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Nathan studied intensively in Sydney at The Actors Lab with Annie Swann before he was encouraged to further his studies in New York at the prestigious HB Studio, in the West Village, where he studied under the likes of Carol Rosenfeld, Edward Morehouse and Austin Pendleton. Once graduating from HB Studio, it wasn't long before Nathan attained a green card. He went on to study with Larry Moss and consistently with Brad Calcaterra, at The Studio, as well as Tim Phillips.

Having starred in several short, feature films and theatre productions in both Australia and USA. Nathan has started writing and producing. He just finished writing, Toy Cars, a feature film about his life, a gritty, dark, independent, real life story that he is in pre-production for. He has also just finished writing a short and starting to write another feature.

Nathan is a man on the mission to create change in not only the way that the public perceives childhood sexual abuse but in the way that men talk about Mental Health.

March 07, 2023

Transforming Trauma into Triumph: Nathan Spiteri's Journey from Pain to Purpose

In today’s episode, we explore the difficult yet transformative journey of healing from trauma. Can you learn to love yourself?... See show notes at:

Healing Mental Health Trauma Survivor

May 05, 2020

E22: Becoming Unbroken with Nathan Spiteri

In this episode I talked with Advocate Nathan Spiteri. I met Nathan through Instagram a few months ago and his journey really hit home for me because it mimicked mine. Nathan is a man on the mission to create change in not only the way that the public pe.

Mental Health