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Blair Bryant Nichols

Director of Stages

After beginning his career representing hundreds of authors from Top 6 publishers, Blair Bryant Nichols moved into management of founders, entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and celebrities, with various work streams, projects, and personal interests, acting as a Chief of Staff, manager, or agent. Blair has deep expertise in developing speakers for corporate events, conferences, and other thought leadership opportunities, including internal and external communications. As a manager, coach and consultant Blair enjoy helping unique individuals and/or companies foster new strategies for operations, communications, business development and partnerships across all appropriate areas to further develop and enhance their bottom line and brand. He currently is the Director of the Stage Agency at Advance Your Reach, and co-host of the Podcast: Inside the Greenroom by Advance Your Reach.

August 28, 2022

E406: How to Create a Life That Matters | Mental Health Podcast

Join our FREE COMMUNITY as a member of the Unbroken Nation:   In this episode, we have these fantastic people in Think Unbroken Podcast: Amanda Abella, Meredith Viguers, Blair Bryant Nichols, and JM Ryerson. See show notes at:

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January 19, 2022

E184: The Power of Your Voice with Blair Bryant Nichols | Trauma Healing Podcast

In this episode, I will have a conversation with my friend Blair Bryant Nichols as we dive into the power of telling and sharing your story. This podcast episode that I particularly love because one Blair has been an amazing friend to me but two at... See show notes at:

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