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I’m Ciara Pressler, and my personal mission and professional passion are the same: to help you clarify what you want and create a game plan to make it happen.

I'm an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience advising founders and innovators on brand + growth strategy. I create content focused on sharing best practices for success and how to do it with strategy and style. I also do a lot of guest speaking at conferences, schools, and events on how to be strategic about building your business, career, and professional network.

I have worked with clients based throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, in industries including the arts, entertainment, hospitality, real estate, fashion, tech, finance, nonprofit, and more. My network spans continents with connections to innovators in every field.
My latest book Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business lays out the best practices for authentic success and a framework for strategic goal-setting, including success principles and what to do when you’re stuck.

In 2016, I launched Pregame in Portland, OR, a “gym for your goals” where members get unlimited access to group workouts in all areas of business. Our members are business owners, managers, and creative professionals who are committed to personal and professional growth.

My collective Pressler Collaborative creates custom marketing and PR strategy for businesses and projects in entertainment, media, real estate, tech, finance, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.

September 09, 2020

E33: Special Episode: The Interview with Ciara Pressler

Hey friends, In this episode, I chat with Pregame Founder and serial entrepreneur and my sister from another mister - Ciara Pressler. This is one of my favorite interviews that I have done to date and am so pumped to share it with you. We go deep on the .