May 1, 2022

E287: You DON'T Have to justify who you are to anyone! (PART 4) | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, this was the last part of our conversation about being you are. I hope it brings a tremendous amount of value to you guys. I hope that you find a lot of truth in these conversations.
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In this episode, this was the last part of our conversation about being you are.

I hope it brings a tremendous amount of value to you guys.

I hope that you find a lot of truth in these conversations.

I hope that it is just the thought process for you, maybe things that you're in right now and perhaps the things that haven't considered yet, because I want you going to be able to step further deeper into this journey knowing that there are so much that you have taken bring your life starting like now.


This is a great episode, guys!

Listen and Be Unbroken.

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To also be able to follow through because of what will happen is many people could, yeah, I don't have to justify myself and you're like the fuck wait, I'm just saying like, it's just true like, I've been there, I've been that guy. And if you go out, you ask I need to go and get mission for people know you don't what you need to do is get massively clear about want get massive clarity about who you are, because here's the truth your friends are gonna tell you don’t date that person, don't start that business, don't do that podcast, don't go on that trip, don't quit that job, don’t go back to school; your friend will always tell you a reason why you can't do something, so are family, so pairs and that's not because they don't have anything other than what they believed to be your best interest, that's it and one you be successful. But they've already filled and so now they don't want you to attempt finding out whether or not and that's not them trying to pull you down most of the time but instead them not evaluating and understanding of truth that the only way you're gonna figure out who you are is by figuring out who you are.

And so, like one of the things that I think is very dangerous it's for you to go out and lay out your plans, lay your problems to other people, of course this is contextual, go talk to your therapist, go talk to your coach, what I'm talking about people that you have not brought into your circle to be the people to guide you.

If you're sitting around dinner with your home or your girlfriends and you're talking about your life, I can promise you ninety-nine out hundred times those people are not solution oriented; they are not solution oriented and so because they are not solution oriented, you they're gonna tell you every freaking reason under the sun why you cannot should not or won't be able to accomplish that they may want to accomplish, that ultimately will become an evaluation of the kind of people that you're spending time with that's another conversation for other day. But if you don't ever just the panic and you don't ask permission but instead you say this is what I am doing. You will find out quickly like with experiencing, those are around you actually are there to support you and believe in your dreams and those other. In this place that we land in our lives about justification that you have to understand again coming back the causation and correlation, we are taught from the youngest age to raise your hand, stay quiet, be in the back, don't be loud, don't show up, don't do this, you can't. Like in middle school we really had a fucking sign in our hallway and middle school that said you can said do not dream about being a basketball player, going be it doctor. What if I wanted to be a fucking basketball player like, people will enough of context some freaking terrible. So, as you're going through this and you're thinking about ever since you were done, everyone's told you, you gotta be a permission to be you, no you don’t, and you are not child any anymore. You have to take this as exactly as I'm saying to, you’re not child anymore, you not have asked and permission be yourself and if you are operating through your truth, your values, your honesty, your heart, your life as you choose to create it then you don’t have to justify yourself anymore.

Unbroken Nation you ever learn anything for me, please understand this factor because as you step deeper into creating you, there how do you get into the first book, Think Unbroken, talk about this concept create you and that comes from the willingness that you have to have to set everyone else's opinions about who you should be to the sun, to understand causation and correlation of the traumatic experiences of your life that has led you to this place in, which you figure your identity and instead of being you; you can chameleon, right? I go back the beginning here full circle jugo jeans my experience. And you have to recognize to go where you want to go, you have to understand where you got to where you are.

So, as you start to cross this chasm into what is next into your life, creating who you are do not justify who you are.

So, Unbroken Nation, thank you my friends, thank you for being me on Tuesday night. I love Tuesday night coaching; I hope it brings a tremendous amount of value to you guys. I hope that you find a lot of truth in these conversations, I hope that it just the thought process for you, maybe things that you're in right now as of their maybe the things that haven't considered yet because I want you gonna be able to step further deeper into this journey knowing that there's so much that you've have taken bring your life starting like now.

Like what we just talked about is here for right now, in this moment, you make decision, you make choices today and what you have ahead of you is everything, it's all helpful, everything that you wanna in your life but you've gotta be willing to get super focused, get massive clarity, do the work, show up, say here of something is, this who I am, this is what I wanna be, this is going to be my experience.

And you know whether it is you come from this background in the world of tool that you're not enough. Fuck them! You don't have to justify, you're not as you are as long as you're to say I'm living and I’m enough, that doesn't mean you're gonna have everything like, because yes what probably not they're good enough yet there are skills and talents that you must learn, there's feeling that must be done, there's education to be add, there a long enough time life that you want here for you.

You've gotta be willing to fucking across this threshold, you’ve gotta be willing to step into, there’s no one can hand it to you guys, there is no Disney moment, nobody’s coming to save you, talk about the solid time but I’m gonna tell you now, tools are here, Tuesday coaching, Think Unbroken app, if you have the app store.

You know if you're at put this out again, you can listen to this again and come back to be a part of this community on Discord, come on, be a part of this thing like this whole entire journey, this full experience is about us coming together and create the life that we want to have. You can have them all like, I promise you; you can but you got put in the work, you've got put in effort, you have to be a part of community, this coaching for Tuesday night like we'll have people watch now lot thousands and thousands of people listen to it on the podcast which thank you guys so much. And ultimately, it's not the books, it's not the coaching program is not anything that will get you want to go other than you deciding on it is that you are. If I can give you the magic that would be it, go and take this, and you're like what's next as you choose to be done anyone else has up.

Unbroken Nation thank you so much, my friends, I appreciate your being here me, it means the world to me.

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Recently, we broke the top forty shows number eight in the Ohio which is freaking amazing, I think we're number thirty-eight in Canada and that's because of you guys it's you’re listening, you're showing up, were part of this Unbroken Nation, I love you guys so much. You are the reason why I continue to do this. You know, people ask me all the time, why you do this, this gonna be exhausting and the answer as it is but my mission okay, think about this, I told you guys, I have to have massive clear about my mission state. My mission is to end generational trauma in our lifetime through education and information. And that out of show we can do it, come in follow through, I didn't ask anybody permission to do Tuesday night coach, I didn't pick up the phone, I never recall nobody and didn't even ask my coach, I just said fucking do it this, here we are month later Tuesday night, this is what you do.

So, guys you're not justifying. Go Up. Build your life. Get massive Clarity.

And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

I’ll see you.

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