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Tim Ringgold is a board-certified music therapist, author, and host of the Reduce Your Stress podcast and Summit. Tim is also an award-winning international speaker, having shared the stage with some of the top minds on music, the brain, and personal development, including Tony Robbins. Tim was the first person to give a TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012 and is a former Regional President of the American Music Therapy Association.

March 16, 2023

The Power of Mind-Body-Spirit Symbiosis in Achieving Growth and Development

Looking to unlock your full potential? In this episode, join host Michael Unbroken as he speaks with hypnotherapist Tatiana Vilarea about the power of recognizing and overcoming emotional blocks through hypnotherapy... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/the-power-of-mind-body-spirit-symbiosis-in-achieving-growth-and-development/#show-notes

Healing Mental Health Therapist

September 15, 2021

E110 Healing music grief and community with Tim Ringgold | Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I'm very excited to be joined by one of my very good friends, Tim Ringgold. I met him when we were at a speaking competition in Dallas and Tim and I just kind of connected. So a couple of years ago, Tim, won the very competition that I was speaking at, and just by the serendipity of the nature of being in small groups and conferences and a couple few hundred people, Tim and I got to have a conversation, and throughout that conversation just kept noticing these intricacies that he and I had as far as parallels in our journey and our story we had suffered a tremendous amount of loss and people in our lives through death, through murder, and through suicide. We talk about his experience with grief, with death, with losing his five best friends with overcoming that, with going through this process in which we learn to heal, through community, through connection. Tim is a music therapist, he talks about his journey and even plays a little song here at the end for us. So this conversation is heavy. It's very enlightening, very beautiful, powerful, it's a conversation that I know that I am very grateful for being able to have had and I look forward to having Tim in the future. Learn more at https://www.ThinkUnbrokenPodcast.com

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