July 14, 2021

E86 The power of yoga, your voice, and freedom in trauma healing final

In this episode, I talk about the power of yoga, your voice, and freedom in trauma healing and about the idea of going from being paralyzed to sharing your voice to your trauma healing journey.

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In this episode, I talk about the power of yoga, your voice, and freedom in trauma healing and about the idea of going from being paralyzed to sharing your voice to your trauma healing journey.

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What's up Unbroken Nation! Hello, My friends. I'm Michael Unbroken host of the Think Unbroken podcast and founder of thinkunbroken.com. And I'm honored to be your trauma coach and Mentor because I believe that everyone is capable of getting unstuck cultivating self-love and becoming the hero of Their Own Story.

I believe that when implemented correctly, the practical tools and education, you will receive from this show will help you lead an unbroken and extraordinary life.

 I believe that no matter what we come from that, we all have the ability to choose ourselves first to create manifest, a powerful and grace-filled future, and love the reflection in the mirror. I believe that every day is a day to grow, learn heal, and change.

That's why I started my company thinkunbroken.com, which is an online training and healing and personal growth platform where you get everything that I know about how to get motivated, be accountable, get out of the vortex and become the hero of your own story through Community Connection and Commitment.

For more information, visit thinkunbroken.com. Please, listen closely as you may learn, just one thing that will help you be unbroken.

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What’s up Unbroken Nation! First and foremost, thank you for being here and being a part of the Think Unbroken Podcast. I appreciate you so much. Want to come in here and leave some massive value about the takeaways I had for the conversation that we just had with Grace. If you miss it, go back, listen to this conversation Breaking Free with Grace because it is an amazing amazing conversation about another Warrior on her healing Journey trying to create impact in the world.

And my three biggest takeaways start number one was thinking about this idea of going from being paralyzed to sharing your voice. There is nothing more important in the trauma healing Journey than stepping into your power. Then sharing your voice and talking about what has happened in your life. Not in a way that you're just, like dumping it into the world, I don't think that benefits anyone, but stepping into acknowledgement, one of the big words that we used in that conversation is when you step into acknowledgement, you can step into freedom. Unbroken Nation, you need to understand this when you look at acknowledgement and you leverage it, you get to have freedom and I'm not talking about culpability because it's a very different conversation, but an acknowledgement what you're doing is you're looking at the things that have happened in your life. You're saying yes, those things happen which has a trauma Survivor. That's one of the most difficult things that we will ever do but you're not taking responsible, you're not taking responsibility for them said this before.

No one is culpable for the bad things that happen but with acknowledgment, you get a look at those things and staring them in the face and go. You know what? I'm going to do something about this, this is my life. Value number two, this one so important, this idea of letting go, we hold on so tightly to trying to control all of the things that happen in our lives. But one of the things that you have to understand is when you start to let go of the things that you don't control, life changes, and it's really beautiful and in that this has been my experience too. So for years, I held on so tightly and people would say, Michael you're such a control freak.




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I was trying to control the way people acted, what they said, what they wear, how they existed? I try to control everything around me because one of the things that I didn't understand that, I want to share with you right now is, control is not only a defensive mechanism, but it's also a survival response because think about this, when we were kids, we didn't have the ability to control our outcomes. We didn't have the ability to control the abuse. We didn't have the ability to control anything. And so in that we found chaos and then chaos, you falling The Vortex and into the Vortex, well we know where you end up from there. And control as an adult is thinking about, can I can only control the things I can control when I put my feet on the ground? Every morning, I say, I am the one in control of my life, and that's so powerful for me, because then I'm able to move forward in alignment with my values in my intentions to create massive change. So, thinking about it, like this, control what you can control and let go of what you can't control because you don't get any say in other people's opinions, you don't get any say in how people act towards you, you don't get any say in whether the government does this or that guy does that or if it rains or if it's sunny today and when you let go, when you start to move away from the idea that you have to have your hands on every single aspect of your life and you only control what you can control, everything becomes possible. And it takes a while to get to that, I'll be honest with you, when I started moving towards this place of letting go and just letting people exist around me, it was so uncomfortable because I had to learn a new parameter of looking at the measurement of safety in my life when I was around other people because growing up, I had to measure people if they were safe and make snap judgments and often that served me. Well, even today, it still serves me very well. I know many people have spoken with who come from traumatic backgrounds have the same existence or same experience, excuse me. And so when you start to let go and you look at people through the scope and the framework of your value system, and whether or not they are reciprocating that to you letting go actually becomes a really practical tool in this, right? There's the same way Grace mention it. Somebody cuts you off in the middle of the road, like, you don't have to freak out on them, it's fine, let go, stop holding on so tightly to things, you can't control. And the other thing is thinking about, value number three Unbroken Nation, thinking about this. And this is very, very, very, very important. Yoga is an incredibly practical tool in the healing Journey, believe it or not, and people see me, they go, man, you're like this giant tattooed guy.

What do you know about yoga? Yeah, yoga was so freeing for me because it was the first time that I found peace in space in my life where I could actually exist just within my body for an hour and let what comes – come. And in that, wow! You talk about healing massive healing in my yoga Journey, that's why still practiced yoga today and it's not even necessary about the physical exertion because certainly you can go do hot yoga. I've mentioned before I did 66 days of Bikram one time I would never do that again. But I challenged myself I wanted to see what happened and I find so much value in a calm peaceful, yin yoga or in a flow Yoga and somewhere I can just remove the day, remove the pressures of the world remove, even the pressures of think unbroken, and speaking about childhood trauma, and yoga has become this amazing tool for me, but I can always go to when I meet a little bit of peace, when I need a little bit of space, when I need a little bit of time within myself, so amazing value, my friends. If you have not, please again go and check out Grace @iamgratefulgrace on Instagram as well as she has a GoFundMe. Please check that out. Very, very important what she's trying to do and being in alignment with our mission of making the world unbroken and my friends as usual.

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