Mindset Episodes

February 17, 2022

E213: How to Stopped Procrastinating | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I talk about procrastination how we tie our identity to this idea that we have to wait. I'm a procrastinator; I think often, and this was my experience, that procrastination is an identity; it's this thing that we get tied to where we... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e213-how-to-stopped-procrastinating-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Depression And Anxiety Mindset Trauma Coach

February 12, 2022

E208: Goals without Actions are just Pipe Dreams | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I am ready to have a conversation with you thinking about something that; even I still struggle with, and that is the reality that our dreams don't come true unless we make our dreams come true. I believe that trauma healing is a... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e208-goals-without-actions-are-just-pipe-dreams-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Discipline Mindset Setting Goals

February 11, 2022

E207: Becoming Zen and Creating your Future through Mindset with Matthew Belair | CPTSD Podcast

In this episode, I speak with my friend, Matthew Belair and talk about becoming Zen and creating your future through mindset. Matthew Belair is the host of the Master Mind, Body and Spirit show that has reached #1 in over 20 countries. He is the... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e207-becoming-zen-and-creating-your-future-through-mindset-with-matthew-belair-cptsd-podcast/#show-notes

Coaches Mindset Overcoming Fear

February 01, 2022

E197: Investing In Yourself | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I've been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of days and recognizing how essential it is to be incredibly thoughtful about investing in myself. Investing your time, effort, and money in learning things such as... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e197-investing-in-yourself-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Coaches Healing Mindset

January 28, 2022

E193: The Power of Vulnerability Integrity and Sacrifice with Nate Bailey | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I have an amazing conversation with my great friend Nate Bailey. Nate is just a phenomenal human being who has transformed his life and a lot of people and helped them and how to be vulnerable, show up for themselves, lead their life,... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e193-the-power-of-vulnerability-integrity-and-sacrifice-with-nate-bailey-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Coaches Entrepreneur Mindset

January 25, 2022

E190: Be Kind to Yourself | Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, I talk about how you can be kind to yourself. You are being so mean to yourself right now? And I want you to think about something. Kindness is everything in our life. Do something respectable, and give yourself that moment to... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e190-be-kind-to-yourself-trauma-healing-podcast/#show-notes

Mindset Self-Awareness Self-Love

January 22, 2022

E187: Commit First Figure Out the Rest Later | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I talk about committing first and figuring out the rest later. One of the things that you have to understand about being a trauma survivor is that we often try to revert to having game plans for everything to create a parameter of... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e187-commit-first-figure-out-the-rest-later-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Mindset Trauma Survivor Setting Goals

January 20, 2022

E185: How To Be Intentional About Your Habits and Routines | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, I talk about being intentional about your habits and routines. One of the things I think is fascinating about this journey is that we have to create new meaning around the things that we do daily. If you start working out differently,... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e185-how-to-be-intentional-about-your-habits-and-routines-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-podcast/#show-notes

Mindset Trauma Coach Self-Love

January 14, 2022

E179: Living Your Best Life with JM Ryerson | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I sit down with my friend, JM Ryerson, and we talk about living your best life. I think so many of us have this thought or process of wanting to live our best lives, but the only way you create massive change in your life is to do... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e179-living-your-best-life-with-jm-ryerson-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Coaches Community Mindset

January 10, 2022

E175: Destroying Debt and Wealth Blocks With Daoist Meditation with Nate Rifkin| Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we have guest speaker Nate Rifkin. When I had this conversation with Nate, so many parallels hit home to me in this way that it's tough for me to describe because I've never dived into the conversation about the money trauma that I... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e175destroying-debt-and-wealth-blocks-with-daoist-meditation-with-nate-rifkin-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Adult Survivor Mindset Motivation

December 19, 2021

E158: Mindset, Action, Self-Actualization | Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, I read a chapter of my book Think Unbroken Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma and share with you about “MINDSET PLUS ACTION EQUALS SELF-ACTUALIZATION.” The future becomes abundantly clear when you take full control of... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e158-mindset-action-self-actualization-trauma-healing-podcast/#show-notes

Healing Mindset Self-Awareness

December 15, 2021

E156: Healing After Religious Trauma with Rachel Reinhart Taylor, M.D.| CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we have guest speaker Dr. Rachel Reinhart Taylor; we talk about navigating religious trauma and recognizing who you are to build your identity and learn to do the hardest thing that we ever do to love ourselves. I asked Rachel to come... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e156-healing-after-religious-trauma-with-rachel-reinhart-taylor-md-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Healing Mindset Self-Love

December 06, 2021

E151: The Entrepreneur In All Of Us with Danna Olivo | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, we have a guest speaker, Danna Olivo. I love this episode; I love this conversation. As you know, I am a huge proponent of Entrepreneurship. I believe that, honestly, it is the tremendous sense of freedom that we can have. When I... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e151-the-entrepreneur-in-all-of-us-with-danna-olivo-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-podcast/#show-notes

Entrepreneur Mindset Setting Goals

November 10, 2021

E135 The Power of Love with Caleb Kidd Coy | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I talked with my friend, Caleb Kidd Coy, and we talked about the power of love, how heroes build and leave their legacy impact wills. Caleb Kidd Coy – after surviving his near-death experience, he realized he had been given a second... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e135-the-power-of-love-with-caleb-kidd-coy-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Healing Mindset Self-Awareness Self-Love

October 20, 2021

E125 Creating Success in your Life with Damon Burton | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I speak with one of my very close friends, Damon Burton. Damon is a Forbes contributor and an Amazon best-selling SEO book author that helps you show up higher on Google… without paying for ads. See show notes: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e125-creating-success-in-your-life-with-damon-burton-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Coaches Entrepreneur Mindset