June 12, 2022

E329: Michael Unbroken with David Meltzer Live | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I want to share the important and incredible conversation on David Meltzer Podcast. What is your purpose here on planet earth? How does time interplay with your mindset with what you are doing?
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 In this episode, I want to share the important and incredible conversation on David Meltzer Podcast.

What is your purpose here on planet earth?

How does time interplay with your mindset with what you are doing?

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David: What's the purpose of the amalgamation of that frequency of you as a mentor, coaching, a teacher on all the different platforms? Books, stages, podcast, etcetera.

Michael: You know, David it dawned on me about six years ago that in order to live a life that was fulfilling I needed to do something that fulfilled me and in that it was I can to very simple conclusion that my mission is to end generational trauma in my lifetime through education and information so that another child doesn't have to have a story like mine. And so, in that what I discovered was that the only way you can actually do that of a practical sense is to actually do it.

So, stages, podcast, books, coaching, conversations like this because one of the biggest things that we have access to in a way that we've never had access to in the history of humanity is information. And I wanted to be able to be a proponent of putting out the right information not only based on my journey but in what I learned from being mentored, being coached and being taught because ultimately there is the symbiosis of this experience that we all perpetually are going through together that leads to this place of not only building community but building towards that fulfillment whether it's a big mission like what I have or whether it's just I wanna be the best dad, best coach, you know whatever that thing is.

David: Time is so important in this process and let me explain what I mean is when I was capable of reconciling time with what it happened in gratitude, forgiveness, empathy, sympathy, the accountability and inspiration when I was able to say there's light love and lessons in the person that abused me as a nine year old, they're just like there's light love and lessons in your mom but I need to reconcile my time with it and I need to decide how to prioritize my time with those around me that are feeding me and it takes so much more energy to find the light to love and the lessons and some people that I'm actually neglecting or diminishing my capacity with those people that have open minds, those people that are feeding me. And so, I wanna know how you have been able to utilize time, your understanding of time, study time in this respect of is there a reconciliation of time that you utilize in a pragmatic world with these unbelievable bigger issues of genetic and energetic inherited to generational trauma, how does time interplay for you with your mindset your hard set and your handset with what you're doing?

Michael: Yeah. I mean that's a phenomenal question and no again, no one's asking that question before but it's something I actually think about every single day. You know, you hear the old adage time heals all wounds, I believe that to be true if you also add in doing the work, if you also add an educating yourself, if you also add in building a community and going through this process of healing because when I was a child, I used to look at the clock on the wall at school and beg for it to slow down David because the scariest thing for me was to walk through my front door and go home. And so, I would be like please, slow down please and I don't wanna do this and what happened is over time I learned how I could be more capable stepping into who I am and again just allowing that space, seeking the community, seeking the healing, seeking like the education even our connection, right? Being able to go, who do I need to learn from today in recognizing that patience there's the arguably most important aspect of this because you're gonna fail forward in the words of our friend John Maxwell as you’re in this process of this journey.

The hardest three years of my life were twenty six to twenty nine at the beginning of this journey when I got serious about healing and it was like one step forward a million steps backwards and I learned how to reconcile my own behaviors based on the truth that we are the sum total all of our experiences leading up to this moment and if you add an causation and correlation you recognize that you've been set up to be the person that you are until you recognize that you can make the decision to no longer be that person but instead to create yourself then the only way that you can create yourself is by getting clarity about who you wanna to become and on a long enough timeline becoming that person understanding that you can shed your past and reconcile, not only the time but who you used to be because that's ultimately the only way you're gonna become who you're capable of being.

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