March 21, 2022

E245: Growing through self-leadership with Ken Joslin | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I speak with Ken Joslin. Ken is a Pastor turned Coach and a real estate professional. Ken Joslin is a driven leader who has closed over $250mm in real estate transactions. He has planted multiple churches and mentored hundreds.
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In this episode, I speak with Ken Joslin. Ken is a Pastor turned Coach and a real estate professional. Ken Joslin is a driven leader who has closed over $250mm in real estate transactions. He has planted multiple churches and mentored hundreds. He is passionate about helping business leaders Build Confidence, Gain Clarity & Create Community. More than that, Ken is a generous father and friend. He is an amazing human being; he's one of those people I get inspiration from; people are always asking me, like, who do I look up to? Who do I learn from? Who are my mentors? People like Ken, it's people who are authentic, who show up, who are vulnerable, who try to create massive change in the world, which lead through their values, not as transactions. Still, instead of creating significance in the world and the more I've connected with this man, the more I'm inspired, the more that I'm like, I can be a better leader, I can be a better servant to the Unbroken Nation. I can show up more authentically and genuinely every day and have more gratitude. All of those things were going to talk about today.

The truth about shame is that you are not the mistakes you have made. You are far from your mistakes; instead of leading with shame, try reframing your internal dialogue to learn from the mistakes. There are great lessons in our actions in the failures experienced and when we were at our worst or most vulnerable.

I'm very excited about today's episode with Ken. This conversation isn't. I literally got goosebumps five times listening to this.

So buckle up; it's time to rock and roll. Let's get into the show!

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Michael: Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! Hope that you're doing well, wherever you are in the world today. I'm very excited to be back with you with another episode with my friend, the founder of grow stack drive, author, speaker, incredible, human being Ken Joslin. Ken my friend, what is happening in your world?

Ken: What's up, bro, dude! It's good to see you this morning, dude. I love your heart man, I love you heart, love your passion, love what you're doing. Dude, just honored to be able to have a little conversation.

Michael: Well, trust me when I say the honor is all mine, my friend. So Ken, for those of you who do not know you tell us a little bit about your back story, and how you got to where you are today.

Ken: Yeah, boy, that's a long backstory at 53 years old dude. I have the honor right now of helping serve people, two different ways. Number one been in real estate half of the last 25 to 30 years, the other half of that time and full time, vocational Ministry, pastoring churches, planting churches, all of that. So, now, I get to serve families, two ways, number one through real estate I've got teams in Birmingham, Alabama, and in the Atlanta, Georgia area through exp. So we help families buy and sell residential commercial real estate and on the other side I started a little organization called Grow Stack Drive about two years ago, a year and a half two years ago after I'm Brandon this little short dude who has more energy than I do name Grant Cardone and dude just kind of lit a fire under my ass to be honest with you. And so we coaching consult, we help Business Leaders, build confidence, gain clarity, and create community and we do that a few different ways. We've got a monthly Community subscription, we've got dozens of entrepreneurs across the country online courses, live events podcast book, just a bunch some really really cool ways to be able to spend the time some time with a lot of really cool people.

Michael: Man, I love it. And as many people who know the Unbroken Nation, know Grant Cardone is one of my mentors and I have the significant benefit I love having him speak into my life and yeah, he's got a lot of energy, I don't know where it comes from but that dude is one of a kind. You know, where I want to jump off with this, I was recently in Atlanta at one of your events and it was creating conference, it was this beautiful experience where you brought together all these incredible leaders and speakers you did something that (a) is not only incredibly difficult, but (b) I think for many people looking from the outside in would go, man, that's so impossible. Where I want to start this conversation Ken is where do you get off following your dreams? How dare you?

Ken: I know dude, that's a great question. You know, people ask me all the time circle back to Grant really quick. Why has Grant given you the platform that he has? Why have you spoken down in 10x twice? Why have you been in the office and spoke to the entire team, a couple times? Why have you spoke to all the licensees worldwide for Grant? Why does Grant pull you in on Instagram lives? Why does he give you the platform? And I really believe it's because I do what he teaches and when you say how dare I; I don't know what else to do and just knows a passion in my heart to help Business Leaders, build confidence, gain clarity and create community. And I don't know if I'm just bold and brave, I'm just not not smart enough, not to try something ridiculously stupid, which is why we pulled off while what we pulled off. And I think that's the reason Grant has given me the platform and the opportunity to do some of the stuff that I've been able to do with him because dude I do not just believe God for a ridiculous stuff. I surround myself with amazing people, amazing relationships and we work really, really hard dude, we take risks, we do things, I share this at the create conference. Dude, it can't tell you how many nights at 2 a.m. I woke up, you know in the middle of night at 2:00 am going to, can we pull this off? Can we really do like one of the largest entrepreneur conferences in the country with guys, like John Maxwell and Jesse Itzler and friends of mine like Anthony Trucks and Dave Meltzer and Randy Garn and Jen Gottlieb and David Pollock and Hugh Jackson former NFL head because can we really pull this off? But yeah, dude, we just made constantly go all in, we constantly risk. Because the flip side of that coin is, if we don't, people's lives, don't get changed.

Michael: Is that feel like the Catalyst for you? Where you're like, is that the driving forces that the why because you want to impact and create change in the world?

Ken: People ask me all the time, they say, can do you miss pastoring, a church? And I said, listen, I Pastor people now as much as I did before, with a lot of people who had never had stepped foot in my church on a Sunday because I get to make an impact in their life, and it's not necessarily just about, you know, preachy and about Jesus, and but it's just really how I live my life and if I have a two superpowers, number one I'm a connector, I love to connect people. Number two, I got has given me an unbelievable eye to be able to spot potential and purpose in people that a lot of people don't even realize is that they are. Dude, I say this a lot if you don't have belief in yourself, borrow some of mine. If you're not passionate enough, borrow some of mine. If you don't have enough desire, enough fire enough, all of the things it takes for you to be able to beat lift to live and be significant in your life I got enough for you to borrow. And I would love that to allow that to Grant, you know, a couple years ago and I ran into him I told Grant this, I said it was like when I met him, the businessman on the inside of me, got born again like something clicked like there was a fire that got put inside of me that I literally just for spending time with Grant being around him and his passing to do what he does. Yeah, dude, I just believe in people and it's not any different from me than Ministry I'm helping people become the best version of themselves.

Michael: You know, I think so frequently there are people who will listen this, they'll see men and women and people like you doing what you're doing, they'll have these dreams these ideas, these things that keep them awake at night and the fear of the uncertainty of trying to attempt to create that life. Right? Whether it's going to the gym, whether it's eating healthy, whether it's building a giant conference there's always that thing where people will tend to let themselves off the hook. And so, what I'm curious about Ken is and how in your life, how have you face fear to be able to position yourself to go and be successful? I have a theory that that people are more terrified of success than they are a failure. So how do you go through and give yourself not only permission to be successful but to be willing to face the fear and have the conversation with yourself at 2 a.m.?

Ken: Well, I think my book that I wrote back in October was stemmed from a conversation from 20 years ago. I was 31 years old, it was a day after I just walked off of the biggest states I'd ever been asked to speak on 8-9 thousand leaders behind John Maxwell, and in front of my mentor. And my mentor set me down the next day at lunch and she said, can I want to ask you a very important question? She said, do you want to be significant or do you want to be successful? Because those are two vastly different things. And so it's been a 20-year journey for me to really strive to be a significant leader and significant leaders build others around them so that those people can win. People who chase success, use other people around them, so they can win. And when you strive to be a significant leader, when you strive, to make a difference in other people's lives, the difference is not only can I financially do well and not only can the lives of those around me, be blessed. Do when I lay my head on the pillow at night time? There's such a high level of fulfillment that you can't put a dollar, but you can't put a price tag on. There's no comma in your bank, check out that equals being able to be in live at that level of fulfillment knowing you made that big of an impact and difference in people's lives.

Michael: Yeah, and in that, how do you hold on to that? Because there's people, all rewind I'm 25 years old, my life is a disaster, 350 pounds, smoking two packs a day, drinking myself to sleep, my life is a disaster. I'm great at money, I'm working for a fortune 10 company, no high school diploma, no college education, I'm doing the impossible but every other aspect of my life is terrible, and I'm constantly thinking to myself, okay, go and be of service, go do something different. And it wasn't telling a mentor a few years later, had told me like when you're at your lowest go and be of service because that's how you actually can create change in the world and also how you make your life different. And so, what I'm curious about Ken was there a moment in your life where where prior to being sat down and saying hey, you know, is it significant or success that you're seeking that started to drive you towards being of service? Because I feel like so many people have that inside of them they think about it, it's constantly on their mind, they see people like you are I and they go, I would love to be able to do that, but they don't. And that's kind of the thing I'm trying to narrow into like how do you step into that?

Ken: You know, for me it started in August of 1993 when I became a Christ follower it really was, I was 25 years old never really raised interest in knowing a lot. And when I heard the gospel for the first time and not, you know, from a religious context of, if you check these three spiritual boxes you and God are okay, but really that God sent his son to take my place that he lived on earth 33 years sinless, gave his life for me and because of that and I can have everything that I've ever done and everything that I will do be forgiven just through simply putting my faith and trust in what he did for me. And when that happened dude, that was such a change and transformation in my life at 25 years old, it was such an impact in my life that it had a ripple effect and all the relationships around me. And so what happened I think from that day forward was and I was always a kid growing up in the neighborhood, I was one that schedule, like all the football games in the neighborhood and got all the kids play ball, let's just kind of always kind of my thing kind of I guess like the neighborhood coach kid, like I was the one that got everybody together, but I think it took a different level of service. You know, when I kind of encounter God and Jesus really made that big of a transformation in my life Michael and really, from that point forward it was, man, I want other people to experience life the way that I am experiencing life. I want other people to understand what peace is, I want other people to understand, you know what it means to really live and understand what your purpose in life is and not only that but the level of fulfillment that you can experience from walking in that purpose and being in service of others, I think those are huge.

I've got four daughters, 26, 22, 18 and 13. My 26-year-old was in kindergarten, so you're talking about 21 years ago. I used to drive to school I let her out in the carpool line, that look at her, her name's Holly Nasty, been married for a year, man. Amazing young woman, loves God, loves her husband, just absolutely going for a master's degree. She teaches inner-city kids kindergarten 1st graders, in his inner city school teacher and a society every day before I dropped them off I'd say hey, baby, what a servant leaders do. And they would say, Daddy servant leaders, do three things, they put other people's needs before their own, they do things right the first time and they do things without being asked, that's okay baby, that's awesome. That today when you get in the car, what are you going to give daddy? She goes. I'm going to give you an example of how as a servant leader today. You fast-forward, 20, 18 years, 19 years, she comes a Birmingham to go to college, and she gets a job at Chick-fil-A and quickly moves up the ranks in Pitch at the brand New Chick-fil-A here in Birmingham and about, a year year and a half into her employment there she sends me a picture of, you know, Chick-fil-A were the kitchen is and they got those does a slide like the chicken nuggets down in the Tate and the french fries and all that stuff written on a sharpie marker were those three things that servant leaders do.

She had taught and that's how she had literally led her team was through servant leadership so much so that she just kept getting promoted and promoted and promoted promoted in finally, won the day's, the owner operator said, how are you doing this? She goes, he goes back to the three things my dad taught me the servant leaders do because I want you to write that down and it's literally in the Chick-fil-A, this was three or four years ago, it's still there in Sharpie Market, it's written where they slide the food down, three things that servant leaders do. When you have a heart of a servant leader, it becomes about other people and not about yourself it when you do that, dude, you know, this Michael Man people are attracted to authenticity and people who are genuine that want something for you and not something from you.

Michael: Yeah, that's really beautiful. And I think about the impact that leadership at a young age can have on people and not only that, but it sets up this beautiful precedent for them and turn to deliver that to others and you know II fell into leadership really by accident, you know, working into retail at a very young age, working in fast food, at a really young age and learning these skills eventually putting me in this position now to be able to be so fortunate to lead thousands and thousands of people every single day and it does start I mean you hit it right on the head like it's about other people, it's about taking these tools in these understandings what we have been able to do and shaping our lives and deliver it in ways that other people can consume them because ultimately, I think about us like we're communal species, right? And without being those environments, without being spoken into from other people, without consuming the information, you know, it's really fascinating to me that the difference of your life when you aren't showing up versus when you are. And I think, you and I obviously who both love John Maxwell and his leadership books, you were thinking about this ideas of value. I think one of the things I want to talk about here is, how do you find value and purpose and what you do while still being an entrepreneur? Because I know right now, the Unbroken Nation, I recognize that some of them are entrepreneurial or have a side hustle, some of them are entrepreneur, some of them are just trying to figure it out. And I think that people so often in this kills me about this society, as so often, torn about the idea of being of service and making money. Talk about that Ken.

Ken: Well, I did an event in October in Vegas with my good friend Bradley. And Brad said this in his talk on Saturday morning, he said this, he said when we stopped focusing on revenue only and we started focusing on how we could serve and help our clients solve problems, he goes the revenue needle moved at such a pace and at a level that we had never experienced before because it wasn't just about the dollar, it wasn't transactional, we heard this at create, it wasn't transactional it was relational. How can I build a relationship with you? How can I help you win? It would be personally professionally or financially, how can I help you win in your life and it goes back to the old Ziglar quotes my favorite quote from Zig if I help enough people get what they want eventually I'm going to get what I want. And so I know that if I serve people and help people and love people, especially in today's culture dude, it's so rare to have somebody like you, who literally just wants to serve people, who literally just wants to take care of people, who wants to help people go from whatever level, they are to the next level. And then from that level to even to the next level like what are you dreaming for? What are you wanting to do? What are you wanting to accomplish in your life? In really calling them to a higher level, really compelling and encouraging them being the Catalyst for, hey, you can change, you get better, you can do the things that you want to do is not going to happen overnight, but you can do it. And so, I think that's it, dude, went like Brad said, when you focus on solving problems, when you focus on building relationships, the financial piece, moving the needle with your revenue and your business those things are naturally going to happen, but I think when you focus on that first, you tend to be drawn into transactional versus relational. And dude, there's so much transaction that goes on right now in the world that we live in its really, it's not healthy and what it could cost you though is this Michael when you live a life where it's about relationships and is not just about transaction, sometimes it's going to cost you, sometimes people going to take advantage of you, sometimes those things are going to happen, and guess what? When that happens you have to go you know what? That's okay. I'm still going to lean in what I know that I know number one, who God created me to be and what called to do and I'm going to serve people, I'm going to take care of people. And when you do that the revenue, needless Brad said our van back in October the revenue needles going to move because people are going to take notice when to you, because of your authenticity and your desire to want something for them, as I said earlier and not from them.

Michael: That's powerful. And what do you say to the people who are like struggling with this idea of authenticity?

Ken: Get around people who are authentic. I've gotta say, dude, I've been saying this for two years I wrote it in my 10x planner for a year and a half until we created our own GSD planners. And now I printed it in the bottom of the page and it says getting rooms with people who think bigger than you do. If you need to to work on being authentic, get around, authentic people. You need to work on being genuine, build relationships with genuine people and when you do that, I'm telling you, it unlocks something on the inside of you. Gary Brecka who is a dear friend of mine who just sold forty, fifty-one percent of his streamline, medical degree, Cardona, and Branden Dawson, they're launching 10x Health Systems, 1,000 locations, I think in the next three years across the country. Gary said, actually at my Vegas boot camp, right after Brad spoke, he said the number one frequency that we communicate with as human beings is the frequency of authenticity. It's the highest frequency the most sought-after frequency by human beings is the frequency of authenticity. So when you connect with someone in an authentic way and they know you're not trying to push a product, you're not trying to sell them something, you're not trying to do any of those things, the transactions just a natural organic part of the process, it's what's going to happen if I can help solve your problem then there's going to be a transaction that takes place and it's organic because of the relationship and the relationship isn't just because of the transaction.

Michael: Hmm. It's powerful. And I feel that, right? And I've looked at my own life the people that I align with the most, like you and I for instance, right? That I talked to you I felt an authentic connection. We can read that like we can smell bullshit a mile away like, if you have to me and you're being anyone but you, I'm gonna know because it's innate and for many people, especially Unbroken Nation, lot of people have been through traumatic experiences it becomes really a survival mechanism for you like we got to be able to read you because we need make sure that we're safe. Buta lot of times we feel that we have to bend ourselves, we have to create a different identity of who we are so that we can fill connection and connectedness in the world.What would you say to people who struggle with finding authenticity with themselves even when they're in those rooms, when they're in this discovery and they just feel like every single day, they're scared to be who they are?

Ken: Yeah, I think you've got to do the work. I think you've got to do some soul work, you know, we're created, the only beings on Earth that are created if three things, we have a body, physical body, we have a soul or mind will, and emotions, and we have a spirit. But you've got to do the soul and the soul is your mind will and emotions. One of the things that I teach on a lot are limiting beliefs and the definition of limiting beliefs are things that hold you back or prohibit you from seeing the potential of your own future. You can't see the potential, like you can't paint the picture. You can't dream, you can't see what that future looks like, because a limiting beliefs, like fear, insecurity, scarcity, comparison, shame and success.

People go success is a limited believe, you better believe it is because a lot of people don't believe they deserve to be successful. A lot of people don't believe they can be successful or even if they do taste some success in that actually rise to a certain level. So let's head to doing multiple six figures in their business, they've got a limiting belief of success, they don't believe that they can get to seven figures or even eight figures or multiple seven figures, they don't believe that they can do it. So you literally have to rewire your brain on and how we do that is we identify, remove and replace those limiting beliefs and we do that through affirmations and gratitude. What am I grateful for? Like I just challenge somebody on this yesterday, literally, just yesterday like maybe I got up in a bad mood, I said, listen to take some time to write down what are you grateful for? Focus on what I don't still have that much grateful for? I promise you if you stopped and you looked at Bradley my friend is this all time? He goes, he calls it, the million-dollar morning, he said if I gave you Michael; if I gave you a million dollars, would you take it? To question if I gave you a million dollars, would you take it?

Michael: Contextually, I would have to know what I was getting involved in.

Ken: Here's a million bucks, I'm gonna give you a name up flat.

Michael: Yeah we're sure.

Ken: Now if I said now, Michael, now, I'm going to give you Million bucks, but you can't wake up tomorrow, which one's more valuable, the million dollars or waking up tomorrow? No, waking up tomorrow's way more valuable than the million dollars. So when you look at it from that context and you go dude, I'm grateful I woke up today, that's a start for your gratitude. What are the things that you're grateful for and then not only that but then you move into your affirmations; and affirmations are things that we say to ourselves, dude I take my iPhone right here, I flip the camera around and I go in my bathroom mirror in the rearview mirror of my car, on the way to the gym at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. I talk to myself you heard me say this at our create conference, I will live a life where my heart head in, my relationships are in alignment. I have a millionaire mindset and when the days when I don't feel like it, I go, Ken Dawson, you have a millionaire mindset, Ken Joslin, you will live a life where your heart head and relationships are in alignment, you are enough because you are his child, you are whole, you choose to use past pain to other people, find healing.

I will love and respect those I love most; my actions will be a true reflection of my heart, those are my five affirmations every day. And when you do those things every day and you're staring yourself in the mirror, because we've you haven't a something. I've just noticed this the last two or three weeks’ dude. Now because you know, you come off of a high that we just came off of two weeks ago, at create and pulled off what we pulled off, across the board from the people, to the notoriety, to the relationship, to the finances, it was a tipping point for us. When you pull that off, what's the natural inclination? It's the coast.

So I noticed last week like I missed my affirmations like two days I took a couple days off and I miss my information about Midway through the day one day there were some thoughts that kind of crept in my headlight, you never gonna pull that off again. So where did that come from? Did he hit it? I'm like, dude my affirmations like let me get these affirmations in because it really literally rewires your brain. So if you're out there today and you listen as podcasting, you like, can I'm struggling.

Number one, I acknowledge that I get it. We all struggle, we just struggle at different levels, and if you're struggling, identify those six limiting beliefs fear, insecurity, scarcity comparisons, more success in which one, or which one's of those do I struggle with? Now, create an affirmation for you that speaks to, that limiting belief that you have. This is why my information says we're my, I will live a life where my heart where I dream my head were, my belief system is located which dictates what I say, what I say, dictates how I live, how I live dictates whether or not I'm ever going to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I will live a life for my heart head and realtionships are in alignment. When I get those three things in alignment, dude the Impossible becomes possible, like there is nothing that I look at these days and go, we can't do that like, do when I book John Maxwell, I we've been doing, I've done events for a year and when I called my buddy and I said, he's obviously worked for John forever and I called made on the phone, and I just got off the phone with Chad whose jobs, right hand guy and he goes that goes how much? I told him it's almost six figures, he looked at me and he just started smiling he goes you're going to do aren't you? That's you better damn believe I'm going. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off, but I'm gonna do it and I told Chad only the call five minutes before that, send me the contract, we're going to sign it, we're going to pull it off. And you got to come into Atlanta experience exactly what the entire weekend and dude that stuff's not easy like it's not easy. You have to take risk, you've got to get around the right people who are going to encourage you, who are going to challenge you, who are going to hold you accountable to be able to do some epic stuff in your life, otherwise, you're just going to be average, and do we got too much average going on right now.

Michael: We do and that's one of the things I think about every single day when I wake up in the morning and I write down in my journal face fear, that’s the first thing I ever write. And that's because I'm like, I don't want to be, I've been average dude, I've been like, I'm gonna go to the corporate job, play video games all night, drink with my buddies, watch football, Sunday, I've been average I do not want that life. But here's I want to tap into something you were talking about because I think it's really important and one thing that I have not dove into deep enough on this show that I think you could speak into that would be really powerful for The Unbroken Nation right now. Talk about scarcity mindset, man, because there are so much of that in the world, and I feel like that for me personally, was one of the greatest limiting beliefs that was keeping me stuck. So Ken (a) talk about what is scarcity, what does it mean? And (b) how do you change your mindset and thought pattern around that to get into abundance?

Ken: Two ways. You're going to identify whether or not scarcity, you struggle with scarcity.

Number one, you spend everything you make.

Number two, you save everything you make.

You want to identify whether or not you got scarcity? You struggle with lack? You struggle with that kind of mindset? Do I spend everything I make because you don't think you're ever going to get anything else or do you save any, everything you have because you don't think you're going to get everything else. You want to know how to get out of that mindset? Give. I pulled in the Chick-fil-A, give you to Chick-fil-A stories real quick, this is what I was Pastor. Pulling a Chick-fil-A one day and I went through and it was like the week or two before Eastern, we're hand out these cards like inviting people to come to our Easter services and and I pull up the drive-through window and I grabbed one of the cards I said, hey, I want to buy the car behind me and I didn't grow much, was 10 bucks, 12 bucks, I'm like that. So I buying breakfast, I leave. I come back about two days later, my buddy, Bobby Shoemaker, who owns several the Chick-fil-A's in the area Maxwell, Georgia area, he goes they said hey kids here and so, you know Chick-fil-A it is wrapped around the building all the time, you know, and I live in the south so you can throw a rock and hit three Chick-fil-A's like there's probably there's two Chick-fil-A's inside my subdivision just about and so Bobby sticks his head when he goes, dude, you're never gonna believe what happened the other day. I said, what's that? He goes, dude, when you bought breakfast, it was like a chain reaction, 17 cars in a row bought the people behind them breakfast, until the one car got in, and it was somebody breakfast for the whole office was like 85 bucks, it stopped the whole deal, but he said, dude, he was 17 people in a robot breakfast. We talked about your generosity and how that triggered generosity, and everybody else we talked about it all day long and all day yesterday in our story. Now, that's one story, that's generosity.

Here's another story, I pulled into the Chick-fil-A, and when you pull into the Chick-fil-A, they have a sign that says, drive around the building to enter in the line and they had these cones, right? So they don't want you to just like circumvent the system and cut the rules and just jump right into the thing because they're trying to, you know, because do their traffic, they've got people outside doing it when I pull in I see this little silver Honda Civic behind me when I pull around the building, I come in the little hunt this little silver, Honda Civic was in front of me like they cut in the line. Listen, there was a set of rules, here's the sign circle around the building this is what God spoke to me and guess what I did that day? I bought lunch for the person that was behind me, guess where they were supposed to be? Behind me. Guess what they miss because they didn't do or they didn't operate according to the guidelines at Chick-fil-A, had? They miss their blessing. And there's a lot of times Michael we try to cut corners, we try to take advantage of relationships, we look at this is a scarcity mindset because that is a scarcity mindset. We cut corners, we do things that aren't in the guidelines of whatever it is, your company, the way God wants us to live, the way this moral and ethical for us to live with other human beings, to be generous, to do all of those things and they cut corners and they miss out on a blessing. And literally when they pull and I pulled around the bill and I saw and God spoke to me and he goes this is what it looks like. When people try to circumvent or take shortcuts or they don't trust me to live, according to my guidelines they miss out on what I want to give them.

And let me tell you something it's not just a monetary thing, it's not just I was going to buy them lunch because I was gonna buy I bought still bought the car behind me that day, it just happened to be somebody else. You going to miss out on relationships that God has to put in your life. I'm talking about, dude I can't even begin to tell you we open our Mastermind that can at create, we launched our Mastermind, we have our first Mastermind in May. The first four or five people that signed up and paid 35 Grand to be in our Mastermind, we're speakers that were on my stage. Gary Brecka gets up on Saturday and goes, hey, guys, if you join this Mastermind with Ken and I, I oversee 55 people with their health, 55. People like David and Victoria Beckham, Dave Groopman, Grant Cardone, JLo, A Rod, a list of NFL and Major League Baseball I mean, everybody doing name of the 55 you're going to know. He goes if you sign up for the Mastermind with us, I'm going to personally oversee your health. I don't know if you remember this moment, it's on Saturday. I looked at him and I said, what did you just say? Try it with blew me away that he would do that, in the reason he did that is because he seen me live in a high level of authenticity and I don't want something from him, I want something for him. And I want something for the people that were connected with, whether it be in our community, whether it be in our conference where they're being our circle, which would be our Mastermind. And dude, when you circumvent the system and you take shortcuts and you don't operate with character and integrity and you and I see it all day long in this Arena and what we do all day long. I saw a post yesterday from a guy showing off his car, but I know five people that have given him five to ten Grand and he hasn't done anything for them, I'm like, come on man, we know it, but the reality of it is, is you're going to miss out on the relationships that God has for you with people that really can help you get to that next level because you're trying to take shortcuts and because it's all about you and it's not about you said this, early is what you open the show with, it's not about doing stuff in the service of others.

Michael: Yeah, and I think it's really difficult pill for people to swallow because we do live in such a transaction driven society in which its consummately, what can you do for me? And people even hear this and they'll hear 35 thousand dollars, oh, I can't afford that you rich guy, you're charging people. Let me tell you this man, I'm the kind of guy and Unbroken Nation knows this I heard this ad nauseam. I'm the kind of guy when I was 20 years old, I wouldn't spend five dollars on a book, would not refuse to, I will never forget this. And now I spent like, I don't even want to say how much almost six figures on my own personal development last year because the truth is when I adopted it, abundance mindset, when I remove myself from scarcity, when I started to invest in myself, when I started trying to create for my community first, when I started giving, when I stopped making shortcuts, everything got different, but you have to have a massive amount of discipline in your life.

One of the things that I love about one of our mutual friends, Russell Brunson is so I saw Russell a couple years ago, and he was talking about when he was in high school running, just running training as a wrestler, he would run the track and some of the kids would cut the corner and he never cut the corners. And he said, he never cut the corners, because if you cut the corners and practice, you'll cut the corners in the game, and that hit me so hard because Ken, I used to be the corner cutter. Bro, I'm telling you, I cut all the corners because it just felt to me like maybe I don't have to work that hard, maybe I have to show up that much, maybe if I just bullshit my way through life things will happen for me and it never worked that way. And that's what I always try to teach people especially if you come into coaching with me, you don't get a fucking cut corners with me, I'm gonna push you, you're going to find who you are through discipline. And I think you know Jocko Willink says it; “Best discipline equals freedom.”

I know something about you and whether or not you want to go into it is up to you, but I know you've had some major discipline over the course of the last couple years really pushing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, 5 a.m., gym, sweating, the whole nine, trying to be the best can that you could possibly be. What role does discipline play in your life and why does it matter?

Ken: Everything. I said this would create discipline begins where inspiration ends. Because you're only going to be inspired so long like in the same thing that inspired you before is going to is not going to inspire you the same label that level the next time, so you have to be disciplined in. The discipline piece. I talk about it; it's a concept I created about a year and a half ago when I started that whole health journey or just had started and that's incremental not monumental, small daily discipline decisions over time always equal monumental results. Success cannot escape you if you do the right things every single day.And for me, it's 75 plus pounds that I lost it. Did you show me your before and after pictures over there to, and I was like, yeah, dude, because you know what? When you put in the work that you and I have put in to and had somebody say this to me and maybe Anthony Trucks. I was on the phone with him and Christine is wife yesterday, but he said something to me a couple months ago and he said something to the effect up, he said I've been a few charted, your health journey and your weight loss like the growth you've seen in your health journey I guarantee you it almost mirror your business journey like the growth in your business and I'm like, yeah, that's so good like I've got I probably needed chart it out, but dude, it's hard. Like the discipline part of it is very, very difficult like, I mean, get home, I took the light flying in from California yesterday, I got my life, landed it, like 10:45 p.m. and I was still up this morning, I had the grand, I went to the gym at 8:00, but I still got to the gym this morning.

Disciplined is a huge part.

Discipline begins were inspiration and you're not going to be inspired every single day, you're not going to be but it's the days that you get up and you go I just don't feel it. Today's you get up and you do it anyway, because you know that there are lives out there that hang in the balance of whether or not they're going to understand significance, they're going to be able to achieve, they're going to be able to live their purpose and find their purpose live, their purpose and live a life of fulfillment, I have to. I must. Like I am drawn in called to do what I do. It's not just a vocation for me, it is I know that I'm doing exactly what God me to do that discipline huge part of overtime, you finding success at the level you want to achieve.

Michael: Yeah, that's beautiful man; it's powerful and congratulations to you on your journey. You know, I think about my favorite take away from being at your conference and being in that room was actually Gary Brecka and him being on stage and he was talking about this idea of taking cold showers in the morning and how everyone hates it, but how it's so important for your biology and how it changes your body, and how it can really, really step you into having massive success in your day and he goes to everybody who doesn't want to take the cold shower, deal with it. And I thought to myself, man;, he just called out everybody in this room because there is an aspect to this entire process of growing of creating change of massive authenticity you just got to deal with it, you have to be willing to face it. Ken, I'll tell you right now, man, this conversation has been amazing before I ask you my last question …

Ken: Real quick. Before you do that, how many coach hour since have you create?

Michael: Three, but that's because I had a surgery and I was freaking out about shaking. So, let me ask you a question, how many times in the culture have you done what I do? I hate you Gary Brecka, I hate you Gary Brecka, I hate you.

Michael: No, I love that. My last question for you my friend, what does it means to you to be unbroken?

Ken: Means to be whole, I think it means to be whole.

And to be whole, you have to understand what your purpose is. And I know purposes it's a word we just sling out there these days I call about purpose and some people go, I don't know what my purpose is. This is where, and you'll hear some guys, and this is where I would disagree with a grant, which is fine I don't have to, I eat the fish to spit out the bones, I don't agree with everybody 100% on everything they say. For me like how do I understand what my purpose is? Like, what do you do that brings you such a high level of fulfillment, that literally you would do it for absolutely free. Some of you are doing it for free anyway, but what you have then the then the trick is how can I take and monetize what I'm passionate about? What I love to do? What makes me fulfilled? How can I do that? So I would say what is unbroken mean, it means to be whole, it means to understand your purpose, it means to live a life of fulfillment, it means to live a life of servant leadership, putting other people's needs before my own doing things right the first time and doing things without being asked. If we did that as a society, the division, racial division, political division, all the division that we have right now, all of that stuff would dissipate and go away. If we as individual to step up and say I can only be responsible for one person, and that's that guy brush my teeth with in the mirror every day, but this guy, this is how he's going to run.

Michael: Beautiful my friend and tell everyone where they can find you?

Ken: @kenjoslin on Instagram would be great. I'd love to connect with you

Michael: I know and I'm super proud of you for everything you've done.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you for inspiring the Unbroken Nation today it means the world.

Unbroken Nation, thank you so much for listening.

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And Until Next Time.

My friends, Be Unbroken.

-I'll see ya.

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