Nov. 5, 2022

Masterclass on Healing Trauma: Insights and Strategies for a Fulfilling Life

In this thought-provoking podcast, host Michael Unbroken provides a masterclass on healing trauma, sharing insights, strategies, and tips to help listeners overcome their past traumas and lead fulfilling lives. Drawing on his personal experiences and professional....
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In this thought-provoking podcast, host Michael Unbroken provides a masterclass on healing trauma, sharing insights, strategies, and tips to help listeners overcome their past traumas and lead fulfilling lives. Drawing on his personal experiences and professional expertise, Michael explores a range of trauma-related topics, including the impact of childhood trauma on adult life, the importance of self-care in trauma recovery, and the power of forgiveness. Whether you're a trauma survivor or simply seeking to deepen your understanding of trauma and its effects, this podcast is a must-listen. Tune in to the "Think Unbroken Podcast" to start your journey towards healing today!

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Learn how to heal and overcome childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, ptsd, cptsd, higher ACE scores, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues and illness. Learn tools that therapists, trauma coaches, mindset leaders, neuroscientists, and researchers use to help people heal and recover from mental health problems. Discover real and practical advice and guidance for how to understand and overcome childhood trauma, abuse, and narc abuse mental trauma. Heal your body and mind, stop limiting beliefs, end self-sabotage, and become the HERO of your own story. 

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Hey! What is up, My friends. Hope that you guys are doing well. As you can see, I am streaming live in a couple of different places right now talking about Unbroken Con, very excited for the event. We are about 40 days away, I think at this point, I'm very excited for Unbroken Con for a multitude of reason. But most importantly of all, I am excited because we are going to be transforming trauma into triumph for thousands of people and I need your help. And so, I'm actually popping on here to ask you guys all for a favor, if you will, it's not even a favor, it's a request, if I've brought any value to you in any capacity over the years. Please go and register for Unbroken Con and share it with somebody. We have almost a thousand people registered, we are going to be doing some really beautiful and amazing things, and one of the things that is most important is that when we come into this together to create change not only do we impact our lives, our communities, our families, but also, we take a step to really move into that place of ending generational trauma.                                                                                                           

And so, if you were in that place in your life where you're unsure, what I will tell you is this. The people who bet on themselves, who are willing to show up and live life especially, and even more so in the moments in which they are scared and uncertain, those are the people who on a long enough timeline are going to have the most success. You know, I get asked this question constantly, people are like, how do you actually heal trauma? What does it mean to heal? And my answer really is simple. Are you living life on your terms? Are you being the person that you believe you're capable of being? Have you done the work? Have you shown up? Have you figured out what it means to ultimately put yourself in a position to be the hero of your own story? You guys know this. I'm not telling you anything, especially if you've been around, Think Unbroken long enough I'm not telling you anything you don't know. Nobody is coming to rescue you and no one is coming to save you unless you put your hand out and you say, hey, I need some help. I need some guidance. I need some assistance. And most people are terrified to ask for help. They feel like they're facing shame and judgment and ridicule that somehow it is bad for them to be the people who need it. We often give it like, think about this. How many times have you just given everything to everybody? If you've ever been that person, like, I get it. If you've ever been like, Man, I just always give, give, give, give, give. You have to also be willing to received. And so, when you're willing to receive, when you're willing to show up, when you're willing to say, I actually need help and guidance too it happens that's really beautiful, is the universe will give it to you, right? It's reciprocated because when you give and you give and you give, but you don't ask, the universe doesn't know that you want something like you think about it when you are seeking anything in life, if you don't call it into fruition into reality, you can't get it because no one's gonna know. And so, as we're getting ready for Unbroken Con, we're doing two master classes.

The first one for the people who have signed up for the VIP is going to be on Saturday. And I've been spending a tremendous amount of time taking the master class that I've been teaching for a long time and breaking it down into what I will argue is probably gonna be one of the best courses I've ever taught. And that is only gonna be accessible right now for people who have joined the VIP part of Unbroken Con to. Watch live is free, it's $0. And so, if you haven't registered for Unbroken Con, go over to and register.

So, if you are looking and watching this right now on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, wherever you might be watching, if you click, if you go to You can register for the event for free. Now, Unbroken Con itself is not until December; December 13th. It's gonna be myself, Anthony Trucks, Leslie Logan, Lindsay Mitchell, Jamie Bronstein, Dan Mangena, Ken Honda, and many others who are coming together to not only teach you what we know, what it means to transform your trauma in a triumph, but even more that'll happen live, December 13th.

And it's that window where, you know, I remember a few years ago, actually it was probably longer, it was about seven years ago. I was completely by myself on Christmas, all my friends were outta town. I was kind of in this place where I just wanted to be alone. And I remember thinking to myself during that time, and it wasn't bad that I wanted to be alone. I just wanted to be alone. And I remember thinking to myself in that timeframe, I was like, you know, why are there no events right now? Why are there no conferences? Why is there nothing where, when people are in this place, when we're in this weird transition that we can come together? And this year, as I was putting together Unbroke Con, it just dawned on me like, this is the window, as we head into the holiday season. I just walked outside. I took a walk, my afternoon walk before I head back into my evening of work. And as I was walking, it's dark already, it's like 5:45, it's snowing, it's cold. I'm in Denver. If you don't know this, I was in New York earlier this week, and I was just like, you know, this is the time of year we need support as warriors, as survivors, as community. And so, one of the things that I thought to myself was, let's do Unbroken Con in December, originally it was November, some things happened we had to move it forward, or I guess back technically. And so, December 13th, come and join us myself, almost 10 other incredible speakers, three days nonstop, I mean, it's gonna be incredible. This is arguably one of the best things that I've ever built, and I need your help to make it even better because it's for both me and for you, and for those who are going to come and be a part of it, because I know the truth, right?

I was on a podcast today and on the show that I was on, this person asked me, they were like, how have you been able to navigate having an ACE score of 10 and being a homeless drug addict when you were a little kid and at 12 years old, all of these crazy things happening to you. And it was like, I'm not somehow special. I don't know anything that anyone else doesn't know. The only reason, like I think about this a lot and the only reason I've been able to grow in my own personal life to now coach thousands of people around the world to have one of the biggest podcasts in America with Think Unbroken podcasts and to help people time and time and time again, is because I recognize the truth about this is gonna sound weird, and I want you to hear me because this is really important. I believe this is gonna sound crazy, so I'm prefacing this. There's one truth that I know about this healing journey that most people will not admit is that it, we live in the matrix. Do I mean we live in the matrix literally. I know many of you have heard me say this before. My answer is maybe. Maybe we do live in the matrix. Maybe we literally do. But you would never know if we did because that's the whole point. And when I say that, what I mean is that we have the ability to bend the world to what we want. And I've done it time and time again. I've done it in these times in which I've spoken on some of the biggest stages in the world. I've done it in my healing journey. I've done it when I've worked with people who were at rock bottom. Like I've had clients that I've worked with over the years who have come to Think Unbroken family, who they were a second away from ending everything, and now they have risen in ways that are unbelievable because I have been able to teach them what I know and show them the framework for executing it. And guys, I'm not special. I'm telling you right now, I don't know shit except that if you get massively clear about what you want, you get guidance and mentorship, you show up and you take action on a long enough timeline, not only will you heal, but you will prosper.

And so, that's why we created Unbroken Con ‘cause I know with certainty, with everything that I fucking believe in my heart and the world, is that we all have the ability to prosper. And in fact, one of our amazing speakers, Gloria Zhang, is on the Instagram chat right now and she is a powerful leader in this trauma conversation. I'm so thrilled she's gonna be out Unbroken Con. Her and I will be going live here, not right now, but in the near future, to talk about Unbroken Con and what she's gonna be teaching you guys at the event. So, if you have not yet registered, go to Saturday. We're doing our master class right now, roughly it's like a very in depth two to three hours.

And I'll tell you right now, I started building the framework for this masterclass about a month ago, and it is the framework for the way that I think about life.

So, one of the things that I don't really ever share openly is, and maybe I should share it more, I don't know, but in the morning, I have this routine, right? I talk about my routine a lot. I'm not gonna talk about my routine, but I am gonna talk about one of the things that I read to myself in my daily routine. And so, it's called The Truths of Being Unbroken. I was thinking about like in terms of the framework of life, how do you set yourself up for success every day? And setting yourself up for success every day isn't just, I meditated and I journaled and I fucking drank water. Like that's not enough. You have to have a constant understanding of what it is that you're building and creating. And so, I was thinking about this roughly a year ago, and I thought to myself, okay, what is it really that has come to shape and create my reality. And I was like, Oh, it's these rules that I have that aren't necessarily spoken rules, and I don't put them out into the world, but I will be during this masterclass. And those rules are based in the truth of what it means to show up and live your life as an unbroken person everyday. Right. People all the time are like, Man, I'm broken, I'm fucking stuck. I can't seem to make my life different. And it's like, ‘cuz you don't have a fucking framework. You have to have a framework. I'm laughing ‘cuz I think like I just had this memory of when I was like 24, I was like, man, my life fucking sucks. Yeah, of course it did. I didn't have a framework; I had no rule book. Okay. Do me a favor cuz there's multiple chats happening right now. If you got a rule book for life when you were born, will you please tell me in the chat that you got it? Because I need a copy. I'm just gonna look for a second and see if anyone got a copy, if you got a rule book for life when you were born, type in I have a rule book. See? Nobody did cuz we don’t. And so, one of the things that you have to do when you learn to live is to learn how to live. And the only way that you can learn how to live is to learn how to live on your terms in the framework that you believe is most suitable for who you are. And that's what I'm gonna teach in the masterclass, is just simply my framework, the thing that has helped me transform my trauma into triumph. The thing that I have found and discovered to be the most beneficial tool that I've used in this journey because when I was walking around the world with no real guidance, it was like I was getting into trouble. I was doing drugs all the time. I was massively overweight. I was destroying my life. And then over the years I slowly built these things became like this puzzle, right? It was like, here's a piece, here's a piece, here's a piece, here's a piece, and then slowly here's the outline. I started filling it in, and then like I would borrow pieces from my friends. I would borrow pieces from my community. I would borrow pieces from my therapist and my coach from the books I read, the podcast I listened to, and then I extrapolated all that data and I looked at it and I took a step back and I was like, this is just my life, this is how we help people heal.

The first time I taught a course that was in the window of, this was six years ago, and then I started teaching it again and again and again. And then it's a course that now I've taught that we have charged a lot of money for like a lot, a lot, I'm not even gonna tell you cuz it's so much for businesses and events and things like that.

And so, if you come to Unbroken Con and you become a VIP member. You got two opportunities to do this. One is this Saturday where we're gonna go in depth and one is the weekend before the event. And this is for VIP people only because you know, this is such an in-depth process to take a course that I've created for years, revamp it entirely, make it a hundred percent better, and create a workbook that's like 70 pages long that I know will literally, even if you didn't do Unbroken Con. Right? Even if you didn't come to the conference, even if you didn't do anything else and you just did the master class with us on Saturday, your life will be different. I fucking guarantee it. And it's online, it's gonna be an online course.


In 2023, we're almost there, it's crazy. 2023 we're bringing in person events back. So, I've taught Think Unbroken in so many countries, I can't even keep trying. And then of course COVID happened and that kind of fucked everything up. So, we will be bringing back these in person courses because like I love online, it's amazing, especially cuz we can connect so many people. But I will tell you this, nothing is better than in person. And so, we'll be talking about that at Unbroken Con, but this master class that we're doing on Saturday, if you're not VIP yet and you need to wait and you can't do it for another week or two, like fine, I get it, there's gonna be another masterclass. We will teach it again, live, not recorded, fucking live. We will teach it again. There's a Q&A. It's in depth. I mean, it's gonna blow your mind. I will say this, especially if you have been deep into Think Unbroken. You've read my books, you've listened to the podcast for years, you've listened to me as guests, you've watched me do speeches, you've pop into these things, you've never seen anything like this, you've never, ‘cuz this has only been reserved for in person. I've never taught this online, ever, because one of the things that I did when I first started teaching it, it was a framework, but it wasn't this in depth. When I do it for corporations, there's a framework, but it's not this in depth.

When I sat down and I said, I'm gonna create the greatest, basically $50 masterclass anyone could ever do, because that's how much the VIP is for the conference. I said, I'm gonna make this worth 5,000 bucks. Like if somebody called me right now from a corporation and they were like, hey, I want you to teach your truths of being unbroken, the framework for your life that has helped you go from 350 pounds, two packs a day, drinking yourself to sleep, ostracize from your family, $50,000 in debt just completely a disaster of a human being because of the impact of trauma. If someone called me and they're like, teach me how you overcame all of that shit, I'd be like, Great. $10,000, I'll be there. Let's do it. I'll teach your whole company. And I said to myself, how do I teach the greatest course that I could teach in a master class that I would charge corporations $10,000, $5,000 to $10,000 for? It depends. I mean, that's a whole another conversation. And give it to this community for effectively the cost of one dinner. Right? And that's what this.

And so, you can register, go to You can sign up again, Unbroken Cons, absolutely free. This is all online so you can access it during the event December 13, 14, 15, 16. But the masterclass is reserved only for people who really want to go into the next level with us. And the reason why is two reasons

 One, I think about this every single day of my life. The people who pay, pay attention. How do I know this? Because I'm that person. And if I don't pay, if I don't pay, like I don't care like I have all these free courses on this computer right now, I just don't do anything with. But I can promise you, when I paid Grant Cardone, multiple five figures to get coached by him, I paid attention. When I paid Tom Bilyeu multiple five figures, I paid attention. When I paid Tim's Storey, Oprah’s coach, I paid attention and I'll tell you right now, it's already started happening. People like, how can you charge people when you're trying to change the world? I'm like, It's free. Unbroken count is $0 and the cost nothing, and you have the ability to go and watch thousands of hours of our content which please do. It's there for you. Even the old stuff, the archive, like it's all there on Think Unbroken podcasts and literally some people know this. I'm looking at some of the people who are watching live right now ‘cause I know you, some of you I have coached, some of you have been in our conferences, in our events, some of you have done the coaching programs and our apps and the Think Unbroken community. The way that I try to over deliver in those is worth any price that is paid, because I've been taught that that is the most important thing.

And so, you know, in order for this to work, like really, I do think about this and I'm not trying to be dismissive. I've been fucking dirt poor. I've been homeless. I've been in poverty. I know exactly what it's like to not have money, and I've also sold everything I own to go to therapy. Literally, I've sold everything I've owned to have a therapy, to go to group coaching, to do things like EMDR and to hire people to help me, and that's the only time my life really changed.

So, I encourage you, if you're like, man, I don't have $50. I'm like, are you sure? Are you sure you don’t? Are you sure you don't need to sell everything you own? Are you sure that you don't have something lying around your house that you don't need? Are you sure you need Netflix and HBO and Disney Plus and Hulu and Prime? Are you sure you need that shit more than you need your life to be better? Because if you're sure, respect, I get it. I've no arguments, none. But if you are not sure and you know your life needs to transform, now's the time to invest in yourself. Now's the time to choose you. And look, small investments end up becoming some of the most transformative things that you can do. I've been there. I've seen what it's like in my own personal life when I was like at rock bottom, massively in debt, and I was like, Let's go. Let's do it. Let's see what happens.

And so, I'm very excited. Let me say this, and I know I'm just rambling at this point, but I wanna make a really important point.

There are people who are watching this live right now that I've watched their life change. You don't have to call yourself out. You don't have to say anything. I know you're here. You know who you are. You've been in my courses. I've seen when you order the books, I respond to your messages and your Dms. I know who you are. And I know that if you did not invest in yourself, whether it was a $47 course or a hundred dollars course, or a $500 course, or $25,000 coaching or whatever it was, I know your life would not be what it is because that's been my experience too. And I'm proud of all of you first and foremost, just know that for being here, for watching, for listening, for showing up, over a thousand people have registered at this point now for Unbroken Con like, I know that we're gonna change and transform some lives, and I'm proud of you for being a part of that because we have a responsibility. Like if you really think about it, if you come from trauma, if you come from abuse, like some real shit happened, some dark shit that fucks you up for a long time and kept you stuck and kept you feeling less than and kept you trapped and kept you feeling like you didn't matter and you were not worth it. But now you have an opportunity to change all that, you have a responsibility to yourself, but you also have a responsibility to your family, to your community, to your children, to your future, to heal this because what happens is, like, I think about this, one of the missions I have right now is we're gonna be launching our next one-year coaching program here, shortly. And my mission is to put a thousand people into that program because I know that if those thousand people can touch a thousand people by exponential properties over a long enough timeline, we can touch the world. And one of the things that you may know or may not know about me, if you don't know, I'll tell you my mission and the mission of Think Unbroken is very simple. I want to end generational trauma in our life through education and information, and so that means if I can educate you, your life can be different.

When I started learning, like deep learning, like investment learning, like being the only civilian in a room of people with masters and PhDs doing continued education learning, when I started doing that level of education, everything change. And so, when you come into Think Unbroken, this is education, but at a different level. At a different scale, at a different pace, in a way that I believe this to be true and not, maybe not everybody believes me, but I don't care what other people believe ‘cuz I believe what I believe. I believe that Think Unbroken is the greatest trauma transformation education that anyone can ever get. Period. Because when I look at some of the message’s you guys send me, and I even get choked up thinking about it because it's like, man, it's fucking incredible to know that people who have been like the most stuck, the feeling of being the most hurt, the most unloved in feeling the most unworthy, can rise in these ways that are unbelievable. Man, I just know that this works.

And my hope is that you'll come and join us. My hope is that you will take your life seriously and know that you're allowed to heal. You're allowed to love yourself. You're allowed to have fun, and you're allowed to grow. And you're allowed to be the greatest version of yourself that you can be, but nobody's gonna give it to you except YOU.

So, I've got a few minutes here, and then I have to hop onto a show for the evening. If you have questions about Unbroken Con, about the masterclass, about Think Unbroken. If you even just want to come on live with me for a couple of minutes, just hit the live thing, like whatever it is to add yourself, be happy to chat with you, same wherever you're watching. If you have questions, you want to go live, you want to talk. We got a few minutes and I want to be able to support you with these last few minutes of the day. It could be in about anything. I mean, you just talk about your day, talk about whatever you want, talk about the weather. But I want to answer questions for you because I think that that's a big part of this is to support each other. And if not, that's okay too. I get it. It's late been a long day for everyone. I hopped on here randomly.

One of the things we're working on right now is the scheduling of doing these lives in a way that you guys know when they're happening. So, we can't interact better so you can come prepared, so you can have a question answered. But I travel a lot and so that's just an excuse, the team is working on it. I'm working on it. We're gonna figure it out. But you know, the biggest thing is if anything, I have massive gratitude for you guys, for the Unbroken Nation, for this community, for the fact that so many of you have been willing to be like, I'm done. I'm done with being a victim. I'm done with the shame; I'm done with the guilt. I'm done carrying a burden that is not mine. And I think that's unbelievably beautiful.

And I know that as we continue to come together and we continue to heal. And healing is different for everybody, right? We're all gonna have a different definition of it, but as long as we continue to do it together, we're gonna change not only our lives, but our communities, our family, and the world.

So, make sure you join us at Unbroken Con. It's Our first master class is the Saturday for those who go VIP and then we will have our next master class the weekend before Unbroken Con. I'll have the dates on that soon I'll be traveling, so I have to get that locked in this week for you guys, but the first one's in two days.

So that said, my friends, thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of the Unbroken Nation. We'll see you at Unbroken Con.

Until then, my friends.

Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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Michael Unbroken


Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.