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About Ameé Quiriconi:

I am a podcaster, author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and mother. My journey of personal discovery began as I dealt with, yet again, another significant life upheaval and wanted to find a way to finally stop my self-sabotage, for my sake and for my kids. Along the way, I discovered the truths about the impacts of adverse and traumatic childhood experiences on our lives as adults. And then I realized what I was always meant to be and found purpose as a mental health and business advocate by teaching all the knowledge I'm gaining to others through speaking, writing, and my mental health podcast, One Broken Mom.

January 07, 2021

E48: Rediscovering Motherhood after Trauma with Ameé Quiriconi

In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with fellow podcaster, advocate, and all-around Unbroken Badass Ameé Quiriconi. Listen as we journey through being set up for failure, leaving when the time is right, rediscovering motherhood, and becoming the h

Motherhood Trauma Survivor