May 27, 2022

E313: My thoughts on the School shooting in Uvalde Texas | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

E313: My thoughts on the School shooting in Uvalde Texas | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, it’s quite heartbreaking to step into a conversation and try to sound out the experience that I'm having as a human being and feeling about what happened in a school shooting at Uvalde, Texas.

In this episode, it’s quite heartbreaking to step into a conversation and try to sound out the experience that I'm having as a human being and feeling about what happened in a school shooting at Uvalde, Texas.

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation! I thought a long time over the last couple of days whether or not I would actually have a conversation about this but ultimately, I decided it to be incredibly important. This is not my normal kind of bring you up kind of episode and instead it's kinda heartbreaking to step into a conversation about yet another school shooting. And the reason why I decided I wanted to talk about this was (a) because it's something that is at the forefront of this country, you know, I remember I'll never forget actually before I say that look let me save this, there's no easy way to talk about something so dark and when I think about my role as someone in the mental health space and as someone who I believe that my job is to make the world a better place, when I see things like the school that just happened in Texas, Uvalde, I  can't help but think to myself what could I have done? And I know that's a weird thing to say but that's kinda where my mind goes because when I say that the thing that comes to mind is there more information I can create or there more books I can write, there more podcasts that I can do and I recognize obviously, you know, I can't take responsibility for that but that's just where my brain goes, my mission is to end generational trauma in my lifetime and when things like this happen it's heartbreaking to me because I feel like, what if I would have started this a day earlier?

You know, what if one more person would let, what if the person who committed this horrendous crime might have maybe found some solace and Think Unbroken and what we do.

And you know, that's maybe far-fetched because I think it's impossible to ultimately stop people from doing things that they've already decided that's going to happen and that's so heartbreaking to me but my hope is that maybe through these conversations and continuing to show up for each other and supporting each other that we'll get to this place where you know this idea about the school shooter just goes away because we're able to heal, we're able to come together, we're able to ultimately you'll be that change, and I hope and pray that happens sooner than later. You know, I remember when I was a kid and the combine shootings happened, it was so devastating to me because I mean at eleven, twelve years old when that happened the only thing that I could think which I know many people who were in the school at that time fought and probably many children and especially teachers are now thinking make this could happen in my school, this could be me or my child or my classroom next and it's so sad, I wish I had a solution, I wish I had something that I could bring to the table that I could say, you know, if you did this it would help change the world, right? And I don't have that thing you know; I wish that I did but I don't. The only thing that I have, the only thing that I can think of is how can we continue to support each other, how can we continue to try to raise each other up, how can we continue to love each other probably in the need of loving each other better.

You know, I remember I read the book called by Dave Colon and I mean it's like one of the most devastating books I've ever read of my life, I read it a long time ago because I remember the emotional impact of that experience and I wanted to read the book because it felt to me like by doing that, it would help me just understand how something so dark could happen. You know one of the things that I've always tried to do in my life is to read, to learn, to understand and it's like, well then you add parkland and you add new town and you add all of these other places like how do you make meaning of this? I mean it's a fucking nightmare and I think about the mental health work that needs to be done in this country and as a proponent of it, you know, I want is to be able to have these conversations more openly and not only when these things happen and teachers and schools are not equipped for this. I went to a school where we had a kid murdered in the front of the school mice junior year, our cops at my school carried real guns, there were real canine units, swat teams, lockdowns, pepper spray, I mean I remember one time I got pepper sprayed and like this brawl that was happening and a lot of kids did that day and it's like the amount of violence in this country is unbelievable and it's so sad that here we are again.

And my hope is again and I don't have answers part of this conversation in this episode today is me just trying to sound out the experience that I'm having as a human being and feeling like, fuck, again, really , where are we missing the boat as a country and as a society this doesn't happen around the world and other civilized lands, this doesn't happen in other countries where mental health is at the top in the forefront where the gun control walls are much more strict, where people and especially kids who need help, get it so that these atrocities don't take place.

You know in the nineties I'll never forget this.

People blaming music and video games and movies and it's like, no that's probably not where this comes from, it's the lack of care, compassion, empathy, love and connectedness and community that I think leads to these incredibly traumatic and tragic experiences. And you know, a big part of the reason why I created Think Unbroken was so that we could have communities, so that we could come together, so that we could make the world a better place together.

And I sit here and it's frustrating, you know, because it's like, we work so hard to try to be the change that we wanna see in the world and it's like don't up fucking pebble in the ocean sometimes, you know, there's so many of us that we work so incredibly hard and diligently to give people tools to hopefully alleviate and mitigate the risk of these things happening and I can't help but think about my friends who are teachers, the teachers who have brought me like so much a joy in my life and so much compassion and power, I think about the teachers around the world, I think about the students, all these poor kids who are experiencing this, who watch their friends die, I think about the families who gets like fuck again, really and it's just devastating. You know, we're gonna keep going and when I say that I mean like my mission and helping empower people to heal, to learn, to love themselves to overcome the past to ultimately being Unbroken. You know, I think about if I can come through on my mission of ending generational trauma this is a conversation we'll never wrap to have again and I don't have the words to convey, I feel and I know that's not even anything remotely close to the pain that these families and communities and friends feel.

You know, my three childhood best friends have been murdered, so in some sense I understand you know, a senseless murder I mean these were situations over drugs, right? And I don't generally go into the details of it but one of my best friends it was a shot to death in his living room, the other one was stabbed to death in an alley and the other I just don't like to talk about at all and so, I feel the emotions of those experiences because it's like those people get taken from you and I wish that they didn't, it's just so sad, my true calling is what I do with this company and what we do when helping people and I'm emotional right now because it's like god, I can see what this can be but I mean, I can't do this alone and that's why I love you guys so much for listening, for supporting, for being a part of this all the time, for being willing to show up and help support and grow this community in this conversation because childhood I mean, I would be fucking shocked, I'd besides myself if somebody pointed to this yet again tragic event and said child abuse wasn't involved at some point and be fucking shocked. And that's why this is so hard because it's like, I want this mission to work, I want to be successful and we just gotta keep fucking going and support these communities and give love to them and show them that they're not alone and it's like where do you even start other than that and there's not new fucking conversation, I'm not saying anything we haven't all heard before and you know that's why I just think to myself all the time, we have too just do better for each other. Stop chasing the things that don't matter, start showing up for each other, start supporting each other better and be the change that we wanna see in the world. I know this is a little bit all over the place but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys because I don't imagine you're having some of the same thoughts and I don't know what else the say….

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