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Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD

Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, Ph.D., the “teen translator,” is an adolescent psychologist and family success coach who specializes in helping parents build strong, positive relationships with their teens through improved communication, connection, and understanding using her PRIME Parenting Method.

Dr. Cam received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from George Mason University, where she was mentored by Dr. Susanne Denham and recognized for her superb teaching as a professor of Adolescent Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Cam is a Certified Professional Success Coach (CPSC), has served as a high school youth leader for over 10 years, and is a co-founder of The Avengers for Teens, an allied network of adolescent and parenting experts that provide daily advice and encouragement on ClubHouse.

Since publishing her book, Power Phrases for Parents: Teen Edition, in 2015, Dr. Cam has been speaking about adolescent development and parent education at local schools, national organizations, on television, podcasts, and most recently on NPR. After her presentation at the Nysmith School, the coordinator wrote, “The best Parent Education event the school has ever had.”

Dr. Cam hosts the Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam podcast and Parenting Teens Power Hour. She’s also created a series of online parenting courses including, “How to Have a Peaceful, Positive Relationship with Your Teen.” Dr. Cam uses her fun, interactive style to unpack frustrating adolescent behavior and empowers her clients and audiences to work with their teen's wiring rather than against it—boosting the development of a positive, healthy sense of self rather than unwittingly eroding it. Parents leave her sessions feeling hopeful, supported, and motivated for change.

January 26, 2022

E191: How to parent your kids and yourself with Dr. Cam | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I am joined by my amazing friend, Dr. Cameron, and we talk about parenting your kids and yourself. Dr. Cam and I met a few weeks ago in Dallas; I spoke at the adventure reach; it does speak off, peach off, competition, and community... See show notes at:

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