May 9, 2022

E295: Create You | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I want to share with you. I want you to understand something when you take the energy and put it into your life in a way that is predicated on making your life better or different, happy, healed, fulfilled, or whatever word you need...
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In this episode, I want to share with you. I want you to understand something when you take the energy and put it into your life in a way that is predicated on making your life better or different, happy, healed, fulfilled, or whatever word you need on a long enough timeline, you will have that.

Think Unbroken goal and mission is very simple. We want to empower and show people possibility.

Take some time to listen.

Please think about the life that you want to have

Think about what you want to build.

Think about what healing means, what living your dream is making, and what being the hero of your own story is!

- Be Unbroken.

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! I hope that you're doing well wherever you are in the world today. Apologize for the audio quality today, I am on the road, I am in New York City, getting ready to go and do another speech here about Think Unbroken and I'm very much looking forward to a very, very excited about being back in New York City, I have not been here and probably fifteen years, no, twelve years somewhere around there. When I was flying in, I was looking at all of the buildings, the skyscrapers, seeing the empire state building and just thinking myself like, this pretty amazing, you know, this opportunity to go and speak about trauma and healing and everything that Think Unbroken is it's an honor, I don't have a better way to phrase it. And what's especially incredible about this journey is the fact that when I left Indiana for the very first time, it was to here in New York City and I thought to myself even that time all those years like ago eighteen, I just now like had a little bit of money, I don't actually think I've ever talked about this on the show, I got accepted into an art school to go and do fine art photography.

So, as many of you may know one of my businesses back in the day, I was a professional wedding photographer for and I'd always had a camera in my hand and I'd always been running around taking photos, trying to do something with that, so, I got accepted this our school, I came out here. The long story is short of it is, it didn't work out and I remember being just totally devastated like, when you're a kid and something goes wrong it just like, destroys your whole life because you're eighteen and you don't know anything, you don't realize yet the truth that there's so much opportunity still ahead and so, at eighteen years old, I belt devastated.

So, I'm on this plane coming in today, coming back here in New York City for the first time in all these years and I'll say this, when I was eighteen that was not the last time that I was here there's been other times before or since I should say and so now with this being the most recent trip looking out the plain window getting ready to land, I had this slot and that's what I wanted share with you today is the truth about this journey. My journey is, I never anticipated any of this. When I started this six years ago when I was like, alright I'm just gonna write this blog, just gonna try to help some people and in the process really get into a bigger depth of helping myself and never would imagine in a million years I'd be here. And this morning when I landed, when the signal came back to my phone, I got an email from someone and now of course I will not say who or what the subject matter was in depth but what I will say is this and the subject line said; ‘You saved my life’ and that was really beautiful and I got emotional, I mean even right now in this moment, I'm getting little don't choked up because it's like, guys you have to understand something, I  didn't save your life that's not me, that's entirely you; you have to take credit for that, all I simply did will just show you the tools, all I did was just let you know it's possible that's it and I understand why people say that and why get those emails and I get those texts and I get those DM’s but the truth is you did this, not me.

You see my life is what's happening right now, I'm the only person I've ever saved that's it. I've only ever saved me, I've never saved anyone else and I understand that the tools in the curriculum Think Unbroken have been incredibly beneficial for so many people and that's the thrilling to me and that's what I want, that's what this whole thing was all about from the beginning.

And so, as you're going through this with me like, this is also my journey, right? So, we are in a parlay, believe it or not, and so, I'm getting off the plane the message comes in, I looked down, I read it and I was just so moved. I'm was so moved because I'm here living my dream, right? Now looking at my life and being like, know what I wanna do, I know we're I want to build, I know the impact that I wanna have on the world but what you get a see are these small glimpses into my reality.

And what I wanna share with you what this whole episode is really about is I want you to understand something, when you take the energy and put it into your life in a way that is predicated on making your life better or different or happy or healed or fulfilled or whatever word is that you need on a long enough timeline you will have that and I believe that true for everyone, I truly, truly believe that. So, when I look at my life and this moment today for instance walking the streets of New York City, being back here in this place that I love so much it's like, I'm just living my dream, it's just taking me so long to get here and what people don't see as they don't see the eighty hour work weeks, they don't see the hundred hour works weeks, they don't see all the content I consume, all the educational, all the coaching, all the business stuff, all the everything that it takes, they don't see the financial investment, I mean I'll keep it real with you guys I've spent six figures in the last eighteen months just trying to be the best coach, best author, best speaker, the best entrepreneur that I can be, that's podcast host, right? And so, what I want you to think about is and again I says to you guys all the time that's not a flex, it's not, I dedicate every penny back into this company, into my team and to myself so that we can go and be in a position to create change in the world.

And when you guys send me those emails like, it means the world like, I cannot explain it to you same as like when you leave reviews for the podcast, it's like that fuels me. When you guys buy programs that fuels me because it's a reminder that we're doing the right thing, you know it's funny because people say know I got a DM or it might have been a comment, I think it was a comment, yeah, comment last week on one of my posts and people like oh, you're taking away from people who are hurting and that comes off the back of charging for programs and books and stuff and I thought to myself for a second there that's not true because anytime I've ever been offered something for free, I've never done anything with it, that holds true of what's about to happen right now this week in New York City, if I would not have invested in myself, I probably would not be here, can almost guarantee that actually, you know what I mean?

And so, the investment that you're making into yourself is about building your dreams and I'm just simply like a catalyst that, I'm the teacher like I'm a coach, right? I tell you guys us all the time, I'm not here to be here friend as much as I love you, I'm here to be your coach, I'm here to guide you, I'm here to teach you, I'm here to lead you into your championship of your life whatever that may mean for you. So, what that means it's for me, I have that too, I have coaches, I have mentors, I have people who are leading me into the championship of my life and so this is a secular, right? It's so much we're all learning from each other, we're all growing from each other while building from each other and so as you go through this just remember and keep in mind that you are the one doing this in your life, nobody else, no one else is gonna save your life, there's no Disney moments, nobody's coming to rescue and you're going to have to invest your time, effort, energy or money, you're going to have to probably invest four, you hear me save this all the time. But that's what has led me into this place where now I gotta to live my dreams.

When I was a kid, I just I wanted to be a rock star like, I wanted to be on stages, I wanted to be Jay-z and I know where that comes from because one of the things I was as child was invisible man, and as an adult choose to be seen and in my stage like, many other people, many of my peers and friends who are in this personal development space, our goal and our mission is very simple, we want to empower and show people possibility.And so, my hope is that this will empower you and show you the possibility and when I get on stages and I'm speaking on behalf of Think Unbroken it's you guys that I'm thinking about when I'm getting up there, it's my siblings, it's my family, it's myself, it's my lineage and ultimately, it's just to show people one thing. Anything is possible, you can have everything that you want in your life, you can and it just takes time, it takes energy, it takes effort, it takes money, it takes a full investment and trusting in yourself to make your dreams come true.

And I tell you guys all the time; my dreams are still thirty-seven years away and I mean that, there are so many things that I want to do, right? But today, I'm in it, yesterday it was in it tomorrow I will be in it and every single day just move towards what it is that you wanna build, with massive clarity. And you know, when you go and look at the coaching programs that I've built, when you read the books, when you listen to this podcast, you'll pick up on little things day in and day out, and the same way that I pick up on little things day in and day out from the mentors and guides that are in my life but you have to do something with it; that's the difference between success and failure here.

So, I'm going to implore you to take this information and go and build your life because your story may be the very thing that saved someone else's life and that's what this is about. You know, yesterday I was on podcast and my friend MJ asked me she was like, what does it really mean to end generational trauma? And it's simply means to give everyone the tools to know that it doesn't matter where you start it's like, I wrote in the first book though trauma may be our foundation it is not our future and that comes with the choices and the decisions that you make Unbroken Nation.

So, this week as New York City, no mic, we're recording just like this, you're watching on YouTube probably some just using my cell phone.

Do me a favor. Please think about the life that you wanna have, think about what you wanna build, think about what healing means, what living your dream is making, what being the hero of your own story means. Write that down and start moving towards it we because telling you right now on a long enough time, my friends they can be yours.

So, thank you Unbroken Nation. I appreciate you guys being here.

Thank you for listening to this show still even on the times when the mic isn't great, I know personally it's annoying, I totally walked out of the house at four o'clock in the morning to get to the airport and left the mic, so that's my bad this actually sounds better than the headphones, so, that's why we're doing it this way but that said, thank you my friends.

Of course, I appreciate you greatly.

And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.