Aug. 30, 2021

E103: Creating Holistic Life changes with Coach Jana Short | CPTSD and Trauma Healing Coach

In this episode, I speak with Jana Short about her battles from obesity, sickness, and multiple near-death experiences and how she turned her life around through mindset, healthy choices, and choosing to put herself first. Jana is a global Influencer in Health and Wellness, a seasoned mindset coach, public speaker, best-selling author, podcast host, and magazine editor.

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In this episode, I speak with Jana Short about her battles from obesity, sickness, and multiple near-death experiences and how she turned her life around through mindset, healthy choices, and choosing to put herself first. Jana is a global Influencer in Health and Wellness, a seasoned mindset coach, public speaker, best-selling author, podcast host, and magazine editor.

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Hey! What's up, Unbroken Nation. Michael Unbroken here, and welcome to the Unbroken podcast.

Today, I'm joined by my great friend, Jana Short who is a part of the best holistic life recently. I was on her show and I'm having here today because you guys need to know who she is. Jana my friend, what is going on? How are you?

Jana: Hi! I'm great. Thank you so much for asking. Just super busy getting my magazine the next issue out.

Michael: Yeah. I love it. Your magazines are really important. You know, I think that we all need to be having more conversations about practical things that we can add to our life, to create change and so much of what your effort and energy has been, is in that creating change, but that's not how you always started, that's this hasn't always been the mission, right?

Jana: I went to school to become an Interior Designer and that's what I did for years. I literally recreated myself at the age of 51, I just turned 60. So yehey! A great decade, but yeah, I started out being super great at what I did in interior design, and I thought I loved it until I got sick and literally knocked onto my deathbed.

Michael: Yeah, and then and then a shift, right?

Jana: Totally a shift, I didn't want to die because I had a brand-new grandson. So, for all of you who have grandchildren, it's our do-overs, right? We all know that. It's our do-over like anything we did as a mom and loops, we get to do it over when we get grandkids and I had a brand new grandbaby the day I went in the hospital. He was just like five or six days old, when I came out he was nine weeks old and I literally was sent home to die, and my daughter brought him to me to see him. And I remember while holding him, it occurred to me, how will he remember anything about me? He’s not going to remember like the simplest things, like the way I smell, the way we laugh together, what it's what, you know, Grandma's cookies, he's not gonna remember anything that I had those memories of my grandmother and I was desperate to make one memory with him. He is now almost 10 and we have created so many beautiful memories together, and I have seven grandkids now instead of five, but I found hope and it literally was a mindset shift for me, because, how am I still here? The doctors are, how are you still here? And I know it all started between these two things, right? Here is started creating magic.

Michael: Yeah. I mean, I am a testament to that myself. I look at everything that we do in our lives, being the baseline of mindset, right? I say it all the time mindset plus action equals self-actualization. A lot of people think they can like Disney moment themselves into the reality they want, but it takes a tremendous amount of action. Talk about that journey, right? Because I think first off, many people who are kind of in this midway point in life will measure it. I've been in this career for 25 years. I have this expectation of myself, but it still feels like there's something else there. Something else I should be doing, trying going towards are moving towards and they're stuck, right? That stuckness and often it's that for lack of better term rock bottom moment that occurs in which people actually begin to create change, but you're faced with this really delicate precipice, right? That you can fall off, either way, either you go towards what it is that you want to be in become or you remain the same, and when you're in that, it's like a conflict of self. How did you navigate that?

Jana: Michael this new purpose literally found me. I only was trying to survive long enough to make one memory and here's what I want to tell all of you. I got on my keyboard on my deathbed because I could not get up and walk, I didn't have the energy and I was able to type in the words desperate for help answers, looking for help for holistic options. Where else in the world can you literally be on your deathbed and extend your reach across the globe to reach out to others that can miracles, right? Magical things, but also with that came kind of, I'm just going to use a word, a cesspool of craziness, there are so many people on the internet that are willing to take advantage of your vulnerability, your fears, your anxiety, all of that, and give you hope that really isn't there, or at least they don't hold the keys to that. And here's the thing. I did find hope online, through reaching out, through social media, never really been on social media, nine years ago, and I found incredible hope, but I realized as I started becoming a health coach and working in the mindset area and became an NLP and RTT Practitioner. I realized that when I reached out knew I could help someone all those walls came up because of the people who came before me and it was really hard to stretch your hand through that screen and say; ‘Hello. I am, let me hear what's going on. Let me help you.’

And so I wanted to give a platform to those incredible people like yourself, that just haven't been heard enough. They don't know you're there, they're looking for you but they can't find you because you're buried CD under all the craziness. And so I created the magazine, the podcast, wrote my book, everything I've done was to give a light, a shine, a light on the people like yourself and let people know, like here they are, right here, open for business and at they weren't about selling a product, they weren't about, you know, ranking up to that next level, they were about really helping people get to know them because the first thing I asked them and you know this what's your story? Why are you here today? What was your moment of hope? And when I hear that, I know exactly why they're standing in front of us today. I know what put them in their purpose. I know the passion is it drives them and I want to help other people see that too. So that's where this whole thing was created, it really pulled me, it wasn't somewhere I thought one day I'm going to do this, it was one day, it was on my doorstep. I saw the joy, it gave me. I saw how it was helping others. I recognize the ripple effect of hope, it was putting into the world and I was on board.

Michael: Yeah, and you're faced with that moment to right? but you still have to make the choice, you still have to move into the understanding that I'm going to be in service of people. I'm going to create this thing, I'm going to follow even though and you know, I guarantee you there are people around you who are like, that's a terrible idea. Why would you do that? You had this thing over here. How do you navigate when you're in this space of creating? How do you navigate the naysayers, the haters, the people who say, you know what, you were great over there, why would you change? Why do you want to do this? How do you go through that?

Jana: So, that still happens. And here I am sitting in a seven-figure business and people will still ask me, are you still doing that little magazine thing you were doing? And here's the thing. The thing is that's their baggage right? When somebody feeds something to you, that's really their fears, their blocks, and they're putting that on you, but you don't have to receive that. I always tell everyone, the only story that should ever matter to you is the one you tell yourself, and I saw this as my destiny, I saw this as my passion, my purpose, and there was no disputing that and I leaned into it, so, when I get those naysayers, I like smiles, and yes, I am, I'm still doing that little racy, yes, I still have that number one best-selling, but yes, that's me right here, still doing that.

Michael: Yeah, there's driving that right? I often think about my own journey. You don't I get canceled pretty frequently, I get an email, every day. Somebody, who do you think you are? How dare you talk about this? What is it? You know, and I know that I serve the people that I serve with the full power and capacity that I have to be a change-maker in the world because I believe I'm capable of doing it, but so often, and you know, this as a coach and I know this as a coach and someone who's written a book and travel the world and done the whole thing that there's always that little voice still always that little voice over here that goes, you know, what, I don't think you can do it, you're not good enough, you're not strong enough, you're not capable enough, so much of that is enveloped in us through the narrative of the society that we live in, through our parents, through our peers, to our community, through our neighborhood, and then we come to this moment, we still have to face that voice, just like the haters voice is, right? We still have to face our voice. How do you leverage that? How do you move through that voice? And if you have that to say, you know what, I see you, I hear you over here, but I'm still going to do this anyway, how do you push through?

Jana: When, you know, that's such a great question. When I was growing up, I remember if I said I'm not going to be able to pass that math quiz. My parents would stop me and say, be careful what you speak you get the words of your mouth. So I would go around saying, no, I'm going to ace it, I got this, but my monkey voice in my head would, as I'm walking out the door would say no, you don't, what are you talking about? You didn't even study. How are you going to get that test done? And all the way to school, it's tearing me down. My parents never told me that there was a part two to what comes out of our mouths.

The story that's going on in our head is 100 times more powerful than what's literally coming out of our mouths. And so it is still a struggle for sure, and if you're saying no, I've never had that problem. We probably should talk because it's okay, everybody does, is just our voice bouncing off ideas, right? And they're protecting you by saying, if you do that, people will judge you. If you say that, what's that feedback going to be like and it's our brain protecting us, but I tell my brain and I literally have a talk with it. So maybe I should be committed, but I tell my brain; ‘Nope, we're going to do it. I've got this. Just hang on, pack up your stuff, if that happens, we'll deal with it, and we just keep moving but you have to change that conversation in your mind and it takes consciousness of what, where did that come from? What fear did that come from? You have to sit with it for a moment and realize where that fear came from, if you don't it'll just keep rearing. It's ugly little head and once you sit with it, you see where it's coming from your like, okay, I recognize it. I recognize a sphere, I know where it's coming from, and I've got this but those fears were given to us for a reason, like, have you ever touched a hot pan without a never meant and burns you and all of a sudden you go to touch the pant and that fear, wait, where's your oven meat? So it literally it's a defense mechanism in our brain to protect us, it doesn't want us to be judge, doesn't want our heart to be broken, it doesn't want us to fail and so it puts everything we've heard our parents, our friends, you know, our teachers, whatever we've heard in the community that community voice goes up. It's not really even your voice and so you have to recognize it, acknowledge it, sit with it for a minute so that when it pops up again, you're like I got this. I understand that and talk to that beautiful voice in your head.

The most magical thing you have we all have is that beautiful mind between those two years and I'm telling you with that, you can do anything when they say, you can move mountains. I really 100% believe you can move a mountain. Here I still sit in my death diagnosis is what I call it around here. I still sit my death diagnosis, nothing's changed, I am here, nine years later, two more grandkids, I have climbed Machu Picchu, I have run a 200-mile Ragnar marathon with my daughter two days, 200 miles. I've like gone on an African safari; I'm living the most amazing life because I'm living it today. I'm not worrying about yesterday, because I'm not going to change that. I'm taking all that good stuff with me and that learning, and I'm not focused on what's going on tomorrow because I don't want to miss one second of what's going on today.

Michael: Yeah, that's also incredibly powerful. I mean, I think about how important it is to understand that you are what you think like mindset is everything. I tell everyone I ever work with if you can get like you said, we are on the same page. If you get the thing in between those ears in connection with those in your chest, you're going to be good, you're going to be able to step into life and take advantage of it and put yourself in a position to become the hero of your own story. I look at my life; I should be dead or in jail, everybody knows my story. I don't have to go into it, but I will tell you this; every single day, I still sit down and I take my pen because it's mightier than the sword, and I write these little things down called goals and I move towards them until they come to fruition because you are what you think, what you think becomes what you speak, what you speak, becomes your action, and ultimately your actions, become your reality.

And if you're living within the context of the life of not being driven fords and towards something, then as they say, right? If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything, talk about the power of writing in your life as a fellow author first and foremost. Congratulations, you know, that is one of the biggest undertakings, I'd rather run a marathon than write a book, and even though I've written a few of them, you know, when I think about the immense amount of not only reflection but there's a little torture involved in writing a book. Talk to me about that, the experience of taking these things in your head and putting them somewhere practical, not only for someone else but for yourself.

Jana: So reading a book is one of the most difficult things I have ever, ever, ever done. I've written to you, and I'm working on my third. So, my first two I call them cheater books, because when someone asked me to write my story, I was like, yes, I want to share my story, and I remember spending weeks writing my story out rolling into months, and at the end, I had maybe a really solid good chapter, that was it. And so, for those of you who have written a whole book all on your own, yay! So this is my third book and I'm writing it all on my own but when you're writing your words out your story, oh my gosh, you could, it's like, my number one favorite thing to talk about is your superpower journey you've been given the story that you have inside is unique and like nobody else has and every time you share it with someone, whatever that story is. It's like think of it as heartbeat shooting out of you and touching and landing like touching and landing where they need to land and pulling those people in and giving them hope. Wow! He did it! If he can do it. I can do it. Did you see where she was at? Yet look, where she's at now. Why can't I? She's exactly like me, she's no different and it gives him an opportunity to see the possibilities of going through, what they're going through now, I'm to not give up hope and goal those extra steps to get to their goals, and I love Michael that you said that when you're manifesting putting something down on paper, by the way, is literally creating a roadmap in your brain, you may not realize it but writing it out is acknowledging it in your brain that it's real right? It's not something I thought of is not something that came out of my mouth. I wrote it down, your brain receives in the whole different area and starts processing that roadmap, writing things out is so important and when you look back, I hope that it writing, here's the other thing, writing them out, every day is so much even more important because once you get there, you're not there, if you want to lose 50 pounds, you hit 50 pounds as your life over and you're done. Done. No, there's more, there's so much more. It keeps expanding, the abundance, just keeps growing and growing and the possibilities are amazing. I never would have thought the first day, I stepped on a college campus to become an Interior Designer, that I would end up here in a whole different field thriving in it and my heart is filled by it every day. So you'll be so surprised when you start writing your story down, your message down, even if it's just for you, and no one else. Maybe you're not in a space to share it yet, maybe still too painful. I didn't share mine for two years and the day I shared it. I literally left the stage and threw up and the lady put her shoulder on her hand on my shoulder and asked me; Are you done? Can you come with me and my response to her was not very nice, like can I please just be done? What else is there? And she's like, well, there's a line of people waiting to talk to you and I look around the corner. I kid you not there had to be over 200 people standing there, waiting to talk to me because somehow or another through my story, they related, they connected, they saw hope, and they just wanted to tell me that and it was the most empowering thing to know that my story is powerful.

Your story is powerful and when you are brave enough to share because it's not easy, it's scary. I did not want to share mine, I felt shame and being sick. When I was to share it, and I realized that releasing it was not only good for me, but it was touching others and changing their lives. It was so much easier for me to do.

Michael: Yeah, and you know, what, here's what sort of fascinating and I tell people all the time, I did not sign up to be the spokesperson for childhood trauma. Like I don't even want this job, I don't like this job, I don't want it right? But I'm so driven by the idea that if we can come in a connection and create expansion through healing health education and knowledge, we change the world and there are people right now watching this or listening to this, or they'll find it in 10 years because we're, you know, we live in perpetuity now and they're stuck, and they're like, I know there's something in me and they're just like, I'm too scared to bring it out. How do you do that? Like, how do you bring that part of you out into the world and say, you know, what, even though I'm terrified, I'm going to get on that stage?

Jana: So, I did it out of. I don't even know why I did it. I didn't want to do it. I said no, for two years. I said no, and then a really good friend came to me and said, I really need you to do this for me. I need you to stand up there and just do the best you can. I remember the first time I spoke, I was so nervous and I kept doing this with my hands and I kept saying um because it was so nerve-racking. I didn't think anyone was listening and when I walked up and saw those people, I realized that it was they were listening and what happened for me to get me on that stage, I had to keep telling myself; ‘You don't know them.’ It's kind of dark out there, right? You don't even have to see them. At the end of the day, it's kind of like just talking in a dark room right? with nobody out there. So I went out literally with light blinding, you know, when you're on stage you think they're looking right at you, but we don't see anything, there's like lives glaring right in us unless they say, bring up the lies so they can see your sweet little faces but I can hear things, right? I'm listening, and that will distract you, by the way, if you listen too much, but I'm listening to keys. Are they listening? Are they laughing? What they should be laughing at? Are they quiet? What's going on? But I went into that dark space like I was all alone like I was just closing my eyes and telling your story. I literally, this is so funny, but I literally started telling my story with my back to the audience. I walked, and I asked him. Can I just start with my back? I promise you I'll turn and I came. I'm out and said; ‘hello. I'm Jana.’ I know you're back there but it starts right here, and that is how and they started laughing and I kind of ease me into it, right? And I started talking and I'm pretty certain, I'm like, yes, I have a face to and then we started talking and then, you know, the picture start popping up and me being sick and all of a sudden their energy transfer to me, and it became okay space to share and now that I do it, it like just comes out it. I've done it so many times then when I start to speak it flows out of me and it doesn't feel rehearsed, it doesn't feel like I've said it a million times because it's still coming from that space from the pain that I was in, from the fear, from the love, you know, that I was given to survive, it's still all comes out of me. So if you're fearful of it just go in there, start talking to them with that you're back. I'm telling you, it'll be funny and when you turn around and you're brave enough like when I'm brave enough, I'll turn around, when I turn around not only were they like; ‘Yay. Yep. I have a face, you know, they were so supportive people love you and they love that you've come through something and we have to be able to receive that love to start healing.

Michael: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, I've spoken all over the world and it's not like kind of scary. There's always an element to it. I've spoken in front of 10,000 people, have spoken in front of Billionaire's, I've spoken in front of two people. Does it matter, there's always stole that moment? But I always think about commitment and doing the thing that I said I was going to do. And so many people get caught up because they're scared about all the in-between things right? There trying to plan every second like you don't get that. You don't know when you're going to get the diagnosis. You don't know when you're going to get the phone call. You don't know when it's all over and yet you're trying to plan it all and make this all big beautiful, wonderful experience to try to have control, but ultimately, and I would love to know your opinion on it. I think that committing and saying, you know what? I'm going to get on that stage and I'm going to figure out on the way, is the difference between success and failure in life.

Jana: 100%, that commitment should be to you, though, like, you're worthy of giving yourself a commitment and following through with it, just because you gave yourself a commitment, don't think that's an easy out, right? It's just me, who's going to know, giving yourself a commitment is so important, like committing to taking better care of your health, committing to spending more time with your family, committing to doing the things that are important to you, and breaking them that's a broken commitment to you and is the worst kind of break that I feel like you could do for yourself.

Michael: Yeah. I mean, I totally relate to that. I mean, I remember literally being 8 years old fast-forwarding, 25 looking at the scope of my life and saying, I broke a promise to myself, when I made, when I was 8 years old, and that's really the catalyst, that's how I ended up here with you, 11 years later, having this conversation because I decided to honor myself in my journey. Talk to me about what coaching means to you and what it is that you bring to the world?

Jana: Well, that's a good question. The reason I got into quote coaching was that I was fascinated with what changed. Why am I still here? What is happening? Like, nothing's changed in my diagnosis to this very day. I still live with the same exact diagnosis yet. I'm still here and not only am I still here, but I'm also thriving in that diagnosis, why I should have been dead a long time ago. But here I am and I don't expect to be going anywhere anytime soon and I wanted to know more about mindset. So I got into an LPR, RTT, I wanted to know what is happening to our brains, to my brain, that keeps me moving forward, keeps me planted here on Earth and the more I learned, the more I got back in school.

I went back to school at 51 years old like, go back to school at that age, to learn a new skill, a new trade, more about myself, how I can serve others was very scary, but I did it, I still learned, I still pass the test, I aced them because I was fascinated by what was going on, but it is so scary going into a new profession. So for me, going to coaching was very scary, but I wanted to go in because I wanted to help other coaches like myself. I wanted to hit help them go to the next level, and it wasn't because of a money-making thing for me.

Although, I would love to see the coaches, be very successful financial because the more financially successful we are, the more we are able to serve others, but I wanted them to be successful because the more confidence that they had all those blocks moving out of the way and the growth that they have put some in front of others in a very confident way. And that's what attracts your clients. So for all of you who are out there like, oh, I don't know what the charge is it's too much, probably is until you're like that is what I charge because I'm flipping worth it. I went to school I've got this degree and I am very successful. I'm very successful in what I do, they're not going to believe it either. So if you have to sit and tell yourself that in the mirror, 20 times you need to do it, but coaching to me, means I'm freeing others, you know when I say you have to pivot, I pivoted from interior design and to coaching, my magazine and podcast have grown so big, and am I speaking platforms that I've stepped away from coaching even though it makes me sad. I coach people in my magazine, like you, if you're in the magazine, you better be ready for the people coming. Were you, were you hosting them? Were they going to go? So I still help coach them, but I've had a step away from coaching and I'm super excited about this next phase and creating the magazine and watching it grow, and I graphed us up to a quarter of a million people already on it. It's just a little over a year old.

Michael: Yeah, that's incredible. And in so much of that, just begins with giving yourself permission. I can do this. I will do this. I am doing this, you know, if you want to be the best, mom the best brother, the best business owner, the best friend, the best version of you, you first have to convince yourself. How are you ever going to make anybody else believe you? If you don't believe in yourself? This is one of the greatest discoveries of my life because I recognize that 27 years old. I had no self-esteem. I had no idea who I was. I had no values, no wants in the needs, no interest, no boundaries. I didn't know what from down. I was literally in place we call the vortex and I was just trying to figure out what was next in life, and I understood something in that moment was like, wow, I don't believe in myself. How do you do that? Because I know how I did it. But how do you do? How do you go from this place? I just feel lost in the world.  I don't believe in myself. I feel stuck, right? That language. How do you move to this place? Where do you go? You know what? I am Jana, I can do this. I will do this. Watch me, I am doing this. What's that journey?

Jana: I'm going to be, you know, what? I don't ever feel that way. I'm afraid your clients do, my clients do for sure. And what I have them do is start routines telling themselves when I was talking about the roadmap for your brain, it's true, our brains literally have one job, keep you alive, right? And when they stop you from doing things, it's not because like the fears that pop up in you and all those anxieties, that's a protection mechanism, kicking into place to keep you safe, no one will hurt your heart, nobody will laugh at you or point of a finger. Somebody won't say something negative, and so I want them to push past that and recognize what that fear is, that fear is holding them back and it's somebody else's, I have tons of followers. Think about, I have to over 200 podcasts out there. I get negative feedback. I don't get a lot of it, but I do and I'm totally okay with that. First of all, if you are on social media and someone gives you negative feedback, do not reply, like do not get into an argument on social media. I immediately DM them and I say thank you so much for your feedback. I can always do better. I can always show up better and I can't do that unless someone tells me their true opinion, that doesn't mean I agree with them, I don't tell them, this doesn't mean I agree with them. It doesn't mean that they're wrong and I'm right. It just means I hear what you said and I absolutely I every day I try to do better and I can't do better until people are honest with me and tell me what they really think. So I do get back, DM's, that's what that's for. Don't get into it, you will not win an argument on social media. I don't care, if you are absolutely 100% right? You will not win an argument. So when someone comes up negative to me, I thank them. Thank you so much for your feedback.  Have you guys been watching TikTok and sing like all the Karen Rails, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Jana: And what is the first thing like, you can't watch? I mean, it's turning away. You're just like, you can't turn away. You're watching this person blues it and break down and yet people are poking them, right? I got you on camera, poke, poke and they're already having a meltdown and as a mindset coach, I hear them. I hear their pain and all I want to do is say; ‘Take a breath. You're okay. I got you. You're okay and let's just reset. What do you need?’ Right?

I just want to help them because I have been here. I remember a mom raising four kids and they were all like one year apart from all three that are the bottom three, so they were little and I have lost I'm not going to say the word, but I lost my crap at the top from times that I'm so grateful that there wasn't a camera, taking a picture of me, at the time, our someone poking me because I probably would have been arrested, but it was mostly out of whatever was going on in my day, something else, something frustrating. And when my clients come to me and they're having those fears and they're having all that. I'm hearing, fear pain, like, they need to be hugged, they need to start building their own confidence. For every single one of you listening. If you're waiting for someone to tell you can do this if you're waiting for someone to hold your hand, if you're waiting for someone to show you how to do it, or in your relationship, you're waiting for your husband to say, you look great, you're waiting for your husband and say, oh, you're so beautiful, whatever that is that you're waiting for getting in the mirror and tell yourself that like that is the only pinion that should matter to you is yours. I get up in the morning every day and I don't always feel like I'm 4% and I get up in the morning like you're crushing it, I cannot wait to get today. Let's do this. Honestly, I do that, so silly. My husband loves that I like you laugh, but look, what I'm doing.

Michael: Yeah, who's going to believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself.

Jana: 100%.

Michael: You have to and you have to like step through the grime of the discomfort of that moment in which you're facing this thing now, I don't have the words for this like seven-eight years ago, but imposter syndrome, trying to figure out who you are and I don't, change doesn't happen until you make change happen. And then you adopt, you adapt and ultimately assimilate and you become that person, but there are trials and tribulations and people quit far too often. They're like right there, you see those memes guys digging for gold. He's at the edge. It's right there. Like one more stroke. He's gonna be it and he quits. Can you talk about the power of quitting and not quitting in life?

Jana: If you start quitting and you go down that slope, it becomes easy, right? And who cares? Does nobody care? I don't care. I am not a quitter, so I don't quit anything. As a matter of fact, if you tell me, I can't do something, I'm going to blow it out of the water, just to show you, I can't even if I didn't want to do it, to begin with, right? That's the kind of personality. I have my mom, that's how she got me to do, things are tell me no. And if you tell me, no, I'm going to show you a yes for sure. And I'm going to shove that, yes, right in your big news. So for sure, so if you're struggling with with giving up our failure, are you just feel like I've never been able to be successful, anything, I'm telling you, you probably quit that close to being there. You don't know because you're quit and it is hard work. There is no magic switch unless you win the lottery and who does that hardly nobody. There is no magic trick to getting their tard work. It's falling down and getting back up. By the way, falling down have been the best parts of this for me because I have met the most amazing people on those downward slides, but I wanted to address real quickly about you talking about imposterism. I can't say it again It's okay to be an imposter. It's totally okay. I'm a magazine editor. I didn't go to school for that. I wasn't supposed to do that, and yet, that's exactly what I'm doing because I decided I was gonna do it and I'm a mindset coach went to school for something else and I kept saying, I'm a mindset coach, this is what I do, this is what I am, that doesn't mean I started practicing as a mindset coach, until I got the education behind me.


I'm going to show you this like real quick little picture for everyone watching, it's like the very first page in this magazine. And I'll tell you about creating a reality, this is my granddaughter, this is my husband. She has dressed up like a veterinarian. So she was a little girl. She goes to the office, every single sunset our summer, she comes and visits us and stays she dresses up in her scrubs, it says future veterinarian and she goes and works as a veterinarian. So her job is to sit and surgery and why they animals under anesthesia, she holds its paw pets, and tell them you're going to be okay. My papa's taking care of you and she has done this since she was five years old, she's now 13. And one day, I'm hoping she'll be a veterinarian, but whatever she is, I'm going to be so proud of her and support her in that, but she is visualizing it, right? When you say you're something that you're not quite yet, you're visualizing it. Your brain is picking that pattern up.  It's moving towards it. So I want you to get out there and say I'm an astronaut, freaking president of the United States, I can tell you right now, I believe it could be possible. So anyone can do that. I want you to tell yourself those stories and you're not being an imposter, you're dreaming and visualizing yourself like that, like, just like that little girl in the magazine.


Michael: I love that. That's so beautiful. And so poignant to because that's practical, like, that's practical.  I don't think there's any dream that you cannot accomplish, as long as you move forward like until the and I think about this all the time, if you can redefine your relationship with time and with death, the things that are happening in your life will change rapidly.

One of the experiences that I had because I got a bacterial infection and almost died at 29 years old. It took me a long time to recover and I still am always like, all right, I got to be healthy. I take care of myself and I've recognize something my mission. My goal is to end generational trauma. The only thing I care about is my obsession and I recognized on a long enough timeline. I'm probably going to die. We're talking about hundreds of years of reframing for people, right? But what can you do? You keep going no matter what? Because you believe in it because you say to yourself, I can, I will. I am going to do this. I believe I'm giving myself permission to show up. For someone, let's say, they're just starting this journey, they don't really understand what's happening in their life, they just know, something's wrong, they're stuck. What advice would you give them? How would you help them take these first steps into whatever it is that is their next?


Jana: I definitely would say you need a coach because putting a coach puts a mirror in front of you, and when you start saying all that, sometimes we don't even recognize a related to ourselves, and I use a coach like, I have actually several coaches because I want to be the best me I can be. You earlier said you want to do the best this, you want to be the best mom, the best cousin, the best sister, you're never going to hit the best, you're just not that doesn't mean you can't show up at your best and always try to do more, but if you miss that don't don't be so hard on yourself, show yourself some grace because we're just doing the best we can. I know I could have been a better mother. I know I call grandkids to do over. I know I could have made better choices, but I was busy creating a career, raising four kids working on my relationship with my husband, like there was so much going on that I missed the beauty of them growing up, so I would tell you, if your brand new start in your career and you're just not sure, like I feel it in my gut, this is what I need, this is what I want. It's calling to me, but I don't know how to get there. You find a coach start running that by them, find a coach in the area that if you need to have blocks removed, if you just need a business coach, if you need a life coach find somebody else that hold you accountable will be honest and direct with you. Unfortunately, our family is the worst to go to this because they love us so much, that monkey brain in our head and they say things to protect us like oh that would be great, but maybe you should try that next year and see how you're feeling. You know, they hold us back out of love and you need to find someone who's not going to hold you back, who has no investment personally in you and that can be really honest with you. And unfortunately, the people who love us, the most cannot do that for us.

And so find yourself a coach that works in the area that you want to and if you have that burning desire, there's more for me. Like I knew when I was getting well, before I started coaching. I knew there's more. I know I'm still alive today because there's something for me to do. I’m here for a purpose. It's not just a job anymore for me, this is my purpose and it's filled I'm telling you, with passion and you I know that any of you that are listening to that, you're feeling that your gut right now. Like I'm here for a purpose. I'm so passionate about this, but where do I start? How do I even start? I didn't know how to start either. I honestly, how do I start coaching? I've never coached before. How do I write a book? I've never written a book before like a magazine. Do you want to know how this magazine started? I was too lazy to do a newsletter, like, I don't have time for a newsletter. Wait a minute. I know all these amazing people. I can get them to write some articles for my newsletter, blew up into magazine and took on a life of its own because I found and go around for writing a newsletter. So, definitely, here's the other thing, surround yourself with people who love you, people who support, you people who maybe not aren't our your, yes, people right there like, ooh, you know, I get it, but maybe you should get some help, but surround yourself with those supportive people, your tribe is so powerful, like when you surround yourself around positive people, positive things happen. If you surround yourself around toxic people, I don't care how positive you show up to that group, you will leave not as positive as you showed up, it's draining.

So, surround yourself with positive people, get an incredible coach to work with invest in yourself. It does cost to have a coach but you are worth it. I know that if one of your children came to you and they were struggling with something, you would go find them help. You need to find yourself some help to get to that next level, because you are flipping worth it, and whatever is burning in your gut we needed. I can tell you we need it. If it's driving you that insane, you can't sleep at night, you've been thinking about it for years, it needs to happen and it's being put there for a reason. For me, I had to get knocked off my feet death bed before I quieted down and listen to it. Otherwise, I was just too busy like too busy doing this and running there. So definitely sit with that burning feeling and reach out, get a coach and start working with them. I don't coach anymore, but I know a million coaches, I can send you to and find someone that you trust that can help you get to that next level, a recognize the path that you need to take to make those beautiful things happen for you.

Michael: Yeah, I love that so much. And, you know, as a coach, I have a coach, I have multiple. And I spend, I will spend more money on coaching for me and my business, and my life, in my lifestyle in one year than most people spend to get college degrees, because I believe so deeply that and you're a hundred percent, right? If you align yourself with the people that bring power to your life you will be powerful, right? And it's everything. It's everything. Jana my friend. I appreciate you so much for being here and your wise beautiful words because they're impactful they matter, and you've been on either side of this journey trying to go forward. I'm gonna ask you one last question here before we wrap up, but I just want to say thank you so much first before I ask that last question. Can you tell us where everyone can find you?

Jana: Absolutely, you can find my personal website, is Jana at, but you can find me all over social media and you can get a free subscription to the magazine. If you just go to and sign up for the free subscription.

Michael: Yeah, and grab the magazine and self plug. I was published in this magazine. I have it sitting right here on my desk. It's an amazing beautiful magazine. I purchased it because (a) I want it and (b) because it's like, you know what, when you do something good, you need to give yourself accolades. You need to take a moment of pride and go. You know what? I did something good and Jana I love your mission. I love everything that you're doing my last question for you, my friend, is, what does it mean to you to be unbroken?

Jana: Honestly, that makes me want to cry because I was broken, and I was broken many times on that journey to get here today. And for me, though, it means I've survived, I've survived whatever broke me and not only did I survive, I thrived, I came out thriving and I will tell all of you who feel broken right now. You don't see this. You are not going to see this right away, but if you embrace that and start moving through it, you are going to find that it was there for a really good reason, like we go through that fire for a reason. I'm so I'm grateful and I'm thriving in it. I survived it.

Michael: I love that. Thank you so much, my friend.

Unbroken Nation. Thank you for being here.

I appreciate you.

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My friends, Be Unbroken.

I'll see you.

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