April 8, 2022

E263: Courage | CPTSD and Mental Health Coach

In this episode, I talk about courage, the power of words, and how important it is to define what words mean to you. Find the courage in your life; this is what I want you to think about. Can you find the courage in your life today? Share This...
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In this episode, I talk about courage, the power of words, and how important it is to define what words mean to you.

Find the courage in your life; this is what I want you to think about.

Can you find the courage in your life today?

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The definition of courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

What's up, Unbroken Nation! I hope that you're doing well my friends. I was thinking about the power of words if you remember you may not because it's been a long time I had an episode years and years ago about the power of words and how important is to recognize that we as individuals choose and define what words in our life mean. And in that I talked about how so often we can get offended, we can get pissed off, we can even get elated from the words that other people use with us and even the words we use with ourselves. And how important it is to define what words mean for you in your own life and was thinking about my values.

And you guys I've talked about my values a million times this is not that episode. You know my values are honesty, kindness, leadership, self actualization and no excuses. But when I was thinking about my values, I was thinking about the meaning that those have in my life and I was thinking about courage all the time probably more often than I actually want is people will message me and I’m like oh, you're so courageous for sharing your story. And I think to myself but if I don't do this who will? And there's something about the strength that I have; this is why I've read the definition of courage. Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and will withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

And I think about what it means to be courageous and how many of you guys are courageous and how incredible it is that you are here fighting this fucking battle day in and day out trying to end generational trauma, trying to take back your lives, trying to be the hero of your own story and doing it. And so many of you with great success like – it's so crazy to me when I see how many people sign up for the coaching program, so if you go over a coaching.thinkunbroken.com you can learn more about that and it's crazy me when I see people sign up for that go through the six weeks of daily intensive coaching like just learning, learning, learning, learning and then come out the other side and be like that thing changed my life, like that takes courage.

I think about my life and maybe there's some courage in what I do but I've come to the conclusion that I cannot not do it, there's no option, there's no negotiating of whether or not it is reasonable for me to show up and coach and lead. And so was thinking about the word courage and coming back to this and being like I'm willing to face fear but can I be a proctor; can I be a guide for the Unbroken Nation, the people in the courses, the people who read the books, the people listen this podcast to find courage in themselves as well. And that's what's so hard about this journey is often because of trauma, because of abuse we learn to stop being courageous, why? Because when we do try to be courageous like there's some kind of pain or suffering and so our brains gonna, you better not be courageous it's gonna get you fucked up and then you realize like you have to be willing to step into that, you have to be willing to choose to be courageous and face your fear something we've talked about many many times on this show because on the backside of that effort and this endeavor is beauty as power.

And like when I was thinking about this meaning and you think about the other words that go along with this it's metal, it's spirit, it's resolution, tenacity, right? And you think about the amount of strain, the amount of difficulty, the amount of challenge, the amount of threat, the amount of stress that we're under and how persistent you have to be and how unwilling you have to be to admit defeat. Like the thing that I think is so fucking incredible about the people who really go into unbroken, who really step into this they say I am not gonna be fucking defeated, I'm gonna show up,I'm gonna do the hard work, I'm gonna answer the hard questions, I'm gonna do this thing that is building my life every single day day in and day out, I'm going to live life on my terms and that to me is fucking amazing because that is where this really takes shape that's where like the truth of building and creating life that you want to have starts to come into play. And so find the courage in your life this is what I want you to think about. Can you find the courage in your life today? To do it anyway? To do the hard thing? To do the uncomfortable thing? To do the difficult thing? To do the thing that you know is gonna change your life and can you define what courage means for you? Because for me as I've sat with this courage about the willingness to do it anyway despite the ridicule which I get, despite the the gas lighting which I get, despite the hate which I get. So I'm gonna do it anyway courage to me is doing it anyway is showing up, building Think Unbroken, coaching, educating, writing books, doing podcast and saying I'm gonna do this anyway no matter what, no matter who wants to stop me, nobody can stop me but me that's what courage means to me.

And so when you think about the power of words that you have in your life how do you define these other words, right? Like, for me leadership… Leadership for me means going first.

Leadership for me and means going first. Being the guy says fuck it let's get it done. I'm not gonna wait, I'm not gonna wait for someone else to make it, I'm gonna make a decision we're gonna go and get it done right now, it's about choices, right? That's what leadership is making the right choices to while understanding that I very likely could fail but trusting my instinct that I'm putting myself, my business, my clients, my family, my community in a place to be successful, right? That's leadership. Self-actualization that's about showing up as me no matter what. Six foot four, covered in tattoos, gold nose ring, the whole nine, gonna get more tattoos, gonna get more piercing like I'm gonna live that life that's who I am gonna, drive a big ass truck because that's what I like to drive and you know that self-actualization is me not bending who I am for you and that's what I want of you too. If I were to say if I could give and I've said before I wouldn't do this but I'm go back on what I said. I've always said; I wouldn't ever tell people the values I should have but I do believe that self-actualization should be a value that you have, I believe it should be. I don't know that's free to side, I believe it should be because self-actualization is about living life on your damn terms. Can you get to that? And as you go through just building all these different words, how they play a role in your life but really sitting in this idea about courage and why that matters, because you are courageous, to be here, to listen of this, to pick up the books, to sit out the conversation because I know so many of you guys have Think Unbroken, I know how many of you have read it, I know how many of you have eight steps to heal your inner child, I know how many people have pre ordered Unbroken Man which will come out in June.

And I know that because I see the numbers and I want you to know that you're courageous for reading these books because a lot of people are not going to read them because they're terrified which I understand because like even writing them when putting out in the world, go, men this title is gonna scare people. Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma nobody wants to be seen on the bus reading that shit but for those of you that do, congratulations because that's incredible, for those of you that sit at home and read it who have it in your ears at the gym, who listen to this show, who are part of the Unbroken Nation on all the platforms which we exist like you're courageous for being here! That's amazing! Like it's so amazing because if you think about this five, seven, fifteen, twenty years ago we wouldn't be having this conversation, we wouldn't be talking about these things at all and it swept under the rug and we are the first people. This group of you hardcore the motherfuckers who are doing this every single day we are the first people to put our foot in the door of opening this thing up and be like we're not gonna do this anymore, we're not gonna stand by, we're not gonna be quiet, we're gonna be loud about it, we're gonna learn, we're gonna heal, we're gonna change the world and for that you're courageous and for that I'm proud of you and thank you for being here and being a part of this because like there are so many days where I'm just like shit we gotta grow this fucking thing and I need your help, I need you to tell people about this show, I need you to tell people about this book your family, your friends, the people have been impacted by this because like if you don't do that; if you don't tell people about this, I can only reach so many people on my own. And if we're gonna end this generational trauma together we've got to end it together like that's how this works we're gonna have to come together. And so to have the courage to do that, I know requires feeling like you have support and of course we do; we all do.

If you're a part of this community, your part of this community.

And I'm wanting to be a part of it, I want you to get deeper in to it, I want you to take the courses and read the books because I made them because they'll change your fucking life like honestly I believe that I believe that. They're are the best books and the best courses on childhood trauma healing on planet earth, I believe that and that's not me being like this you know physician's person it's not you know it's not hubris like I believe in this program. So to the thousands of people have gone through it and that to me is why it's so special because they have the courage to do it and I hope that you have the courage to step into what's next in your life.

So that word just, you know, I keep hearing it and I think to myself, I'm just gonna do it anyway no matter what, I'm gonna write the next book, I'm gonna coach the next person, I'm gonna speak on the next discord, we're gonna do the next thing every single day because that is what it takes, my friends, then if you don't know where to start, if you don't know how to step and courage just email me, reach out to me michael@thinkunbroken.com or in social @michaelunbroken I'm here for you.

So as the Unbroken Nation we want you to come in the discord.

We want you to be a part of this community.

And so with that said, my friends, thank you for being courageous enough to listen to this day.

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And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.