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Dr Ruth Allan

Brain power & performance coach

Industry and family leaders hire Dr Ruth to win back their energy and time doing what they love by boosting their brain power and performance because most are chained to their past, don’t use the right tools and techniques and have never measured and optimised their unique brain.

Dr Ruth is a Certified Brain Health Professional and Trainer, High Performance and Trauma Recovery Coach, Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

In her spare time she’s a Reservist British Army Officer and military ski and mountain leader. She loves adventure and has been on expeditions to climb unclimbed peaks in Greenland as well as ski tour across the European Alps. She is married to Dave and has a daughter Lilly aged 3.

November 07, 2022

Dr. Ruth Allan - Do this to Change your BRAIN | Mental Health Podcast

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Ruth Allan, the lead Certified Amen Clinics Brain Health Professional and Trainer in the UK, a Certified High Performance Coach™ through the High Performance Institute and Certified Havening Practitioner... See show notes at: https://www.thinkunbrokenpodcast.com/dr-ruth-allan-do-this-to-change-your-brain-mental-health-podcast/#show-notes

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