May 24, 2022

E310 : It's ok to be happy | Mental Health Coach

In this episode, I've been trying to tap deeper into, especially over this year, mainly, and that's this idea about just being happy and just being content. I learned that happiness comes about through being the person you choose to be every day.
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In this episode, I've been trying to tap deeper into, especially over this year, mainly, and that's this idea about just being happy and just being content.

I learned that happiness comes about through being the person you choose to be every day. Happiness comes through not comparing, not judging, and not trying to come up and make your life something other than what it is that you want it to be.

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What's up, Unbroken Nation! Hope that you're doing well wherever you are in the world today. I am in the process of quite a few different things one, if you're watching on video and knows my hands are kind of blue; one painting because I actually just moved into the new recording studio which I'm very excited about so there's gonna be some more shifts happening the show where we're gonna do some in person recordings we'll continue to do zoom things and guys let me tell you this I have some unbelievable guests coming on the show. There are a couple of people who I'm not gonna lie like when they said yes, I literally was like yes, just so excited more to come on that though. So, in the new office in the new studio we got a couple different recording setup in here that I'm very, very excited about so lots of work to do but of course three hundred and sixty-five episodes means three hundred and sixty-five episodes and so here we go.

I spent the weekend at Veecon which is Gary V, NFT, web three, blockchain event and just felt really, really inspired leaving and coming back couple of things that were really beautiful about the event if you don't know so if you bought a veencon in NFT or a Vee friends NFT you got access to come to which was in Minneapolis and it was at US Bank Stadium unbelievable there's a bunch of picture I posted in a video reel that I put on Instagram and YouTube and there was a Ferris wheel, in there were these giant guys running around in costumes there were these amazing events. One of the things that I've been contemplating that now is about to start going into action is actually releasing a NFT four Think Unbroken there's more information to come to that but we're going to parlay that with Unbroken Con which is you're hearing at first event that we will be announcing soon that will be happening later in the year where I see this playing out in two ways. One, being a two-day event where there's multiple speakers, we bring in some of the greatest minds of mental health in the world and we fill a room in a limited capacity make it an exclusive event to about a hundred people. So, there's gonna be more information on that to come so we won't get them the details there. The other option it may just be virtual, I don't know yet, in works it's in the process so we'll figure out. But I wanted to go to veecon not only to learn about NFT’s but also to connect with a lot of amazing people that I happen to know in the space, I gotta spend time with Tom Bilyeu, my mentor of course as you know on, I think it was Thursday night late got in there and he had a meet up for Impact Theory for the projects release, so that was super fun sorry, I'm brain dead from a very long day. That said, you know there an ongoing theme that I've been trying to tap deeper into especially over the course of this year particularly and that's this idea about just being happy like, just being content and in the environment of being at veecon, you just saw, I saw so many happy people, so many people just excited to be in the room, excited to be a part of this beautiful experience and excited to be with people. It's crazy to me how many people I ran into who like, I'm so happy just to be around human beings again. You know, covid was crazy for all of us and for some of us you know especially just getting out into the world again just feels good so, I'm happy that happen and I'm happy about a lot of thing like, I have so much happiness in me right now because it's like you know life is such a trip and you have the opportunity and the ability today to kinda step deeper in the happiness but I think that starts with you know deploying a bunch of gratitude and I made a episode recently just a lot of gratitude that I could not do this show without you guys, could not do with without my team but there's so much happiness that I haven't doing this and I decided to go with the long haul on this endeavor and just go deep do a show a day, get the most amazing minds on planet earth on this show, build a team around it and so on and so forth.

One of the really incredible ask of this is it's made my life so much better, you know, I talk all the time about getting massive clarity and I had clarity at the beginning, I said three hundred and sixty five shows and that mattered to me because I wanted to be able to put something together that felt like it was going to drive me forward every day because I get so much happiness in my life, so much joy so much power for lack of a better way to phrase it through showing up and doing the thing that I said I'm gonna do. And there's happiness in it, see what's really interesting and this is a compelling conversation. A lot of people will come to me and be like, man you're so intense and I do have resting bitch face so let's be clear about that, I know this about me, they're like you're super intense and you always seem to be on the move and you go a hundred miles an hour, you do all these incredibly difficult things all the time like, how do you have joy in your life? Like when do you take time off when do you go on vacation? I'm like, I don't and I don't because I'm happy like that's the thing people have to understand and if I were miserable, I promise you, I take way more time off than I do but because I'm happy and I enjoy my life and I love getting to show up every day, I love getting to have these conversations with you and to build Think Unbroken and to get the emails on the letters like it bring so much joy to me.

And the happiness for me is about me, aligning who I am with the day to day like, showing up authentically every single day and so for this what I wanted to go a little bit deeper on is I want you to ask yourself if you're truly happy with your life? Because you might actually be and I wanna go somewhere with this where people often get lost or like, yeah, but I'm not filthy rich and don't have a fucking Lamborghini and I don't have a mansion and I'm like so neither do like fucking ninety eight percent of people on planet on earth. But do you have an awesome relationship? Do you have great friends? Can you afford your bills? Can you on the occasion? Go to the movies? Can you be happy like, can you can you be okay with having that? And I don't think that you have to have everything like, I just don't like, I want everything like and I know you guys have heard me say that before I'm like, I want everything I should have everything but for me everything has and will continue to be like how do I show up today? Did I do the thing I said I was gonna do today? Did I push myself today? Did I make someone's life better today? And that makes me happy. And if you're in this place where you're not, I want you to check comparison like, get really probably vicious honest with yourself and ask yourself like, are you comparing yourself to other people? Is your happiness being taken from you? Because you are allowing this space to exist in which other people have become the baseline for which and the predication for which you determine who you are because that's a fucking dangerous place and I've been there, so look, as always and forever I will always be the first one to be like, yep, been there done that shit. But if you're leveraging other people to determine whether or not you're happy that's a dangerous place to be because chances are they're not happy like, go and look at people's social media accounts. One of the reasons why like, I often will bring up, I mean just the other day the first line of my post was child abuses war because the truth is like it would be really fucking easy for me to only show you, here I am with celebrities and here I am with changing makers in the world and here I am when I'm on an airplane but I'm like, that doesn't fucking make sense because that's not the entirety of my life.

Now, do I show you everything? No, because like who gives a fuck what I'm eating that literally does not matter but can I show you things that are true? Can I talk about abuse? Can I talk about my mother cutting my finger off? Can I talk about those other things? Yes, and the reason why is because I don't want you guys to ever believe that somehow magically my life became absolutely perfect because it didn't, it isn't, it won't be, it will never be but what I can say is that every single day, I get a continue to build, I gotta a continue to grow and so can I get to this place in my life where I continue to show up? And that my friend is the game. It's not about the possessions, it's not about the money and it's about showing up, it's about being of impact, it's about living life on your terms, it is about asking yourself, can you just be okay with what you have?

And it breaks my heart when I see that people are so worried about all this thing and I didn't get invested into that thing and if only I could do what you can't. Guys the past the past, you have to let go of it, you have to be okay knowing that you're not always gonna be right, you have to be okay with this. And happiness as much as it can feel cumbersome and attainable and like impossible even at times, I don't have those moments or like these feels fucking impossible like, what happiness for who? For me? No way, that'll never happen and then what you learned what I learned was happiness really comes about through being the person that you choose to be every day. Happiness comes through not comparing, not judging, not trying to come up and make your life something other than what it is that you want it to be.

Happiness like, can you be okay and the answer is, yes. Chances are there are people in your life right now, who are they're telling you; you know you should do this or you should do that. Like, fuck you shouldn't even listen to me like to be honest with you like, I wouldn't even listen to me you have to trust your gut, you have to trust your instincts, you have to trust every part about who you are because if you're not willing to do that, you're never going to find happiness. And if you are trusting and you fill content in it and you're like man, life's is pretty fucking good like, own it, you don't have to have everything. Please, stop letting social media lie to you. I was in the room there were kids in that room over the weekend who got into NFT’s up the very beginning a few years ago and they've got millions and millions of millions of dollars and you just look at them and you go and you have these conversations with them and I communicated with them, and I was communicating with them and I just felt so much empathy for them because you could see it in their eyes and their tonality and their body movements in the way that they interacted that they were fucking miserable. And guys I've told you this before when I was twenty-five and you know making all this money my life was a disaster like please, please, please don't let money be the thing that you determine your value in your worth on. Let it be how you show up for your family, your community, your neighbors, how you show up for yourself first and foremost and if you're good, yes, you won. So, I'm always trying to tell you, if you are good,you won. Like, I feel like I'm winning every fucking day and am I a millionaire? No, do I have a Ferrari? No. Do I have a helicopter? No, not yet. Do I want those things I do but I'm happy and content in the day to day of every single one of these moments of my life because I know that I'm showing up for me. And if you can do that for you and you can leverage that, that's where of the happiness comes from and so be okay with that.

So, my friends, I'll leave you with this, I know that life can feel incredibly unfair and daunting and that no one hears you and you're never gonna make it and that why bother. But that's why we created Think Unbroken and that's why this exists is to help give you, not only the tools but the community. There are so many good people in this Think Unbroken community and I encourage you, if you have not to please come and join our Discord, I'm gonna get deeper into it my craziness of travel is ending for a very long time, well not a very long time but for a couple of months hopefully, anyway you never know.

But that said we're gonna get deeper in their Unbroken Con is coming, I’m telling you right now and the people who sign up for that I cannot tell you how much you're going to get taken care of. Like you have no idea what I have in store for you. So, Unbroken Con will be coming, the NFT will be coming, more programs will come, more books will come, there's a lot happening over here, I'm doubling down, we're going deeper and I'm very excited to be on this ride with you, my friends.

So, Unbroken Nation with that said, thank you so much for listening. Please like, subscribe, comment, share.

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