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Mark's many and varied experiences have shaped his direction, but there is nothing that has had a bigger impact on his life than his time in the military.
He has seen veterans give everything they have to protect their country, however on their return to civilian life, they often deal with physical, mental and emotional trauma - and it goes untreated. The Courage Foundation was founded to holistically help veterans heal themselves holistically and restore a sense of purpose, hope and connection.
Today, Mark continues to lead, teach, innovate and ideate.
A sought after speaker, insightful interviewer on his podcast The Mark Divine Show, and best selling author he pushes limits and minds. A key component of his message is the importance of leveraging technology to positively impact the world.

June 29, 2022

E346: The MINDSET of A ZEN Navy SEAL with Mark Divine | Mental Health Coach

About seven years ago, I listened to today's guest, Mark Divine, on Tom Bilyeu's Inside Quest. And I was immediately captivated, like I could not actually put into words the thoughts going through my head. Early in this journey, he talked about things... See show notes at:

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