that's necessarily in the way that I had but in a very different way in a way in which they had similar their own dreams and she wrote a line in the book saying, that at one point she was trapped in the purgatory of mundane and I was like holy, shit that is a place where so many people are trapped the purgatory of the mundane just stuck in the day to day. It just reflection and thinking to myself you know, I resonate with this like, I get it, I know what it feels like to feel stuck, to feel like you can't go forward, to feel like life is insurmountable that your dreams are stifle that you cannot possibly step into anything other than what you're in and where you're at right now. And that's a hard realization, I think for a lot of people was a hard realization for me when I recognized that, a lot of the doing of my experience was at my choice and if you know anything about Lisa, today she is the cofounder of not only Quest Nutrition which became a billion-dollar company but also cofounder of Impact Theory, she has the host of women have impact an amazing, amazing show on YouTube, you can listen to over the podcasts too.

And now an author and I sat down had dinner with Lisa, Tom and some of our friends, I think it was February of this year and we were talking about this book and this journey and her putting herself in the shoes of being an author and stepping into the discomfort of wanting to create something really powerful. And I told her as soon as the book comes out, I will read it and in fact what I will do is I will give ten copies of this book away to the Unbroken Nation audience, so if you want a copy of this book, I'm gonna do this on a first come serve basis and so, what you have to do is go on the iTunes, leave a review of the show, screenshot it and tag me on social media on Instagram and Twitter @michaelunbroken both places this is important you tag me and you tag @lisabilyeu because we're talking about radical confidence this is her book and I'm giving out copies of it to the first ten people, in this order that do exactly what I just said.

So, screenshot, you'll review on iTunes, post it as a story or in your feed on your social media channels and tag me @michaelunbroken and @lisabilyeu

So, that said, I wanna read this excerpt from the book because it was really moving to me and I think that when you kind of sit in your truth, you discover that sometimes the very person in your way is you and the book is beautiful by the way if you haven't read it, please, please do.



Another thing I did to stab my dream in the heart which I can recognize now was not taking the time or energy to define it. I knew I wanted to make moves but I stopped there about four or five years in I realized that when Tom and I talked about our future movies had become money.

We were trying to make money, which was to make movies but we didn't break it down to see if the end was still going to justify the means.

I'd never dug deeper into my dreams to articulate what making movies meant to me or even which part of making movies I actually wanted to get involved in, that I want to produce, write or direct.

Why did I have to be an L.A. to make them, that I want to make features short films or animations because Tom and I never drilled down to the details of what we wanted or why we wanted it, we stalled at our first major roadblock, needing money to fund the projects.

We couldn't see beyond that obstacle, we didn't even check the map to see if there was an alternate route, we just stayed there.

Him working his butt off at a job he hated and me at home trying to stay busy by organizing our sock drawer. Do I set them up by color or type?

To make your dream come true you have to know what you want, why and be willing to move in any direction in order to make visible steps towards it. Hazy, foggy, google dreams, stay floating around up in the clouds specific well-defined ones float down to earth to become a reality.


That was a really beautiful couple of paragraphs as I read it the first time, I've literally read that like ten times. And you know as I talk about on the show action is everything in this world, if you wanna create massive change in your life you take action but you have to take action against well-defined plan, you have to lay it out.

We talk about massive clarity on this show all the time.

What do you want?

Sit down. Take a piece of paper. Figure out who, what, when, why, how you have to do this, I cannot explain to you in enough detail why it is so incredibly important to have massive clarity and then to make a decision about moving towards that whatever that clarity is and taking action again and again and again and on a long enough timeline, if you take enough appropriate action that dream will float down from the clouds and become your reality.

I see it happened all the time with the people I coach, I see it what the people I look up to, I see it with my mentors, I see it with even some of you who listen to this show when you message me and you email me and you DM me, and you talk about your victories which by the way every single time someone emails me, I email them back. So, if you're ever like, I don't know if I can like reach out and talk to this guy about where I'm at in my life michael@thinkunbroken.com is my email, you are welcome to email me at any time no one on my team checks my email but me and I promise you I respond to you.

You know, you look at these dreams, you look at the activities, you look at what you want your life and for some of us we stifle our own dreams by not having clarity, by not taking action and a lot of that starts because we don't know where to begin but the best place to begin is where you are at literally right now in this moment, by just sitting, taking a pen on a piece of paper and starting to create the context of what it is that you want and then you start to move towards that little by little. As you go this thing will happen you will start to build confidence and, in that confidence, you will reinforce your ability to create the life that you want to have but it starts with first creating clarity.

And so, that said, if you have not checked out Lisa's book, I highly recommend it, you guys know I don't plug a lot but I recently on twitter had tweeted that this was instantly going to be a book in the Think Unbroken recommended book reading list. And so, this is one of those books’ radical confidence @lisabilyeu, that is a book I highly recommend and let me be clear, okay, because we live in a world that we do, nobody's paying me to say this, nobody slip up in my DM’s and like hey, will you do this? I'm doing this because this book actually mattered to me, I'm doing it because it was important, because I read it also, because she's a friend and someone I look up to.

And I think about our ability to show up every single day and to do so without confidence is a very, very daunting journey. And so, if you're filling little shaky, little wave in your confidence, I highly recommend this book even, as I read, I was like damn, I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna do that.

Executable. Actionable and Practical tools are in this book.

So, that said my friends, please go check it out.

Leave a review. If you want to be one of the ten people who will receive a book again this is in order first come serve.

So, go on iTunes, leave a review about the show on the Think Unbroken Podcast page, screenshot, posted on social, Twitter, Instagram tag me and Lisa Bilyeu and we'll count down. First ten people to do this we're gonna get a copy of the book.

So, thank you my friends, I appreciate you being here means the world to me.

And Until Next Time.

Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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