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Ben is an award-winning actor, musician, public speaker and personal freedom coach, dedicated to creating more love, compassion and permission to go after your dreams with abandon. You may remember cognize him as "Steve the Dell Dude," but in the last 20 years he's gone on to become internationally recognized and critically acclaimed for his work not only as an actor, but as a speaker and coach. Ben truly lives a life of his dreams, in hopes that he will inspire others to do the same.

His comeback story is remarkable. Ben is a preacher's son from Tennessee, who at the age of 13, became a professional magician, at age 18, gave such a remarkable audition for NYU, that Tisch School of the Arts granted him an acting scholarship at the school of his dreams, in his favorite city in the world.
While studying feverishly in school, Ben became an overnight success as the world's most sought after spokesperson (“Steve, the Dell Dude"). During the height of his campaign, he moved to the financial district, which 2 weeks later, became Ground Zero. Ben was no longer just an overnight success and a full time student, but now add to that a 9/11 survivor with serious PTSD. He went from barely surviving, to transforming his life. Not only did he continue to star in films and tv, but in 2013, he & his partner (now wife), Cassie Fireman, co-founded the international wellness company Soul Fit NYC. It became such a big success that SoulCycle shut them down. But they did not stop. The dynamic duo continued leading retreats and workshops (and still do to this day) as well as forming their award-winning indie folk band, Dirty Mae.
Not only can you can you catch Ben on stage rocking with his wife, but you can watch him on Emmy award-winning TV shows such as "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and "Orange is the New Black." In his “spare time” Ben travels the globe speaking, coaching and empowering humans everywhere to nourish more love, compassion, courage and confidence, owning their light and pursuing their dreams.

December 08, 2022

Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Finding Success: A Conversation with Ben Curtis

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Overcoming Stigma: The Importance of Seeking Help for Mental Health with Ben Curtis

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May 08, 2022

E294: Dude you're getting well with Ben Curtis | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I have a guest speaker – Ben Curtis. You might have heard that before; if you're over the age of probably twenty, ‘Dude, you're getting a Dell’ you probably remember Ben Curtis. See show notes at:

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