June 2, 2021

E74 Choosing Yourself after suicide with Daniel Mangena

In this episode, we have feature guest speaker Daniel Mangena talk about the power of choosing yourself and setting your mindset in a positive way.

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In this episode, we have feature guest speaker Daniel Mangena talk about the power of choosing yourself and setting your mindset in a positive way.

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Michael: Yo, what's up on broken Nation? I hope that you were good, wherever you are in the world, my friends today, coming to you again, with the Michael unbroken podcast. My goal in a company has to help you understand your Life. Get out of the Vortex and ultimately become the hero of your own story. And today, I'm thrilled to bring our guest Daniel Mangena on who we will talk about and dive into some stuff. Spiritual, holistic, and incredible. Daniel, my friend. How are you? What is going on in your world?

Daniel: I'm fun, funny, bloody tastic. How are you doing, brother?

Michael: I'm so good. I'm super stoked to be here with you. You and I resonate in many different areas, and looking at and researching and understanding what you do. I often think like, man, this is such a piece of the puzzle that you're talking about, which I discuss in trauma healing, but just from a different aspect, and I think that there's something potent and powerful about what it is that you do. For those who have no idea who you are, or maybe have a little bit of a clue, talk to me, Daniel, about what it is that you do and how you exist in the universe.

Daniel: Well, thank you again for having me on. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to connect with people. I have the chance to wake up daily and support people, accessing all of who they are. And this one of those cliches I think often thrown about, oh you know, access all of who you are and blah blah blah. But generally speaking, people that talk about accessing all of you invite you to do it through just one medium acts all through access, all who you are through the new meditation or this mindset practice or this new strategy. Where am I get the I love to bring people into complete and entire alignment with all of their being to, that's mental, emotional, and energetic, and physical too, and by doing so, live more—abundant, joyful purpose-driven lines.

Michael:Yeah, I love that. That's beautiful. And I think it's so potent and essential because so often, we get lost and distracted by things that, in reality, actually don't matter. I want to dive into this. But first, take me back. Where did this journey start for you?

Daniel: You know, I, I would say that my Life is a bit of a Trilogy, right? So I've got Phase 1, you know, child of Zimbabwe and immigrants, born and raised in East London in the UK. Everything's good and lovely. I went ahead and built. A million-pound business. With some friends. By the age of 20 years, old promptly lost everything. Fuck yeah. By the age of 20 years old, everything was made in Lost in a long period a short period. And then I had this next chapter where I was like I was unbroken, it's like, oh, okay. I was undeterred. I was still young, you know, still had the naivety, and I went and built another multimillion-pound fortune and then lost it again. And that time, I was broken. This is the crazy thing, though. The only reason why I didn't kill myself was that I didn't want to fail at something else, and I didn't have a means where I could feel confident. The fact I was going to commit suicide, if I had a gun, I don't know if I'd be here, right now. Ultimately, I said to myself, I see people with cut wrists. I wasn't interested in that. I didn't want someone to find me and bring me down and cut me down. I didn't want to wake up in the morning in the hospital with my stomach pumped, I needed a very sure way of executing this, and what ended up happening getting was, I then went through; I'd say, about eight or nine-year period. It evolved but initially started with me understanding what had gone wrong with my method of manifesting, what I wanted in my Life not so that I could go back to display in good stuff but so that I could successfully commit suicide that evolved into an understanding that everything that I was trying to run away from through suicide had had the potential to not is the end of my story, so I found light by accidentally overanalyzing myself out of suicide and stumbling upon what I now teach around the world Beyond intention, which is understanding that I'm the author and creator of my Life, no outcome is forever. All results are available to me if I step into alignment with it, and that became my journey for a while them for the last four years now, I've dedicated my Life pretty much full-time to share messages with people. And that's the episode in the trilogy that we're in right now.

Michael:Yeah, that's powerful, man. I get that I resonate at 26 after very much in mind, doing what you did, finding a ton of success very young—making six figures at 20 years old, having cars and clothes, and doing well. While coming from poverty, being homeless as a child, having this moment at 26 looking at this reflection of my Life as pure disaster and attempting suicide and Thinking about it like this is my out because I don't want to deal with it anymore. I think about this often, right? And there are so many people listening to those who have been in that position or might be in that position right now where it's like, Life is so fucking hard. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired of failing. I'm tired of being let down. I'm tired of all of the things. And I think about that moment, right? Because I resonate with this in such an intrinsic way. I think about that moment in which I had decided to do something different and that being, how do I step into living my Life? How do I challenge myself? How do I take this Rock Bottom moment? Flip it on its head and go. I'm tired of my bullshit, so let me figure it out. What was that moment? Like, for you? Because there is this thing that happens, I believe, and I'm curious if this was your experience in which something switches, and that being, you've made a decision.

Daniel:To know what reading powerful, right? Is that and since then, it's helped me to understand this differentiation between unconscious choices and conscious choices because a big part of what I share with people is that ultimately every outcome with that. We experience the result of an option that was met with an alignment in what we're feeling, what we're thinking, what we're doing everything, but 97% of the time, those choices to be made unconsciously, so we're running on autopilot about those choices I accidentally stumbled into the selection of July. I Didn't Do It deliberately. I was so busy focusing on getting manifestation, right? So that Choose death that I overlooked that evidence piling up in the background that said, but that's BS tan. You don't need to end it here because you're saying that you want to go because you're just a burden, and everyone you're saying that you want to go. After all, you've got nothing left to contribute, but there's so much fucking more for you to give to the world, and you're here, unpacking it and discovering it now, and it happened. I think it was when I was going through the power of now, which is a book that I read on that particular part of the journey. When I was like, oh, Got the past, we've got the future, we've got now, that's all memories, and all of those memories are malleable when I started going into the power of the mind and our ability to change the emotional resonance of memories. All of that stuff that I'm using is the basis to delete; my future isn't even freaking real anymore. And that's when it happened for me, is that I'm running away from an illusion and cutting myself off in the possibility to create something beautiful going forward, and it was entirely accidental.

Michael:Yeah. And that's so interesting to me, but there was also the moment you recognized it, right? And I want to talk to us about this one because I think it's essential. After all, often, I say this about many things in life. The signs are there. It's there that thing that you've wanted something, and you're longing for the thing you desire. It's there, but you're not open to it because you've already made a decision that you can't have it, right? What was this moment? Like for you, where you made now, there's a choice being made right, there you go. Okay. Oh! I have this new understanding I'm going to move towards it in this way instead of what I was doing. What was that like to develop that understanding within yourself?

Daniel: To me, it was just a shift in the intention because I was still intentional in going down into the Shadows, but we just shifted the purpose to oh, Well, I'm still going to continue this journey of learning. I'm still going to continue this journey of being deliberate. We're going to continue this journey of creating, and the great thing was is that I saw that it wasn't a big shift in what had gone wrong before; it was a simple matter of, for example, gratitude moving beforehand, understanding that. I'm human, and I'm fallible, and I'm going to make mistakes, and there were some tears, but mostly it was really just coming. To love me enough to let myself get away with the shortfalls in myself and being human. And that's what it really was; it was really about coming back to self and loving myself enough to be okay with the fact that, yeah, I've made some mistakes. Yeah. It hadn't all been Rosy and lovely, but I get to have another chance.

Michael:Yeah, I think about this often. This place in which shame and guilt and self-sabotage exist, I know that's a part of it for you. I'm going to name it even though you're not because the same as Insidious and a part of it. What is that journey like right from this place where it's something that consumes you to which you understand and move through? Because I recognize shame, man, it ruins everything when it has hold of you.

Daniel: So the first step in my Motto Beyond intention is to accept and accept is about stepping into the fullness of our knowledge that was the author and creator of our life. And I'm one of the reasons why I love the work that people are doing out in the world with Shay, one of my friends, and Hastings got a great book on it is because shame is one of those insidious things that rob us of the ability to step into it because we're giving our power away to these illusionary Shadows. For me, it recognized that I don't have everything; they mean there's this me. So Lord saved me from my haters, and then there's the god saying, dude, nobody's thinking about you. It's like I don't even see that word, but it's like that hit home for me because there's an aspect of self-importance, and I don't want to crap on anyone listening in on this. But there's an aspect of like an elevated superiority that comes from the idea of shame other people care about me so much that I'm going to take their opinions that often on even voiced project them onto me, beat myself down on the back of that, and don't allow me to love myself as a result.

Michael: Yeah.

Daniel: And loving myself. I mean, I love that, I love that, I love that love. It's been scientifically demonstrated that the experience of Love Changes. The brain frequencies to be more coherent, and when we look at the science of coherent and incoherent when you introduce a coherent frequency into a confusing space, it has to change, it's been scientifical, demonstrated, so learning to love me when I had the awareness. Awareness of what I was allowing shame to do to me did a lot of the heavy lifting of transmuting that space of shame and guilt and give me the breathing space to make that new choice of Life.

Michael:Yeah, and that's powerful, man, because I think it is. It's so much about tapping into it and recognizing it, and I'll say this. And I've shared this with my listeners, and even in my book, many times my superpowers, I don't give a fuck what people think about me. I had to develop that scale because it used to be. I only cared about what people thought about me, thus insert me being in this place. I call the Vortex where you're stuck, and it's negative self-talk and all these things. How how much of working through shame is adjusting the way that you're speaking to yourself?

Daniel: How we speak to us? I like to say those Words to a medium that carries the energy, like I can say I freaking hate you, man. Like you don't feel the hate because there's not an energy of hate. It doesn't matter what words I'm saying, right? The words aren't where the power is; the energy behind that is what's important? So when I'm talking to myself, and I want to go back to, when do people do positive self-talk and less there's a coherent truth of love in words, I'm saying to myself, then it doesn't matter what the words are. What ends up happening is when people Of themself fall into this unconscious pattern of self-doubt, these unconscious patterns of being in there, Vortex and allowing all this energy even when they're not speaking to them, self creates this resonance that even blocks and from stepping into new choices about what they say. But when we bring an energy of love to ourselves even before we have the words to say, we may still feel, I'm too short, I'm Too Tall, but I'm black, but I'm white, but in this about him that, but when we start to plant those Seeds of loving ourselves enough to begin maybe to see something different. The flowers that bloom creates space for us to start translating their energy into words and changing the talk we're having and coming out of our Vortex.

Michael: Yeah. And it's so much about intention, which I love that you mentioned because that's step one. I always talk with my clients about this idea that if you don't have a purpose, you're not going to go anywhere; it has a road map with no directions on it. You don't know, east-west, north-south Of, you're never going to end up anywhere. You're just going always to be spinning in this process. And what I'm really curious about now is your own personal journey. What was it actually? What were the palatable and actionable things that you were doing that started to elicit change in this place of Shifting, really in that place, I would call it in the latter stages of this journey. After this moment, you've had a realization and intention. What were you actually doing?

Daniel:So I'm fortunate, I've actually been in a personal development mindset since about the age of 16, so I actually had a very solid run up into this. So I was already doing regular visualization, regular quiet time a lot of reading and studying. I've read the book a week for many, many, many years and always continue to expand myself and learn and grow. But actually, it was ultimately when the magic really happened was when I was diagnosed with Asperger's at 27 years old because what actually happened was is that there was this massive part of my identity that I didn't know for what it was and so that was actually impacting how I related to myself when they've opened up a big part of what actually facilitated me being able to make this transition into the role of my journey. I'm in now knowing what my strengths are playing to those loving myself despite my shortfalls and giving other people space to support me in them. So the most significant part really for me is owning that I'm I have shortfalls and getting regular support from people to hold my hand through those. At the same time, I systematically continue to develop my strengths, which I can break down complex things into simple processes. I love sharing that with other people like it, like some up and fills me up. I always make sure that I'm resourced within myself so that daily meditation breath work my Kundalini Yoga practice, honing my mind, continuing to study, spending quite a time, knowing what fills me up and nourishes me like, spending time in nature and moved away from the UK, got myself, a completely clean slate, living here in Cabo in Mexico. You know, all of these things set up my environment for the win, and what's my background set up for the success. I take care of my mind. I take care of my spirit, and I take care of my body to make sure that I resource to keep doing what I love, and that's what's creating the momentum for me, for sure.

Michael: Yeah, and that's an excellent point momentum being a part of it. And so Often look. Here's the thing as you're like, reading off these things that you do I go? Yes yes. Yes, I did. I do all those. It's a part of my daily routine. No questions asked the first 45 minutes of my day are mine. I read 35 books last year, 60 the year before that; good luck. I mean, you're like it's like talking to a mirror here, but then people are going to look at this is a well, you guys are the anomaly. You guys are the special people. You guys are the ones who somehow know something that I don't my argument to that. Is that a that's bullshit? I'm not special. I barely graduated high school on time because of a believable number of learning disabilities. Like, can scarcely do one plus 1, right? And, and the thing that has gotten me to this place is, is the momentum talk to me about two things. One, the power that self-care has played in your life and then just a position of the power of speed in that.

Daniel: First and foremost, momentum can't happen for shit. Unless there's a passion that kick-starts it. And I think, first and foremost, anyone who starts come to The camp paranoia stuff with our conversation. Stop. Because I can guarantee you, there are probably people that I compare myself to, and there's perhaps people use compared yourself to at some point everyone that you're looking up to her saying, I want to be you. They've got someone at some point in their journey that they wanted to be them to ultimately none of that's going to work, anyway because when we're trying to live our Life and write our story against someone else's narrative, we're always going to hit a brick wall. That momentum is never going to happen. True momentum that works for you and through you, my start with a passion that comes from you, so rather than them looking at our practices, get to Yourself get to know yourself what lights you up meditation isn't for everyone. Some people that are going to be a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains. Some people it's going to be playing the piano for some people that are going to be dancing, naked under the stars, I don't know, but find your jam, find your jam, in what lights up, your emotions, your spirit, what nourishes your mind, and what cares for your body then you will have enough leverage over self to maintain those initial charges of disruption. That allows the momentum. Because unless you've got leverage over yourself enough to make those steps to building that momentum, you're not going to get anywhere. Does that make sense?

Michael:Yeah, a hundred percent, and that's so much what it's about and how do you leverage self-care on this? Because I think there are so many people who look at this, and they go, that's a lot of stuff to do. And in my journey, it was doing one thing at a time, and this built up to this practice in this happen, talk to me about your Life prior to self-care and your Life during like figuring it out. And then what self cares for you now?

Daniel: I was going to sleep migraines at the self-care because of part and parcel. That is, what do I have the capacity to hold? I think many times where people end up breaking that momentum, as it's trying to build up, is they try to do more than they can hold. I've got a concept, but I teach called micro shifting; micros shifting is essentially an evolution of the idea of baby steps because it's baby steps with intention and consistency. So I call it a consistent series of baby steps taken in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome. I have to know where I'm going. Self-care, great. What for, for me? I know it myself, so I'm able to sharpen serve. Why? Because I am freaking love serving. Also, if I'm just giving all of my energy to my people, there's none for myself this time for my son; there's not my wife is not for my stepdaughter. Hence, I need to make sure that I have the energy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and all of that to take care of my responsibilities as a husband, as a father, as a leader. And also, as a human so self-care has to have an intention. When self-care is got a choice that purpose should be matched with the knowledge of self, not of Michael not of Daniel, but self as to what serves a nourishes you, and then you can have fun, keyword, fun, learning, which ones you love to do, which one actually works, make an adventure of it at first, I went all out, you know, I went to the extreme, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that. I was waking up at 3:30 in the morning for about two or three years. Like I was getting up at 3:30 in the morning, doing an hour and a half to two hours of spiritual practice. Kundalini Yoga I was doing long-off meditations or doing all this. We're starting by, and by the end of like, dude, who are you even doing this for you, even doing this for? I made a retreat in Mount Shasta, and we went to the, I am centered. I wanted to go and meet those guys when they seem interesting. And they've got a rule that you're not allowed to meditate in the meditation for more than 15 minutes. And they're like, dude, if you're military for more than 15 minutes, you're not even doing anything, you do it for the ego, like, 15 minutes is all you need. And I remember Esther Hicks was saying that when she began channeling Abraham, she was doing 10 minutes of meditation a day. Now, granted, she was studying, and she was preparing herself and getting into it, but she was able to access infinite intelligence through 10 minutes, a day of meditation. So extremes have been a part of my personality for a long time. But ultimately, it's when I let go of those extremes and just tuned into myself, so what felt good and allowed myself to have fun experimenting with what worked. So my practice now is very, very simple. I make sure every morning I take care of my spirit by getting more explicit and intentional about my day and how that connects to my vision for my life. I take care of my mind. I take care of my body, and I do what feels suitable from my laundry list of some things. I meditations always going to be in it, I love it, and it feels good. Do I do deep breathwork every day? No, but some form of conscious breathing is going to be a part of my morning. I'm always writing down my intention. So I'm always reading my vision for my life. I'm always doing some envisioning and visualization for the day. Why? Because they work and they feel good. So I've got my minimum deliverables on days when I've got more time right now. We've got a newborn my son's going to be a month on Friday. So there's not as much sort of free time in the morning but generally speaking regulations.


Daniel:Thank you very much. If I've got more time in the morning, maybe I'm going to do another meditation. Perhaps I'm going to head down to the beach and do something there. Perhaps I'm going to pop in the roof and do some special yoga. But ultimately, I've got minimum deliverables. Get clear on my vision for the day and how that connects my vision for my life, take care of that spirit, wear this meditation, whether it's whatever that's going to be for you, take care of your mind, and then take care of your body, somehow get your body ready for the day, that's in whatever that is for you. And that doesn't have to be 20 hours. It can be a 30-minute, 40-minute thing, and it can be a 20-minute thing. If that's what you need, that's all the time that you've got, but take care of those basics, and it will set you up for the day.

Michael: Yeah. And then small victories, right? If you can do those little things, every day like you went as I think about every single day. My routine doesn't differ right there. There's a point in which I measure it, and I go. Is it still being effective? And as long as it is, and I continue to do it because I can assure you, there are things that I was doing for 5-7 years ago that I don't do anymore. They bring no value to my life, but I'm aware of that right. I love what you said about this idea of just writing your intentions. I have four different notebooks on my desk, a whiteboard over here, a thing over here, notepads, “I believe, in the power of writing, especially in goals and intentions because it gives us a path.” Talk to me about the role that that's played in your life and where you've seen success and failure in writing?

Daniel: Teachers are really interesting. I can't remember the scientist's name that came up with this thing, but there's a correlation between writing something down and tracking it and success. And I believe it's the amount of awareness that it brings to us because we're making the non-physical physical by translating it into the Physical Realm, by making it, making it having it written down. It's all very well and good hanging vision in my mind, but unless I'm doing something to translate it from the non-physical to the physical. I'm reducing the probability that was showing up writing something down is one of the easiest ways to start connecting the non-physical with the physical. Also, when you're using pen and paper, you're reprinting the neural Pathways around the creation and manifestation of that with all Pathways in place, then actually the chemistry in the body that Associates with the experience kicks in it makes it more probable. You're stacking the cards in your favor just by doing the simple thing of getting into the heart and connecting with what you're writing down and writing it down.

Michael: Yeah. And there's power in that because so much of that, and this is my experience, like looking at goals in 2020. I will call it the most successful year of my life, no questions asked, and many people shudder at that, and they go well, the world's collapsing, there's protest and black lives matter and covid and blah, blah, blah. And I looked at the year, and I said, okay, how do I work through the chaos of This and still live my life because so much of what we do is about our mindset. And I'm asking this and/, or I'm going to ask you this question: What role does mindset play in your life right now?

Daniel: First of all, most I was with you last year, a fantastic year. I don't like to say it too much in front of a lot of people because a lot of people are still caught up in the stuff, right? And this is no judgment. I'm not a scientist, so I can't save covid, real or not. And if you're not a scientist, stop putting on social media about whether it's real or not; you, you know, helping. I'm not a politician or political theorist, so therefore I don't get into that bit either. I think it's a politician's job to make their argument. Not people beat each other over the head on social media. All of that stuff is just noise, which distracts us from us being present enough to make the choices that will navigate to us having the life that we want. True Mastery. It doesn't take a year off because there's stuff going on. True Mastery is being able to step up and experience the life you want, regardless of circumstances, the mental resilience required for us to navigate that comes from our mindset. Ultimately, our mind is the filter of what we're able to experience in my life. Nothing can shock us physically, regardless of what we imagine, think of, believe, pray, or meditate for, unless our mind allows it to be, so there's a part of the brain that shuts us off from witnessing it. The reticular activating system will shut push it down if it's outside of your realm of belief. So unless I'm spending time cultivating a mind that's open to receiving a true and living experience of what I want to create is not going to happen. “Mindset is the gateway to experience beliefs, which are part of that mindset are the gateway to participate unless you're taking care of that.” Does matter what you're meditating about, what you're praying for, it's not going to show up because even if it does, you're not going to be able to see physically.

Michael:Yeah, and I say, every single day, it's the background on my phone on my computer, it's ever. It might become another tattoo on my body. That is everything. “Mindset is everything.”I don't. I don't think of another way that you can exist in the world without having this thing in your head that you are a part of every day, whether you like it or not, be in your control. So, Dan, my question for you is, how do you make mindset be to your advantage? While understanding like a man, I'm dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, maybe suicide attempts, failed business, and problematic relationships while understanding like a man. Life is shitting on me. I can't seem to get my leg up. Everything is against me. How do I, Dan guy? I'm listening. Are you sound like you make sense? How do I leverage this idea of mindset?

Daniel: One day A freaking time, remembering that you're human and the likelihood that you're going to get it all done in one day is not, remembering that even if you're 15 years old, you spent 15 years developing the mindset that you have today. We grown-ups spent a lot more than 15 years developing the air that we have today. It might take more than a week to get beyond the suicidal ideations. It might take more than one meditation that you've been doing for 30 days or 40 days to get through the depression but chip away at it a day at a time, make those baby steps towards a consciously chosen outcome, and allow your environment to support you. I think this is a key thing. The mind doesn't happen opinion. It just operates on the program. That is got the program in your mind, didn't come there from know where it came, as a result of inputs that were accepted and supported over time. So as you continue to make those baby steps in the direction of what you want, start supporting your mind is not in having inputs and an environment that actually speaks to what you want. So if you're saying that, you don't want to have anxiety, you don't want to have lacked, you don't want to have lack mentality. What's your environment saying? Is your environment agreeing with that? What the conversations you're having? What are you watching? What are you reading? What are you listening to our all of those opportunities to place inputs in your mind pushing you in the direction of what you want? Because if not, you're not supporting yourself. And again, I'm not saying change it all overnight. I'm saying every day ask yourself what's one small step, but I can make a change in the mind of one small change. I can make it in my environment today; that will support me in my new desire for how I want to think and what my thought quality is to be; maybe it's going to be not watching the news. Perhaps it's going to be reading something uplifting, and maybe it's going to be changing my Instagram feed, so it's things that are supporting me and uplifting Me. Maybe I'm going to listen to them on the Michael and unbroken podcast and get some inspiration. Perhaps I'm going to go ahead and read a positive piece of writing. The optimistic poem that's going to lift me everybody's different, and we're all going to have our own thing that's going to get our beans juiced up, find those things, and start to introduce them systematically into your Life consistently and celebrate the small ones that come as a result. And change must come.

Michael: Yeah. And I hear the word patience. You do that as the word that resonates with me. So intensely here because your journey from this place of rock bottom to where you are now, it was years, and years and years and then at the moment recognizing that it was something you could happen to choose the decision to recognize and tap into it. Thus that shift in your mindset, saying I'm going to allow Myself the space to believe. Now, great, damn. This is all fine and dandy, but I sabotage everything in my Life, every time I turn around, I get in my way. Every time I wake up in the morning, I don't get out of bed. I don't drink the water. I drink 19 cups of coffee because I was up drinking all night. I'm still smoking. I'm overweight. I still don't get it. I still don't get it. I'm always in my way. Dan. How do I get out of my own way, Man?

Daniel:Point one recognizes you are not sabotaging anything. The mind does not lose when it says that again, and the reason doesn't lose the unconscious mind is an ideally perfect execute machine is a freaking Terminator. There's nothing the unconscious mindsets out to do that doesn't achieve everything that you were experiencing. When you're not consciously choosing it as a result of the unconscious desire to move into that thing, you're out of shape because that's what's in, your unconscious pain, you're still drinking 19 cups of coffee, because that's what your unconscious mind wanted. You're not drinking the water because your mind has not been seeded with the program that it's water over coffee, but it's not going to be an overnight process to change those things. It's going to be a systematic thing of engaging with your mind in a language that it understands, celebrating in chipping away at a time, and introducing a new momentum that's going to dissolve those old patterns into creating new ones.But patience is going to be a part of it. Self-love is going to be a part of it. Consistency will be a part of it; compassion for yourself when you inevitably revert back to default was going to be a part of it. Seeking adequate support is going to be a part of it, keeping your environment aligned with what you want is going to be a part of it and staying on top of all of these desired changes as often as you can wash, your consciously aware of what you're saying, doing thinking and feeling is going to be a part of it. And if you don't want it enough to put that work in, quit, bitching and complaining, accept who you are, and live that Life. But if you do want to do it, you do want to go for it. You do want to dig in, and you do one day at a time; change must come. You cannot do things differently, and things remain the same, just as we can't do things the same and expect things to be different. “But if we do things differently as short a debtor time consistently, even if it's the tiniest shift, the compound effect will bring you to the win.”

Michael:Good. I got Goose Bumps, man. It's like you're in my brain. Right? No. Because I believe in this so true that it is. It's all of these things. It's not just one or two things, and I would ask you a question, but you touched on it. I think about this place where we fall back. Where we go back to the old behavior, where we fall off the train, it's going to happen. We're human beings, man.

Daniel: Yeah.

Michael: Like even now, today all the time I always have to do the work. It never turns off. It's always this life mission of mine to stay the course, no matter what. But so often what happens is, people they get on the pathway there on the course, they've made it a week. Week 13 days, maybe a month, something happens, there's an interruption. And after that interruption, suddenly, they find themselves back to where they came from. And to me, I never think that you've fallen back to the point that you have to start from scratch. You have to pick yourself up, and you're a pace behind. How do you handle these moments in which you fall off? You go, man. I just let myself down even though I've been doing so well for so long.

Daniel: Except to accept yourself and love you off to keep going, because what's happening in those moments is you're being offered the opportunity to see it as a complete backslide versus a human episode; accept it as a human episode. Love yourself dust himself off at the end of the day. Let's remember, none of us are getting out of this thing called life, a life. So don't take it so fricking seriously; none of us are getting your life, right? If we're taking all our time taking it so seriously that we're all my God, I fell off. I drank coffee. Okay. You drink a cup of coffee. Cool. Oh, you know, I did this. Okay cool. Are you doing it now? Are you aware of that? You did it? Yes, so it's time to get back to it. I had, I had 300 days. Okay. Your day one is fantastic. You just around today's we can do 301 this time. At least, let's go, let's do it. Let's love ourselves enough not to allow these Human episodes to knock us off and fall back into the program because it's completely unnecessary.

Michael:And none of us is a perfect man. And I think; unfortunately, we live in this time where there is this measure of the possibility of who you can be versus all these people who might be ahead of you. And guess what? That's fine. I recognize that there will always be people ahead of me, but I don't measure them versus myself. I go. Okay, what do I need to do for me today? Comparison is the thief of everything right now, talk about it just in the very much same scope as shame like you remove yourself from this idea that the only way you're going to become successful in life as a predetermined by you only variable, is that you have to remove comparison because I don't live for you. I don't breathe for you. I don't think for you. Don't show up for you. I'm never going to be you as a father, mother, sister, brother, whatever that thing is. So leverage, the idea, and the understanding that, like, it's okay, if you fuck up, no one cares, Dan?

Daniel: Yeah, Lord, I fucked up. Dude, nobody's thinking about you. It's precisely the same thing; all that we're doing is rubbing herself of the joy of the experience of the contrast. Even, you know, there's a, there's a school of thought that says those fullbacks are the soul calling for the experience of the contrast in the face of the momentum in one direction. Now I don't know if that's the case. I haven't necessarily had a conversation with God to see if that's the way they do it is. Still, there's something to that at the end of the day, and we're here to have a human experience in to live life part and parcel of that is witnessing the polarity and contrast that happens from having it one way this way one day. This one day that we're never going to be happy every day. We're never going to be sad every day. We're going to be some measure either one and all of those people that we're comparing ourselves to, yeah, fair enough. They might be having a happy relationship. But you don't know what's going on with their finances. You don't know what's going on with the health. Yeah. They might be making it a crapload of money, but, you know, I know what's going on with their finances either. You don't know all of it at this level of consciousness. You're not going to know everything going on with someone else because even if you can see on the outside, you don't know what's going on in their soul in this Spirit or their heart. So, let go of the obsession with that, pull that energy back, and use it to create a life that works for you consciously.

Michael: And I would like to say if you are a life where people around you constantly measure themselves against you or bring you down because you're not on their level. It would help if you thought about the people who you're spending your time with because it isn't anyone bringing you down as taking from you. Like anyone who isn't here to support you to bring you up to say, you got this or even to say, hey man, you are screwing up bad right now. You need to evolve, and I guess I'm saying maybe you ate the people in your life. One of the things that I think is important because I do take measurement very seriously in my life, but my measure is myself versus myself in its entirety. How do you understand this place of whether or not you're genuinely showing up for yourself?

Daniel:Because I decide, I write the measuring stick. I'm the author of The Script; I'm the director. I'm the producer. I'm the guest, next star. I'm the gaffer. I'm all of it. I follow hologram Theory. So for me, everything in my reality is a reflection of what's going on within me. This conversation with you, your reflection of myself, coming back to myself to tell me something more about myself. So I know that I'm always like Nature's constantly growing. The second that we stop growing in Nature, we die when the telomere stops growing in my DNA, that's when we die. So I never feel that I'm going to reach the fullness of my potential but what I can do is keep chipping away every day so in times of like me growing in terms of me like what I'm doing. I ask myself, am I a step further along than yesterday? And not even across the board. Spiritually mentally, physically, and my step further than it was yesterday, then I've expanded.

Michael:Yeah, it's a scientist. Like we just became best friends. Damn you, ago. Does the garage play some karate? Yeah, I think about, I think about the measurement long-term, right?

Daniel:Michael, I love what you just said. My long-term goal 30 years from now is likely unbelievably unattainable. It probably will not happen and this but I move towards it. Every day because of very infinitesimally, the small possibility that I could achieve. It is so grandiose to me that I'm willing to sacrifice everything on the road there. You know, and I think that sometimes and I would love your opinion on it that you have to make goals that are so obtuse that the people around you go, what the hell. Are you smoking? What is your thought? Are you just going big?

Daniel: This is my thing. I think I go Big. So I'm going a phrase, push your edge and not your buttons. This is one of my denizens; push your edge and not your buttons. So go so big that it makes you uncomfortable, but not so big that it frightens you into not taking any action. Mmm, that's what it is for me. So, People around me. Are they going to get it? My wife looks at me sometimes. Like Daniel. Whoa. What's going on with you, dude? Like I maybe this is what I'm going to do something. Now the cool weather and the fact that I know that people around me are always going to understand it. They're not me. I don't give a fudge, okay? You don't get it. That's cool. I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it because I want to keep pushing myself. Is everybody going to be able to operate to that level? Maybe not? Is it anything wrong the people with the people? Who doesn't operate at that level? No, because they've got their own journey to for me. I'm like you; let's go for it. But I think it's beautiful that we don't all have to operate at that level for some people, it might be getting that step ahead in might be, you know, some people are happy with their want to do there for years or whatever they're 30 years and go and have a fishing boat. And, and if that's what lights you up, call, but ask yourself, is it really what lights me up, or am I allowing fear? Doubt, disbelief, a lack of vision hold me back from having a bigger goal. As I could do, I'm all in. If you're not, ask yourself, is that me speaking, or is it, my high school teacher? My mum, my dad, my uncle Herbert. Who said I'm never going to amount to anything, have a genuine and authentic conversation with yourself. A depth of understanding of yourself to know. Is this me? And if so, be at peace with it, and if it's not, drop it but ultimately go to your Edge and Beyond to the point of discomfort but not to the end of like, oh my God, I can't do anything because it's so big. That's what I say to people. That's how I live my life too.

Michael:Yeah. I love it, and I hear the word ownership and that so much of it. As if like, if you're going to believe it, if you're going to think it, if you want it to be a part of your life, go for it, the worst-case scenario is you're going to fail. And the best measurement we have for information is a failure. Do it again. That means that you can step into it from a different angle, a different approach. And then to talk to you, one of the best things you can do in this journey feels like every single day. Daniel, I could talk to you all day. My friend, I ask you my last question here, tell everybody where they can find you.

Daniel:Everything is a dream with www.dreamwithdan.com, social media’s on their books podcast free resources, which has some cool bits on there, including some visualizations, this stuff, but head to dream with Dan.com, everything's there everything about me what I'm doing in the world and how we can connect.

Michael:I love it. Dan, what does it mean to you to be unbroken?

Daniel: For me to be unbroken? Isn't that I'm not broken? Is I don't remain broken that regardless of how many pieces break off. I can always come back together. Have another run at this thing called life and have a riot doing so. Man,

Michael: I love it powerful, and you've been on a ride. I can't wait to see where this ride goes, brother. What an enthralling conversation, unbroken Nation. Please go and check out Dan. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this man does.


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