Dec. 20, 2021

E159: Creating Abundance Through Belief with Brandon Beachum | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we have guest speaker Brandon Beachum; we talk about creating abundance through belief. I think it's interesting to have these pivotal moments in our lives and which we have weighed with something in front of us that allows us to tap...
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In this episode, we have guest speaker Brandon Beachum; we talk about creating abundance through belief.

I think it's interesting to have these pivotal moments in our lives and which we have weighed with something in front of us that allows us to tap into it, leverage it, absorb it, and bring a part of us. And then to make life what we have the potential to make it and that very much being about this crossroads and tapping into it or not tapping into it.

Brandon Beachum is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and host of The Positive Head Podcast and the late-night style talk show, Optimystic. Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and in 2011 while living on a friend’s couch he co-founded what is present-day ResortShare. In 2015, ResortShare was named the 569th fastest-growing private company in America in the annual Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list. Later that same year was when Brandon began The Positive Head Podcast, which to date has amassed over 16M downloads and has consistently rated in the Top Five in the “Spirituality” category on Apple. Today, Brandon’s primary focus is on helping people shift their perspectives to innerstand the “ultimate nature of reality’’ and create more of what they want to see in their world!

How do you navigate creating the life that you want to have in your mind?

How do you get into this place where you start to listen to yourself when you have these big grandiose goals and dreams that you want to bring to fruition?

I know that you're going to get a tremendous amount of value from this episode. Please listen to this episode because it's powerful!

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Michael: Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! Hope that you're doing well, wherever you are in the world today. Super excited to be joined by my guest, Brandon Beachum, who is an entrepreneur thought leader author, and host of the Positive Head Podcast. Brandon, my friend, how are you? What is going on in your world?

Brandon: Oh man, you know, I am coming off a conversation with some really cool synchronicity. So when you ask what's going on in my world, I'm feeling inspired by synchronicity at this moment.

Michael: I love that, it's beautiful. I love them synchronicity happens because it means, you're in the right place means you are where you are supposed to be. Before we dive in and we get started here, tell everybody a little bit about your background and kind of how you ended up where you are today.

Brandon: Yeah. Sure. Let's see. I grew up on the east coast in Virginia, I currently reside in Los Angeles, California, and what's relevant to share, you know, serial entrepreneur my whole life and started, I was raised very conservative Christian and that really came to I guess, you know, I was shown these sort of ideas about speaking my spirituality learned in church and from the people around me and ended up going to a Christian School and soon after I got kicked out of that Christian School for being a bad kid, which translates to just a normal kid. I met someone who had some intuitive abilities and this really shook me to the core because I solve them, well, first, they made some claims about their intuitive abilities, and then they did some things that sort of validated that and it and it really led me to start exploring outside of what I was just sort of spoon-fed as far as, you know, more traditional religious belief system, and that's where things really opened up for me in my life that was my early 20s. And yeah, I started reading the time this is like the mid-90s mid to late 90s and so I started reading books on Consciousness and the ultimate nature of reality and things like this and I can only assume because it is my dharmic path to talk about this Consciousness in the ultimate nature of reality on my show and your show and anyone who will listen that, you know, soon as I started reading a lot of the perspectives on the oneness of all things and that we are human beings, having we're not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience for Spiritual beings having a human experience and it just kind of clicked for me, like, oh my gosh, of course, this is how it's structured, how is everyone not seen this? How is everyone not geeking out on this?

And so I would talk to anyone who would listen the time, this is pre-social media and so it's not like I was connected to a lot of other people thinking in these ways at that time, it was like – I had books and I didn't know the author's or have contact to the authors. So I just got lit up about the topic and so I would talk to anyone who would listen until their ears bled and they'd either think that's interesting and go about their daily life, kind of as normal or wow, you're crazy, what do you smoking? And that was my journey for a long time and then using it's one thing to understand, you know, that we are all one with the source Consciousness that creates and animates all things, we are all fractals of that source Consciousness and in extensions of each other, in a sense like, there's only one of us in the room, ultimately, I believe. And so it's one thing to understand that, theoretically, and it's another thing to apply it to your life in a way that is meaningful and you can understand some of these ideas at a high level and then you get thrown into real life and its kind of like Mike Tyson says, everyone has a plan till you get punched in the face.

So for a long time, it was understanding these things than having a lot of challenges that sort of threw me off my game, not acting as the enlightened master I'd hope to become, and as trials and tribulations came my way and so that was that's been a long part of my journey is just getting my sea legs, you know, I like to say, smooth never made for a skilled sailor and we all came to be skilled sailors. So a lot of really working on myself and getting better and better at showing up the way I envisioned. And so yeah, that's my journey for a long time, using a lot of the ideas to have a great hero's journey story of creating a Inc., fastest-growing private company from my friend's couch, using these ideas about my power and power that we all have access to unlimited abundance that we all have access to. And so had that journey in 2015 fastest-growing private company and then started my podcast Positive Head and that is done really well has been highly revered, I suppose and it helped a lot of people to with their own awakening journey, and now I just continued just wrote a book and continue to just find ways to help too wake up the planet as I wake myself up and have fun doing it.

Michael: Yeah, I love that. And it's a big stretch from getting kicked out of school, right? And I recognize a lot of that and in parallel with my own journey and looking at wanting to make and create impact in the world, despite coming from this place where initially, I just wanted to burn it all down like that's the probably the most simplified way that I could put it is, I just looked at the world, I said; I don't like this so I'm going to destroy it.

And then I understood something really important very much in alignment with what Gandhi said and that's “Be the change you want to see in the world” and I thought to myself, who am I to complain when I'm not doing shit about this, you know what I mean? One of the things that I'm really curious about in your journey, as, you know, I think it's interesting to have these pivotal moments in our lives and which we have weighed with something in front of us that gives us the opportunity to tap into it, to leverage it, to absorb it to bring a part of us and till use that then to make life what we have the potential to make it and that very much being about this crossroads and tapping into it or not tapping into it. And so in your journey and going back to kind of the beginning of this, you know, there are people that will step into anything outside the realm of what we consider to deem normal as a farce or far-fetched and yet, I have found in my own personal journey, a lot of the spiritual practices that I've brought in and my understanding is in the way I've shifted the way I look at it and think about the world have projected me forward in a way that I never could have imagined because I'm the most Anti-woo-woo guy, there is until I started to understand something that it's not necessarily woo-woo when you experience these things in practicality, but that forced me to kind of force myself into it. Long questions, short being faced with this precipice of learning and absorbing these new things, how did you actually allow yourself the space to tap into that without being judgmental? Or were you judgmental and eventually it just kind of happened like – what was that like?

Brandon: That's a great question. You know, I had a bunch of things happen along the way that helped me for one, I'm maybe a little more open in a naive way you might say, then the average person you were probably more skeptical than I was, for example, from what I'm picking up or I just had Paul Selig on my show a couple of days ago and I don't know if you know who he is, he's a channel who definitely an interesting guy is a channel, he's grown a lot in popularity, he went to Yale professor at NYU very from New York and yet he's channeling and he's like, I didn't believe in any of this stuff till started happening to me and just a very down-to-earth guy and doing this very mystical kind of thing and I believe that all of this stuff, this woo-woo stuff is just science that we've yet to understand, it's two sides of the same coin spirituality and science. You know, what I found is, so for me, I saw some things, that really had me scratching my head. I remember going to my brother early on who were very were very close, he's two years younger than me. I was telling him, oh my gosh, I'm reading these books, and if one of the first things I read was a book about astral projection or out-of-body experience. And I was telling him, I'm reading this book and all these people claim that they can leave their bodies either through meditation or becoming lucid in their dreams, wake up in your dream and say, okay, I want to leave my body and that's what this book is claiming and I'm telling him about it. I remember, he is still very much entrenched in the religious sort of Dogma that we had been raised to believe, he's like, yeah, what are you smoking, Dude? People can't leave their bodies, that's crazy. Although that lucid dreaming thing where you wake up in your dream, I recognize that I used to do that as a kid, and so, I said; Well, cool, if it ever happens again, say, you want to leave your body and see what happens, well, by triggering by talking about it, it triggered it happening to him again. So we went from one day making fun of me for believing the possibility of having an out-of-body experience to the next day looking like – he'd seen in a ghost because he had a lucid dream, he did what I recommended and he left his body and it was very profound intense. So, I saw things like that, or I just started having some wild things that happened that supported it for me, I remember reading one of the first books was this person who claimed to be able to psychically tune into animals and communicate with them and I thought wow and I'm in this state of heightened potential belief in excitement and that childlike wonder I think is really a lot of where the magic comes in and even the Bible, I don't quote, the Bible much but when I do, it's the verse says; unless you become like a child, you can't enter the kingdom of heaven. And so I was in the state, I just read this book and I thought, wow you someone could communicate with animals and it reacts and the Consciousness is merged, wow, fascinating, and then I step into my room and the time I lived in a six-bedroom house in Nashville with six people and I had the master so it was a big house and I had the biggest room and in the far corner, probably 20 feet away from me, there was a moth flying in the corner and I thought, well, if this guy in the book can do it, and it's true, let me try it and I held my hands out and said moth come to, come land in my hand, it instantly flew across the room and landed in the palm of my hand. Now, I've tried it 20 times since never has had worked again but, in that moment, I believe the spirit was showing me, hey, this is real, there is, you know when you're in the right state, you can tap in and so, I started seeing things like this, that help to solidify my belief, this is how things are structured, even with my company Resort chair as an example, I was living on my friend's couch, I had just failed at an entrepreneurial venture from standard perspectives and by anyone's society standards, I was 30 something years old and living on my friend's couch, I was not a success, however, I knew in believe so wholeheartedly in my divinity that it's like –look, I can manifest more abundance, it just getting my chops down, getting better at this. And I believe results speak for themselves, I went from that belief when all things pointed to the contrary to within years having a hundred plus employees achieving what one in ten thousand entrepreneurs achieve as far as annual revenue doing 10 million-plus a year in revenue, it's like okay, so, you know, what are the results the ideas are getting me and that's really where I think, what fruit does it yield this is really the greatest question.

Michael: Yeah, and I love that. And as an entrepreneur and I've had many entrepreneurs on this show because as an entrepreneur, I think, in part kind of the crux of discovering who you are and I've been an entrepreneur since I was a child and learning how to effectively hustle for survival and then measuring immense and gigantic failures time and time again to getting to that position where much like you know, I mean, I go back to 2016 and I had to borrow money to pay my rent, you know what I mean? Because it was just failure, failure, failure and then I look at my life and I go, man, I have employees, I'm creating livelihood for people, I've done this again and again, and again with multiple different businesses, but there's something I want to touch on here Brandon because, I think it's really important, whereas most people will skip over it, you can sit and you can visualize and you can create in your mind and manifest as all as much as you want all day long the life that you want to have, but I still believe it requires a tremendous amount of work and effort and energy, would you agree with that? Because I don't want people just to hear you go, he thought about it and suddenly he had this hundred, 10-million-dollar business and 500, but talk to me about the practical side of creating the life that you want to have? Well, also, navigating through the creating the life that you want to have in your mind?

Brandon: I love that question. And I talked about this in detail in my new book, The Golden Key which you know, I'd love to give to the audience the audio and or ebook. The keyword in the law of attraction, ACTION and so learning it's not just about sitting Indian style in the corner and sending distance Reiki to create something, I'm someone I'm definitely a doer but so it comes very naturally to me and probably to you, it sounds like, but it's about finding that balance of, how do we manifest the stew of manifestation? There's a lot of ingredients that go into that and that's something that I talk about in my book and I think learning how to really follow your own inner excitement and knowing when it's time to act and when it's not and I mean up until recently I've had a big the biggest spell of, not sure how I wanted to direct my energy and I took that as an opportunity instead of in the past I would just throw myself into something and I said, no, I'm not going to do that this time, I'm going to wait, I'm going to follow the signs, what is my always tuning in to myself, Am I feeling inspired to follow this breadcrumb? And if I'm inspired, that is an indicator that there's something for me there.

Now, it might not take me all the way to the promised land even go down a path that comes to a dead-end at some point, but there's something I need to learn on that journey. And if I learn to tap into knowing that what's right for me, what I'm seeking a seeking me, and what keeps it at bay is me trying to ever for something. Here's the thing is when something when you're following a path that's for you, you're lit up about it, you're going to find excitement in yourself about it and then the work what does the saying, you know, do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life. I believe that path is there for all of us, it's finding it and it doesn't mean it's never going to be hard or challenging or any of those things but once again, smooth seas never made for skilled sailors and you came to be a skilled sailor. So knowing you didn't just come here for it to be all roses rainbows, and butterflies, your soul wants that hero's journey tale, that is why every great movie like Star Wars, for example, is in the hero's journey tail because that is our journey as a species, as a society, that is Mankind's core journey, I believe. And so learning to be aware and tapping into yourself and getting sensitive to – how am I feeling about this? Am I feeling inspired? Okay, I'm not feeling inspired to go in that direction. What am I feeling inspired to do? Oh, is this a time for rest? Okay, let me honor that.

Sometimes the most useful thing you can do is to sit back and rest and allow some time to pass. And so it is a dance, it's really takes getting tuned into the subtle energies and that takes time for all of us to get better at more adept at and I think experience and awareness help with that.

Michael: I love that you said, it's like a dance, such a great way to phrase that because I think you're spot on so much of this is about the back and forth, the ebb and the flow, the finding the rhythm not even necessarily as like an entrepreneur business owner but as a human being in your healing journey and your growth journey. I think, I was speaking to one of my clients the other day and I was like, we're canceling your session next week, you need a break, you need a break from healing, I can see it, I can hear it, I can feel like you need and myself too I'm like if I need a break I honor it.

Brandon, one of the things that I'm curious about though is when especially in the scope of understanding society is about work more, working faster, working harder, more diligently, sleep when you're dead. How do you get into this place where you start to listen to yourself when you have these big grandiose goals ideas dreams that you want to bring to fruition? But you hear all this input from society saying no know if you sleep somebody's going to do it faster than you. How do you navigate that conversation with yourself?

Brandon: Yeah. That's a challenging one and especially for someone who's so driven and motivated. I think it's like, maturity and wisdom, and these things come with time. It's like – I've pushed myself so hard at times where it's like, this isn't fun anymore and if you realize that, hey, it's meant to be once again, doesn't mean it won't be challenging, but you're meant to have a journey that is rewarding and if I'm burning myself out, it's like you start to understand that, a lot of these ideas about the ultimate nature of reality, the illusory nature of time, it's why you have someone like, I believe it so sure that said, everyone should meditate at least 20 minutes a day unless you're too busy, you should meditate for an hour and it's like that's speaking to this sort of thing like, do you understand the most useful thing you could possibly do, if it's all energy from what state am I creating? Because if you want to know the outcome of whatever you're cooking up look at the ingredients you put in. If I cooked up my next experience with stress, anxiety, foul intention maybe if I'm not tapped into, I'm going to get out what I put in.

One time my brother actually who's you know, I mentioned earlier very sensitive. He said some a lot of out-of-body experience type dreams and things since and he's not really seeking it and one time he had a visitation dream from our deceased grandmother and he took his opportunity at that moment to sort of this is years and years ago we had a band and he was very curious about our next level of making it, right? And so he decided to sort of speak to her and get her oracle advice, you know, oh! I'm connecting with my grandmother in the dream state, this is really vivid, what's going to happen with the band? And she said something profound that I've always stuck with me, she goes, you're going to get out of it, exactly what you put into it. So if you understand, that's how everything works from, which state am I cooking up an experience? Is it coming from stress, anxiety, fear, loss, all of those things then guess what? You're going to, probably get that a combination of those things. I can look at my last company Resort chair that I mentioned. I had the vision that I could manifest this thing with, like, lots of financial abundances, and I called that in, I also had a fear of someone trying to take from me and then I had that experience with it. I've now outgrown that, but at the time I can look back in retrospect and say, I created all parts of my vibrational offering. So that's why I always say, our number one job is to manage our vibration because everything comes from that, there is no out there, it is showing up as a reflection of your vibrational offering.

Michael: Yeah, that's powerful. You know, I think about this a lot and I love to get your thoughts and it's like this, what you think becomes what you speak, what you speak, become your actions, and your actions, become your reality. And I think about the energy that I put into everything that I do in my life and trying to understand and navigate the power of those thoughts. And coming from this place where my background is full of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations like I've had those experiences. And then almost in a sense and this is what I'm curious about from your perspective, almost in a sense, force-feeding myself, the opposite, almost ad nauseam of what my brain is telling me to change that story and then you talked about fear and fear it is a catalyst that I think about it my life that is either just this driver or this break. And so, can you talk about when in your own experiences and how you navigate the world your thoughts about literally navigating fear and what you do in trying to create this proclamation to yourself of, I believe I can create abundance while simultaneously understanding, damn, dude, I just failed my last business-like, how do you do that?

Brandon: Yeah, great question. So, you know, in my new book, The Golden Key, I lay out eight keys and one of them is to trust the mystery. And so once you start to understand that my human and my human level of Consciousness, it has its own ideas about what's best for me, where I want to go next, and all those things. And I understand that I'm part of a bigger narrative that my soul is playing out, right? And so, it's a dance between my human in my higher self, as to what is being created, there some level I believe of choice that I get, there's some things I think are hardcoded in as part of this avatars experience.

So I think of it like this, I'm playing checkers with my level of awareness, my higher self is playing chess. So it's seen things from a perspective that I can't quit, I haven't seen the whole board, so I can set my intentions. A lot of people say, the expectation is the enemy, I don't believe that at all. The expectation is in desire is necessary and in a positive thing, it's our attachment to it that's the problem. When I tell the idea that this needs to happen in order for me to be happy or fulfilled or successful that's where I'm slipping, I can set my intentions in my expectations with a healthy sense of detachment, knowing I'm going to get, I'm going to trust the mystery, whatever comes is exactly what I need to become the next greatest and greatest version of myself. I'm going to get the tools along the way that I need to pick up in order to become what I'm meant to become next. I trust that it's all happening in for my good and growth even if it's painful, even if it's not what I would have chosen from my level of awareness as a human. So, you know, what, I basically would say is, once you surrender to that process, now things are going to come up that you mentioned the fear that is sometimes scary, well, guess what? If it scares you and, excites you, I believe it's probably for you, right? Fear can mean two things, forget everything in a run or face everything and rise. So this growth happens on that, the precipice of fear, and if you can trust the process, trust you're never going to be getting given more than you can handle that it's all happening for your good and growth and you know, the thirteen-year-old laying in bed with growing pains, it wouldn't say mind, I want to remain, four foot five, I don't want to grow into a full-grown adult, you know they’re going to there's a cost, right? And so understanding that it allows you to have a healthy sense of detachment knowing that I came to be brave and bold and face fears and step out onto the edge and once you can at least know and apply this perspective to all of the challenges that life brings your way it gives you a certain sense of comfort and courage that allows you to then go into the next key in my book after trust a mystery is a love what comes? Hey, I may not I've chosen this but I'm going to love it and that is the superpower, that's how I take the lump of coal and transmute into a diamond, behind it I can't maybe see it now, but I trust this is the process that's happening. So you know, as Eckhart Tolle said, can I be the space for this? The more I can be the space for a challenge, the bigger I become in the more like this picture behind me. The deeper the roots, go the higher the branches, the deeper, the roots and you've got to be planted as a seed in the dark sometimes, in order to have that growth that you actually want to experience.

Michael: I tell people all the time. If you want to see the light you're going to have to walk through the darkness.

Brandon: Yep, you've never seen a work of art, a great work of art without shadow in it.

Michael: Yeah, 100%. There's always going to be that's the dance, right? That's the ebb and flow of it where you're looking at in measuring why? I think about this all the time, there is a tunnel, that's called fear but you know this as well as anything that at the end of that tunnel, there will be light but you're not going to see that light without going through that tunnel and then here's the really interesting part about it. Every time you go through that tunnel you'll be in the light for a moment and then there will be another tunnel and that's how life works. I don't know of anyone whoever has not experienced a great amount of fear in this journey. I don't know how that works otherwise and part of it natively I think we call into our life but part of it is just the existence like – none of us predicted we'd be sitting here having this conversation after you know, way too long in lockdown because of something that was unpredictable and yet here we are through you're faced with this choice, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to continue to live your life?

And I think what happens often is people get stuck and well, the universe is telling me maybe I shouldn't be doing anything because look, what's happening around me. How do you fight the current in this, right? You briefly touched on it, but I want to go a little bit deeper because I think there are some practical ways to talk about this. How do you fight the current of, for lack of a better term getting in your own way? Because you're allowing the byproduct of the world around you to influence your decision-making?

Brandon: Yeah, great question. So, one of the biggest challenges has on this journey is we start becoming self-aware. We start becoming aware of these ultimate truths, I believe as to the nature of the situation in which we find ourselves as human beings. And so we start to understand a little bit more about the game we are immersed in and the game that our soul is playing through our Avatar and then what happens is you get, it's like the video game where, you know, as you level up you get the okay, I'm going to stretch you and the next boss at the end of the level may be really challenging and you may fall. It's like you said earlier, it's like a dance, it's like two steps forward, one step back. This idea that our evolution is a spiral and we circle back on things that we think we have already passed it for even more we're like layers of an onion, you know our development and sometimes we come back to things for further clarification and in release and processing. And so, sometimes that entails slipping and in, oh gosh, I took all these steps forward and now, I'm retracting, I mean, I just failed and here's the real challenge with that, what happens is we were aware of our slippage and then self-judgment becomes the biggest adversary in the room because now we're judging our process and this self-deprecation and I'm a loser and I can do better, and I knew better, and I still failed and there's nothing that can good that comes from that like when I say love, what comes love? What comes to love yourself there, love yourself where you're at because when you're resistant to something or judging something, it's a testament to your level of ignorance about the process in which your process you're involved. And so, you know, by loving and insane, okay, I slept, I fell off the wagon but every moment is another chance to turn it all around.

My spirit has infinite chances, you're going to just continue, you know what really inspires me is whenever I fail like let's say in my case being reactive to someone whose the universe will send me absurd from time to time, it's like oh this person's perspective is completely absurd and unfair and don't they know how right I am and like how wrong they are? And how out of alignment with the truth they are? How dare they and then it turns into this reactive miss to it. And then it's like and then if I slipped into that reactiveness and it's like, oh Brandon, you slipped, you failed the test, you took the carrot, and then it's like – oh, I know I'm going to get you the universe is going to give me another opportunity to face your rational logic because that's my weak point. So my motivation comes from okay, I don't need to beat myself up, I'm growing and I just you know, my motivation is I don't want to repeat this so get it, right and then when you do get it, right man, it feels great, it's like, oh my gosh, I just proactive instead of reactive in a situation that means before I would have reacted and as a result, not navigated things to their highest potential by showing up as my greatest ingrained itself, regardless of how someone else is showing up and how illogical there, maybe being in that moment. So I think that's a big one, Michael, on this path is really loving yourself in the process and when you quote-unquote fail, understand that it's really you're always going to get another chance, it's really all it is is how quickly do you want to move through the process and the better you navigate the quicker you're going to level up. But like you said, every new Plateau leads you to another Vista of opportunity for growth, and here's a new cave. So in this journey work takes to becoming more of our divine, you know, self and it's the Godself that were a part of it is vast. So no matter how far you go, it is infinitely large and so there's going to be ever more in front of it to grow and expand, which is hard for our minds to wrap around, but I truly believe like, you know, you’re in the dance and the journey is the goal. So just relax about it and go easy on yourself most of all.

Michael: Yeah, I love that and you know, I think many people and myself included for a long time just the words I use of myself for so crass, so hard, so dark and I would use words that if I said to another human being would probably get me punched in the face. And I thought about that and I made this massive shift in the language that I was using for myself because it was like the spilled milk thing, right? Where you know, you spill the glass and you just destroy yourself. I'm like, dude, it's fucking milk, it's fine and I started applying that to everything, and then one of the things I discovered in applying that in a very practical way, became this thing about giving myself grace around, the mistakes that I was making recognizing what you just said on a long enough timeline, you're actually going to be presented with the same exact challenge and opportunity that you once prior failed to now be able to succeed through. One of the things I'm curious about and I'm going to use language that you didn't use but I want to see if we can narrow this down a little bit into a perhaps more simplified way. Is part of this journey about letting go, what does it like? Because the words I hear when you say this, I'm just like, I hear letting just let it fucking go, man.

Brandon: Yep. Absolutely. Surrender is crucial. You know, think of it like – you are this wave in an infinite ocean and whenever I'm fighting or resisting anything that's happening, I'm literally or think of it as a stream I'm turning and I'm trying to swim upstream and how exhausting is it? If the stream going one way, I'm going another, you're getting beaten against the rocks, you're wearing yourself out, if I instead look at it as like, oh, I want to be a soul surfer, I think it's Charles Bukowski said; All that matters is how gracefully we walk through the fire. And so I want to learn to just like the challenges are never going to end and the upside of passing, those are always going to come and there's going to be the redemption and the reward and then more challenging than reward, and then, it's like, that's the dance. So, if I'm resisting every time the challenge comes, that's showing that I don't understand the process, in which I'm engaged and so letting go learning to surrender, its huge because now you can actually gracefully navigate in surf your existence is opposed to just wrecking yourself on the rocks and wearing yourself out swimming upstream. Abraham Hicks talks about this, just stopping the fight allows you to go naturally with the current. You don't even have to do much, just stop resisting what is, can I be the space for this? How do I love what's here? That's the pathway to move through it if you don't want it, don't resist it, what you resist, persists.

They ask Mother Teresa, she understood this, they asked her in the war in Vietnam, they were going to do like a Million Man March and they wanted her to be a big part of it and they asked her will you come and be well, you know, an icon for this marching against the war in Vietnam. She said I'll never do that, but have a March for peace and I'll be there because she understood, what you resist persists, what you give energy to, you create more of because you are a Creator. They asked Mario Andretti, the greatest race car driver of all time, what's the number one thing you tell new drivers, what's a number one piece of advice? He said, don't look at the wall. Do you know why? Where attention goes energy flows, right? So, stop resisting, don't give attention to what you don't want before something is against nothing and that is how you're most gracefully going to float through all.

And then you get into the groove of, oh, I just caught a wave, I just got another way though, it was a little bumpy but I caught another one, oh, wow, this feels much smoother and that's what we're learning to do.

Michael: That's beautiful. I love those analogies, I love those quirks there, because I mean, that's so much about life, right? I think about every time I've really tried to push upstream, it's like at some point, I just quit, I'm like – I don't know why I'm doing this, this makes no sense and more so it's led to this place where ultimately I think for lack of a better term, it helps create your demise whereas suddenly you're looking at it and you're like I have imploded everything around me. And I think that's hard because we don't want to let go, I mean, even this includes some of my dreams, right? Like even things, I really wanted to create and manifest, sometimes I have to look at it and go actually, it's not really what I want, why am I fighting this? Why am I pushing so hard to bring something to fruition that actually I don't want? And I think so much about this journey about honoring yourself, right? And look at the scale in which you have changed your life by honoring these little bits and pieces, of some of this journey that has led you to where you are today. One of the things and I'm curious about your thoughts are, how do you really honor that part of yourself, right? When you're in this place where you think about your background, you think about the past, you think about all the things in life that you coulda, you should, you would, right? That whole thing that conversation we're always having in our head. Is there something practical to honoring your intuition at the moment that it shows up?

Brandon: Yeah, you know, here's a great J. Krishnamurti, I believe said, you want to know what my secret is, you see I don't mind what happens. And it's like, wow, like, you know, imagine getting into a place where you just don't mind what happens. You're so trusting of your life in the flow of your life. That yes, you have ideas. Yes, you take action, and I also know that source God, higher self the universe, whatever you want to call it, is perfectly imperfect. So there's never been a mistake in all of eternity. I believe there's never been a victim in all of eternity and that's a tough one for people and I understand why, but I believe it is this perfectly woven web where everyone is getting exactly what they need to become the next greatest and greatest version of themselves. And at some level, they're soulless signed a contract, essentially in order to co-create that with other characters and players. You know, once you come to that conclusion or reality or you try that perspective on for size, it really brings a sense of relief about how everything is unfolding and now I'm just going to learn to tap in as you said to my intuition. This is a sense that we all have that maybe has been underdeveloped because we've been so lost in the mind space when really that the vehicle that's meant to drive us as our heart. Our heart actually, since twice as many signals to the brain, is a brain does to the heart, there are actual brain cells in the heart. Like so learning to move into that heart space, what am I feeling? What am I feeling about this? What is that more subtle, not all this noise? You know what? I've been told and ideas and thoughts and chasing rabbits, you know, instead, what am I feeling? Okay, I'm going to follow that and knowing that no matter what, I choose sources like this, it's like, what is one of those toys where you can throw no matter what it always stands on its feet, you know, the same kind of thing with source no matter what happens you're going to land back on your feet with a new opportunity in front of you.

So if you kind of relax about getting it right, there is no you can't get it wrong, it's all divine. It's always going to lead its takes different paths to the same destination and they're all valid in source wants to experience them all.

So, I would say our life plays out at the corner of free will and destiny, that's what's happening, it's like it's destined because it's already happened. Einstein is proven time, is an illusion if you shoot me and outer space, and bring me back a day later, I'm a day older and you've been dead for 100 years or something like that, right? And then, so it's already happened, my fifth birthday party is happening on another channel. I'm just not tuned into it at this moment, but free will comes in because from this moment forward SOURCE has many versions of these characters.

You know, I remember my first intuitive reading psychic reading, this woman says, oh I see you in a cold place, like Chicago and business, my jaw hit the floor because we were in Atlanta, Georgia, and during this reading, and I was planning to move to Chicago after college in work for my uncle and business and then she said there's this whole other path in California and music. A year later, I ended up forming a band, met someone from California, and here we are. So 20 some years later, what was she tuning into the potential Brandon's and in that moment? So it's destined because it's already happened, but free will, the question is, which version of you from this moment forward are you going to step into vibrationally? And so my answer to that is well, we want to be the greatest and greatest version the one that's the most rewarding. Well, since time is an illusion, a source has already been there done that and gotten the T-shirt. So you be it, to see it, you know, most people have it backward, they're doing something like work in order to have something like money, in order to be something like happy when it actually comes from your state of being an issue, be something like happy and you find yourself doing in having things that are a reflection of that. It's like there is no out there – out there, out there is a reflection of your internal state. So you start navigating your reality in this way and following your intuition as you mentioned is a big part of that. I'm going to follow that guidance, I'm going to make the executive decision and trust whatever comes and up, maybe it led me somewhere way different than what I envisioned and that's okay.

Michael: I mean that's so well said and profound. You know, I think about Infinity Theory and black hole theory and things like that, we don't have enough time to get into right now, but there's something that so feels so true to me about the idea that if you just trust the process, if you just trust it, that eventually, you'll be where you're supposed to be. I'm not saying the process is going to be easy either, because I know for sure that shit's gonna be hard sometimes, right? But I do not want a long enough timeline it can happen. Brandon, this is an amazing conversation, my friend, before I ask you my last question, can you tell everyone where they can find you?

Brandon: Sure sure. So if you search course, my Podcast Positive Head is anywhere that you get your podcasts in been doing that about six years fifteen hundred episodes. Have a great game that you can play with it sort of an oracle game to get an episode that would be perfect for you on a call the game with the universe. And then my book is my most recent offering golden key, the golden key modern, Alchemy to unlock infinite abundance and I would love to give that to the listeners. If you go to and use the code: unbroken, you can get access to the audio and or ebook. I also have put out a few episodes of a new late-night style Consciousness Centric talk show that's video, you know, production live music, visionary art, interviews and you can find that at optimistic.TV and then I'm on social media and I don't not huge on social media, but you can find me on, all the things if you search my name, Brandon Beachum.

Michael: Amazing, my friend, and my last question for you, what does it mean to you to be unbroken?

Brandon: Hmm…Yeah, I think of the Chinese proverb fall down seven times stand up eight or the Japanese process of what's it called, it's like – it shows something I'm going blank, exactly but it's basically where they'll take a piece of pottery that is broken and then they'll repair it with gold and they believe it actually is more beautiful than before it being broken. So being Unbroken, entails, understanding that your brokenness, any experience of brokenness leads to the greater level of understanding and awareness that ultimately, you can never be broken because you're one with the source of Consciousness that creates and animates all things you are it. It is you and it is infinitely resilient and everything serves its growth in the greater good. So every time a broken type experience happens from that you become stronger, and better and more and so, in that way, none of us can ever truly be broken.

Michael: I love it, my friend. Thank you so much for being here.

Unbroken Nation, thank you for listening.

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My friends, Be Unbroken.

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