May 28, 2021

Commit to healing your trauma and CPTSD

In this episode, I talk about committing and figuring out the rest later.

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In this episode, I talk about committing and figuring out the rest later.

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World! Michael Unbroken here -  author speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.

Hey guys, I hope that you're doing well. I am currently traveling. So a little bit of a different setup than usual, I guess. I'm always really traveling. But normally I try to record the podcast from the studio so that when we get here, you kind of have that continuity. So, forgive me for the difference and if you're just listening to this, you have no idea. Anyway, so it doesn't matter. I just got done doing an Instagram live. And sharing some things and thinking about really I think the most profound thing happening in my life right now is this idea of committing. And what I mean by that is putting yourself in a position where you're making decisions and then creating action around those decisions. Without trying to figure out space in between.

Now look, I'm not gonna lie sometimes when you go. Alright, I'm committing. I'm all in, I'm gonna go for it, it's not going to work out but you're going to learn. You're going to have a data point. You're going to have lessons from these moments and In which you took a risk, that you're going to be able to carry on with you and to what's next in your life.

So often we get caught up in this space of trying to figure out all the details before we take the first step and you know as well as I do that every time that you sit and try to figure out all the details, it never works out like every time that you do that something happens, something gets in the way you don't have all the plans, there's a breakdown in the system so on and so forth. And then you never take that step.

And as I think about this, Impact that has had on my life, this idea of committing and then figuring it out when I was young when I was in my teens and my 20s people all the time would tell me, Michael you're crazy, you're just gonna do that.

You're gonna try that thing. You're going to take that risk and I was always just like, yeah, fuck it. Like why not? Why not take the risk. Why not try the thing? Because you don't know what's going to happen on the other side of it and I would put myself in. I'm not gonna lie.

Some very precarious situations you know I remember one time I was in, this job like people would kill for. And it wasn't for me. It was, I got there and I thought it was for me, and then it turned out. It wasn't for me and I jump ship and I started my first business and for three years I suffered like for real suffered, like it was so incredibly hard and it wiped me out financially and it put me in this weird position where I had to go and get another job to support it while I was growing another business and I was overcommitted, right? So now In this place where I'm thinking about those moments going. Oh shit, I was overcommitted. I have overcommitted him because that it was stretched too thin and because of that, I wasn't able to be successful in any of the Avenues in which I was trying to operate.

So I think about commitment in this. Can you get singularly focused on one task, one goal, one idea, one thing that can change your life and I've mentioned this before, and if you've listened to this for any amount of time, you know how I feel. And sometimes you have to take a risk and challenge yourself to do incredibly uncomfortable things. So that on the backside that you grow, if you don't take the risk, if you don't do hard things, if you don't invest in yourself like things aren't going to change this year, just for full transparency.

I'm investing more money and in myself in one year than most people do in an entire lifetime. This is just a continuation of what I've always done when I go and look at any of the personal growth development conferences, which is getting Franklin Covey certified. Going through the Sigma 6, black, belt bullshit, which I can't even stand. That's a whole other conversation. And then like, now getting certifications from the leading experts in trauma. Neil from Pete, Walker to Bessel, Van, Der kolk, and everybody in-between constantly committing committing committing to getting better every day, and that commitment applies across the board. Like, how do you invest in yourself to make your life better at every opportunity? You are so caught up about money and that being the barrier to whether or not they're able to step into their life with full power and authenticity and growth and potential. And they look at it and they go well, there's money involved so it's too risky.

I know one thing about life and my former partner told me this and it was super important to me and it changed the way I think about it. Money will always come back to you when you invest in yourself first. Money will always come back to you when you invest in yourself first. And so whether you're doing a high ticket coaching program or whether you're doing, you know, these funnel challenges or listen to this podcast, whatever like you're investing in yourself, you're giving yourself that and to think like so I started the coaching challenge, right?

Did I start this in-depth program that's on the backside of the book, right? So if you've read Think Unbroken and under understanding overcoming childhood trauma, I super appreciate you because that book was Was incredibly detailed and dense and difficult to write and only the Baseline.

It's literally only the Baseline.

And so I sat with that, I was like, wait for a second if think unbroken is only the Baseline, and that's not really enough because if I wanted to put everything in there, would be seven hundred pages long and no one would ever read it. I thought to myself. Okay, what can I do to make this better? How can I really create an impact on people's lives? And I said, oh, of course, I'm going to run a course. Why not? That makes perfect sense. I'm going to commit to that. I'm just going to figure it out on the way. I'm gonna create a launch date. I'm going to tell everybody about it and then I'm gonna have 50 people, 50 people join my first course without a course existing. Now, of course, at the time they didn't know that so sidenote now, you know. But at the end of it, every single one of them, I got testimonials, you can go and check out enters all there, right? The testimonials of their experience are game, changing, and life with changing for them. Because in just as much as I committed, first off to create an immense amount of value to make sure that on the backside of that course, something would be different.

They committed financially to changing their life. We are so caught up on ninety, seven dollars, fifty-Seven dollars, $500 $10,000. I mean I have I literally just in this is not a flex. I swear to God it's not, you know, I came from poverty. I don't I was money illiterate for the vast majority of my life. And I recently invested $20,000 into a program and that is so that I can learn and grow and become better. And there are people who are terrified to invest 90 bucks or 50 bucks or seven bucks because they're afraid to commit to the possibility that on the backside of the action, their life might be different.

And if you are one of those people, you have to start changing the narrative that you have with yourself about committing to possibility, because if money is going to be the thing that's keeping you from getting to where you want to go, you're never going to go anywhere because there will never be enough money. The will never be enough money. I'm telling you right now. I've made fucking three dollars an hour and I've made $300 an hour and everywhere in between it hasn't mattered.

Because there was always that thought of, there's not enough, there's not enough, there's not enough. And today I'll tell you this, I am the most successful I've ever been in my life at 30 is five and a half, almost 36 years old, most, Silver, mine and I am dead broke because I invest every penny back into learning every single penny. I make every single penny that goes back into my health, my well-being, my mental, emotional and physical well-being, I am committed to being the best version of Michael that I can be in everything that I do. And I can promise you that there was a time when I live in such a poor mentality about money. That I only bought clothes from Goodwill. That's it because I was like, fuck. I'm not paying $25 for a shirt. And what I knew then is totally different from what I know now.

Now, of course, I'm still like a row talk. I'm cheap ass like to me, I'm not going to spend 50 bucks for a shirtless. It's a nice dress-up shirt which I have done. I'm going to put that money into my education. I didn't go to college. I've no college degree. I didn't graduate high school on time. I can barely fucking reader, right?

And I was like, you know what? I'm going to You do whatever it takes, ask you the guy's ass all the time. What are you willing to do to have the life that you want to have? And that means from me, what am I willing to do have the life that I want to have invested in myself entirely in fully and so committed to my healing Journey that I put everything on the line for it, everything everything. Because if you're not willing to do what it takes, then on the backside, you don't get to make any excuses. And I had someone judge me the other day and they were like, ninety. Seven dollars is too much for this course and I was like how much is too much for the rest of your life? $500 thousand dollars, twenty thousand doesn't matter. Like when you think about this, the money you can always get back, I promise you you heal.

Trauma, you heal your body, you're mental physical emotional. You will make more money than you ever have in your life. But money is not the precursor to what I consider to be satiation. Money is not the precursor to growth. And he's not the precursor to anything. Money is a tool. It is only a tool to get from where you are to where you want to go. And many of us, I included, I fucking put my hand in this, this pile for sure.

Had, or have had a very traumatic relationship with money. A lot of the experiences that I had, like a child being in poverty and being homeless, and only wearing Goodwill shoes and sometimes only wearing clothes from the church and drinking powder. ER milk. If you haven't had powdered milk, then you not poor, I promise you. You have never been poor and we would drink and we would drink those powdered milk in this.

This Pantry food and government, literally government cheese and live in HUD housing in the whole nine, the whole nine. And so none of this is a flex guy. None of that. I swear to God, I'm just making a point when you change your relationship with how you invest in yourself, your life will be different because you're putting yourself.

Off first, and it's easy to be in this feast or fathom mentality whereas you look at money, and you go, man, I just I can't I shouldn't I better not that $97.

Well, guess what?

Chances are you're using Netflix and Spotify and, oh, boober going to Starbucks and paying for shit that you don't need. But when you are faced, with investing, in yourself, to create change in your life, you're hesitant And you really need to ask yourself. What the fuck is going on there? I mean, I remember at one point I turned off. There were no subscriptions, I was eating fucking ramen noodles.

Five years ago, even because I was investing all of my money into myself. At that point, it was my physical health. I was spending a tremendous amount of time and effort and energy and money on physical therapy and acupuncture into deep tissue massage. Which I mean, you know, I used to on this table and just cry, like all of the pain getting removed from my body.

And I made a decision, I made a choice to commit to myself.

 And so, what I want you to think about moving forward, not only in this moment but for the rest of your life, is how committed are you to your life? Like, how committed are you actually to your life and to what is next? Because if you're not fully committed, if you're not fully committed, nothing is going to change.

Action action.

My friends are the difference between where you are and where you want to go. There's one to say, thank you so much for hanging out with me as usual.

I appreciate you so much. Please do me a favor—this really means the world to me—like, subscribe, comment, leave the message with a friend.

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 So, my friend, I appreciate you.

 Thank you so much.

 Have an amazing day and be unbroken.

 I'll see you.


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Michael is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma.