April 5, 2022

E260: Body memory release for emotional healing with Tatiana Vilarea | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I speak with my friend Tatiana Vilarea. We talk about the power of recognizing, understanding, and working through emotional blocks through hypnotherapy and a hypnotherapists approach.
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In this episode, I speak with my friend Tatiana Vilarea. We talk about the power of recognizing, understanding, and working through emotional blocks through hypnotherapy and a hypnotherapists approach.

I have found many times in my life that when I cannot seem to get to the next level, there is often some emotional block that is right there just holding me back that one thing, and you've heard me say this before. The thing in passing the thing in childhood, when I was twenty years old about whether it's money or relationships, happiness, peace, growth, development whatever there's always kind of that one thing.

This is the episode that you are not going to want to miss. I'm very excited about this because I participated and hypnotized before and had these incredibly profound outcomes as someone you know who has gone through this. I highly recommend that even if you're skeptical, you listen and consider that this could be efficable in your life and that this could be something beneficial for you.

I'm excited about this episode in this conversation with Tatiana.

Unbroken Nation.

Let's get into the show!

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Michael: Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! Hope that you're doing well wherever you are in the world today. I'm very excited to be back with you with another episode with my guess Tatiana Vilarea, who is a trauma integrative hypnotherapist intuitive and coach. Tatiana, my friend what is happening in your world today?

Tatiana: The weather is amazing it's no raining what I'm state as you can see, and yeah life is good. Thank you for having me here.

Michael: Of course, I've been looking forward to this conversation for quite a while. And I know that The Unbroken Nation are gonna get a tremendous amount of value from our chat today. For those of who do not know you tell us a little bit about you; your background and how you got to where you are today?

Tatiana: Well have a couple to your audience in this conversation because otherwise I can tell you a lot of variations of my story, right? And we're gonna talk about business box today, for today professional box alright. And so pertaining to this, my journey with hypnotherapy began from my own transformation and the transformation was about my health. I had developing cancer age twenty one and also medical injury from it and so when I discovered hypnotherapy I had a huge healing and transformation with it for my health, for my medical injury literally I've tried everything under the stars four years old sorts of modalities and I had the reversal of the neurological damage in one session. So of course, I wanted to share it with the world, I wanted to scream about it from the rooftops so I started my business. And all the other blocks only my biggest one was for visibility so a lot of those business blocks that lead experience and professional block for role that we experience.

And from our educational system we are conditioned to think that the mind is primary. So I was so afraid of camera that it was really limiting my growth and success professionally and for those of you who are not aware of how severe fear of camera and public speaking can be, I literally would be paralyzed on camera even before, even clicking a button let alone speaking to you like this, alright? So I would have my vocal court shut down, will have like a paralysis state panic attack kind of fear and as you can imagine I was resisting and avoiding all sorts of marketing sales and for a lot of people are not unaware that fear visibility isn't just limited with public speaking and fear of camera, it goes all the way to all the networking, leadership, fear of success and a lot of other blocks that we are usually tool to think of as mindset blocks. And so here I was; was not reaching enough people and I was driven, I had my purpose that's one thing I definitely had and every time I had to promote myself we even think of it, I would resist, I had procrastination, all the classical symptoms, and I went from coach to coach to coach. And I try to fix all my mind and believe differently. Right? I also tried to compensate for my visibility with business strategy and marketing strategy. So, in a lot of people as I now know working with entrepreneurs that we do that a lot but at the root of it we are afraid of being seen, we are afraid of being visible, we are afraid of being known for what we do in our expertise and so we are hiding in business consciously or unconsciously, right? And so that's what I've been doing and parallel to this of course I'm a therapist, trying all the subconscious work, trying all my modalities. I've gotten fifteen thousand dollars in debt going from one modality to and now trying to fix this fear visibility and move my business somewhere I got in debt.

And I remember a moment when I was living in winter in a basement apartment with one window, with crazy dog and neighbors of upstairs and I'm super sensitive to noise so it's literally going and insane. And I just finished a session with another hypnotherapist with suggest of the hypnosis, all my defense mechanisms I'm sure your audience knows that when we start shifting something all the defenses oftentimes come up.

I was eating three dinners a night hungry, so all my protection and defenses were activated I was going insane from the noise I was literally going bananas and I knew at the moment that something had to change. And this is when they started realizing I'm missing something really huge here. I am not getting a full picture and I am embarked in a long journey to investigate and find out why and my first breakthrough was that I realized that I’ve been trying to fix the wrong thing all along. I was trying to fix my mindset on thinking when the fear that I had was in the body.

So the trauma that was causing it and this is why what I do now with entrepreneurs is about the trauma oriented approach to business blocks. The trauma from childhood transitionally and many other types of influences traumatic influences and emotional pain is the stored in narrow bodies and your circuitry in your chemistry because emotions are chemicals and we run it habitually, and the body has intelligence, right? As you often mentioned and the body will fight till the last breath to preserve itself and to save itself.

So that's what was blocking, that's the piece that I was missing and so from then on I realized nothing that I've tried and most of the approaches conventional and even non unconventional they have now an NLP, all the approaches that came from the patriarch, mind first, mind based thinking that the mind can fix itself, none of them worked for me. So I am working in a journey to learn trauma to understand how them prints our nervous system and body and that state of on safety and hyper vigilance that we have and when I realize that, well there are no tools so I had to develop them. So I started doing what I now know I do best. I innovate and I improvise and I developed my modality as a result of it to help release the negative emotions and then your circuitry the newer pathways that run us as the body intelligence trying to preserve itself.

Michael: Yeah that's really powerful. And I think, I know from personal experience the impact of only doing mental work and not doing the work to also release those trauma blockages from your body that physical part like – I think one of the biggest misnomer in psychology is like the, I think therefore I am or I'm only. Well I think you are because you are and that is inclusive of your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul whatever and to only focus on the mind. You know, I think about this quite frequently I hit this massive roadblock in in just traditional therapy like there's they feel stuck in me those trapped in me and there was this really interesting process about moving through that in a variety of madality that actually help me get to where I am today.

One of the things that you mentioned that I'm really curious about you said you didn't find the thing that you were looking for so you created it. I believe that to be very much about Think Unbroken and why I've done what I do here. Talk me through that process and I'd love to know exactly what did it look like, what exactly had you pinpoint, where you're like this isn't it I'm going to create it and then what is it now that you do that have you've been able to leverage to solve that problem in your own life?

Tatiana: Well, I will start with the last question, right? And thank you so much for your amazing questions. So what I do right now is what I've done for myself and then I was working because I was studying trauma and I started working with women with trauma not entrepreneurs specifically and some of them have businesses so when I was helping and them release their emotional on relationship points in the trauma that's stored in their bodies that's when they're businesses and their careers through shifting and this is when I realized I am on a mission to help those of us who've been hurt in the past and we are silent but we live with those dreams inside us, right? I wanna help people step into that visibility and impact and not just be driven by the purpose but block and in fear and hiding in their business would fully step the confidence and disability and make an impact, so that's how I transition to that entrepreneurship work. But how I developed the methodology? Well if I realize that the subconscious work wasn't doing much for the body. Now again, I had a huge transformation for my health whether rewiring the new pathways for the medical injury. So I knew I had to combine this has a huge potential I'm absolutely a believer in hypnotherapy as a tool and in fact the reason I have this huge transformation for my bodies is because I wasn't using hypnosis as a suggestive diagnosis tool. I truly believe that therapy is a tool to access expanded states of consciousness and my one of my biggest breakthroughs was we cannot heal or would transform something and heal trauma specifically without that shift consciousness. So that was a big thing for me; for myself, right? I had a new deaf experience this is when that shift happened for me and then I realized that oh, I can use hypnosis, quantum hypnosis as the stool to expand consciousness to shift that perception because a lot of us store those emotions and those patterns in the body because we can't let go off either shame or grief or a sadness or bitterness or anger, about something in that past.

So combined with that I realized okay we can't feel trauma without consciousness work and the shift and consciousness but we also cannot get to that it's kind of like vicious cycle we can get to it when the body is screening with that on safety. So I started developing tools and I believe we cannot work alone so I would hire and work with practitioners who would put me in a state of hypnosis and I was using my tools that I was developing in those sessions, so I needed another position to guide me to my blind box but then I would use those tools to help myself. And this is when process you know by trial and error, I started developing those techniques combining it all; all my experience from over ten years of studying emotional healing and trauma. And what I realized another big key is that we when we work with the mind even when we do emotional healing for example in a child work, we are trying to reason and talk to the younger aspects of us even though we are healing emotionally supposedly but we are still talking reasoning and using some kind of well support verbally, right? And this is what we are missing as well because especially if trauma and emotional conditioning happen in the young age and prenatally in the womb and especially if for trans generational no matter how much we talk, the subconscious on the body memory do not understand language and words, we do not have schema in early age, pre age like verbal language schemas in our brain so we're try to reason even though we think we are doing emotional healing, we're still reasoning with something that cannot understand words and I started developing my method my secret sauce to how to communicate with both the subconscious and the body memory to release it using a different technique, using a different language that they can both understand. And then we put all the mindset and all the reasoning on top of it and this is when it changes because the emotional charge in the body memory the neuro circuitry, the new chemistry yet released and unhook and the root and so the what I found is that mindset changes organically in naturally. We're not trying to power with willpower and try to change something without going to the route but if we start from the bottom then the mindset changes organically and naturally and we're not trying to little power through and the reason use logic and this is I think what changes everything for what changed everything for me, my business and my visibility and then I do the same thing for confidence in visibility blocks and money blocks for my clients. Because a lot of us did think that all those three confidence blocks visibility blocks and money blocks mindset by lease but they are rooted in some type of trauma, it can be our personal trauma known to us or unknown. A lot of people have a unknown trauma and trauma as you know it's not an event but an experience in the nervous system so that makes anything from the family system to school system to do any social traumatic events and then also basically well combining it all and the money blocks is also some type of traumatic event we don't know and it's trans generational but it's not mindset.

Michael: Yeah. I love it, and I agree. I think that there's so much thought process around you know change your mindset about money, change your mindset about public, change your mindset said about all those things. And what I'm really interested about is kind of your thought about will powering yourself through this because I have found and maybe it was a part of just so many things were happening at once in my life it's probably hard to figure out which ingredient I added to the soup that made it good and so I'm like in this position in my life where you know like I rewind six, seven years ago money was an issue, being public was an issue, all those things I felt trapped and just I came to the conclusion one I was like if I don't just do it it's never going to change. And I slowly started to realize like the money trauma that I have like felt so real because it wasn't a mindset because when I had made money I was still in debt. I mean The Unbroken Nation know they've heard me share this story before but I was making over a hundred thousand dollars a year, living paycheck to paycheck and vicious debt. And one day hit me I was like, oh, I'm in debt because the only thing I've ever seen as learned behavior is to be in debt. So, I had to go through and go through that process and recognize oh, wait that's generational, that goes back probably hundreds and hundreds of years within my lineage and my family line.

One of the things I'm curious about so as you're this and you're working with people and you're trying to help them go through this shift and changing and understanding it's not simply just mindset but it's all these other parameters like what does that look like? How do you dive into, I guess the way that it would phrase it as you know how do you get dive into the body memory first? What is the approach? Where do you step into emotional healing versus the mind where does conscientious just work come to play in all of this?

Tatiana: Well I always combine I do believe that first step is the self awareness, so I always combine it with coaching. My goal is to teach in person to be an expert in who they are, not to just have a quantum diagnosis session let's say we try an absolutely blown with the results from those sessions, from a personal life on my clients these are my favorite type of sessions. But if we have a spontaneous change in remission can the client replicate it the answer is no, because they don't know what happened. So, I always teach the clients to know what drives their life. I work with a concept that I developed so which I call life scenarios these are those scenarios that we unconsciously play out most of them are transitionally created and we absorb them all without any analytical filtering because it happened in trial, we did not have analytical filtering so it goes right in and it they become all like scripts, right? And I have eight of them that I work with for entrepreneurs in about fourteen, fifteen of them overall.

So, this is a conscious thing and then I combine it with a body memory and so the tools are very diverse I've collected them for a few years now. No session is the same but overall I believe that if we listen to the body and if we we really trace some track patterns and what happens to the body for example when we are as an entrepreneur on a sales call that was terrified of sales and I thought I hated sales it was not the case but that's what I thought and this is what most people think, right? The trauma about money and all that state upon safety makes us have either even a version to money or we judge and we think consciously, oh, we want become millionaires but then we have so many unconscious blocks and the body is terrified, that's why a lot of people think that they have fear failure but they have fear of success. They literally terrified in their bodies in their neurological system of that wealth and success and being known and being seen.

So backs to the tools, the body shows everything because the body holds an emotional charge and if I use the language that both the body of the subconscious mind can understand then well it gets released. And for example when a client had problem with sales calls for with this ability avoiding publishing a book, procrastination all of that or avoiding reaching out so they will have a client to them. But they will drag and delay it that's self sabotage because they know well if they respond they will start getting client, they will start being visible and it's dangerous for the body and unless we release the perceived danger that lives in our bodies memory, cellular memory and neurological memory and your chemical memory well we're trying to will power through.

Michael: I'm very curious about this and I think a lot of people listening will be as well. When you talk about feeling like there's danger in the body and that being the thing that's blocking like what does that look like, where are the signs to understand whether or not that's happening. How do you bring acknowledgment and associate that because I agree with you I've experienced that myself and I've been teaching people for quite a while and especially when they get into to coaching with me about this concept that they're scared of success because of so many of the things that lead up to this moment? How do you help somebody identify that and more so when they're with you and they're going through this process and you're bringing attention to this for them, how do you help them navigate it?


Tatiana: Great questions, thank you so much. Do you mind if I use an example of a particular client? So for example working with a woman who is an entrepreneur very driven, she has the purpose, she knows it, she thinks about it every waking moment of her life, she has tried all the mindset based modalities in other words she invested heavily she understands that she needs to invest in herself to get results in terms of she needs that someone dragging her through the blind spots, right? So she's tried all the mindset work and the business strategy and that's what a lot of entrepreneurs do. We have heavily invest in those strategy and marketing tools instead of going to the route first and then all the strategy and implementation becomes easy because otherwise if the root is not resolved we will be learning strategies and know all about it in theory but we'll be resisting, right? So that was the case for her and she thought she had an issue with that mindset and when we started working together, not from the first session because there are certain layers that have to be removed before that because healing is a structured process we cannot get the skip steps or the psyche would not even allow us to get to that road cause to that bottom to the real issue of the problem. So, that's why I work on a four month basis, right? Both with the coaching and the chemotherapy combined. So what we discover is that when she was young she had a really traumatic episode with her family. When they were quite well off, financial situation changed drastically they lost money that was criminal activity involved they not only they lost everything, turns out she was scared for her life and her family's life; in her body, money and having wealth being visible for that wealth forever became associated. Yes of course in rate, yes of course in the mind, but as a child she spent sleepless nights being afraid that somebody's gonna break into the house where they live and kill them all or take their family away, no matter how much she tried to work with that conscious level and read the self help box and know what million your mindset is, she wasn't hitting past that ceiling, she had the enough feeling. She always had enough but she could not break through to more because that means that in our body it's equal to danger or death even or loss. When we address that everything changed and then she started using all that strategy and all the marketing that she invested in she knew what she was supposed to do, so now she combined it all and she would you know went off to create the success that she thought she wanted but she was walking all along.

Michael: Yeah. And I think that's such a really indicative way of looking at the reality that we are the sum total of all of our experience is leading up to this moment and that means that everything that's ever happened to us in our life and forms who we are and I hate to say it but I know that there are people listening right now who they're hearing this and like yeah but that thing that happened it doesn't really bother me. And what I'd love for you to talk about is how do you work through with people where they're like yeah, but that thing's not a big deal, yeah, that thing doesn't matter. But like from the coaching perspective we're looking at you're like no but you're not hearing what your actually saying right now, I'd love for you to talk about that.

Tatiana: And this happens all the time especially with very analytical people because the reason we become so analytical in intellectual I'm gonna be the first one to raise my hand I used to be control freak who was super like mine in my mind everything believes it or not and now I'm saying well if we actually treat the body really is the body the mindset of adjust, it's quite a change, right? So we happens all the time and my clients not secretly quite out loud called me the queen of working with resistance because I actually don't work with resistance name like the regular way how a coaching would work with it because I don't try to reason an explain to them what they're missing. I go in the session and I show them and we find the spot they feel it all they cry it out, release it out, I guide them through this process and then it's kind of like oh, it's been there all alone. And another thing that kind of like was not a question but it implies a question, how do people recognize; how do we recognize that there is a block? Well if we wanna reach a certain goal; professional goal, personal goal, relationship, meeting that unicorn partner but we have not achieve that yet, we don't have that thing yet that means only one thing the roadblocks within us and certain un learned lessons within us which was stopping us from having it because if we didn't have them if we were as well okay not it doesn't bother me yeah it happened but it doesn't bother me but it lives on the body and it does keep us unknowingly from that dream so we think consciously we won't one so much. And so yeah if we didn't achieve it, if it's not in our life that means it's affecting us and the sooner we dive in and the sooner we release it the faster our life will change.

Michael: You said something really interesting I wanna go into a little bit more you said if you don't have what you want yet. I think so many people, yet is such a powerful world in my life and I think so many people tie on this idea that they're never going to get it because they don't have it today and you know you think about all the people who start courses or read the books or listen to the podcast and you see two percent of people like complete these things because of those blocks that most often subconsciously show up and keep them from being able to have that thing that they want. I started thinking about life than that scope of yet and that became such a powerful word for me because I realized that the only way I was ever going to get what I want, was not only necessarily to be patient and I look at my goals and I go most of the things I wanna do they're thirty seven years away that's a little mind game I play with myself, it's an arbitrary number. In five years my goals will still be thirty seven years away, right? But I think that one of the most important things people get stuck on is the identity that they're never going to get it. So how do you help people understand that the possibility for them to have what they want is there and how do you guide them through that while they're trying to process this idea of like but I don't have it today?

Tatiana: And my answer to this would be for myself, for my friends, for my clients, for anyone that lack of self belief in self confidence and self trust also comes from emotional pain and something within us that we deeply in and this is why we cannot look outside of that box we are in. And the second portion to this would be this is why I mentioned earlier that I don't believe that we can fully transform and change without a shift in consciousness and so this is why I combined my very three body and emotion based trauma work with that consciousness work when why guide my clients to go into an extended state of consciousness. Because literally what happens in hypnosis so a lot of people most people don't have any idea about this because have is very on studied and it has a lot of stigma, right? Look at what how it's portrayed that it's mind control; if it was mind control all the therapists were would be billionaires by now, right? There is a study or several studies on the topic of what happens neurological in the brain and it's by the way applied to other ways of working with extended states of consciousness so it applies not just to hypnosis. But I know you talk about the gong and sound healing experiences this is one of my favorite you know things to shift myself as well now I trained myself to do it automatically at will so to say but it took years of practice and it started with gong sessions right the away. I know we have done in common because of your Thailand I think experience, right? So when we are in a state of that brain wave change and have noticed specifically because the research was about hypnosis. We have a part our brain that's called default mode network and that's the collection is an archive of who we are and it's all that says state sense of self. All the memories that formed us that we believe okay this is who I am. I wake up in the morning okay yeah, I am the person because this is kind of like the archive of all my experiences and this is how our personality formed. Well what happens in her prognosis that part of the brain is somehow turned off and switched on and so my theory it's not a scientific claim but I have so many experiences to prove it with my clients and myself. Is that when this part is switched off and it's also functions differently with the emotional centers and the brain and sensory centers on the brain this is when we are expanded outside of our personality and we are not no longer just the ego and the mind and the personality and the body but this is how we access the higher guidance and connect to that higher consciousness. Well everything that there is, that fabric of life and connect to our souls, so we have a bigger perspective and it birds out of you on oh, this is when the realization comes, oh, this is why things like that happened to me. There is purpose to this madness, there is a reason and I meant to serve with it or do something with it. For example in my own life when had a near deaf experience which while the way we don't need to wait for experience to experience that and that's why I use the quantum hypnosis to help people do it right in their bodies and embody that state. And when we held the birds eye view the shift in consciousness from the victim's state this happened to me and that happened to me and my parents did not love me and by the way I'm the first person to be this person because I haven't talked to my father for thirteen years of my life and I had a very difficult relationship with both of my parents. And there's shifts in consciousness and the body work combined is what created that basically when we realize the bigger picture, the purpose when we are not just looking at ourselves as a small ego personality aspects that are hurt and wounded and asking why, well we stop asking why, and we step into the power and create from that place with all those experiences and that with them that's when we get the wisdom part. So one of my ways I’m working at with it is that work with face of consciousness using quantum therapy.

Michael: Yeah and there's a lot of I wanna phrase this in a delicate way there's a lot of people who are listening this right now who's like this is nonsense.

Tatiana: Yeah absolutely.

Michael: And what I want to demystify it a little bit because I think that I know excuse me from own personal experience like the impact that hypnotherapy has had on my life is incredibly profound. I mean you know again, I talk about this idea of throwing all these different ingredients into the soup and then finally getting a good soup and in that one of those ingredients was absolutely hypnotherapy because I found that here's what I think, why would it not be plausible that something like hypnotherapy could work in consideration that we're on this spinning ball in the middle of a galaxy that just happens to be perfectly able to contain human life. And in that why would a modality like this not work or any other type of medicine that could be medicinal or efficable in your healing journey. And one the things that I'm curious about from a practitioner standpoint, I would love for you to talk a little bit more about why hypnotherapy works because I've done it, I know it does but for those listening who maybe are not so convinced and maybe a little bit skeptical, why does hypnotherapy work?

Tatiana: Well, I do think that whether we look at it from the perspective of an expanded state of consciousness or not but because of how it works we're on the brain of functioning during the session if that's as a sensory the perception mechanism of who we think we are is switched off then we are not bombarded we know I am that and that happened to me and on my emotional pain and what my dad my mom did to me and that boss and all of that if we turn it off, and with the suggestions, and emotional healing and that body based healing while at the same time in that session we help the client then release the pain then the emotional charge is released. Well hopefully if we're working with emotional healing not just mind based suggestions because otherwise we're trying to put a new software system on the hardware that's still in that loop-negative loop, that's why I do believe that emotional healing has to come first the no suggestions can either happen parallel or after for the permanent true root cause transformation. But from the perspective of even biology and what happens neurological in the brain I think this is why it's such a powerful tool because we stop being the old composite old archive of who we are in the moment of that session and we can create something new.

Michael: And in that when people go through this process with you and they come out the other side and they look at life in let's call it through this new scope these new glasses. How do you continue to have momentum in that? Is this something that people need to do like a hundred times, like three times is it one time like how do you continue to have momentum through a process like this?

Tatiana: So from my current state personally and from the observation and researched what because and as I'm working with my clients I am researching the things that work and how fast they work I'm that you know nerdy researcher that's researching my own work and trying to find the quickest you know most optimal solutions to provide the value and the change for the client, so I'm researching it all the time. And what I'm finding is when of the again when the emotional charge and the body memory are released we no longer have that imagine it kind of like a needle that's sitting inside of us and when we are trying to move in hurts. I don't know how else like when we trying to move and create the actions every time we kind of well move that thing it will create pain and we will be resistant to action and taking a steps speed within our careers, the businesses or personalized or that wealth creation. Now what if we take up the needle that very root cause, that's holding body in that state of safety and fear because of ultimately any block we have is rooted fear. There are no blocks in this universe that we experience as humans that is not good fear and that is connected to the state of unsafety. If that thing that middle of state that of the that causes the state of safety that we then built all those roles and adaptations and all the defense mechanisms against if that whole thing is released well, we have no use for those adaptations and defense mechanism and procrastination. And now we're not afraid to move forward and the actions come naturally and yes we of course we'll need mine work because some people simply don't understand that they don't have to be paid by the hour but they can be paid for the transformation that the mind blowing transformation agreed, right? Just like that or for example that a millionaire will think very differently than a person who came from poverty. As you will know or I will know, right? So, things like that yes they are about mindset and when we put them on top of the fundamental change together with our shifts and consciousness that I'm not a victim, I'm a victor and I'm gonna use it all.

Think of that happened to me my life the trauma that I carried from world war two for because both of my parents were in world war two that affected my money tremendously by the way speaking of the state unsafely. Childhood trauma and family trauma all the other things that happened to me I moved to America age nineteen with three hundred and fifty dollars in my pocket I should not have made it, things that I do right now should not have been possible and they are possible because of all the things that happened to me. As I'm sure you will agree for your own life, right?

If we are given a purpose, we will be getting a journey to this purpose and only with releasing the emotional pain that we have would that we've been holding that we hold that we can then look at that purpose and say okay I'm ready. I'm not hurting anymore, I like bring it on, I now wanna speak on stage and I wanna be visible, I wanna do the Ted talk, I would do this and I wouldn't do that and I wanna transform perception of money from the trauma to freedom and all that judgment and all the, I hate sales and all of that.

Michael: Yeah that's really beautiful. And I'll tell you from a personal experience that until I started healing the emotional aspects of this I would never be able to implement the mindset things and even what's really funny as I think about this pretty much every single day, I go, am I still blocked? am I still like what other mindset things do I need? What else do I need actually apply to my life to go to the next level? Because I think that there's this beautiful it's like looking up that mountain and then you're like this is a base camp and every single day that you're moving forward you're setting up a new base camp you're doing this thing but the mountain looks so fantastic about it there's no peak, there's no apex you can just keep going and going going but you have to be willing to go through what I would call the training the montage, the rocky movie of sitting down there andhealing all those emotional things that are in your way because until you do and I am a complete agreement with you and until you do nothing is going to be different.Tatiana this has been an incredible conversation my friend before I ask you my last question, can you tell everyone where they can find you?

Tatiana: tatianavilarea.comis my website and I will give you a link for that free for your audience will be basically it's a video it's a series on that inner child healing and the connections to financial blocks and how it shows up in our business a whole list of these symptoms that people can then well recognized and learn more information about and again more information on that inner child healing work, applicable to the body based tools. And I am the only Tatiana Vilarea on Facebook and google so I'm there all the videos and post that I make on Facebook are available open to public and I would love to answer any questions.

Michael: Amazing and of course we'll put those links in the show notes for the Unbroken Nation. My last question for you my friend what does it mean to you to be unbroken?

Tatiana: And my answer would be again in the lines of we are only broken or we feel broken, we judge other people as broken from our minds and personalities that are holding those emotional pains and that memory in the body. When we release them then we understand the bigger picture that, oh, it has not ever been broken so perfect no one has broken because when we stopped holding the emotional charge; when the emotional charge and the emotional pain with the newer chemistry and all of it connects to the body when all this mechanism the entire mechanism is released then emotional and mental freedom comes and the realization that we have never been broken, were perfect, everything is perfect and now we can climb all those mountains because we have all that free energy, we're not spending it on those survival and other adaptations any longer and we can conquer new mountains and those mountains will move and become bigger and it will be easier to climb them.

Michael: Beautifully said my friend. Thank you so much for being here. Unbroken Nation, thank you so much for listening.

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And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Tatiana Vilarea

hypnotherapy specialist, intuitive, coach

Tatiana is a trauma-integrative hypnotherapist, intuitive and coach who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs release their emotional wounds and trauma, so they can overcome deep-seated inner blocks and get to the emotional and mental freedom they need in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.

She created a modality that releases stored emotions from the body`s neurological pathways and cellular memory, combining it with subconscious and energy work. Shifting the mind-first paradigm of therapeutic approaches to a body and emotions centered one.

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Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.