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I'm Dr. Trish Phillips and I draw psychology concepts as The Doodle Doc

Calling on over 20 years of Clinical Private Practice specializing in developmental trauma, attachment wounds and dissociation. With advanced training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Dissociative Disorders, and Mindfulness, I offer emotional education through Doodles.

As a coach, I help people re-connect with their inner child and their inner world to unlock the deeper wisdom within.

As an Emotions Teacher the Doodles help me explore and explain concepts that are often difficult to understand with words alone.

The little Doodle people speak to an implicit place inside us all... a place beyond words.

July 28, 2022

E375: Learning to love, heal your Inner Child, and Find Your Purpose to create a life that is ON FIRE | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I do a compilation with this amazing guests, Milagros Phillips, Kelly Gores, Dr. Trish Phillips, Kate Erickson and Jenna Kutcher.   This conversation is so impactful and profound because you look at the impact of... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e375-learning-to-love-heal-your-inner-child-and-find-your-purpose-to-create-a-life-that-is-on-fire/#show-notes

Coaches Healing Mindset

May 12, 2022

E298: Learning to love your Inner Child with The Doodle Doc | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, we will go back to the vault with my friend and guest, Doctor Trish Phillips, also known as the Doodle Doc. Trish is an amazing human being who has helped thousands of people worldwide who learned to go through this process of healing... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/e298-learning-to-love-your-inner-child-with-the-doodle-doc-cptsd-and-trauma-healing-coach/#show-notes

Inner Child Trauma Coach Therapist

July 26, 2021

E91 Learning to love your Inner Child with The Doodle Doc | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this I talk with one of my favorite people in the mental health space, The Doodle Doc Trish Philipps. I spent a long time trying to reconcile with my inner child, and in that, I discovered a huge wealth of compassion and self-love, I even wrote a...

Healing Mental Health Therapist